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Poetry host Larissa Reid @Ammonites_Stars has been fascinated with geology since she was a child. She spent six years volunteering with the Scottish Geodiversity Forum (now @scottishgeology) and founded and runs the biennial Hugh Miller Writing Competition. #TopTweetTuesday
Poetry by our host from Scotland, Larissa Reid @Ammonites_Stars #time #memory #landscape #nature #poetry #scottishpoetry #geology 💎

‘I slip from dream to real to back’
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🛑#pandemic #poem
#poema #time #timeless
#harmony #Healing
Time is Timeless
and the people stayed home,
and read books,
and listened,
and rested,
and exercised,
and made art,
and played games,
and learned new ways of being,
and were still.
and listened more deeply.
some meditated,
some prayed,
some danced.
some met their shadows.
and the people began to think differently.
and the people healed.
in the absence of people living in ignorant,
heartless ways,
the earth began to heal.
and when the danger passed,
and the people joined together again,
they grieved their losses, and made new choices,
and dreamed new images,
and created new ways to live,
and heal the earth fully,
as they had been healed.

Heal yourself...
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It's #TIME
Everyone is speculating on what President Trump meant when he said the following=
"This may be the last time you'll see me for awhile."
Rumors & wild theories are popping up all over the MSM & Social Media as to what it means.
Allow me to "peel this Onion" & give you my take.
Trump has several reasons for doing this.
The OBVIOUS one is a security concern. Image
What I call THE FORCES OF DARKNESS have had President Trump in their sights even before he announced his candidacy for President.
A sure sign they began to realize he was going to win was this=March 12, 2016 Dayton OH when Thomas Dimassimo charged at Trump Mid-Rally Image
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1-We have been talking about #Mantras and their place in the #Vedic #Tradition.

Today, let’s dwell on the #Shakti Mantras – quite perhaps the most #esoteric and #Powerful entities in their own right. (1/19)

2-A word of caution here.

Shakti Mantras are like an Atomic Bomb

They are extremely powerful

..and should be practiced with due consideration, initiation and guidance by your #Guru and under your full #Intuition. (2/19)

@ijyotish @shashankupadhy_

3-Fundamentally, Shakti Mantras are extremely powerful, mono or single syllabled mantras.

In the higher Yogic practices they have a special usage. (3/19)

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#Thread on Measurement of Time & Astronomy in Ancient India as observed by Hieun Tsiang (Yuan Chwang) (602-664 CE) in ‘Record of Travels to the Western Regions’👇 #History #india #bharat #civilisation #travel #time #measurement #astronomy #sun #moon #science
“the names of the months are derived from the position (of the moon in respect) of the asterisms.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/25/2020…
Did a Person Write This Headline, or a Machine?…

#ML #generator #text
Opinion | The Future of Nonconformity…

#thinking #nonconformist
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#Thread #DidYouKnow
1. How our Ancient Indians use to calculate #Time and #calendar according to Srimad #Bhagawatham.
Will calculate age of Brahma 1st:
Usually, 60 sec = 1 min, 60 min = 1 hour, 24 hours = 1 day, 7 days = 1 week, 30 days (on avg) = 1 month, 12 months = 1 year.
2. Like this -
4,32,000 years is Kali Yuga
4,32,000X2 = 8,64,000 years is Dwapara Yuga
4,32,000X3 = 12,96,000 years is Treta Yuga
4,32,000X4 = 17,28,000 Years is Sat Yuga
All together four yugas is 1 Chatur Yug i.e,
4,32,000 X (4+3+2+1) = 43,20,000 years is 1 Chatur Yuga
3. 1000 Chatur Yugas is Brahma's half day. (day time) another 1000 Chatur Yugas is Brahma's 2nd half day (night time)
2000 Chatur Yugas is Brahma's 1 whole day.
like this 365 days for Brahma is 1 year. Brahma's age is 100 years. after his tenure,
next Brahma will be appointed.
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How governments and conglomerates coerce populations by creating a crisis and perpetuating it
You may like to read… I have also pinned the post @JillGore8 @inmydumpster @MariusMihu32 @xpressanny @Intuitive1966 feel free to share and use any of the links etc.
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1. Thread on Rihanna. It is clear by all the symbolism she uses that she is in the illuminati #Rihanna #Illuminati #Fenti #Bazaar Image
2. The excellent @vigilantfeed back in 2008 showed the Occult messages in Rihanna’s Umbrella which is about her making her pact with the Devil.… #Umbrella #rihanna #Occult #JayZ #Devil #Rain
3. Note in #Umbrella references to Let it Rain and chrome, similar themes to Gaga recent song Rain on Me on Chromatica. Maybe others can decode... As Rihanna has so many photos, I will include some every other tweet... #Rihanna #Satan #Illluminati ImageImageImageImage
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Mega Boom! #RobertMaxwell invested 1.666M+.333M in #Romney’s #BainCapital. Bain also has a partnership w/ #Branson’s #VirginVoyages who’s on the board of international center for missing & exploited children. #Biden also has a submarine accessible island 🤯
This ties in #NXIVM as well which branded #SexSlaves and owned by the #Bronfman family. The Bronfman family also has huge stakes many #MSM companies like #CNN #TimeWarner #Vivendi #MSDNC and so many more. Bronfman’s also founded Mega Group w/ Epstein’s handler Wexner & Spielberg
KABOOM! #Soros #Trudeau #Hillary #Schumer #Branson #Maxwell #Epstein biggest sting is being played out in history before our eyes!
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#Bookmark this
Aspect of #Space & #Time in Hinduism

RT and spread the knowledge
#Ramayan #Mahabharat #Vedas #Purans

Read till last surprise in last tweet that denotes
“… last”
about Swami Vivekananda
Starting the thread, Unroll and read this divinity
According to Hinduism, the universe consists of 3 things:
1.Atma (Energy)
2.Tatva (Matter)
3.Mahakaal (Space-Time Continuum)
According to Modern Science (Cosmology), Space and Time are interwoven, called as spacetime continuum, for which Hindus use the word, ‘Mahakaal'.
Aspect of Energy and Matter in Hinduism
The more precise words for Energy and Matter in Hinduism ‘Param Atma' and ‘Param Tatva', where Param means Supreme.
In other words, Atma and Tatva are the same thing in different forms.
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#My_Twitter_Rule 20/1
Our youth in a rush to create following on digital platforms. It is good start, but do they know what next. Having big following is just tool, unless one knew what to do with it, interest will die down after a while. Please read & learn who we (Muslims) are?
#My_Twitter_Rule 20/2
But read what? How to build #knowledge. #Information & Knowledge are two different things. Use Authentic sources, Introspection, Deliberation & Exchanges brings #Wisdom to the discourse.
Starting point is always #Quran! Read once translation & commentary....
#My_Twitter_Rule 20/3
Quran is a biggest gift of Allah, a guide, a constitution & a Hidaya. THAWAB is not its primary purpose!
Prophet SAW biography. He is a leader, head of state, a commander, peace maker, Mercy to mankind, role model (husband, father neighbor an orphan himself)
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#Ayurvedic treatment of fatty #liver – real world evidence: A #Thread
Overweight woman, early 40’s. Routine liver tests, mild enzyme abnormalities. Advised #ultrasound liver, showed grade 2 #fattyliver. GP advised vitaminE and #weightloss, review in 3mo
Patient and husband doubtful. Hears fatty liver disease can lead to #cirrhosis. Seeks advice from #Ayurvedic practitioner nearby #home since #Herbal #DRUGS = safe. Assures complete #cure through #Ayurveda. Prescribes multiple #medicines, advises almost all foods restriction.
Lets look at medicines. #tablet APFIL. Packet mentions ‘for liver #diseases’. Which liver disease? There is #alcohol related, #hepatitis B/C, #NAFLD, primary biliary #cholangitis and more causes. Nine #herbs extract combo - clinical #evidence on safety and benefit ❌
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#Thread #DidYouKnow
Calculation of #space & #Time according to Srimad Bhagawatham and Narayaneeyam.
Space: India is a part of South Asia; Asia is one of the continent in the world;
This Earth is known as Bhooh. Here we have 7 Dweepams known as Jambu, Plaksha, Shalmali, Kusha, Kraunca, Shaka, Pushkara Dweepams respectively.
Above Bhooh there are 7 layers or lok named as Bhuvah, Suvah, Mahah, Janah, Tapah, Satyam
Similarly, Below Earth there are another 7 layers or Lok called as Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Rasathala, ThalaaThala, Mahathala, Pathala.
7 loks above and 7 Loks below Earth respectively. So we call (Eer Yelu Lokam in Tamil) means 7X2=14 Lokas
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I have learned that everything and everyone is one and the same, yet we all carry different expressions of that one and the same.

Therefore we're all equal no matter what.

Everything is a symbol for something and learning that language means that one is able to have a profound
relationship with the outside, having the totality of the outside as a partner, with everything and everyone in it.
The universal Matrix always talk and dance with us, but many have forgot how to listen and dance.

Out body is a symbol for everything. Which means taking care of
our needs without any kind of judgement is taking care of all and everything.

Giving ourselves what we need is giving all what all needs.

Sometimes giving ourself what we need is being there for an expression of the outside - that can be a person, an animal or whatever is in
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#Day #Trading #Options

#Basic Concept - options day trading focuses only on the underlying #mathematics. It does not rely on any #financial predictions, company results, or market direction.
A #realistic approach is to take advantage of occasional pricing inefficiencies that arise in the #options market.
These #distortions can be related to #earnings announcements, expiry week, weekend #theta decay, intraday implied #volatility swings, differences between overnight and #intraday volatility, or news and #rumors.
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We #Live #eviL in #WorldwideTheatreShow & we are the #participating #audience in the #SatanicSystem
What is #Satanism?
Is it full of #Devil #worshiping #maniacs who #sacrifice #children?
Lets have a look⬇️
10 Forms Of Satanism That Exist Around The World…
10. #thesatanictemple

#SatanicWorld #SantanicSystem #WakeUp
'The Satanic Temple is an organization that probably wouldn’t fit most people’s idea of what a Satanist is'

The Satanic Temple
9. #Luciferianism #

'#Luciferians are rather similar to #LaVeyan #Satanists. Most of them are nonreligious and simply treat #Lucifer as a #symbol'

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/05/2020-2…

Bruno Latour, the Post-Truth Philosopher, Mounts a Defense of Science - The New York Times…

#philosophy #postmodernism #Science
Leading with the Unknowns in COVID-19 Models - Scientific American Blog Network…

#models #uncertainty #DecisionMaking
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/03/2020-2…

An interpretable mortality prediction model for COVID-19 patients | Nature Machine Intelligence…
#model #intelligence #machine #prediction #mortality
“Immune to Evidence”: How Dangerous Coronavirus Conspiracies Spread — ProPublica…

#conspiracy #evidence #immune #spread
The public do not understand logarithmic graphs used to portray COVID-19 | LSE Covid-19…

#public #Graphics
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#RaphaelsRandomThoughts #NostalgicStoryTime
I'd like to direct your attention, if you'll indulge me, to a concept that first came to me as a child, traveling from Central Mexico to Virginia (over 4000mi each way), and back again, for Christmas vacation one year. The
concept is that of size relative to the experience of the passage of time. I had a vision of a giant, bigger than the planet, and wondered, if he picked up our car to set it down on the opposite side of the world, ¿would it take only be few seconds to us, or would we feel like
we were traveling the same speed, only taking a different route? And then I began to wonder if we would die from the speed we'd have to go in order for it to really only be a few seconds for us. Then, a few years ago, scientists were experimenting with flies and discovered that
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🇺🇸 #ÆR (V)iS ...

Round Up ...

The Eagle Will ALWQYS Fly Free , For #GOD And #COUNTRY If You Are One Of [Them] And Have Done The Crime You Do The #Time ...


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🌞 #Social #D

This Is The Song That Was Playing In My Head At The #Time Of Filming This ...
Also, I Asked Awhile Back About Helping A Place Out That Is Being Affected Really Bad Becsuse Of [Them] And This #VirusOfLife ..
A Place That Saved Not Ou My Life,
...But THOUSANDS Of Not Just Kids, But Adults As Well ..
Professionals, Keeping A Watchful Eye In The Future And Guiding The Kids In The Right Direction ..
A Place That Has Been Around For 20 Years, Is Now Being Threatened Because Of [Them] !

@realDonaldTrump Want To Invest
... Into an Indoor Skatepark For The Children .?
This Place I Speak Of, You Already Know ...
It Has Been A Very Successful Business For Many Years And I PRAY Many More To Come ..
Imagine How Many MORE Lives Will Be Saved Keeping This Place Around ..
Now THINK Of All The Lives,
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1-I have been reading some significant amount of #Jung’s works.

It is incredible, how much his realizations resonated with #Vedic views.

Both sides of Jung’s family had been pastors and #theologians with his father being a minister.

2-Jung naturally grew up dwelling on religious issues.

The #God he imagined was not personal or enlightening,

.....but simply represented the #power of the #universe in all its light, darkness, chance, and infiniteness

#innerwork #karma #time #universe #nature
3-Through dreams he felt led to the conclusion that God actually wants us to think “bad thoughts,”

.....thoughts that go against established #morality, so that we can make our way independently back to God.

#enlightenment #fulfillment
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🙏 @Metallica

It's Happening ! ...
No Leaf Clover.
@GenFlynn ,Love You!
Sky Event # 2 .
Pen, Creator.
"And It Feels Right This Time";
(LIVE) Madrid, Spain 2019
What A #TIME To Be Alive.

All (REAL).

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