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Proud Trump supporter here but @AndrewYang raised $10 million he’s got a whole army of supporters, what is it with @DNC @CNN purposely disenfranchising millions of grassroots voters? Stay strong #YangGang they did this to #BernieBros in 2016.
Oh and you’re always welcome to #walkaway 😍 Yang has some cool ideas if he dropped the DJT hate I swear he’d make the admin, just saying.
💊nom nom redpill.
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1/ Third #TweetAnalysis - Comparative Hashtag Analysis
Hashtags: #Yang2020 and #Bernie2020
I read 151 Bernie2020 tweets and 152 Yang2020 Tweets today, 27th September 2019, to discover what the #YangGang and #BernieBros tweet about.
2/ Method
-Searched hashtags one by one (latest, anyone, anywhere)
-Read tweets to identify themes
-Adjusted and added themes as needed
-1 point for each theme mentioned (tweets mostly contained 1 theme)
-Afterwards, organised themes into more general types
3/ Data
The most common theme for both Yang and Bernie supporters was "general positive" (non-specific advocacy).
Looking more widely, "positivity" was the largest type for Yang, whereas more than 50% of Bernie tweets fell into the "negativity" type.
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May 1, 2016 - bernie bro scoffing at being warned about spewing kremlin propaganda...
May 1, 2016 - a TYT senior producer? sporting a #BernieOrBust avi...
He was retweeting a Shaun King article title about how he didn't think he could vote for Hillary.

Shaun's a Bernie surrogate again, isn't he?
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Let’s get this started! Bernie’s haters can’t engage his ideas so they pretend all of his supporters are straight, white, men & invisibleize everyone else. This is what a #bernieBro looks like. #JustAnotherBernieBro #bernieBros
#womenForBernie add your own descriptors
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My frustration with
@TwitterSupport was already pretty intense, but intensified further yesterday after red rose Twitter mass reported a pointed, but obviously tongue in cheek tweet I wrote in response to their attacks on @NancyPelosi and @HillaryClinton.

I was suspended.
The grounds for the suspension were ridiculous. They argued I was promoting self-harm.



1. No one is going to read that tweet & then punch themselves in face.

2. Find anywhere on my ten year long timeline where I've so blithely promoted violence.


I stand by the merit of the tweet and my intentions.

I was obviously not saying that Clinton and Pelosi could or should not be criticized, nor was I saying that men specifically should not be able to engage either critically.

This, of course, is what red rose read though.

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You know what's crazy, Trump said he was draining the swamp. And he may inadvertently do it.

What we're seeing, here, isn't a new leadership attitude from Señor Trump, we're seeing what our leadership has been for years. Trump is just an arrogant blowhard, which (contd)
-in business, actually benefits, cause weak minded sycophants to money and power, cower in front of men like Trump.

Trump has shady business dealings, which we could trace back to the 80s. You who else had shady business dealings? The Bush family, The Clinton family, (cont'd)-
And so on and so forth. The @GOP has been trying to shush Trump, cause he's laid the political leadership playbook open: shady international deals, ilicit behavior, all of which lead to.immense personal gain, which, in the past were lied about and glossed over through a veneer-
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