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सवाल – एनआरसी क्यों कराया जाएगा?

जवाब- देश में चार करोड़ घुसपैठिये हैं।

सवाल- असम में कितने करोड़ घुसपैठिये होने का अनुमान था?

जवाब- असम में एक करोड़ से ज्यादा बांग्लादेशी मुस्लिम घुसपैठिये होने का अनुमान था।

सवाल- असम में कितने बांग्लादेशी मुस्लिम निकले?
जवाब- असम में 19 लाख लोग एनआरसी की लिस्ट से बाहर हैं जिनमें 13 लाख हिंदू हैं और 6 लाख मुस्लिम, दलित, आदिवासी, ईसाई वगैरह।

सवाल- अगर देश में चार करोड़ घुसपैठिये नहीं निकले तो?

जवाब – तो कुछ नहीं।

सवाल – चार करोड़ का आंकड़ा कहां से आया? कोई अध्ययन, कोई सर्वे?

जवाब – केवल् अनुमान है।

सवाल- अनुमान तो असम में भी सवा करोड़ बांग्लादेशी मुस्लिम घुसपैठियों का था?

जवाब – नो कमेंट, अगला सवाल पूछिए।

सवाल- असम में एनआरसी क्यों हुआ था?

जवाब-क्योंकि असम के लोगों की मांग थी। उनका अंदेशा था कि यहां पर बांग्लादेश से बहुत लोग आ गए हैं।

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A Thread.
Subj: #CAA_NRC_NPR - The UK experience with a National Identity Register.
To: #Citizens of #India
Recommendation: The Protests should continue
Summary: The Identity Cards Act, 2006 was finally repealed in 2010 as unworkable, and violative of civil liberties.
Following the Sept 11 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre, New York, the level of paranoia was high. One of the ideas to make Britain safe was to introduce compulsory Identity cards for every one. The full history of the National Identity Register is detailed..
The detail is eerily similar to what India is proposing.
The Act specified fifty categories of information that the National Identity Register could hold on each citizen,[1] including ...
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When every Indian is asked to prove his nationality and his claim to Citizenship on the basis of documents - not just his own but also of his parents - then the State will have total control - ownership almost - of every citizen's life and liberty.
My father was a graduate employed in the Railways. I dont have a birth certifcate, never mind my late parents. the earliest document I can produce is school leaving cert from the lid 60s - and that does not have my full name on it. I'd have to bribe my way into #NCR
The whole #NPR / #NCR process seems ripe for #Corruption and #venality on a massive scale. I know many #NRI's (foreign citizens with #OCI status) who have an #Aadhar while being ineligible for it because they are non-residents. With bribery you can get any document you want
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A frightening dilemma looms for India's minorities, especially her Muslims. It is the upcoming @Census2021India. @PrakashJavdekar has stated that it will be a chance both the enumerate the population AND to populate/update the National Population Register - #NPR. So? you may ask.
Well, here's the rub. The #NPR will be a register of #residents. The National Citizens register will draw on it to establish #Citizenship status on criteria yet to be announced, confirmed and clarified. The #Census and #NPR will be based at least on the foll. data set.
That was the data set used for @censusIndia2011. In the first instance the expectation is that the data will be honestly filled in and submitted via an app. (I heard @PrakashJavdekar say that in a #PresConference on @NDTV.) Here's the dilemma
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All India Catholic Union in its press note,has urged of all states CMs to resist Citizen Amendment Bill, #NCR & New Education Policy & #UCC which as per @JohnDayal would bring untold misery severely impacting federal structure of 🇮🇳!
Which are the 2 cults that damaged India most?
AICU on Nov 30 in Vijaywada,in MLA Malladi Vishnu’s prescence,in its press note by Lancy D Çunha,JohnDayal says-🇮🇳is 3rd largest Mus population,GOI doesn’t say why it’ll open its borders to Ahamedia,Shia
NEP’s threat to states,minorities must be encouraged to open more colleges.
Says-Christians’re harassed, violence against’m increases during Christmas,Easter,that PM,HM must ensure Clergy,pastors,Nuns aren’t attacked under charges of conversions!
High time @PMOIndia @HMOIndia wakes up to #Conversion tactics,
#Hindus need to show these their place!
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