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Delhi High Court will hear today BJP leader Ashwini Upadhyay's plea to prohibit religious conversion through intimidation, threats or through use of "black magic and superstitions".
#DelhiHighCourt @AshwiniUpadhyay #conversion Image
The petition says that Centre and Delhi Government has done nothing to stop these forceful conversions. Upadhyay seeks a direction to Centre to form a committee to draft a Conversion of Religion Act.
#DelhiHighCourt @AshwiniUpadhyay #conversion
The plea will be heard by a Division Bench of Justices Sanjeev Sachdeva and Tushar Rao Gedela.
#DelhiHighCourt #conversion @AshwiniUpadhyay
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#BJP leader Ashwini Upadhyay has approached the Delhi High Court seeking directions to Centre and Delhi Government to prohibit religious conversion through intimidation, threats, deception or "by using black magic and superstition”.
#DelhiHighCourt @AshwiniUpadhyay #conversion Image
In his PIL, Upadhyay has argued that forceful conversions not only offends the provisions of the Constitution but even goes against the idea of Secularism.
#DelhiHighCourt #Conversion @AshwiniUpadhyay
It says that Centre and Delhi Government have failed to control menace of black magic superstition & deceitful religious conversion, though it’s their duty under Article 51A of Constitution.
#DelhiHighCourt #Conversion @AshwiniUpadhyay
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Introduction to website categorization, which can be used for #content #filtering, #adtech and other purposes. Using #textclassification #ML model.…
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CRITIC AND REVIEW OF THE Dr Gaurav Pradhan read on
The Conversion

An honest unbiased review of this film which I saw for 30 min as i cant bare it more

before u read, kindly note that this review is for a mature audience. Also, i have not been
paid by anyone or asked by anyone to write. I am doing it as i am answerable to my readers

I went to see the film at my own personal cost at Kapil Mishra invitation

When I entered the PVR and saw the audience, one question from my 6th sense popped. Where I had come.
This place is not for me. But anyways I sat down in the hall. A lot fo folks were those who promoted Deepak Tyagi

Let me ask a question

When u hear the title "The Conversion" what comes to your mind upfront?

U think it is about the conversion missionaries, silent
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15 years ago in Gujarat, two men named Shabbirbhai and Samadbhai converted a Hindu man named Ajitbhai Vasava to Islam in exchange for money.
On #conversion, Ajitbhai became 'Abdul Aziz'.
The trio then #converted 2 others, namely, Mahendra Vasava and Raman Vasava to 'Yusuf' and 'Aiyub' respectively.

Again, the conversion was facilitated through financial assistance (which violated the Gujarat Freedom of Religion Act of 2003).
These 5 people, namely, Shabirbhai, Samadbhai, Abdul Aziz, Yusuf and Aiyub then began working under the supervision of Islamic preacher Varyava Abdul Vahab Mahmood.
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🚨Allahabad High Court resumes hearing in Kashi Vishwanath temple-Gyanvapi mosque dispute case(s).
#kashi #mosque #temple #Varanasi
Adv. Puneet Kumar Gupta appears for the parties contesting the Gyanvapi mosque being situated on the land in dispute.
#kashi #mosque #temple #Varanasi
Gupta reads out the relief sought in the suit by Ancient Idol of Swayambhu Lord Vishweshwar filed in 1991 for restoration of performance of rituals at the principal seat of Asthan of Lord Visheshwar and other gods within the precincts of temple complex known as 'Ancient Temple'.
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#Thanjavur Death case -

There has been a third video that is being circulated. How is that happening ? There is not allegation of religious conversion, girl did not talk about religious conversion : Petitioner counsel
This is creating suspicions on the investigation and investigating agency. We have lost faith in the investigation. Thru have done injustice to the little girl : Petitioner counsel

In her own voice, 2 yrs back she had stated that there was an attempt to convert. All these allegations have tk be investigated. What was the reason for suicide : Petitioner Counsel

#Thanjavur #Conversion #death
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How to set up a Conversion Funnel in Google Analytics for Shopify checkout

#Analytics #CRO #ecommerce #conversion

Here's my 16 steps guide 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
1) Go to your Google Analytics account, click on "Admin" (left-bottom part), select your desired View (right part) and then click on “Goals”.
2) Create a New Goal
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As always a report submitted to PARLIAMENT hs been ignored by MEDIA.👇
Big MONEY, names, & a national SECURITY risk!
This REPORT helps India separate rice frm chaff, and differentiate between it's FRIENDs & FOEs.
Short clip!👇

Complete VIDEO >>>
This is a SLOW poison.
Indian government's predicament is understandable.
Watch the complete video on the report here>>>

America hs bn funding quite a few organisations within India.
You will be shocked to see how money is flowing only to SPECIFIC STATES. Atleast it shocked me and ergo the my video.

~Break India
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#SupremeCourt to shortly hear petitions challenging the Uttar Pradesh ordinance, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand laws prohibiting religious #conversion for marriage

@cjpindia #SupremeCourt @myogiadityanath @jairamthakurbjp @tsrawatbjp
Petitioners argue that the laws are being misused to harass individuals indulging in interfaith marriages.
Senior Adv CU Singh: Respondents has circulated a letter for adjournment. We are seeking to amend the plea to include challenge to Himachal and Madhya Pradesh laws. They have brought in conversion prohibition laws
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"No charge mentioned in the Ordinance for implicating in the name of “Love Jihad”, Uttar Pradesh government files affidavit before Allahabad High Court in challenge to Unlawful Conversion of Religion Ordinance #Conversion #UPOrdinance #UttarPradesh
"The Constitution of India abhors any form of forceful conversion particularly in matters of becomes the foremost duty of the State to protect its citizens from any kind of unlawful or forceful conversion..." #UttarPradesh #ConversionOrdinance #Conversion
"...personal law of the community to which the individual wants to enter upon by changing his religion causes issues of complexities as the dignity of the individual gets compromised and the individual is not assured of equality of status." #UttarPradesh #Conversion
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#SupremeCourt bench led by CJI SA Bobde to hear petitions challenging the Constitutional validity of the Uttar Pradesh Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Ordinance, 2020 and Uttarakhand Freedom of Religion Act, 2018
which regulates #conversion & interfaith marriage Image
The controversial ordinance: Uttar Pradesh Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Ordinance, 2020 (Uttar Pradesh Vidhi Virudh Dharma Samparivartan Pratishedh Adhyadhesh, 2020 in Hindi) was signed off by state governor on Nov 28
Solicitor-General: Allahabad HC us already examining this

CJI: Why don't you approach the HC. Its pending in Allahabad and Uttarakhand HC. We will not interfere under Article 32. We are not saying you have a bad case but firstly move the High Court
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UP Prohibition #Ordinance 2020 against Unlawful Religion #Conversion:

It proposes that religious conversion by force, or by giving inducement or by facilitating conversion through marriages, should be included in the category of crime. @myogiadityanath
Under this law, religious conversion is allowed, but conversion by force or through any kind of inducement is not.

If a person wants to perform marriage after converting into any other religion, they will need to take permission from District Magistrate 2 months before marriage
The ordinance provides for a jail term of 1-5 years with Rs 15,000 penalty for forceful religious conversion.

For conversions of minors and women of SC/ST community, there will be jail term of 3-10 years with Rs 25,000 penalty. .#UttarPradesh
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Breaking: Plea in Supreme Court seeks to protect fundamental rights of people of District Mewat-Nuh as they are being "forcefully converted to Islam" and is in a pitiable condition compared to the "dominant Muslim group."
The petition prays for restoration of land, properties, cremation sites of Hindus and form an SIT to probe instances of gang rapes, murders and kidnapping committed by "Muslims" upon the "Hindu residents of the place."

Plea says that after the establishment of Tablighi Jammat the Neo Muslims became fundamentalist Muslims and slowly
they over powered the entire area and at present they are more than 95% in the area after eliminating Hindus from the area.

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#CultureOfEncounter meet #CultureWarriors #Encounter. @Pontifex did not promote or endorse #samesexunions. First, it's important to encounter the Holy Father. His pastoral nature is obvious. I think he's responding to those who are wounded & on the margins. 1/13
The #CultureWars may have had their time and place, but they have resulted in a failure to treat people as human beings who need (deserve?) love and belonging. Mt. 28,19 is a clarion call to embrace the world, the "other", with the love of Christ. 2/13
If we do not bring that love to the most #marginalized, starting in our families and among our friends, we are failing as #Christians. #Conversion involves both the heart and the mind. 3/13
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#California appellate court affirms summary judgment in favor of @coinbase as to claims for #conversion #breach of contract & negligence; related to #coinbase not supporting #bitcoingold fork for its users; since it's precedent in CA, let's dive in /1 ImageImageImageImage
Court ruled that there was no agreement to give Plaintiff #Bitcoingold; there was no "contractual obligation to support or provide services for any particular cryptocurrency." Merger clause barred parol evidence & there was no contractual duty. That's breach of contract /2
Conversion of crypto is a pet issue of mine because it requires the Court to determine that the thing that is allegedly converted (i.e. the civil version of theft) is legally recognized property. Fun Fact- property rights are mostly created by state law. Only 1 state (Wyoming)/3
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What is type conversion in Python?

▪ Type conversion refers to the conversion of one data type into another.

int() – converts any data type into integer type

float() – converts any data type into float type

ord() – converts characters into integer

hex() – converts integers to hexadecimal

oct() – converts integer to octal

tuple() – This function is used to convert to a tuple.

set() – This function returns the type after converting to set.

list() – This function is used to convert any data type to a list type.

dict() – This function is used to convert a tuple of order (key,value) into a dictionary.

str() – Used to convert integer into a string.

complex(real,imag) – This functionconverts real numbers to complex(real,imag) number.

#Python #Type #conversion #tutorial #100DaysOfCode
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1. Paulinus was born in the year of salvation 353, of a most illustrious family of Roman citizens at Bordeaux and he later attained senatorial dignity. He was made consul of Nola but
#StPaulinusOfNola #Jun22 #CatholicTwitter #EarlyChurch Image
2. struck by a ray of the divine light, he resigned the consulship and returning to Bordeaux, he was baptised by St Delphinus.


Then he sold his abundant property,

#conversion #JesusChrist #FollowMe
3. distributed the money to the poor and retired to Spain, where he was ordained a priest. When he returned to Nola, he built a monastery near the tomb of St Felix and entered upon a most strict monastic life with some companions.

#RomanEmpire #History #monastery #Christianity
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On April 23, 2020, @Harvard_Press tweeted the below racist and evocative picture about #Hinduism and #Hindus to promote a talk by @ajanthasub with @tmkrishna @BIC_Blr.
Picture shows a #Hindu religious figure grinding a mill stone, conjuring up a devilish figure and crushing black figurines or throwing them into fire (one figure is even seen holding the religious figure's foot).
@Harvard_Press failed to to review the contents of the link. Interestingly, the picture is not even from the book and was used specifically to promote the book and the lecture.
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Today is #ParshuramJayanti so thought of writing a small tweet thread on Parshuram and his connection with my community - #GowdSaraswatBrahmin or the GSB community as they are known today predominantly settled between Goa and Mangalore.

Prashuram is the 6th incarnation/Avatar or Lord Vishnu.

The name "Parshu-Ram literally means "Axe-bearing Rama"


The GSBs trace their ancestors to Rigvedic Brahmins settled on the banks of the Saraswati river. When the river went underground/disappeared, these Brahmins started searching for new lands and a few clams reached Goud region - Bengal-Odisha and settled there.

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{LT} Aujourd’hui livetweet un pieu spécial puisqu’il s’agit d’une conférence « Utiliser les psychédéliques pour 'guérir' des adolescents homosexuels. Essai de thérapie de conversion, France, 1960" présentée par @ZoeDubus à @Le_Museum avec Société psychédélique française @sopsyfra
*un peu special et non un pieu spécial
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Here's a compilation of some timelapse animations that show different stories from across India over the 3 decades (1989 - 2018) . Created with @googleearth @EarthOutreach #newyear2020

1: Restless #Brahmaputra n tributaries meandering,changing course in #Assam
2. Growth of Brick Kiln industry in the banks of #Hooghly, #Rupnarayan rivers near #Kolkata (brown polygons close to the rivers' banks) #WestBengal
3. Embankment failure in #Kosi River (2008) caused flooding. It also left a sediment footprint that was visible from satellites. #Bihar
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