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Thread: One of the “medics” at the CHAZ/CHOP recent shooting of two minors is Dan Baker, an American sniper who joined the YPG in Syria

Pics 1 & 2 are him, tweeted by himself + YPG

Pic 3 his witness account

Pic 4 YPG telegram celebrating a body count

#CHOP #chopshooting
2) the YPG is considered a terrorist group and British citizens who participate have recently been arrested as terrorists

Dan Baker left the Autonomous Zone in Syria, and is now in the Seattle Autonomous Zone

#CHAZ #CHOP #Seattle
3) it seems Mr Baker’s goals were to “inspire” American “Antifascists” in their cause and goals.

Got it? It’s environmental feminist communism. It requires guns.

#CHAZ #CHOP #chopshooting
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1. The tragedy of the American far-left is that people like @SenSanders think that the choices are between right-wing murderous dictators and left-wing murderous dictators. Bernie's fundamental Marxist ideology always leads to oppression. If you really want to see what an anti-
2. authoritarian revolution can do, follow the #Rojava Revolution. They are as committed as anyone to their revolutionary goals but they reject all authoritarian means to that end and commit to Democracy and secularism as well as making gender equality a reality in all society.
3. Plus you might be pleased to know that the core concepts were in large part developed in Vermont. And for our @NRA brothers and sisters, they can pretty much all shoot straight and that is actually one good reason why they're still free. 😎 ✌️
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1/#Turkey had well established "soft power" lines of influence throughout the Greater #MiddleEast (North #Africa, Horn of Africa, Eastern #Mediterranean, etc.).
2/But now #Turkish leaders are ready to assume greater risk to assert overt military power in an expeditionary manner to expand #Turkey's influence, and therefore leverage, on conflicts beyond the country's near abroad (#Libya being farther than say #Cyprus or #Syria).
3/However #Turkish leaders don't want to risk significant casualties to their own forces in these expeditionary ops, whether far away like in #Libya or closer to home like in #Syria, when #Turkey's military has spent so much time and $$ building a proxy force of #Syrian fighters.
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Eye-opening thread about the historical methodology of Turkey’s land grabbing and ethnic cleansing 👇
Was just in an EU country today and called a taxi to get to the airport. Lenos picked me up. Traffic was bad. We got stuck and I heard his life story.
Lenos was a child when Turkey invaded his hometown on his island.

On July 20 1974 Turkey invaded Cyprus in what the Turks called “Cyprus Peace Operation" (Kıbrıs Barış Harekâtı). 200,000 were displaced as a large scale demographic change was set into motion.
Before the invasion US President Johnson wrote a letter to Turkey saying they were against it and wouldn’t support it. Sec of State Kissinger tried to mediate. Ankara insisted the invasion was necessary because of Turkey’s “legitimate security concerns” and launched the campaign.
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1. Why the Oil? I reported my analysis for about a year that Erdogan's strategic objective with his safe zone is Syria's oil fields. In the current operation after answering Baghdadi's call to release the ISIS fighters held in #SDF prisons he was going to move to seize the oil.
2. In addition, Rumilan deployment is positioned to guard our supply lines from KRG territory. If we are going to keep #SDF viable we have to keep them supplied.

Now that @CENTCOM has thwarted Erdogan's strategic objectives he can choose full withdrawal or economic
3. sanctions. For me this evidences that the US military CIA and possibly Congress have woken up to who Erdogan is. I have reported his ISIS affiliation for five years and his brutal ISIS/Al-Qaeda force has brought us to the reality that we may have go to war with Turkey.
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1. #Rojava's demise is more than #EthnicCleansing & #Genocide though they are horrific enough, it's also an attack on the idea that the MidEast need not be a sectarian hell but can thrive as a gender-equal, secular, democratic and free society guaranteed by the Geneva process.
2. Rojava is also what @RTErdogan wants to kill. And misogynist states like Russia, Iran & Qatar are more than willing to bankroll a feminist genocide. And don't laugh. Feminism directly confronts certain religions and, is therefore IMO, entitled to religious freedom
3. protection and is therefore covered by anti-genocide protections of US and international law.

If only we had some feminists. 🙄 @maddow @smithcollege @mtholyoke @IvankaTrump
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Sabeu què és la "hevaltî"?

"Heval" significa amic i és com ens referim entre nosaltres aquí, "Hevaltî" és un concepte molt profund i és central en la revolució al Nord i l'Est de Síria.

És la cosa més maca que he viscut a #Rojava.

Obro fil 👇
La "hevaltî" està basada en dues coses sobretot: l'amor als teus companys i companyes i la voluntat de veure crèixer i millorar a cadascuna d'elles. Per a això es fa servir el mètode de crítics i autocrítica, cada dia o cada pocs dies en petits grups es fan aquestes sessions.
Les crítiques i autocrítiques busquen millorar la personalitat segons els valors de la revolució. Res a veure a com s'entén la crítica a occident. Quan critiques a algú ho fas perque l'estimes i vols que creixi.
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Sabeu que a #Rojava també hi ha policia?

Són el cos d'Asayish i no es dediquen a reprimir al poble, al contrari, són els i les encarregades de la seva defensa al nord i l'Est de Síria.

Petit fil sobre policia radicalment democràtica👇
Aquesta policia la conformen des de joves fins a adults que són part de la societat. No són en absolut quelcom separat de la mateixa ni serveixen altres interessos que els de la societat. Vetllen per la protecció de la societat civil a pobles i ciutats.
Una de les seves tasques principals és la lluita contra el terrorisme de l'Estat Islàmic, lluita que es desenvolupa d'una forma absolutament diferent a com ho fan els Estats occidentals.
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1. #SyriaWarCrimes
We're going to have a decade or more of murder trials and suits for the many Turkish and US politicians and service members who were complicit in the #Rojava #Syria #WarCrimes. We need to identify verify preserve with a post and preserve all the evidence.
2. Someone told me #TawanCeng is "war crimes" in Kurdish. I have some #Afrin posts with that tag. We need to pick a tag and have every photo and story attempt to give geo-location date & time and as much other information as possible. We may want to have a tag for enemy phones
3. like #EP and maybe last four of the phone's serial number. My point is this, we are going to charge everyone who touched this genocide. And the better our evidence is the better the odds of successful prosecutions. I'm open to suggestions and my
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GIORNO 8 (16/10/2019) – Ore 09:30

#Serekaniye resiste ancora, aggiornamenti da Kobane e Tal Abyad, ultimo bilancio 78 morti e centinaia di feriti (paziale)

#Thread #Rojava #SDF
Dopo 8 giorni di attacco via area/terra, l’esercito turco ed i suoi alleati jhiadisti, continuano a non riuscire a penetrare nella città di confine di Serekaniye.

Nella tarda serata di ieri l’esercito turco ha lanciato un violento attacco accerchiando la città da 3 assi, con largo utilizzo di truppe di terra, artiglieria pesante e molti raid aerei, anche sul centro città.
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Ufficili USA: "Alcune delle persone più nobili che mai noi abbiamo incontrato"
(senza contare che hanno eradicato l'ISIS; gli stessi che ora i Turchgi stanno liberando in massa)…
L'inviato del TG3 nel Kurdistan iracheno: "I Turchi sparano e bombardano su qualsiasi cosa o persona. Lo fanno indiscriminatamente"
Dopo i giornalisti ora anche @msf costretta ad abbandonare il nord della Siria (il #Rojava) per la natura feroce e indiscriminata dei bombardamenti turchi, che mettono a rischio gli operatori dell'ONG…
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GIORNO 7 (15/10/2019) – Ore 10:30

#Serekaniye totalmente sotto contro SDF, scontri ad ovest di #Kobane, vittime civili a #Manbij, la mezzaluna rossa curda lancia un appello: "disastro umanitario".

#Thread #Rojava #Siria
E’ stata una nottata di resistenza quella appena trascorsa nella Siria del Nord. La città di Serekaniye, assediata da giorni da migliaia di forze dell’esercito turco e delle brigate jhiadiste sostenute da Erdogan, è totalmente sotto il controllo delle SDF.
Dopo continui attacchi supportati da raid aerei, diversi report parlano di un attacco da parte delle SDF che ha colto di sorpresa il nemico: alcune brigate jhiadiste si sarebbero addirittura ritirate in Turchia lasciando il posto alle forze speciali turche, che tuttavia ->
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[1] That is what the Leader of the Free World has done with his ill-considered decision: hospital bombing #Assad & hospital bombing #Putin are supposed to protect #Kurdish hospitals in #Syria from hospital bombing #Erdogan.
[2] Minorities have been suffering under the Assad regime for decades. The US President has now driven them into the arms of their executioners to escape ethnic cleansing. The #Ezidis should therefore consider giving up their homeland in #Syria altogether, as they did in #Turkey
[3] With only some 800,000 members worldwide, the #Ezidis have no choice but to leave their homeland in order to survive and escape the endless wars, in which they have no chance of survival.
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[Thread] Yesterday evening, the @Airbus Head of Public Affairs Germany threatened #ExtinctionRebellion to not get in his way. With 5 exclamation marks. 😲
Mr Reinhardt has more than 1000 followers on Twitter, so we felt a bit uneasy about this and wanted to know what exactly he was willing to do.
So we asked him if he just wanted to run us over with his company car or rather intended to use one of the weapon systems produced by @Airbus, like those #Eurofighter jets #Airbus is selling to #SaudiArabia. He said: "Whatever it takes."
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Continua la resistenza di #Serekaniye, nuovo bilancio delle vittime, proteste a Diyarbakir e l’accordo tra SDF e Assad.

(nella foto una combattente #YPJ a Serekaniye)

#Thread #Rojava #Siria #SDF
Oggi entriamo nel sesto giorno dell’offensiva turca contro il Rojava.
Continuano gli scontri nelle due città di confine di Tal Abyad e Serekanye.
Entrambe le città resistono da giorni nonostante l’assedio venga portato da 3 lati.
I villaggi intorno alle 2 città sono occupati ed in queste foto i mercenari jhiadisti sostenuti dalla Turchia, calpestano le foto dei martiri caduti nella guerra di liberazione contro ISIS.

Dalla prima serata di ieri sono ripresi con forza anche i bombardamenti a Serekanye.
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[Thread] Der Chef der Öffentlichkeitsarbeit von @Airbus Deutschland hat #ExtinctionRebellion gedroht, ihm nicht in den Weg zu kommen. Mit fünf Ausrufezeichen. 😮
Sascha hat über 1000 Follower auf Twitter. Das hat uns dann schon ein bisschen beunruhigt und wir wollten wissen, wie genau er das meint.
Also haben wir ihn gefragt, ob er uns mit dem Auto überfahren oder einen Kampfjet beutzen will. Sascha meinte daraufhin: Whatever it takes.
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Reports that #Russia & #Damascus will take #Manbij

Almost certainly confirmed & is easy enough, Russian-trained & equipped #SAA units have been stations just outside Manbij for almost a year now
#1st_Division also sent some reinforcements to #Qamishlo airport yesterday. Not originally planning for today's events but they're there now.
It's important to recognize that #Assad does not have the resources to govern the territory of #Rojava on his own. The #SAA is stretched thin enough dealing with an insurgency in #Daraa & keeping pressure on #Idlib & there are near daily #ISIS attacks in central #Syria...
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Crimini di guerra, esecuzioni, medici rapiti, il ritorno dell’#ISIS e la resistenza delle SDF insieme alla popolazione civile.

#Thread #Rojava #Siria #SDF
Oggi entriamo nel 5° giorno dell’offensiva turco/jhiadista contro le popolazione della Siria del Nord.
Dalla giornata di ieri si registrano terribili crimini di guerra compiuti dalle brigate jhiadiste al soldo della Turchia.
Ieri mattina la co-presidente del Syrian Future Party, Hevrin Khalaf, è stato bloccata sulla strada M4 (che attraversa il nord della Siria) dai jhaidisti di Ahrar Alsharqiya che per qualche ora hanno controllato un tratto della strada.
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1- Llegué a Rojava el 09-10. Hace un mes y medio que tengo el billete. A las 17 llegué a casa de mi hermana en #Tirbespiye, 30km de mi ciudad #Qamishlo. La operación turca contra mi gente y tierra había empezado a las 16h.
2- Pensaba que sería como siempre: unos ataques concretos y palabras vacías de #Erdogan. Pero, desgraciadamente, estaba equivocada. Esto no es guerra, es un genocidio.
3- la aviación bombardea diferentes ciudades y pueblos de la frontera de unos 600km. Las Fuerzas kurdas responden a ataques, pero nuestras fuerzas no son el segundo ejército de la #OTAN.
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BREAKING +++ Türkei greift gezielt humanitäre Helfer*innen in #Rojava an

Heute Morgen hat die türkische Armee eine medizinische Ersthilfe-Station des Kurdischen Roten Halbmonds bei Serêkaniye beschossen, ein Mitarbeiter wurde schwer verletzt, mehrere Ambulanzen beschädigt.
Die Station, in der Schwerverletzte der türkischen Angriffe stabilisiert werden, musste geräumt werden.

Unsere Partnerorganisation berichtet, dies sei nicht der erste Angriff auf ihre medizinischen Nothilfe-Einrichtungen in #Rojava.
Die Türkei versucht gezielt, die medizinische Infrastruktur zu zerstören und Hilfe zu verunmöglichen.

Der Angriff der Türkei auf #Rojava bricht Völkerrecht, der Angriff auf humanitäre Helfer*innen verletzt die Genfer Konvention.
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Russia said it implicitly supports a Turkish operation to destroy the PKK statelet in NE Syria in December 2018.
Putin supported a Turkish operation to crush #Rojava during a meeting in August, as well
Russia [and Iran] also explicitly condemned and vowed to work against the PKK statelet during an Astana meeting with Turkey in August
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La Turchia, nostro alleato (!) NATO nel silenzio complice dell'Europa e del mondo inizia un tentativo di genocidio e pulizia etnica contro i il Popolo Curdo
Per favore, smettetela di dire "mai più" quando si parla di Olocausto… via @repubblica
@repubblica Ovviamente, tutto è iniziato con un bombardamento alla cieca contro regioni abitate d amigliaia di civili
L'Europa e le cancellerie dei Paesi "democratici" si mobilitino al più presto.
@repubblica “Resistere è vivere” è la parola d’ordine dei Curdi.
Così scrivevo nella prefazione del libro "Kobane dentro".
Oggi non sono i tagliagole dell'ISIS, ma la dittaura nazi-islamica turca
Vi ripropongo il testo (penso valga la pena leggerlo):…
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BREAKING — Turkish warplanes are striking residential areas in Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ayn). The village of Mishrefa in western of the city was hit three times by Turkish airstrikes (ANHA) #TwitterKurds #StandWithTheKurds
Update: The village Sefaha in Serêkaniyê was targeted by Turkish jets.

The district of Ain Issa was hit by Turkish warplanes.

The invading Turkish army is also shelling Girê Spî/ Tal Abyad.

(ANHA) #TwitterKurds
The villages Erus, Til Fender and Siweleh of Girê Spî/Tal Abyad are being struck by Turkish jets (@tvronahi) #TwitterKurds
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