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The World should know:
The Judiciary Committee discusses now the Enabling Act of 2021, a law that gives the Israeli Government the powers to make and enforce laws without the involvement of the Parliament >> Image
It's a necessary step for the government before the enforced vaccination and other human rights violations on a larger scale.
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Volle Zustimmung zum ersten Teil des Videos. Widerspruch zum zweiten: Schwere Verläufe haben nur Menschen mit den bekannten #Vorerkrankungen, #Risikofaktoren - alle anderen nicht! Letztere brauchen diese #Impfung nicht, sie werden durch milde Infektion stabil/er immunisiert.
Erstere, die vulnerablen Gruppen, #Risikogruppen-zugehörigen (Menschen mit #Vorerkrankungen, #Risikofaktoren) haben immer wieder mit, trotz #Impfung schwere Verläufe, auch mit Todesfolge - w e g e n ihrer Vorerkrankungen, Risikofaktoren. Die Impfung schützt sie nicht.
Siehe #Impfdurchbrüche ... gerade auch bei #2G-Veranstaltungen.
Die erkrankten!, nicht die nur infizierten Menschen benötigen effektive medizinische Behandlung mit bereits vorhandenen, wirksamen #Medikamenten, nicht diese #Impfung: #mRNA, #Vektor.
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1/ This is what your media has failed to report.

The rise of the people against vaccine Mandates controlled by Vaccine passports gathers pace worldwide.

ITALY - Naples
Rage against the Government.
#Nogreenpass #Italy #Novaccinepassports

2/ ITALY- Milan
The people will decide

#Nogreenpass #Novaccinepassports #Italy

The people will decide.

#Nogreenpass #Novaccinepassport #Switzerland
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💫 Mumbai is Rising! 💫

Saturday, November 20th 2021, 2:30 PM Onwards at Azad Maidan

In solidarity with 150 cities from around the World, on World Wide Demonstration Day, Mumbai will stand up for our Freedoms! Image
We will come together to appeal for:

1. No Mandatory vaccinations
2. No Discrimination based on vaccination status
3. Stopping all Covid Vaccine trials and rollouts for children as they have innate natural immunity against Covid-19
4. No Vaccination for those immune after Natural Infection
5. Unemployment, Inflation and rising Poverty due to mandatory lockdowns and vaccine restrictions

Join us for a peaceful demonstration where lawyers, doctors, professors and common men and women will be present.
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#Frankreich “Ohne Masken und ohne Abstand” wie bei #le0611, wird in Paris und hunderten anderen Städten am 17. Samstag in Folge in Paris gegen den #greenpass und die Regierung protestiert.

Thread 🧵 1/
#NoVaccinePassportsAnywhere #sosfromaustralia
3/ Avignon #le0611
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✈️ UPDATE: On Nov 8th the #UnitedStates will reopen international travel.

🤔 The advice from @CDCgov is very ambiguous. However, it still looks like unvaccinated can travel to the US providing they have a negative test @UKTwinds

ℹ️ Source:…

Shunning unvaccinated travellers from any country, even with a neg. test, infringes intl law incl. temporary provisions within the International Health Regulations (2005) alongside its PHEIC for #SARSCoV2.
ℹ️ A requirement is not *essential*. Restrictions on freedom of movement & banning entry of citizens are not the same.

Exemptions provide less restrictions on movement upon arrival at a destination. also refer to US unvaccinated travel below.
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(1) Thank you so much for standing up for the people! In the Netherlands 🇳🇱 we protest as well! I am a Master of Laws: it is evident fundamental rights & freedoms are being violated atrociously by governments across the entire world! This madness needs to STOP! @CristianTerhes
(2) The European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms is a treaty to protect the rule of law and promote democracy in European countries. The rights and freedoms are being destroyed by the #greenpass The people lost democracy by the totalitarian
(3) regime which governments are FORCING onto citizens. These breaches on human rights are unacceptable. Unjustful breaches being executed by governments for example are the destruction of: article 1 Protocol sub 1 jo. 2 Protocol number 12, article 14 and article 8 of the ECHR.
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De volkomen LEGALE staking van de havenarbeiders in Triest #Italy wordt nu door een dictatoriale opdracht van bovenaf (Draghi) uit elkaar geslagen.

De afspraak was duidelijk,tot 20 Okt staking .
1 havenarbeider is al gewond
Dit gaat vanavond uitmonden in hevige rellen is mijn inschatting
Een legale aangemelde staking is ervoor bedoeld,om tijdens of na afloop van de legale staking, in gesprek te geraken met de wethouders of regering.
Dit is de manier vd regering om
het gesprek uit de weg te gaan.

Een schande!
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1. Doctor's Open Letter To The Unvaccinated.

I posted this article on my Facebook page a few days ago. A couple of 'friends' didn't like it. Here is my response.

Hello Alice and Emily,

Yes- it’s me, a person you met and spent time with- not a robot or a stranger-
2. although that would be unacceptable too. If you want to have a conversation or a debate, you’re free to message me but don’t fling your anger like shit at my Facebook ‘window.’

It’s sad how this crisis that has affected people in so many different ways has divided people and
3. in many cases, brought out the very worst in people. I have been shocked by previously caring, compassionate and empathic people behaving with judgment, hatred and spite. But eighteen months of terror will do that people.
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Civil Liberties in a Crisis: Conservatives against Covid IDs.

#CPC21 | @DavidDavisMP | @JuliaHB1 (Chair) | @SteveBakerHW | @CGreenUK | @MorrisseyHelena | @SirGrahamBrady | #NoVaccinePassportsAnywhere

Do you have a question to ask the panel?

Comment below ⤵️
long-serving civil liberties defender @DavidDavisMP is opening our event.

Watch Live:
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The secret is NOT to refuse the jab and do not sign anything!

From a lawyer:

If you are being forced to Vax in order to keep your job, here’s a great way to handle it. (Conditional acceptance)
The secret is NOT to refuse it.

“I write with regard to the matter of potential covid vaccine and my desire to be fully informed and appraised of ALL facts before going ahead. I’d be most grateful if you could please provide the following information,
in accordance with statutory legal requirements
1. Can you please advise the approved legal status of any vaccine and if it is experimental?
2. Can you please provide details and assurances that the vaccine has been fully, independently and rigorously tested against control
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#Canadian #COVID19vaccines Adverse Health reactions to Sept. 17th
▶️16,090 AH
▶️4,288 Serious;11,802 Non-serious AH
▶️191 deaths;858 cases of blood clots
▶️3,018 Special Interest AE’s;774 myocarditis/pericarditis cases
▶️71%⬆️in cases (1,133,457) since vaccines started #Canada
#Canada Post-#COVID19Vaccines, to Sept 4th
▶️#COVID19 Cases ➡️Vaccinated: 1&2 Doses: 95,517;13%
▶️Hospitalizations ➡️Vaccinated 1&2 Doses: 6,157;16%
▶️Deaths ➡️Vaccinated 1&2 Doses: 1,574; 19%
#cdnpoli #InformedConsent #DutytoWarn #RomeStatute
▶️“The majority of adverse event reports were from females (74.7%). The rate of reports for females was 41.9/100K doses administered, compared to 15/100K doses administered for males.”
▶️Higher proportion & rate of females reporting AE’s observed in #US, #UK & other countries.
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It’s fookin infuriating to watch.

A predictable outcome.

Police firing on Australian citizens.

If you don’t leave good men alone, you will reap what you sow.

There’s only one language these stasi understand.

#australiaprotest #AustraliansRevoltNow
The stasi dragging away the women calling for peace.

Are you still calling for peace???

Do these government stasi agents look peaceful to you???
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#AustraliaRiseUp ❗️❗️❗️
State police neemt het hazepad
Go Aussie , no more tirannie !
Heel veel bouwvakkers !
Politie is er met gepanzerde voertuigen, maar ook deze vluchten
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In August we asked people who are 'vaccine hesitant' to take part in a survey to try to find out why they feel that way.

729 people took part (thank you).
The results were surprising.

See full survey results here

Key findings below 1/
The overwhelming majority (87%) cited one reason for not having the jab was b/c there haven't been any long-term studies on the potential side-effects of the CV-19 vaccine.

Therefore, participants to this survey have based that decision on a rational awareness of the facts
One of the most remarkable results was the answer that received the least votes:

0.8% just 6 participants, said they're against vaccines of any sort.
Also the vast majority of participants (78%) take other vaccines & many have had their 1st jab.

Thus they are not "anti vax"
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With the rollout of vaccine passports trickling out across Canada, Ontario is no exception.
Despite Premier of Ontario Doug Ford announcing that vaccine passports would not apply to youth sports, many sports leagues have gone above and beyond the provincial requirement and put out their own policy or directive.
In this interview, @TamaraUgo reached out to various league contacts for clarification on their egregious policies, and interviews a concerned hockey dad, Joe Anidjar.
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Yesterday, we removed followers from Jacob Rees Mogg's Twitter Account with our #BlockReesMogg campaign and helped to #ReportToryBots that are used to influence elections. For the second day @Jacob_Rees_Mogg suffered a net loss of followers 👍 Block Rees Mogg
As proof that there is and ongoing Twitter Bot generation program propping up the Prime Minister, his following leapt by an unprecedented (almost exactly double) rate, having been halved the day before by #BlockBorisJohnson and #ReportToryBots.

Our Prime Minister is a fake 😡 Block Boris Johnson
But it isn't just @BorisJohnson these Fake Twitter accounts are artificially boosting the following of. With over 300 fake far right bots generated a day, they follow multiple accounts: Leave EU, Julia Hartley-Brewer, Ricard Tice, Claire Fox

Who"s funding these right wing bots? Right Wing Bots
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Es geht wieder los in #France:

Thread mit Videos🧵 1/n

In Pau demonstrieren die Menschen am 9. Samstag in Folge gegen die #Impfapartheid.
In Paris hat die Polizei aufgerüstet…
2/ #ChampsElysées und #Wagram, sind von der Polizei abgesperrt: mehrere Wasserwerfer, Dutzende Polizei- und Gendarmeriewagen stehen bereit... #Paris
3/ Aix-en-Provence auf der Straße gegen den Gesundheitspass.
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Of course... you can tell by what they try to dismiss, that which is important... New World Order #NWO #NewWorldOrder
2. New World Order #NWO #NewWorldOrder
3. Chant Australia NWO #NWO #NewWorldOrder
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“Is het fraude?”…

Om fraude goed te kunnen beoordelen,is het nodig om te begrijpen wat in de wetenschap bekend staat als de "double-blind trial" Het bepaalt in wezen dat noch de proefpersonen,noch de deelnemende wetenschappers aan klinische 👇🏼
onderzoeken weten wie met een vaccin is gevaccineerd en wie met een placebo is gevaccineerd. Niet alleen hebben Pfizer ,Moderna en Johnson & Johnson de 1ste de beste gelegenheid aangegrepen om de deelnemers en wetenschappers die betrokken waren bij de fase III-studie te 👇🏼
vertellen wie was gevaccineerd en wie een placebo had gekregen, ze gaven degenen die een placebo kregen ook de kans om zich te laten vaccineren met het echte vaccin!
Dit vernietigde de Fase III-studie en elimineerde elke vorm van kennisvergaring. Het is een vorm van sabotage 👇🏼
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I am a very lucky individual.

I was vaccinated by Soviet propaganda and the residual immunity helped me ignore the deeply unethical campaign to keep population scared of Covid.

I am trained to look at the data and it helped me to see exaggerated vaccine benefits.
I was lucky to contract Covid in March 2020 and developed robust antibody response (17 months later my titres are still 4x the post-vaxx lower threshold)

My parents live in the country which offers inactivated virus vaccine if an experimental therapy is not your thing.
I know most are not as lucky.

I admire people who saw through the lies even though they don’t have data analysis skills.

My heart goes out to those who are coerced to roll up their sleeves.

This is got to stop.
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All the fear mongering, gaslighting, evasion, suppression, censorship, failure to report, propaganda, politicizing & coercion has one root:

Profit for Pharma.

Pharma who $ lobbies politicians.

#NoVaccinePassportsAnywhere #Truth #SaturdayThoughts
Consider the closing of schools and "social distancing" ---all contribute to weakened immunity and delay of natural herd immunity.

This profits Pharma
The political theater of masking --especially of children, is also benefiting Pharma as an entire generation of children are afflicted with anxiety.

Pharma & the undiscerning doctors who do their bidding, stand at the ready with drugging the children.
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Auch in #Italien gehen die Menschen wieder auf die Straße. Thread 🧵 1/n
Udine 2/x
Turin 3/n
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#Frankreich, Thread 🧵 1/n Videos. Es geht wieder los, zum sechsten Mal in Folge wird heute in über 200 Städten gegen den #Gesundheitspass demonstriert.
In Aix-en-Provence wirken die Proteste an diesem Samstag entschlossen:

2/n Mehrere tausend Menschen demonstrieren in Pau.
Figeac (9.800 Einwohner), Demo gegen den Gesundheitspass
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