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Ihr Lieben, ich werde auch diesen November wieder Geld sammeln, um in Zusammenarbeit mit @Heimatstern_org Kindern und Jugendlichen einen Weihnachtswunsch zu erfüllen. Für alle, die die Aktion noch nicht kennen, erläutere ich das Vorgehen im Thread! 1/x…
Wer sich über den Verein Heimatstern e.V. informieren möchte, findet weitere Infor unter Der Verein hilft unbürokratisch, wo Hilfe gebraucht wird. Ich unterstütze den Verein von Anfang an und möchte auch dieses Jahr wieder dabei helfen, Kindern und 2/x
Jugendlichen einen Weihnachtswunsch zu erfüllen, die sonst von niemandem ein Weihnachtsgeschenk bekommen. Diese jungen Menschen kommen aus schwierigen familiären Verhältnissen, haben keine Familie oder sind als unbegleitete Minderjährige alleine nach D gekommen. 3/x
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Many Patriots
and even some fellow Anons
have allowed Bullies to intimidate them into silence. The threat of Doxxing can be very concerning for some folks
[They] know this, so they've turned Doxxing Patriots into a rather effective weapon against Truth.
Heres my thoughts..
You cant silence me with the threat of Doxxing...cause I dont give AF!
Hear me
I. Dont. Care.
I know MY intent!
I will speak truth, and you can fly a kite with your Doxxing games

Religious intolerance used as a weapon, is disgusting. It has NO place in the Great Awakening
The tactic of spreading religious intolerance, under the threat of Doxxing, is even more disgusting

Its likely YOU and I view God from different perspectives
Its very likely many of the soliders we are celebrating this weekend, also had their own idea of GOD
Does that
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Excellent @RehmanYasmin
Hate protests, mega phones, moody background guys, mans & vans at #andertonpark sch right now. On Jumma. In Ramzan-A period of internal reflection. This isn't ordinary Muslims practising faith. This is political Islamism on a cul de sac near you. #Islam
@BrumLeader @WMPolice @DamianHinds @educationgovuk @UKLabour Do you think your collective lack of leadership is emboldening far right religious fascism or helping community cohesion? #SRE
What I am pondering is this a reflection on how segregated #Birmingham is? Massive lgbt/left liberal middle class literally down the road. Why are they SO silent? Won't get away with this hate in #Manchester The young people I know would run them out of town.
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pepe's friends

a bird comes up 2 me & says
"Fly away!Go fly away!"
but this cricket says instead
"Just stay with me & play!"
in this forest full of life
who's path does seem 2 darken
do i go forth fearing strife
or remain disheartened?
#poetry #onelove #QAnon #iamagreatawakening
"If you stay there's no dismay"
the little cricket chirped
but the bird said,"Fly away!
4 then you won't be hurt"
then the wind did bend the limbs
of an old oak tree
"Do not worry," he said,"My friend,
i've come 2 comfort thee
there i was lost in love
in a forest growing black
when the oak tree high above
did burst out with a laugh
"My gentle man do understand
you can go or stay!
fear is always at our feet
wherever so just play!"

#poetry #onelove #QAnon #IAmAGreatAwakening
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@krassenstein I am a real Christian, not one of the fake ones that thinks Trump is great!!!!! I accept everyone, regardless of their faith. I will never judge anyone for what they believe!!! I will love everyone the best I can, regardless of their faith. Having said that, I miss the days...
@krassenstein ...when religion was much more present in our society. The real loving, joyous, help one another, kind of religion!!!!! I want to see more of "In God We Trust" and reminders of "Jesus Loves You" and "The 10 Commandments" posted up, or beautiful scriptures that people from all...
@krassenstein ...walks of life to be able to relate to, and even for their to be prayer allowed back into schools as well as other public places too!!!!! The real truth (that is VERY evident in today's world) is that the world started to crumble, and morale started to go downhill fast, when...
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random moment of beauty

escape w/ me


So fair are her tresses
compared 2 the light
just like her dresses
So fair & so precious
Her dresses so white

her raven like tresses
So flowing & dark
Messed up & precious
Each tress caresses
The bed as well as my heart

#QAnon #PoetSec
soft & so telling
Her lotion like tears
Calm & compelling
as they keep swelling
& telling her fears

like the sun fading
& wading through hues
my love’s also fading
& softly cascading
wading through colors of you

The pond or the stream
Not River, nor Sea
resemble the dream
I have that does seem
Just like my dream of thee

Her eyes & her heart
compared to the light
do shine in the dark
Like stars that do spark
Deep in the dark of night



#GreatAwakening #onelove
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My father Dr. Wahaj D Ahmad writes:

"Fifty years ago today I landed on JFK for the first time and then have stayed on (which was not known to me at that time) I had to spend the night in JFK Holiday Inn and had to pay $18. plus tax (85 cents)..
Morning Coffee and donut cost me about 80 something cents and I saved some pictures etc how much it cost me for oneway travel...One pound British was $2.40."

Today is the "golden jubilee" of my family's American story. But the principles my parents taught me stretch back.
From my paternal grandfather's work uniting Hindus and Muslims in pre-partition India, to my maternal grandmother's belief in education for women, to my uncle's lifetime of medical treatment for the poor and destitute, to my great-grandfather's spiritual poetry.
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Thank you to the President for the #TrumpAddress tonight. I'm quite serious. Unlike him, I can see the writing on the wall.

I've been knee deep in the racist origins of our immigration policy for quite some time and seen how they clothe bigotry with easier to swallow terms.
Terms like "border security," "criminal alien," "illegal alien" and coopted terms like "migrant," "chain migration" and "national security."

So why would I thank him?
Because - simply - it's nothing new. It's the same old tired alarm, played on the world's most annoying siren. "We must stop the invasion!"
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