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Here's a fun thing to do-- copy/paste the following into your twitter search bar

Soleimani (from:[username]) until:2020-01-02 since:2006-03-21

This will show how many times someone mentioned Soleilmani, the WORLDS WORST BAD GUY, between the day Twitter started and yesterday.
here's Liz Wheeler describing how uniquely horrible Soleimani was... and the search results
Here's Ari Fleischer, signal boosting a thread about Soleimani's many crimes... and the search results
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Instructure bought software AND data, both of which have value. How much value is dependent on a lot of things, especially privacy law, but the data is worth a fortune. It is a plain fact.
I have followed Instructure closely this year. Canvas is the #1 most used learning technology I support. If you want to know what they believe about the financial value of data, read on.
2019 began with a transition of leadership at Instructure. New CEO began on January 2nd and got to work maximizing shareholder value. Data was an area of focus this year.
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Oh no.
this is sort of a niche tweet but you can follow @fakedawnsummers if you quickly want to understand it
@FakeDawnSummers and also you can hear her yell at me for movie recommendations

#FollowFriday @FakeDawnSummers is what I'm saying
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@beccanalia is the kind of smart, eclectic feed I am TRYING to do

(if you like me but think I blather too much, you can find the best of my tweets reshared there)

@catvincent is a smart guide to weird stuff, with the right kind of sharp tongue

@hottestsingles is the dark lord and master of tweet-sized weird fiction Teethpunk
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So I've been squirreled away working on some cool things but for #FollowFriday, here's some stellar work my friends have been doing that y'all should check out:
.@lyman_brian has been working on this for a while and the third part drops this weekend. With a dearth of climate change coverage focusing on the South, this is required reading:…
And here's he second part, which focuses on the largest industry in Alabama…
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THREAD: I’m a scientist and I gained 1K TWITTER FOLLOWERS in FIVE WEEKS. Here’s how I did it. #medtwitter #epitwitter #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #phdchat
1. I changed my mindset about Twitter. When I first started my account, I thought of it as a personal platform where people yell at each other (true). But it’s more than that. It’s a PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING tool. Use it to find your tribe. I’m looking at you #epitwitter.
2. I made my profile searchable and memorable. Does your bio describe you or does it sound like a canned bio on your employer’s website (or worse: a dating site)? Describe your profession. Add some dimension like #vegetarian #endocrinologist. Give people a reason to follow you.
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I designed #ScholarSunday to be the nerdy equivalent of #FollowFriday (read my blog post about its origins here by now, most people know how to use it and do so in the way I expected it to be used. Still, sometimes I need to tweet a few examples...
... to showcase how #ScholarSunday can be used to build community on #AcademicTwitter - the core message remains the same: using the hashtag, share which scholars you follow and the reasons you do so. You can also promote a recent publication by someone, a new project, etc.
The entire point of #ScholarSunday is to foster community by promoting the work of OTHERS.
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Long Reads Sunday #37.

Some weeks, LRS is aaaaall news. This week, however, the crypto community came *hard* with research, analysis, and debate so thoughtful you’ll hope the bear market never ends. 🔥

Carve out some *serious* time for this. Thread👇
2/ On the topic of the bear market, one of the commonly held sensibilities of the past year is that while users might not be flocking to crypto, developers are. @cburniske argues here that it’s because “can’t be evil” matters more to them.
3/ Turns out, this sensibility about devs is correct. According to some amazing new research from @ElectricCapital, the number of devs working on public coins has doubled in 2 years - more than 4k devs contribute code to 2.8k projects.
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Happy International Women's Day! This #IWD2019 we'd like to encourage our followers to check out the profiles of some of the wonderful women we are lucky to work with at CTPSR!

(check out… for a full list of CTPSR Twitter users!)
First up - @heavencrawley. Heaven is Research Professor at CTPSR & Director of the UKRI GCRF Hub on South-South Migration, Inequality & Development. Follow Heaven for great insights based on her vast knowledge of a range of #migration & #development issues #IWD2019
.@drkristinaune is the head of our Faith & Peaceful Relations Research Group, and has recently been appointed Professor. Follow Kristin for commentary on issues of faith, community, Higher Education and gender #IWD2019 #FollowFriday
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Fellow @CherokeeNation citizen @Amanda_Clinton is an amazing leader in our tribe. In addition to being an Emmy winner(!!) she just helped launch our Cherokee Nation’s new film office.…

@CherokeeNation @Amanda_Clinton .@Byellowtail is an amazing Crow and Northern Cheyenne fashion designer. Shop her collection & #BuyNative.
Follow Oglala Lakota writer & advocate @mredshirtshaw and the literary journal she founded for Native youth @NativeInAmerica

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In my role with @MSUAlumni, I've had the distinct privilege to intersect with amazing #Spartans. For November, I intend to shine a light on those in the #SpartanFamily who have made my life richer. #Thanksgiving
Day 1: @PackardSusan, co-founder of @HGTV, is a champion of emotional maturity & mindfulness. Friends who can help you pause & evaluate why you are doing things in life are a gift. Here she is in action: #SpartanFamily
Day 2: @equalman is a celebrated expert in digital leadership & one of the best human beings I know. His message is rooted in integrity - our digital reputations are shaped more by our actions in life than clever slogans. Check him out: #SpartanFamily
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I got a story to tell about these black nikes and they involve my dear friend @thecoachchris_

The internet is a powerful tool when used wisely.
About a year ago,

I had a pair of busted running shoes 😂😂😂

I’m gonna see if I can find the tweet that had em because woof those shoes were fucked up.

But I kept working out in em.

I was unemployed as most of you know so Buying new workout shoes wasn’t a priority.
Found it 😂😂😂

And I wasn’t doing it for charity, I just didn’t realize how much I needed new ones because there was so much other stuff going on.
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1) #FollowFriday: I follow @SilasLapham - Matthew Teutsch - because he is committed to pathbreaking, interdisciplinary research on the 19th c. US #South. He writes for @BlkPerspectives &...
2) I can't wait to read his forthcoming book on Frank Yerby, a prolific Black novelist who wrote about the antebellum South. #Yerby was the 1st African-American to sell more than a million copies of a book. @SilasLapham
3) He is currently a @FulbrightSchlrs in Norway (European friends - he's available for lectures!), & would be wonderful addition to any college or university next year. I can attest - he's a kind friend & a wonderful colleague.

Keep up the amazing work, Matthew!
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5,900 on my birthday*!! Thank you America! Let’s get to 6,000 on this #FollowFriday #FF
*not actually my birthday.
Statement regarding the “Birthday claim”

Our over zealous reporter made a mistake. Zhe was trolling randos who had been assailing xir with targeted birthday messages.

This is not who we are America. Let’s get back to the days of Obama when we couldn’t even say Happy Birthday
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#FollowFriday in no particular order, Friday August 03, 2018.

.@DeneChen's got a new podcast out on Southeast Asia.
@denechen #FollowFriday
Cambo Journo .@Chhengniem is leaving his gig; it's a tough time for #Cambodian Journos.
@denechen @Chhengniem #FollowFriday .@Reaproy is keeping busy sharing information on the very amusing far-right election observers we've seen this past week.
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As its Friday, I thought it would be a good idea to do a heritage #FollowFriday here, profiling some of the people and organisations involved in and responsible for preserving and promoting Ireland's unique built heritage and traditional skills! #FF #EuropeForCulture
So my first #FF is @SPABIreland is an enthusiastic and hard working group of young professionals in the conservation sector who raise awareness and promote traditional techniques through practical workshops and site visits and also host fun events like sketching days!
If you long to live in a period property but don't have the means, @IrishLandmark rescues neglected old buildings and restores them with a new lease of life, making them available for holiday rentals. Stay in a lighthouse or a schoolhouse! #FF
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