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Last Friday of Ramadan marked as Yaum al Quds - 🧵
#FreePalestine Image
Al-Quds Day (يوم القدس) is the last Friday of the month of Ramadan on which demonstrations are held accross the world to protest against the occupation of Palestine.
Imam Khomeini called on Muslims to dedicate this day to demanding the rights of oppressed Muslims .
▪️It is the day the oppressed stand up against their oppressors
▪️It is the day the oppressed Palestinians feel supported by other nations
▪️It is the day to stop the omission of the name of Palestine from geographical maps
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1. The UN General Assembly on Wednesday adopted its first resolution to commemorate Nakba Day, the “day of catastrophe”, when Palestinians were driven from their homes in 1948 following the foundation of Israel. #Nakba #UNGA #PalestineWillBeFree Image
2. A total of 90 states voted in favour of the resolution, while 30 were against, including the US, the UK, Germany and Canada. Forty-seven countries abstained.
#Nakba #PalestineWillBeFree #UnitedNations #UNGA77
3. “Our people deserve recognition of their plight, justice for the victims, reparation for their loss and fulfilment of their rights.”, said Palestinian UN envoy Riyad Mansour to UN Assembly.
Israel Ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, called the resolution ‘’ baseless ‘’. #UN
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1/ Our Solidarity message to the people of Palestine as LEAD is clear.

Every person has the right to life. We have been watching with sorry and heavy
hearts the massacre of the people of Palestine by the state of Israel. #PalestineDay
2/ The Israel Government has not been remorseful, they continue to justify bombings, gruesome murder, torture & incarceration of Palestinians including children.
Since 1948 the Palestinian people have known no peace of mind and continue to be
subjected to ethnic cleansing ...
3/...through displacement. It is sad to note that US backing
which has given Israel License to Kill & Maim Palestinians
Palestinian scholar Hanan Ashrawi described Israel's assault on Gaza as
turning life in the besieged territory into "sheer hell," aided by U.S. military...
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Un material importante para conocer historia de la invasión del #Sionismo a #Palestina es el documental Al-Nakba de Al JAzeera.
Consta de 4 partes.
Hice anotaciones ordenadas de sus partes 1 y 2 a fin de sistematizar el valioso volumen de información.
Arnold Toynbee (historiador británico) “La tragedia de Palestina no es solo local, es una tragedia para el mundo porque es una injusticia que amenaza la paz global”
En 1799, en Acre, Napoleón llama a los judíos del mundo a cumplir su papel y tomar su lugar entre los “pueblos” del mundo.
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Pagi tweeps. Serangan Israhell ke Palestina selama 11 hari, menguak adanya fenomena yahudi pesek di medsos Indonesia.Itu terjadi di seluruh dunia.Israhell memang punya pasukan cyber yang bertugas mengendalikan opini netizen
Sebuah website bernama electronicintifada memuat artikel investigasi tentang pasukan cyber Israhell. Investigasi dilakukan oleh Michael Bueckert. Didanai oleh pemerintah Israel dg anggaran $ 1,1 juta (th 2017)
Pasukan cyber ini bertugas mengendalikan opini global dunia tentang Israhell, dilakukan melalui aplikasi Act.IL yg ada di google playstore. Ia mengklaim memiliki kantor di tiga negara & lebih dari 15.000 pasukan cyber
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South Feminist Futures est solidaire du peuple palestinien et condamne la violation continue de son droit à l’autodétermination.
#SouthFeminists4Palestine #Nakba73 #SaveSheikhJarra #UnitedAgainstRacism #BoycottApartheidIsrael #EndtheOccupation
Le 15 mai, le monde commémore les soixante-treize ans de la Nakba, l’expulsion massive des de leur patrie. Au cours de cette période, les ont vécu et sont morts par dépossession massive, démolition 2/n
incarcération, bombardement, lynchage, meurtre, torture et déni de leurs droits humains les plus fondamentaux.
South Feminist Futures est en solidarité indéfectible avec le peuple palestinien alors qu’il résiste à la violence coloniale, à l’occupation, 3/n
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South Feminist Futures is in solidarity with the Palestinian people and condemns the multiple, ongoing violations of their right to self determination.

#SouthFeminists4Palestine #Nakba73 #SaveSheikhJarra #UnitedAgainstRacism #BoycottApartheidIsrael #EndtheOccupation
15 May marks 73 years of ongoing #Nakba73, the mass expulsion of Palestinians from their homeland. Over this period, Palestinians have lived and died through mass dispossession, demolition, incarceration, bombing, lynching, murder, torture and denial of their basic human rights.
South Feminist Futures is in unwavering solidarity with the Palestinian people as they resist colonial violence, occupation, annexation of their land and the historical & ongoing violation of their right to self-determination.
#SouthFeminists4Palestine #Nakba73 #EndtheOccupation
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Dalam siri thread kedua saya tentang #SejarahZionisme, saya akan menulis tentang ideologi ini, siapa pengasasnya serta apa kesannya terhadap Palestin sehingga ke hari ini.

Zionisme adalah fahaman bahawa orang Yahudi berhak memiliki negara sendiri...
...dan negara itu terletak di Palestin, dengan Baitulmuqaddis (atau Jerusalem) sebagai ibu negaranya.

Fahaman ini diasaskan oleh Dr Theodore Herzl, seorang ketua editor akhbar dari Austria-Hungary, Das Judenstaat.

Herzl mengajukan idea tersebut dalam satu tulisan yang...
...diterbitkan pada akhbarnya yang bertajuk A Solution Of The Jewish Question pada 17 Januari 1896.

Menurut Herzl, bangsa Yahudi telah hidup bertebaran di seluruh Eropah dengan ditindas sebagai kaum minoriti selama hampir ribuan tahun (pogrom).
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Dalam siri tulisan #SejarahZionisme, saya akan menceritakan tentang bagaimana titik-tolak kewujudan Israel di dalam Asia Barat, dengan bermulanya perjanjian Sykes-Picot pada 1916.

Semoga bermanfaat.
Palestin berasal dari bahasa Mesir purba, Peleset, dikatakan mempunyai ketamadunan pada 1150 Sebelum Masehi (3,171 tahun yang lalu).

Orang Peleset memberontak menentang pemerintahan Ramses III. Dalam bahasa Assyrian dipanggil Palashtu.
Palestin kemudian diduduki beberapa kuasa besar seperti Phoenicia, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Mamluk, sebelum ia di bawah jajahan takluk Turki Uthmaniyyah menumpaskan Mamluk dalam Perang Marj Dabiq pada 1516.
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Most topics are automatically revisited by the #UN every year until they are resolved. This topic has never been resolved.
by @HomePalestine… #Israel #Palestine #Palestinewillbefree #FreePalestine #UnitedNations #TuesdayThoughts
"[#Israel] has no place for negotiations or compromise [and] wants only to tell the world that it is wrong and that Israelis don’t care what others think…”
by @HomePalestine… #Palestine #Palestinewillbefree #FreePalestine #TuesdayThoughts
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The verdict was a best-case scenario for @Israel ’s image as it absolved the massive terrorist network that spawned the likes of Ben Uliel and the #Israeli army that protects those very extremists on a daily basis.
By: @RamzyBaroud…
Others labored to separate Ben Uliel’s attack from the rest of #Israeli society, implying that the man was a lone wolf and not the direct outcome of @Israel ’s unhinged racism and violent discourse directed at innocent Palestinians.
Israel’s own internal intelligence agency, the Shin Bet known for its notorious torture methods of Palestinian prisoners, described the decision as “an important milestone in the battle against Jewish terror”.
#BREAK_THE_SILENCE #PalestineWillBeFree @IDF @IsraeliPM @BenGurionPM Image
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SPECIAL ANALYSIS: Israel is afraid of Palestinian memory, since it is the only facet of its war against the Palestinian people that it cannot fully control.
By: @RamzyBaroud
#FlyTheFlag #covid1948 #PalestineWillBeFree #thursdaymorning @netanyahu
For years, social media has added a whole new stratum to this process of commemoration. #Nakba72, along with #NakbaDay and #Nakba, have all trended on Twitter for days.
#FlyTheFlag #Covid1948 #thursdaymorning #PalestineWillBeFree…
The dominant Nakba narrative remains – 72 years following the destruction of historic #Palestine at the hands of #Zionist militias – an opportunity to reassert the centrality of the Right of Return for Palestinian refugees. 
#PalestineWillBeFree #FlyTheFlag #covid1948 Image
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