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Thank you to our Keynote Speakers from COAST-to-COAST for their insightful presentations & to the 8,752 participants who attended @MedNewsWeek Conference in February 2022. It was a pleasure learning from everyone.
I would also like to thank our great team that helped to make this event possible.
@etahmed @CParkMD @drysilay @LVento @lexyv717 @MedNewsWeek @evolusean_
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Study looking at the impact of vaccine misinformation found:

-66% of U.S. adults say they would be likely to recommend vaccinating a hypothetical 5-11 yr olds in their household who is eligible for the #Covid19 #vaccine.
-39% of the vaccinated-but-not-boosted hold high levels of misinformation about the effects and safety of #vaccines
-the more that unvaccinated adults worry about getting #long #Covid, the more likely they are to say they will get vaccinated
-40% of the #unvaccinated – or 9% of the total survey sample – are potentially persuadable to be #vaccinated…
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Study from #England looking at the impact of #SARSCoV2 on #brain #pathology in 785 UK Biobank participants (aged 51–81) imaged twice found:

-brain changes in the following regions:
--greater reduction in grey matter thickness and tissue-contrast in the orbitofrontal cortex & parahippocampal gyrus
--greater changes in markers of tissue damage in regions functionally-connected to the primary olfactory cortex
--greater reduction in global brain size.
- infected participants also showed on average larger #cognitive decline between the 2 timepoints
-these imaging and cognitive longitudinal effects were still seen after excluding the 15 cases who had been hospitalized.
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Study from @Yale looking at the association between the #Pfizer #COVID19 #vaccine and #SARSCoV2 positivity among 542 adolescents when the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 was predominant and within 4 months of the vaccine rollout for adolescents showed:
-estimated effectiveness of the #pfizer vaccine was 91%, with 93% protection against symptomatic infections & 85% effectiveness against asymptomatic infection
Conclusion: These findings suggest that the #Pfizer #vaccine was effective in adolescents within 4 months of #immunization, including against infections caused by the #Delta #variant.…
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Study evaluating 29 patients with symptoms that persisted for at least 4 weeks after #COVID19 showed:

-had reported fatigue, muscle pain, dyspnea, inappropriate tachycardia, and low-grade fever
-previous #COVID19 was mild in 55% of the cases
-13 patients (45%) had positive plasma RT-PCR results and 51% were positive in at least one RT-PCR sample (plasma, urine, or stool)
-18 patients (62%) received antiviral treatment.
Conclusion: #COVID19 patients with persistent symptoms, 45% of them have detectable plasma #SARSCoV2 #RNA…
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A study applied Mendelian randomization including >3,000 blood proteins as exposures to identify potential biomarkers that may indicate risk for hospitalization or need for respiratory support or death due to #COVID19 found:
-Higher blood levels of 5 proteins associated with an increased risk of #hospitalization, need. of respiratory support or death due to #COVID19: GCNT4, CD207, RAB14, C1GALT1C1, & ABO.
-These findings implicate blood group markers & binding proteins in both #hospitalization, need for respiratory support & death.
-Higher levels of #endocannabinoid enzymes may increase the risk of #hospitalization.…
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Choose Life!
Truth: #Pandemic2020 has been Devastating!
The Front Lines: Doctors, Nurses, Healthcare Staff, looking for Help!
Vectors: Politicians and Their Financial Machines powered by Unnamed Influencers, Pharma, Wall Street, MSM,Academia.
#Political #Science of a #Virus 🦠
@realDonaldTrump President Trump Tried to report early positive Glimmer of Hope (Because when you have Hope, More things are Possible, When You are or are Told you are Hopeless, then miraculously, you are Hopeless 😢!)
Pres. Trump was Mocked for this!
#MSM whipping out “science “
#Science being used as the Last Word,
Once and for all
Don’t dispute or
You will be labeled
History will see You, Dr. Zelenko,
As a Lone Soldier who Challenged the Dogma.
You’re in Good Company 😎👍🏼🦠…
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Sooooooo ...... Tweeps ..... whatch’all been up to in 2020....
It’s been more than a minute since I was last in these virtual twitter streets... I feel like I’m visiting my old neighborhood and everybody has moved out...
I’ve been working on classes. And the final assignment for my class had me stumped all week. Every time I sat down to begin writing I had flashbacks to starting a new grade or coming back from Christmas break and having to write about it. #whatIdidOverSummerVacation
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@TheAngelOrsini @DNC @ThomasS4217 @dianesbaker1 @YDanasmithdutra @loonyberg @MingGao26 @BaddCompani @RighteousBabe4 @WendyBugliari Active Measures astroturfing <thread> #2:
1/ Ashamed to say that I didn't really follow the Roger Stone saga, and thus know little about Michael R. Caputo, but: "Why would #PutinsPuppet [aka #IMPOTUS45] want Caputo as HHS spokesperson? (more)
Apr 15, 2020:
@TheAngelOrsini @DNC @ThomasS4217 @dianesbaker1 @YDanasmithdutra @loonyberg @MingGao26 @BaddCompani @RighteousBabe4 @WendyBugliari 2/ Brief refresher⤵️ on Caputo (not to be confused with Politico reporter in Florida, Marc Caputo): more...
@TheAngelOrsini @DNC @ThomasS4217 @dianesbaker1 @YDanasmithdutra @loonyberg @MingGao26 @BaddCompani @RighteousBabe4 @WendyBugliari 3/ Oct 26, 2017:
"Having been publicly involved w/abortive efforts to launch Trump into NY's gubernatorial race the year before, Caputo was too closely associated w/the mogul to be the public face of the 2014 effort, so he recruited others." #Astroturfer…
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