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Thank you to our Keynote Speakers from COAST-to-COAST for their insightful presentations & to the 8,752 participants who attended @MedNewsWeek Conference in February 2022. It was a pleasure learning from everyone.
I would also like to thank our great team that helped to make this event possible.
@etahmed @CParkMD @drysilay @LVento @lexyv717 @MedNewsWeek @evolusean_
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Study looking at the impact of vaccine misinformation found:

-66% of U.S. adults say they would be likely to recommend vaccinating a hypothetical 5-11 yr olds in their household who is eligible for the #Covid19 #vaccine.
-39% of the vaccinated-but-not-boosted hold high levels of misinformation about the effects and safety of #vaccines
-the more that unvaccinated adults worry about getting #long #Covid, the more likely they are to say they will get vaccinated
-40% of the #unvaccinated – or 9% of the total survey sample – are potentially persuadable to be #vaccinated…
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Study from #England looking at the impact of #SARSCoV2 on #brain #pathology in 785 UK Biobank participants (aged 51–81) imaged twice found:

-brain changes in the following regions:
--greater reduction in grey matter thickness and tissue-contrast in the orbitofrontal cortex & parahippocampal gyrus
--greater changes in markers of tissue damage in regions functionally-connected to the primary olfactory cortex
--greater reduction in global brain size.
- infected participants also showed on average larger #cognitive decline between the 2 timepoints
-these imaging and cognitive longitudinal effects were still seen after excluding the 15 cases who had been hospitalized.
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Study from @Yale looking at the association between the #Pfizer #COVID19 #vaccine and #SARSCoV2 positivity among 542 adolescents when the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 was predominant and within 4 months of the vaccine rollout for adolescents showed:
-estimated effectiveness of the #pfizer vaccine was 91%, with 93% protection against symptomatic infections & 85% effectiveness against asymptomatic infection
Conclusion: These findings suggest that the #Pfizer #vaccine was effective in adolescents within 4 months of #immunization, including against infections caused by the #Delta #variant.…
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Study evaluating 29 patients with symptoms that persisted for at least 4 weeks after #COVID19 showed:

-had reported fatigue, muscle pain, dyspnea, inappropriate tachycardia, and low-grade fever
-previous #COVID19 was mild in 55% of the cases
-13 patients (45%) had positive plasma RT-PCR results and 51% were positive in at least one RT-PCR sample (plasma, urine, or stool)
-18 patients (62%) received antiviral treatment.
Conclusion: #COVID19 patients with persistent symptoms, 45% of them have detectable plasma #SARSCoV2 #RNA…
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A study applied Mendelian randomization including >3,000 blood proteins as exposures to identify potential biomarkers that may indicate risk for hospitalization or need for respiratory support or death due to #COVID19 found:
-Higher blood levels of 5 proteins associated with an increased risk of #hospitalization, need. of respiratory support or death due to #COVID19: GCNT4, CD207, RAB14, C1GALT1C1, & ABO.
-These findings implicate blood group markers & binding proteins in both #hospitalization, need for respiratory support & death.
-Higher levels of #endocannabinoid enzymes may increase the risk of #hospitalization.…
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As someone who researches #disability & life writing (past & present), I find the proliferating/emergent/shifting first-person academic genre of "my reflections on writing in/through the pandemic" so fascinating. #PandemicLife #amwriting
Some of the academics publishing these things come are trained in Disability Studies, which informs their approach. But some are not & don't ever name "disability" as such; disability is everywhere & nowhere. Don't know what to make of any of it yet #PandemicLife #amwriting
I'm trying to get my head around concurrent scales/trajectories/waves of time. One interesting thing about this Hellsite is seeing how convos can adapt & transform "in real time" & you can also track slower extended convos shifting as conditions change. #PandemicLife #amwriting
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My interview with @MubinaKapasi on the Money Show on @ETNOWlive : what is #AssetAllocation and how does #DAAF fit into AA:

Currently it makes sense to do SIP/STP into DAAF and then switch to Equity on corrections

Don't worry it is my interview only😀😉
At this juncture if you have FOMO, you may regret in future. As Harry Markowitz said in his Thesis on Risk-Reward Tradeoff:

Our Value STP follows 1X, 3X, 100X formula:

Lumpsum in Liquid/Equity Saving and switch into:

1X - in DAAF in Red Zone (current)
3X - in Equity in Yellow Zone
100X - Equity in Green Zone
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I'm a college prof but I took some online courses **as a student** during the pandemic. Here's a thread about 𝗢𝗻𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗲 𝗘𝘅𝗮𝗺 𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗰𝘁𝗼𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴 because I don't think other profs know how much of a TOTAL RAGING DUMPSTER FIRE 🔥🗑️it is. #pandemiclife #teachertwitter 1/?
Context: I took courses for ADULTS from a few different places that used third-party proctoring tools like the kind deployed at colleges and universities. An example of this kind of service is ExamRoom.AI 2/?
These services are expensive, totally full of nonsense hype bullshit about "AI" that doesn't seem to be true, and are extremely unpleasant and dehumanizing. Here are examples: 3/?
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1/ Q: Do we know more about whether the vaccines reduce transmission?

A: YES! Evidence continues to mount that the vaccines DO in fact reduce transmission.

2/ ➡️ While the Nerdy Girls are still dreaming of transmission being tested in the clinical trials (call us☎️), the data pouring in from around the world strongly suggests that the vaccines are very good (but not perfect) at reducing ALL infections & by extension transmission.
3/ Recall the clinical trials (largely) tested only participants who developed symptoms. One possibility is that vaccines reduce the severity of COVID-19 to the point of no symptoms, but still allow the virus to replicate in the nose and throat & potentially be spread to others.
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If you are bored...pick a random place in the world you have never been and you don't know much about (maybe never want to go) Fly around the location using Google Earth. #virtualtravel #pandemiclife
Conflict zones and crisis zones are interesting. Puts geography in perspective why some places are hot spots.
Then there are places I've never heard of that are just fascinating geography - like #Reao in the South Pacific. What's your crazy discovery?
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**October 6th marked 6 months since MAX GLOBAL #lockdown**. That was achieved on April 6 when 76% of global cities had #traffic congestion down 40% y/y or more. Now, only 8% of cities have congestion down 40%. (see thread - 6mo mark)
Charts: Side-by-Side Comparison - Top 30 Global Cities Most Depressed #Traffic Congestion. April 6 (Max lockdown) % Oct 6. Apr 6 (left): smoothed shows cities Manila & Kuala Lumpur top 2. The US had 7 cities in top 30. #India had 4. Other cities included: #Wuhan #Paris #Istanbul
Oct 6: smoothed data (right) US has 2 of the 3 top cities: #Honolulu #SanJose. #TelAviv is top city most depressed traffic congestion. #China cities make list, but has to do w/ Golden Week holiday.#Melbourne #Australia on list - has been a recent coronavirus hotspot
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There is a serious discussion happening internally in Indian IT industry to let employees work in tier 2 tier 3 towns ask them to take a lower salary & permanently work from home.

असे झाले तर,

- शहरीकरणाचा वेग मंदावेल
- पुण्या-मुंबईतील गर्दी कमी होईल
- छोट्या शहराचा विकास होईल
This is disruption by #COVID & would be huge setback for following sectors:

1) Real estate (Commercial & Residential)
2) Automobile
3) Cab aggregators
4) BFSI - Home Loans
5) many more.....
What enabled #remoteworking revolution

1) 4G Rollout by Jio, Vi & Airtel
2) Cheapest data rates in the world
3) Affordable computing devices
4) Improved power supply across states
5) Evolution of apps like Teams, Meet & Zoom
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Frog & Toad/Arnold Lobel memes for your Pandemic trauma type: a thread. From “Owl At Home” #frogandtoad #pandemiclife 1/14 Image
Are you taking too many walks, maybe? From “Mouse Soup” #frogandtoad #pandemiclife Image
From 27 to 85 in 6 months. From “Uncle Elephant” #frogandtoad #pandemiclife Image
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In light of the decades-long confusion over what is now called #Clinic554, “private clinics” and #AccessToAbortion in Atlantic Canada, here’s my thread. I provide abortion care now from a hospital-located clinic in NS, but years ago I escorted at Clinic 554 (then Morgentaler). 1/
Abortion was completely decriminalized in Canada in 1988. Since then, barriers are largely about affordability & accessibility (mainly due to few willing providers & the giant geography of Canada). Approval of Mifegymiso in 2017, prescribable by any FP/NP, improved access tons 2/
But medical abortion is not a panacea. If you are beyond 9 or so weeks, not safe to or comfortable miscarrying at home, and can’t access surgical back up if it fails, you might not want to choose Mifegymiso. We still need surgical abortion. It’s quick and very safe. 3/
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#ThursdayThoughts : Today marks 4 months since **MAX Global #Lockdown** (Thread). It was achieved on April 6 when 76% of global cities had #traffic congestion down 40% y/y or more. Now, only 12% of cities have congestion down 40%. #COVID__19 #pandemiclife #OOTT
*Side-by-Side Comparison*: Top 30 Global Cities w/ Most Depressed #Traffic Congestion. April 6 (Max lockdown) & today’s release. Apr 6th (left) Smoothed data showed #Philippines & #Malaysia cities top 2. US - 7 cities. #India - 4. #Wuhan #Paris #Istanbul #Moscow included. #OOTT
Now, (chart on right): #SaudiArabia is in focus w/ 2 cities in top 3: #Riyadh & #Jeddah . #Cairo is top in smoothed data. #Honolulu (US) is still in the top. US has 15 cities included now. #Manila & #kualalumpur still included. #COVID__19 #SocialDistancing #OOTT #Transportation
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Don’t miss the Sunday 8/2 edition of @ProgNewsDaily! Today’s version contains over 100 articles & videos of #PEACEFUL #Portland protests, the shameful behavior of Congress in the face of 20m+ #evictions,

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#Biden delaying his #runningmate announcement once again, @Greg_Palast’s insight on mail-in voting & #disenfranchisement, #COVID cases still spreading across the US, attacks on the #PostOffice,

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Tom Cotton being generally horrible, Andrew Cuomo acting like the corporate Democrat he is & dozens more stories… Click to read them all!

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Is there a crowd-sourced site collecting #COVID19 stories? How is the experience really affecting people? I've already heard several that I don't think most of us would have expected. I'd love to read a growing collection. It would also document the human side of the crisis.
Here's one.

But it only collects stories of kindness. That's worth doing. But I'm interested in stories of all kinds, stories reflecting the full range of our experiences of the pandemic.
Here's a survey asking people how the pandemic is affecting their lives. That's worth doing. But I'm interested in stories that might not fit into survey boxes, and I'm interested in the stories themselves, not just a summary or analysis.…
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