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What happens when a fake ID, a Pak Jamaat protégé, and two Soros funded agents walk into a bar?

They produce a survey on India’s caste issue!

Story of EqualityLabs, Soros, million dollars funding, and an experiment run from the US in 1999.

(1/n) Image
#SB403 introduced by Senator Aisha Wahab to ban #castediscrimination was passed by California Senate Judiciary Committee last month was based on a ‘single’ caste survey report by #EqualityLabs. The Survey in question is a 2018 survey conducted by 4 people.

Who are they?
(2/n) Image
The very first ‘author’ of the Equality Labs ‘caste report’ – Maari Zwick is a ghost author! No such person exists.  And after we exposed the fake ID, it has now been deactivated. (Pls read our last report for more details).

(3/n) Image
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Manzoor Masih, Rehmat Masih, and Salamat Masih were #arrested in May 1993. Maulvi Fazl-e-Haq had accused Salamat Masih, who was only thirteen, of writing #blasphemous slogans on the wall of the local #mosque.
But testimony emerged that Salamat Masih could not read or (1/16)
write. Still, he and his two older companions were charged under section #295_C of the Pakistan #Penal Code, which provided a mandatory #death penalty for anyone defiling the name of the Prophet Muhammad. Human rights campaigners took up the case and protested against (2/16)
the three Christians’ imprisonment. It was pointed out that they could not be fairly tried in #Gujranwala where the safety of the prisoners could not be guaranteed. SSP held frequent demonstrations in and outside the courtroom, demanding the execution of the three (3/16)
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“Premeditated Manslaughter Coordinated at the Highest Levels” – Part 2 -Psychopathic democide might be eligible for forgiveness in rare circumstances, but blanket amnesty is not in the cards for crimes against humanity - by @TraderStef #Nuremberg2 #Amnesty… Image
#Nuremberg2 #Amnesty? - “Plandemic 3” Trailer – Seeing Through The Propaganda…
#Nuremberg2 #Amnesty? #democide - Jr. covering for daddy, sooo late and behind the curve by a couple+ years, is pathetic - not humble
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#VirSavarkar never pleaded for himself but for all.
Some time back, a document from British library on #Savarkar was made available. It's not the Savarkar's petition from jail, but the notes of #British govt on petition. See the page, where it's written, 'Petition by -1/4
VD Savarkar for an amnesty to all political prisoners'. In the bracket it's written, ' not necessarily include himself'.
What does it mean? He had taken up the case of all political prisoners, not himself ....
See also the 1st page of that document, where it's clear; - 2/4
Letter No 64, 15 January 1918. It also says, #Savarkar pleaded 'general #amnesty may be granted to all persons convicted of political offences...'.
#Nehrus stood against all patriots not just Savarkar but #Netaji Bose & even ₹Sardar #Patel. So nothing unusual in -3/4
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There's not a chance in the world I'm granting #amnesty, or giving a mulligan, to all the people who willfully refused to be reasonable or consider all the data. I will #neverforgetthesepeople
Nobody should be asked to forget this:
And the "ethicists" who were consulted as experts? They should be stripped of all titles and barred from ever again being near a student or any position of authority. I will #neverforgetthesepeople They made life hard during Covid and sometimes even impossible.
/3 But my largest fury is directed at those who barred early treatments and designed "trials" on IVM and HCQ to fail using a variety of sleazy tricks, while giving Remdesivir & Paxlovid every possible advantage while ignoring their poor results. They are mass murderers.#noamnesty
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The Mazhilis approved a draft law on amnesty related to the January events. The text of the draft law states that persons who have committed murder and caused harm to health are subject to #amnesty.

@NachoSAmor Image
The authorities want to grant amnesty to law enforcement officers who shot civilians, including children, pensioners, mothers, as well as beaten and tortured in custody.

Despite the fact that the authorities claim that persons involved in torture do not fall under
the amnesty, in practice, the authorities have not brought a single employee to justice, and they can also reclassify criminal cases of torture into cases that fall under the amnesty.

Thus, not a single law enforcement officer will be held responsible for the murder of
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The Russian Army – who is dying in the Kremlin's genocidal war in Ukraine?

RU is losing the war that it started in 🇺🇦 – more than 50k KIA 🇷🇺 and 300k more to be recruited as cannon fodder by the Kremlin. What are the 🇷🇺 soldiers dying for?
RU leadership believed in its own propaganda: ignoring the dysfunctional state of the RU army, miscalculated the UA resistance and the Western support.
First, 🇷🇺 suffered massive losses in Northern UA & failed to capture Kyiv.
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1/ Operational update regarding the #russian_invasion at 1800 on August 12, 2022.
Some gain by Ru in the outskirt of #Bakhmut Also they are now pushing head of Berestove & foothold in #Zaitseve
UA resisted everywhere else and pushed back Ru away.
#UkraineMap #UkraineRussianWar Image
2/ The enemy tried to conduct offensive battles in the direction of #Pasika - #Bohorodychne and #Tychotske - #Dolyna. It was repulsed and ran away. Image
3/ The enemy's attempt to carry out combat reconnaissance in the direction of #Biloghrivka - #Hryhorivka failed.
The invaders tried to conduct reconnaissance near #Spirne. Ukrainian soldiers inflicted fire damage and neutralized the enemy.
other attempts this morning and ongoing Image
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Russians are firing “Grads” right outside a cafe in the centre of Nova Kakhovka, Kherson Oblast. Where is #Amnesty? - I dare to ask.
Oh, so sensitive topic..
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Mit diesem 🧵gehe ich auf die von #Amnesty erhoben Vorwürfe ein und betrachte sie aus völkerrechtlicher Perspektive. Das in dem Artikel angesprochen International Humanitarian Law (Genfer Abkommen + Zusatzprotokoll I) ist dabei die Rechtsgrundlage.
"Ukrainian forces have put civilians in harm’s way by establishing bases and operating weapons systems in populated residential areas including in schools and hospitals" hiermit beginnt der Report von @amnesty
Der Art. 52 ZP I GA I-IV sagt folgendes aus
"1. zivile Objekte dürfen weder angegriffen noch zum Gegenstand von Repressalien gemacht werden. Zivile Objekte sind alle Objekte, die nicht militärische Ziele im Sinne des Absatzes 2 sind."
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#Amnesty International

After workingthrough the reaction on the AI report below - observations:

1. looks like the meltdown of another NGO / Do-gooders group - crashing into a real war in Europe

Ukraine: Ukrainian fighting tactics endanger civilians…
2. unable to contextualize facts and give them the appropriate position in the overall picture
3. as experts indicate: insufficient knowledge of the chosen topic ( IHL/law of armed conflict)
4. marginal communication skills - CEO made pissy statement - since then - nothing
5. no anticipation that social media is part of the war fighting environment: Russia took the @amnesty report and turned it against Ukraine
6. unclear why @amnesty Ukraine office warnings have not been taken into account
6.1: head of this office declined
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Voor degenen die van de juridische details houden, draadje. In beginsel: mensenrechtenorganisaties zoals #Amnesty vervullen belangrijke taak door te signaleren als sprake is van schendingen zoals van #oorlogsrecht. Maar hier is het niet zo duidelijk dat dat ook geschonden is.
In een gewapend conflict moeten beide partijen zich houden aan het oorlogsrecht, ongeacht wie de agressor is. Rusland is hier de agressor, Oekraïne verdedigt zich. Maar beide landen zijn gebonden aan regels die vooral dienen om onnodige extra burgerslachtoffers te voorkomen.
Zo is er onderscheid tussen militaire doelwitten en burgerobjecten. Als strijdende partij burgerobject gebruikt voor de strijd, dan kan dit een legitiem militair doelwit worden. Maar alleen indien noodzakelijk & proportioneel en zoveel mogelijk voorkomen van burgerslachtoffers.
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1/5 According to #Amnesty the #Zelensky regime in #Ukraine is committing #warcrimes. Civilians are used as shields. Schools, universities and hospitals are used as military bases. Attacks are launched from highly populated areas. #ZelenskyWarCriminal…
2/5 Since 2014, Ukrainian forces committed genocide against ethnic Russians, which make up the majority of the Donbas population. Ethnic Russians are not considered humans by state funded ultra-right wing groups training children. #ZelenskyWarCriminal
3/5 Petal mines are scattered in #Donetsk by Ukraine to injure civilians as much as possible. The Russian army has been defusing these mines to make the streets safe. #ZelenskyWarCriminal
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Ich hatte gerade eine Diskussion mit einem Angestellten von @amnesty_de an einem Stand am Bahnhof Berlin-Südkreuz über den Vorwurf, dass #Israel angeblich ein „Apartheidsstaat“ ist. Ich erzähle kurz wie das Gespräch verlaufen ist: (Thread | Unbedingt durchlesen)
Zuerst habe ich ihn gefragt, inwiefern der Vorwurf der „#Apartheid“ bezogen auf Israel Sinn ergibt, wenn man bedenkt, dass Araber nicht nur hohe Positionen in allen Bereichen des öffentlichen Lebens haben, sondern dazu auch noch per Gesetz gleichberechtigt sind: Keine Antwort.
Dann habe ich gefragt, inwiefern der Vorwurf der „Apartheid“ Sinn ergibt, wenn man auf tatsächliche Apartheidsstaaten (früheres Südafrika bsp.) schaut, in welchen es eine klare Rassentrennung in allen Bereichen des öffentlichen Lebens gab. Seine Antwort: „Ich sehe Parallelen.“
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A Delhi Court will hear response of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to the plea of former Amnesty International, India chair Aakar Patel, who seeks suspension of a Look Out of Circular of CBI and permission to travel to the US.

@Aakar__Patel #CBI #Amnestyinternational
On Wednesday, Rouse Avenue Court in Delhi sought response of the CBI on the plea of Aakar Patel.

@Aakar__Patel #CBI #Amnestyinternational…
Advocate Tanveer Ahmed Mir representing Patel present.
Matter called out

#AakarPatel #CBI #Airport
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#Morgenupdate #Ukraine

Wie immer: Vollständigkeit nicht garantiert.
Quelle ist zum Einen der Liveticker von @ntvde. Andere Quellen sind verlinkt.
Es handelt sich um einen Krieg. Infos sind daher immer mit Vorsicht zu betrachten. /TN #Russland
Fangen wir mit einer guten Nachricht an.

Am Samstag gab es einen Angriff auf eine nukleare Forschungseinrichtung in #Charkiw. Wie die #IAEA nun mit Berufung auf die #Ukraine mitteilte, gibt es keine Schäden am nuklearen Material.

Die Einrichtung war auch vorher allen bekannt.
Der #Kreml-Sprecher #Peskow hat noch 1mal klargestellt, dass keine Atombomben in der #Ukraine eingesetzt werden.

Verschiedene Medien verbreiteten Panik wegen seines #BBC-Interviews. Die staatliche Existenz Russlands & die Ereignisse in der Ukraine hätten "nix miteinander zu tun"
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@Jo_Singh_ If GOI av nothing to hide they'd let #Amnesty, #HRW & other #HumanRights Orgs. to carry out their independent investigations. Khalra exposed mass illegal cremetion grounds across Panjab, files which are sealed to this day. 6K in one of 13 districts alone!
@Jo_Singh_ Here's an honest unbias paper that provides an objective analysis of the religious, political, social and economic factors, which led to the sad and extremely tragic events in the Punjab during 1980s. No political spin unlike what's being propagated by GOI minions, but 360 view!
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@hirndummy @lange_tobias_hh Völliger Quatsch! Ich beginne mal so: Bedeutet der Bericht von Amnesty, dass Juden (und nur Juden) kein Recht auf nationale Selbstbestimmung haben? Nein, es spricht den Juden dieses Recht nicht ab. Stattdessen besteht sie darauf, dass Juden nicht 1/
@hirndummy @lange_tobias_hh das Recht haben, Palästinenser, die unter israelischer Herrschaft leben, systematisch zu diskriminieren. Die Bewertung von Amnesty basiert auf einer fünfjährigen Analyse (!) des israelischen Zivil- und Militärrechts. Sie kam zu demselben Schluss wie @HRW und 2/
@hirndummy @lange_tobias_hh @hrw Israels wichtigste Menschenrechtsorganisation @btselem . Was Sie und viele andere Leute nicht zu verstehen scheinen, ist, dass Israel kein Abbild Südafrikas sein muss. #Apartheid wird nicht durch das definiert, was in Südafrika 3/
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Heute Morgen wurde der Israel-Bericht von @AmnestyUK veröffentlicht. Dort wird dem Jüdischen Staat u.a. „Verbrechen gegen die Menschheit“ & Apartheid“ vorgeworfen. Das sorgte auch bei Mitgliedern des Bundestages für Reaktionen. 🧵 . 1/x
„Gerade Menschenrechtsorganisationen sollten mit großem Feingefühl an ihre Arbeit herangehen und blinde Flecke vermeiden.“ @lime_green_leni ( @GrueneBundestag) 2/x
„Schweren Herzens beende ich heute nach 11 Jahren meine Mitgliedschaft bei @amnesty_de.“ - @bstrasser (@fdpbt) 3/x
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#ESETresearch investigated Donot Team’s (also known as APT-C-35 and SectorE02) #cyberespionage campaigns targeting military organizations, governments, Ministries of Foreign Affairs, and embassies of countries in South Asia.… 1/5
A recent report by #Amnesty International links the group’s malware to an Indian cybersecurity company that be selling the spyware to entities in the region. 2/5
ESET’s investigation spans from September 2020 to October 2021 and details variants of the yty malware framework used to target entities in Bangladesh 🇧🇩, Sri-Lanka 🇱🇰, Pakistan 🇵🇰 and Nepal 🇳🇵. But also embassies in the Middle East, Europe, North and South America. 3/5
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Fino ad agosto, nella prigione di Kandahar erano detenuti centinaia di terroristi talebani. Col cambio di regime, la situazione si è capovolta.
Abbiamo ottenuto un permesso speciale per visitare le celle che ospitano i detenuti e la visita è stata sconvolgente.
Questo carcere ospita prigionieri politici, ex militari del vecchio esercito ma soprattutto tossicodipendenti e omosessuali.
Di 1800 detenuti, 1400 sono persone con problemi di droga ed uno dei primi atti dei talebani è stato proprio quello di rastrellarli e rinchiuderli dentro.
Stessa sorte per i gay e queste immagini documentano il settore adibito a queste due fattispecie.
Le persone sono ammassate in corridoi angusti e bui. Non c'è luce, non c'è alcuna dignità per questi esseri umani. Le celle sono sporche oltre ogni immaginazione.
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#Nangarhar Governor Office:
Scores of Ahl-e-Hadith scholars pledged allegiance to #IEA in Nangarhar today.
"We are not in favor of revenge& violence. Anyone can live peacefully under the Islamic Emirate of #AFG using the #amnesty announced by the IEA," Nangarhar governor said.
This comes as extrajudicial killings continue in Nangarhar, mainly in Jalalabad City.
Last night a religious scholar teaching at a local Madrassa was shot killed in Qasaba area of Jalalabad.
Meanwhile, two young men were found dead today morning near the ring road in Jalalabad.
There are also UNCONFIRMED reports about #ISKP flags in Dehraud District of #Uruzgan (see the below tweet).
Note: No ISKP activity was reported in Uruzgan Province since the official announcement of the IS offshoot in Afghanistan, in January 2015.
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EU suuressa roolissa #tphakijat'n laittomista palauttamisista Välimereltä Libyaan ja vastuussa vakavista #ihmisoikeudet'loukkauksista, raportoi #Amnesty 15.7.2021. #politiikka #maahanmuutto #ihmisarvo
Välimereltä #Libya'an laittomasti palautetut miehet, naiset ja lapset kohtaavat säilöissä karmeaa kohtelua, mm seksuaalista väkivaltaa. Kaikki tämä tapahtuu EUn tieten ja EUn tuella. #tphakijat #ihmisoikeudet #ihmisarvo #politiikka #maahanmuutto 2/n
#Amnesty'n raportti paljastaa, että #Libya'an laittomasti palautetut joutuvat mielivaltaiseen säilöön, jossa joutuvat kidutuksen, seksuaalisen väkivallan ja pakkotyön kohteeksi. Näitä rikoksia tekevät libyalaiset virkamiehet palkitaan ylennyksillä, eikä rikoksia tutkita. 3/n
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#Amnestyinternational has had a rather dubious role in #India. It's funding & activities have been repeatedly questioned by both UPA & NDA governments. Former PM Manmohan Singh had red flagged the NGO during #KudanKulam nuke plant issue. In fact in Feb 2014 UPA froze it's funding
In 2009 #Amnestyinternational had #FCRA issues. Even under NDA rule Amnesty funding remained rather opaque. @dir_ed probed dubious fund flow pattern. RBI put Amnesty in prior permission category due to suspect funds flow, acc to the #Govt. Even during UPA funding was suspect: BJP
MHA had #Amnestyinternational funding looked into & concluded that Human Rights cannot be an excuse for defying the law of the land.MHA said in order to circumvent the FCRA regulations Amnesty UK remitted large amounts of money to 4 entities registered in India classifying it FDI
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