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It's Day 279 of #Russia war and this is the first tweet in the daily thread. Update on the situation in #Ukraine and all linked news throughout the day in real time.

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If you need to review yesterday's news, including the night attack on #Dnipro, you can click and scroll here:

A quick update on the #Dnipro attack:

City officials now say 4 rockets hit.
The production premises of a private business were destroyed and private vehicles were destroyed.

There was a fierce fire after the missiles hit but there were no victims.
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SitRep - 09/11 - "#Kherson will be #Ukraine

An overview of the daily events in the war between Ukraine and Russia. Today is all about the announcement that Russia is withdrawing from the right bank of the Dnipr River in Kherson.

Thanks @hlegen888 for providing the picture

We start with the russian losses, captured and damaged equipment.

+780 men personnel
+15 tanks
+12 APCs
+11 artillery systems
+7 UAVs
Today the #Ukrainian airforce command centre reported that 6 UAVs were downed.

5x Shahed-136
1x Orlan-10
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SitRep - 8/11 - "The south (re)started at #Snihurivka"

An overview of the daily events during the war in Ukraine. A special look at the south where the Ukrainian army seems to have launched an attack towards #Snihurivka.

1/X Image
We start the day with #Russian losses, damaged or captured equipment.

+710 personnel
+15 tanks
+24 APCs
+9 artillery systems Image
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania - Día 210 - Iniciamos #hilo sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania.

🟥 En 2014 #Putin aseguraba al Mundo no desear una partición de Ucrania y y prometía que no seguirían tomando partes del país tras anexionarse #Crimea.


🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania - Día 210 - Este es nuestro informe, correspondiente a la última jornada de la #GuerraEnUcrania, para quien no haya podido leerlo todavía. Seguimos pendientes de la comparecencia de #Putin que debería estar al caer...…
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania - Día 210 - Según la portavoz de Exteriores rusa, María Zakharova:

🟥 "La contraofensiva ordenada por el presidente ucraniano Vladimir #Zelensky ha destruido el país que se le confió" y lo habría hecho por orden de los #EEUU.

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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania - Día 191 - Iniciamos #hilo diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania, una mañana más.

🟥 En el vídeo que podéis ver a continuación aparecen soldados ucranianos combatiendo supuestamente en alguna parte de la región de #Kherson.

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania - Día 191 - Para quien no lo haya leído, este es el informe diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania correspondiente a la jornada de ayer.…
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania - Día 191 - En el siguiente vídeo podemos ver un carro de combate ucraniano evacuando heridos, aunque se desconoce la ubicación exacta.
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Day 187 of Europe's war. In truth war has been in the continent for over 8 years.

A new week begins and my daily threads continue, documenting the main news of #Russia's illegal invasion of #Ukraine

Plenty of news yesterday. If you missed it, check here:
A reasonably quiet start to Monday so far for #Ukraine, but more explosions in occupied #Kherson.

This big explosion just one of the blasts heard right in the centre of Kherson itself, on vulitsya Parovozna.

#Russia has suffered big losses in Kherson region the past 24 hours.
What is interesting in #Kherson and other occupied areas in the south, is how confident and successful #Ukraine's pilots are becoming.

🇺🇦planes reportedly struck 8 Russian bases y'day. They claim destruction of 41 soldiers, Uragan and Pantsir are defence systems and 6 vehicles.
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1/ Operational situation update regarding the #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on August 14, 2022.
Last Gen staff report show no major changes today (few this week). All Majors Ru attacks were pushed back today
Ru still in #Bakhmut though
#UkraineMap #UkraineRussianWar #CarteUkraine
2/ so some maps maybe later on but nothing special to report except Ru are still nowhere in lots of places.
i also had my week end stat prepared but my excell crashed and recovery went wrong.. so we'll see for that later on...
that's it for now.
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1/10 #Kherson western front update 🧵is finally here.Been working on checking info from local,#OSINT,sat & other sources to produce the most complete picture IMO while still keeping #Opsec.Let's go 🚀

@DefMon3 @neonhandrail @GeoConfirmed @EngstrT @AndrewPerpetua

2/10 First by popular req. a full overview map of the current(8 aug) frontlines west of the #Inhulets river. As we can see there have been some (small) shifts in the overall line. As you can see i have included known 🇷🇺 defensive pos. and some published 🇺🇦 pos. Some details ⬇️
3/10 First we look at the sit. around #Stanislav. 🇷🇺VDV reinforcements arrived 15-7,and started a push toward #Oleksandrivka pushing 🇺🇦 back across the coastal road W and N taking control of the town. 45th Spetnaz are active here. 🇺🇦 are using art. & tank fire to stop the advance
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#Kherson western front update. After my last update friday there has been significant action by 🇺🇦 forces. Where i said #Pravdyne was contested today it's confirmed. liberated by 126th TDF subsequently #Myrne was also liberated. This is the situation IMO.

@WarMonitor3 @DefMon3
🇷🇺 forces where forced to retreat toward #sofiivka & #Tomynabalka to avoid being encircled. A large number of vehicles and personel where destroyed during heavy artillery fire on retreating forces. FIRMS shows alot of fires along this route. 🇷🇺 positions @ #Doslidne got hit hard.
According to sources on the ground #Stanislav has been liberated since friday after 🇷🇺 forces fell back to defensive positions W of #Shyrokabalka. 28th Mech & 136th Marines are containing 🇷🇺 forces & trying to encircle them by moving toward #Tomynabalka cutting of escape routes.
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#Kherson front region update 🧵 10 days since last update. Blackout by 🇺🇦 not much info came out of this area.But i will try to explain.Some info can't be shared,hope you understand Here the situation as of 29th. IMO.


@defmon3 @GeoConfirmed
@WarMonitor3 @JominiW
#Oleksandrivka area, according to my source in the area 🇺🇦 forces mainly 137th MC and SOF conducted operations and liberated #Stanislav. Mopping op. ongoing in area to the east. 🇷🇺 forces (DPR & VDV) fell back to #Shyrokabalka and will setup defenses near #Tomynabalka.
Toward #Pravdyne 🇷🇺 counter attacked and took up defensive position on the W/SW side. 🇺🇦 forces are attacking daily with drone assisted M777's and MLRS.
Active in this area is the 126TH TDF & SOF recon (See 🧵 ⬇️) north #StepovaDolyna is liberated.

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@Tubewayarmy29 @Sierra__Alpha @MartinK27

See @NLwartracker's thread as to what may have happened around #Pravdyne.

Then read my 5 replies (you'll need this link to find them)…
as to what should be happening, but probably isn't!😏
#StandByUkraine 🇺🇦 #WeAreNATO
@Tubewayarmy29 @Sierra__Alpha @MartinK27 @NLwartracker 🧵1/4
🇺🇦 is contesting Pravdyne with artillery - and this range map shows there is a lot of 🇺🇦-held territory from where to hit 🇷🇺 in and around Pravdyne.

🇺🇦 should hold long the line enough for the 🇺🇦artillery to hit 🇷🇺.

#StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦 #WeAreNATO
@Tubewayarmy29 @Sierra__Alpha @MartinK27 @NLwartracker 🧵2/4
🇺🇦 should 🥇 retake Pravdyne & consolidate to put a 🇺🇦battery a few Km south where 🇺🇦artillery would be in range of Stanislav, Tomyna Balka, Znam'yanka, Klapaya & Kyselivka.

Too risky to ignore 🇷🇺held Pravdyne.😨 Take it!
#StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦
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New update on the situation on the western side of the #Kherson front. 🇺🇦 forces have made some progress in certain parts of the front, 🇷🇺 forces launched counter attacks around #Pravdyne & #kyselivka. 🇺🇦 took ground direction of #Ivanivka More info read 🧵

#Osint #SlavaUkraïni
Direction of #Oleksandrivka 🇺🇦 have consolditated their positions and have moved on the open ground between #Pravdyne & the #Stanislav pocket towards #Tomynabalka. According to sources clashes occured 5 km. west of town where 🇷🇺 troops are dug in. FIRM data seems to confirm this.
Further more 🇺🇦 forces are conducting attacks on an area north of #Stanislav where remaining VDV units are trying to hold the advance and keep coastal road T1501 open for re-supply. A push from #Oleksandrivka toward #Stanislav however is expected to happen within a few days.
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