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Day 462 of #Europe's war, the last day of May.

Mercifully a quiet morning so far this Wednesday in #Ukraine

This is my 462nd daily thread.
All the info you need about #Russia's attack in one handy thread, updated throughout the day.

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If you happen to have missed all yesterday's news, put the kettle on and prepare for a long read!

Here's the link for yesterday's thread on what happened in #Ukraine and #Russia.

The biggest event overnight happened in #Russia's #Krasnodar region.

Drones hit the Afipsky Oil Refinery and a fire soon took hold, although it's since been extinguished; no-one was hurt.

About 150km from the front, that's less fuel helping Russia kill Ukrainians.
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Southern #Ukraine:

1/ Russian forces continued to target southern Ukraine with artillery, drone, and air strikes on May 27. The Ukrainian Southern Operational Command reported that Russian forces’ primary tactic in southern Ukraine is counterbattery fire. ImageImage
2/ Ukrainian forces continued to strike rear logistical nodes in #Zaporizhia Oblast on May 27. Russian and Ukrainian sources reported that Ukrainian forces struck Polohy and #Berdyansk, Zaporizhia Oblast on May 27. Image
3/ The Ukrainian Main Military Intelligence Directorate (GUR) warned on May 26 that Russian forces are preparing to conduct large-scale provocations to create radiological danger at the #Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP). Image
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Welcome to Saturday's #UkraineWar thread on Day 444 of #Russia's invasion.

All the news as always throughout the day in one handy thread, but with a fun #Eurovision twist today which I'll explain in the next tweet.

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So what's all this about #Eurovision ?

Well to mark #Ukraine's "hosting" of the final in #Liverpool tonight, in my tweets today there will be winning song titles🎶 in some of the posts (not all)

Just for fun. Reply if you spot one, as it will help fight the shadow ban on my a/c
Give yourself bonus points if you know the country and year the song won!

Anyway if you missed anything yesterday, you can review Friday's thread here. A day when we had all kinds of everything going on:

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Southern #Ukraine:

Russian occupation authorities continue to plan and carry out forced evacuations from #Zaporizhia Oblast. (1/5) Image
2/ #Zaporizhia Oblast occupation head Yevgeny Balitsky claimed on May 7 that 1,552 people (including 632 children, 145 patients from neuropsychiatric centers, and 10 people with limited mobility) have relocated from areas included in evacuation orders.
3/ Russian forces and occupation authorities are setting conditions to make life unbearable in occupied #Zaporizhia Oblast to accelerate forceful evacuations.
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'Mad panic' as Russia #evacuates #nuclearplant #town | -28min
- On Friday, the Russian-installed regional head Yevgeny #Balitsky said that "in the past few days, the enemy has stepped up #shelling of #settlements close to the front line".… Image
#IAEA warns of dangers around #Zaporizhzhia #nuclearplant as #evacuations under way | -2h
- #Grossi: “I’m extremely concerned about the nuclear safety and security risks facing the plant. We must act now to prevent the threat of a severe nuclear accident,…
#SamsonOption. Situation around #Europe's largest #NPP is 'potentially dangerous,' watchdog warns
- The #IAEA said shelling was heard 'on a regular basis' around #Zaporizhzhia plant in SE #Ukraine.… ImageImageImage
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Sunday is Day 438 of #Russia's catastrophic full invasion of #Ukraine

Each day you've been able to find all the news of Europe's war in one place with these daily threads.

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I forgot this yesterday (thanks Dave for remembering!) so let's do this straightaway!

As I post so much, people couldn't find the start of the previous day's thread, which they found handy to review what they missed. So here's the start of Saturday's feed
#Ukraine was attacked last night. Here's a summary:

#Dnipropetrovsk region - again huge artillery fire on #Nikopol with one dead and 3 injured.
#Mykolaiv region - a ballistic missile hit "an industrial enterprise"
#Kyiv - a reconnaissance drone was shot down in the region.
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🇬🇧Welcome to Day 437 of #Russia's war on #Ukraine

If you are citizen of the Commonwealth, Happy Coronation Day, or if you're a Republican, just enjoy the weekend😅

This is the daily thread for Saturday with all the news in one thread, updated throughout the day.
Let's start in occupied #Crimea, where chat sites make pleasant reading this morning:

08:04 "A loud bang was heard in the #Krasnogvardeyskoye district"
08:05 "a good roar sounded. Dzhankoy-Krasnogvardeyskoye"
08:05 "strong 'cotton' in Krasnogvardeyskoye."

Here's what was seen
#Russia's Occupiers on #Crimea insist air defence worked in the north of Crimea "there were no casualties or destruction"

Oh but then the Kerch Bridge was unexpectedly closed. Guards told these people "threat of an attack" but later authorities say it's "for technical reasons"🤡
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Another weekend beckons, but every day is the same on the frontline in #Ukraine.

Welcome to Daily thread number 436 of #Russia's illegal invasion.

If you like these threads please consider buying me ☕️ see my bio for the link. It's been a really tough slog this week.
A quieter start to the day than the last couple, which have been crazy to be honest and back to the bad old days of a year ago in #Ukraine.

If you missed something yesterday, click and scroll through yesterday's thread right here:

The UK's daily intel report inspects the rails of #Russia after the spate of sabotage attacks recently. These attacks far more believable than the pantomime drone strike on the Kremlin.

#StopRussia Image
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#GuerreEnUkraine D+429 (28/04) PdS2 - Théâtres

1/Front X, Hyp. Z, prêts !
2/Dniepr, rive gauche, partez !
3/Arrière-scène, lâches !

"Nous allons à la bataille, dans une marche triomphale"


Prénom : Vladimir Vladimirovitch
Né le : 7 octobre 1952

Recherché pour crime de guerre de déportation illégale de population d'enfants et de transfert illégal de population d'enfants des zones occupées d'🇺🇦vers🇷🇺 ImageImage

Nombre de crimes de guerre 👇commis sur des ENFANTS par cet individu👆 Image
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#Ukraine wakes after another bloody and murderous early morning.

It's Day 429 of the war and more civilians have died in #Russia's latest indiscriminate attack.

All the news right here in one place. Replies/retweets gratefully accepted to keep the account visible!
Yesterday I made a typo - it was Day 428 and not 427.

If you missed anything on Thursday, catch up right here:


At least three people are dead and 8 injured when cruise missiles hit a city previously almost untouched by the war..

#Russia's barrage at around 04:00 this morning saw two rockets land in #Uman in central #Ukraine.
A large apartment block was hit and some warehouses nearby.
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Here is the sixth thread 🧵 about the strategy of the #RussoUkrainianWar for the late spring.Russia continues to focus on Dombass while Ukraine is still planning its offensive efforts. #Bakhmut. #Ukraine #Russia #Soledar #Kreminna #Svatove #Wagner #UkraineWar #Leopard2 #Vuhledar Image
1) As always please take a look for understanding how a counter-offensive should be conducted, what are the goals and requirements and for the events that occured between September to November.
2) You can take a look to this thread for the first part of the Ukrainian Winter Counter Offensive which includes the situation and events between November to January.
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Day 419 of the war in Europe.
#Russia's illegal war & full invasion of #Ukraine.
The day Bunker Boy emerged from his Kremlin bunker!

Yesterday was very interesting with Wagner troops confessing war crimes, more Russian fires, collaborators + more, here⬇️

The scale of the war is difficult to comprehend for those living far away. But @SkyNews brings it to life with this report.

15% (381) of all education establishments in #Ukraine have been damaged or destroyed by #Russia in the first year.
#Russia's President Putin (or at least a lookalike) has appeared in #Ukraine's Occupied Territories.

He is said to have flown into #Kherson region to visit the "Dnepr" Command of troops and then taken a helicopter to the "East" Command in #Luhansk.

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This is the start of Sunday's daily thread covering all the news, and all you need to know, about #Ukraine's battle for survival against the full invasion by #Russia.

Updated in real time, throughout the day, scroll, share, like and reply to help beat Twitter Ukraine bans!
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And if you need a catch up on yesterday's news, here's the link for the start of Saturday's thread.

So it's Day 417 of the war, and I have to say "Khrystos Voskres" (Christ Is Risen) or "Happy Easter" to all my readers from #Ukraine - and indeed #Russia if they are in the minority which opposes war.
The same wishes to all Orthodox believers celebrating Easter today.
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Hello again and welcome to the daily thread covering the #RussiaUkraine war for Weds 12 April, which is Day 413 of the illegal invasion by Moscow.

All yesterday's news is just one click away, right here:
Let's start with strange "goings-on" in #Russia overnight.

It started with what some residents in #Yekaterinburg thought was a missile, but could well have been a meteorite.
In #Yekaterinburg strange "fire circles" reportedly developed at the site of impact. Officials in #Russia say it's all a fake for "Cosmonauts Day"

In #Moscow there was definitely something unidentified floating above the capital yesterday evening. ImageImageImage
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Day 409 of the war and here's the daily thread for Saturday.

A quiet start to the weekend, but #Russia's aggression continues as they try to claim the small #Donetsk towns of #Bakhmut #Mariinka and #Avdiivka.

All the news here, throughout the day in one handy place⬇️
Quite a lot of news again yesterday from "leaked" NATO docs, #Russia land-mining, the weakening of the ruble, Russians sabotaging jets for #Ukraine, Occupiers eating endangered animals and loads of #RussiaOnFire incidents

Click and scroll here to catch up
I think I was one of the first western journalists to report this, the last entry on yesterday's thread, so worth a retweet again this morning.

The worry is #Russia often accuses others of what it does itself.

#ChemicalWeapons #WarCrimes

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Hello and welcome to Daily Thread 408 bringing you all the news that matters around #Russia's terror war on #Ukraine.

Day 408 is Friday. Lots of news yesterday to catch up on more fires in Russia, explosions in Melitopol, surrendering Russians, click here
First today news of a light airplane crash in #Florida.

It wasn't evident of first but one of those killed is an associate director of the defence manufacturer/developer Raytheon. It recently won a contract to make new arms for #Ukraine.…
Here's the daily log od losses for #Russia in #Ukraine.

Numbers continue to be lower than all of winter, according to #Ukraine

#Russia concentrating on defence in many places and sacrificing fewer troops. #Bakhmut and #Avdiivka virtually the only places where the invaders press Image
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Welcome along to Friday's thread covering the war in #Ukraine.

#Russia's illegal invasion continues as do these daily threads. Today is Day 380.
If you're able to support what I do, please buy me a coffee (see bio)💙💛

Here's the link for yesterday's 🧵

A lot of fears about the nuclear power plant in #Enerhodar.

An excellent article here (in Ukr but translates well with Google) about the problems experienced by workers at the #Zaporizhzhia plant from the first day of the invasion.…
The former General Director of aviation giant Antonov has been arrested by authorities in #Ukraine.

Serhiy Bychkov will be detained for 2 months while investigations continue into several senior Antonov employees obstructing the Armed Forces which tried to save Hostomel airfield
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Day 379 of #Russia's attack on #Ukraine, here's my daily thread.

The fierce fighting around #Bakhmut and other hotspots in the east continues.

Bakhmut is 35 miles (55km) from #Kadiivka in #Luhansk region which has been under Russian control since 2014.
35 miles in 379 days!
Yesterday's link for the thread is here⬇️
Luckily, a quiet day with #Georgia's heavily Russian influenced Govt taking most of the headlines.

More death and destruction from #Russia already this morning.

Four people are dead in #Lviv region after local officials say a rocket hit a residential area.

Rescuers are still searching debris in #Zolochiv.
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It's Sunday 19 February and this is the start of another thread on #Russia's illegal war.

#Ukraine continues to fight for its very existence.
This is another daily thread with all the news, all day.

Here's the link for yesterday's thread:

Starting today with a video which came out last night, supposedly showing a snapshot of the ongoing power-battle inside #Russia's war effort. This even extending to the troops now as #Wagner's mob of mercenaries comes up again "official" Russian army troops in #Ukraine
Here are the daily losses for #Russia in its bid to obliterate #Ukraine and its people.

Numbers well down across the board, except for the two cruise missiles which were hit, though the other two landed in #Khmelbytskyi.

#RussiansGoHome #StandWithUkraine
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#GuerreEnUkraine D+359 (17/02) PdS2 - Théâtres

1/Dniepr, rive gauche, ¡Ay! Qué pasa ?
2/#Russie, amor para siempre ?


1/Dniepr, rive gauche, ¡Ay! Qué pasa ?

Explosion près d'#Armyansk 👇

Explosion près de #Chaplynka👇
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It's Thursday and it's Day 358 of #Russia's illegal war on its peaceful neighbour and another daily thread

Yet again the day started violently for many regions of #Ukraine with overnight missile attacks targeting critical civilian infrastructure, which is itself a war crime...
Apologies for the late start today, I've had meetings from first thing, which overran a little

First, here the link for yesterday's thread as I know a few of you like to read back in one go and others like to catch up with that they missed in the evening:
So to the overnight attack by #Russia with Cruise missiles and more.

#Ukraine says it shot down 16 out of 32 missiles. Twelve Kh-22 hypersonic missiles cannot be intercepted with current defences.

It's likely #Russia is using a high % of Kh-22 stocks before Patriot is in place
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This is the start of Friday's daily thread covering all events related to #Russia and #Ukraine in the prolonged illegal war.

Day 345 - just three weeks until the anniversary of Putin's crazy and hellishly costly decision.

Updated in real time, keep checking back during the day
To support my work you can send tip offs in DMs, words of encouragement or buy me a coffee (see link in bio) - all are appreciated.

These threads take around 12 hrs a day to compile, collating, translating, verifying, editing etc.

Catch up on Thurs here:
#Russia's losses in the last 24 hours (estimated by Kyiv) show very little equipment destroyed but still insane amounts of conscripts and mobilised soldiers killed.

840 in a single day dying for the new Fuhrer.

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Day 337 of #Russia's war of choice.

Thursday 26 January starts with millions in #Ukraine sheltering in bunkers, as waves of drones have been threatening the country and now #Kyiv is under threat

This is the daily thread with all the news, updated throughout each & every day...
So much news yesterday afternoon and evening.

Firstly the tank-coalition news then the angry reply from #Russia.

To glance through anything you may have missed, just click and scroll Wednesday's thread here:

In #Kyiv region, one Telegram channel posted this from #Boyarka, a small town about 25km south-west of downtown Kyiv.

They claim it's one of the #Iran-made attack drones being shot down. I'm not convinced by the audio alone.

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331 days (and counting) of killing and war crimes by #Russia.

#Russia's "we'll take #Kyiv in 3 days" mantra aged well😅🤡

Welcome along to Friday's daily thread with all the news and analysis you need, and already important news on a big day, so scroll through:

Need to catch up on yesterday's news?
Missed the one about Russian doctors setting their own patient on fire, or the suspected #Ukraine hits of #Russia's bases in two regions?

Check what you missed here:

Today may be a landmark day in the war.
All eyes on #Rammstein where the regular meeting of #Ukraine's allies will take place, and I am confident a number of nations will supply #Leopard-2 tanks to Kyiv even if #Germany continues to object.

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia
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