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I received this Twitter DM from someone who asked the really interesting question: how do you manage underperforming team members?

I don't think we've entirely "solved" this, but after employing people for 10 years, I have thoughts.
1. Start from a position of empathy.

Most people _want_ to do better. They're struggling for various reasons, not all of which are professionally-related. Start by seeking to understand what might be impacting their ability to be productive.
Relationship problems, difficulty concentrating, lack of experience in a key area, communication problems, lack of sleep, slow computer, lack of enthusiasm, poor code by coworkers, lack of direction, too much direction -- all real reasons why people have underperformed for me.
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Someone stole my laptop and it was my fault🤦‍♂️ (a thread)
Yesterday, I was at my local Parisian coffee shop, sitting outside, street-side.
I was working away on my laptop, scouting new remote jobs for @remotiveio ...
...Suddenly, someone walked past, leaned over & snatched my laptop, right before my eyes...
I was shocked, felt like I saw the scene from an outside perspective!
...They grabbed it & bolted, running away with my laptop... I started chasing that person, half-running, half-shouting "Stop him!" & "he stole my laptop!"
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Remote work requires new habits. I'll post tips on new habits to develop as I think of them in this thread. #remotework #remoteworkworks
Slack tip: in high-signal channels, if someone posts something important to the group and you read it but don't need to respond, mark it with an emoji reaction so the OP knows you saw it. It takes a couple seconds and is very helpful.
Never share a video camera on a video conference call. I don't care how much money you spent on that special conference room designed for it, just don't do it. One person, one camera, one headset/earbuds. Just get in the habit.

More about that here:…
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I'd like to share a great resource about #RemoteWork and #WorkFromHome.

Let's start with a little contextual anecdote …

A couple of months ago, when I was in the Bay Area, I happened to be sitting in a bus going from Palo Alto to Fremont.
Our route crossed a few highways. The highways were completely saturated in one direction, almost empty in the other.

It reminded me how silly it was to "go to the office."

Employees who work in an office are less productive, cost more money, and quit faster.
Nicholas Bloom is an economist at Stanford, and he got the opportunity to conduct an evidence-based study on 500 workers doing the same job. Half of them (selected randomly) stayed in the office, the other half worked from home. For nine months.

The results?
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Team @collectchat is currently working out of Bali. Promoting #RemoteWork culture and #DigitalNomad path ✈️🏕️ 🏖️

I will be posting pictures of our workplaces every day 👨‍💻

#WorkHardFromAnywhere #TodaysOffice #Workplace #OfficeForTheDay #Bali
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