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We're LIVE in 10 minutes with @dessalen to learn where DE&I fits into addressing a global pandemic, strategies for DE&I in the virtual workplace, and how to have difficult conversations with effective outcomes. Join us! #TeVirtualEvents #DEI
What will we be talking about today? @dessalen also talks a lot about ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard. What do these have to do with #diversity? Stay tuned for the replay to find out! #TeVirtualEvents #DEI
What is the best way to solve a problem? Need as many varied ways of thinking for the most successful outcome. Post pandemic, reopening, closing, second wave - this is new to all of us. ONE group of people will not have the best ideas. We need to be #crowdsourcing ideas. #TeVE
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1/ Unpopular opinion...the San Francisco Bay Area is incredibly resilient, any “exodus” will be temporary (1-2 years) and overblown, rents and home prices will be at pre-pandemic highs in 3 years, so buy low! A thread…
2/ I moved to the Bay Area to start @ApartmentList a decade ago, and I still recommend the move to aspiring entrepreneurs, technologists and adventurers. Why? The people are amazing. Handshakes may go away but serendipity will not.
3/ Face-to-face work and chance encounters will keep sparking new ideas. While tech fuels ease of distance, we’re still betting on hubs. Seeing this in both hiring and layoff data (and, of course, #rentertrends).
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Top 5 Remote Products this Week 🔝

1. Zoomies
2. OfficeSimplify (@officesimplify)
3. MoveWell
4. Uclusion (@UclusionHQ)
5. ProgressBoard

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#remotework #remoteworking
Zoomies is a chrome extension that connects with multiple calendars 📅


Zoomies connects with your work & personal calendars that allow you to join your meetings from one-place with one-click.

Free to use
OfficeSimplify (@officesimplify) is an HR software that tracks employee time off 💻


Centralize and keep your employee records up to date, with you in control of the process.

From £3/ user/ month. Drop a line at for 20% off
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Tackling remote loneliness with 150+ years of combined experience 🚀

Excerpts from experienced remote workers 👇

Share your experience -…

#remotework #loneliness
@madebydusk, who's worked remotely for 20 yrs, finds it helpful to rent a hot desk at a coworking space, go to a cafe, meet up with friends or go for a run.

"Just getting some fresh air can help."…
Alda, who's worked remotely for 11 yrs, feels introverts can fall in the trap of being home for days working and not interacting with anyone in person.

"I've been trying to structure my day into blocks and even scheduling time for daily entertainment"…
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@calvin_rosser spent 25 yrs to secure a stable future - Ivy League education, studying finance & getting into high-paying jobs

But, working 15 hrs in a cubicle as an M&A banker wasn’t meant for him

Read to know how he escaped this to travel the world
Read Calvin’s full story 👉…

Let's get to know Calvin:

- Founder of Life Reimagined
- Graduated with a degree in public policy
- Led teams at @toptal
- Spends his time writing, podcasting & surfing

“I really didn’t like spending 15 hours a day in a cubicle doing grunt work. I knew there had to be more to life, so I planned an escape from the cubicle.” 💯
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How I developed a project that teams from Fortune 500 companies use.

A thread:

Mind my own business on social media until I find something interesting. This time it was @Pinterest employee Makeathon. I was researching hackathon related events for my podcast @hackathonent

I assumed there was a problem:

Remote teams struggle to find activities to engage.

This assumption was also triggered by my experience as an architecture student and what I thought the built environment meant for team dynamics.

How do teams stay close when remote

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Top 5 Remote Products this Week 🔝

1. Tomo (@JoinTomo)
2. Cadence (@cadenceworkapp)
3. Woven (@woven_app)
4. Ring4 Meeting (@Ring4app)
5. Teleport Meeting Space

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#remotework #remoteworking
Tomo (@JoinTomo) is a daily planner and task manager for professionals 📋


Tomo makes it easy to collaborate on tasks, documents, and events with your team without having to use separate logins on different websites.

Free trial available.
Cadence (@cadenceworkapp) is a Slack app to share progress updates and celebrate milestones 📈


For teams who want to stay up-to-date without adding boring status meetings to their calendars.

Mail for 3 months of free access.
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What is the role of an Office Manager when there's no Office?

Read on to know if an office manager is needed in a remote team & what role he/ she plays.

Thread 👇

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#remotework #office #manager
What is an Office Manager?

- Simply put, an Office Manager is responsible for the efficient functioning of the entire office.

- Unsung heroes to make sure everything in an office gets done well
Typical tasks of an Office Manager [1/2]

- Dealing with correspondence, complaints & queries ✔️

- Managing office budgets 💲

- Managing databases & scheduling meetings 🗂️

- Booking transport & accommodation 🚗
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Here's how to ace remote brainstorming & whiteboarding 😎

Thread 👇

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#remotework #whiteboard #brainstorm
Anti-Pattern - Video call with a physical whiteboard

1. Tough to make out what's written + restricted movement.

2. No element of collaboration.

You're better off not using a whiteboard altogether than using a physical one on video 🎥
Getting your setup right

A touch interface is a must if you are planning on scribbling and drawing on a remote whiteboard. A tablet with a pencil connected to your monitor is ideal.

Check out @Apple's Sidecar or @duetdisplay to connect your iPad to your Mac 🖥️
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Ryan (@rwilcox) has been a remote developer for 15 years and works as a lead engineer now, leading like @StarTrek's Chief O'Brien 😎

His story is an example that almost everything can be accomplished #remote

Let's get to know Ryan:

- Professional developer for ~15 years 😃
- Mostly worked remotely, except for a couple stints
- Lead engineer for a mid-sized replatforming project
- His work shuffles between architectural positions as well as hands-on coding 🔀

After college, he decided to go into consulting, moved back home, and leaned heavily on remote work to get clients.

"Remote work is a great economic equalizer, giving a larger range of opportunities anywhere to people from anywhere 💯"
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Diversity and inclusion initiatives are needed now more than ever. Join us NOW for a virtual event that will explore how D&I is crucial to organizational survival. Click here to join: #BringPeopleTogether #KeepPeopleConnected #SuddenlyRemote #Diversity
We're live with @dessalen and we would like for you to join the conversation about #diversity and inclusion. We will be talking about:
Diversity as a business imperative,
Outdated thinking about remote work & diversity,
Remote utopia and
Enabling remote inclusion
We have problems as an organization if we only have one way to solve our problems, that's all we will be thinking about. We need to have MORE diverse solutions.

#Diversity has more than one dimension.

#TeVE #TeVirtualEvents #BringPeopleTogether
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We're live with @EricTennison_TE and Paul Daniels (from @Milford_Schools) to talk about "Leadership Transitions During Times of Crisis". Join us here: #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE #Leadership
@Milford_Schools reached out to their teachers to #keeppeopleconnected virtually using #Thoughtexchange. Their responses were empathetic and thoughtful, grateful to share their thoughts collectively 💜 #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE
They had built trust previously (bonds and portrait of an "Eagle") which helped tremendously during this time of crisis. Building that trust BEFORE the crisis becomes a valuable foundation for #leadership practices when the crisis arrives. #TeVE #TeVirtualEvents
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We're about to witness an explosion of #innovation as tools are developed to optimize #remotework collaboration. In this @forbes article, I explore who is getting a jump start.…
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We all have successfully overcome the first impediment of ensuring business continuity-by moving all operations to remote work. However, there are many challenges of working remotely— how does one ensure that remote work doesn’t affect team communication or committed deliverable? Image
Would working from home imply always being “available”? How to draw a line between work and family time? How to keep the team motivated about their work? How to ensure that team concerns are resolved quickly? We've touched upon a few of these challenges..
and shared a few inputs on how we're tackling them! Give it a read..? #teamwork #remotework #pandemicresponse #workremotely #workfromhome #crisismanagement…
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Almost 10 years ago, I flipped off a skateboard and landed on my head on concrete. I ended up with a concussion and completely lost my ability to focus. Here's a thread on how I went from zero concentration to the most disciplined person most people know:
Before that point, focus was effortless to me. Like a lightswitch that I could turn on and off. I centered my identity on being bright and a fast learner. All these skills turned out came from my concentration skills. After the concussion, I ended up with a severe identity crisis
I couldn't read through a paragraph without my mind shutting down. I used to finish a book in a day, no issues, but now I fell behind in coursework that was previously a breeze and I couldn't participate in any of my previous hobbies due to the focus they required.
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We will hear this from many companies in the coming year and beyond.

As companies transition from early reluctance and lack-of-productivity, they will be forced to adapt. Those adaptations will cause them to realize that distributed work is both possible and can be productive.
Another one

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Over the past few weeks of #covid19 confinement - or #shelteringinplace as they say in the US - we have been able to witness (and sometimes support) a number of organizations in their move to #remotework
We believe our experience with implementing #NWoW - #futureofwork in North America - is a helpful lens in seeing both the challenges and changes organizations face when switching to #remotework... some observations:
Organizations that are technologically well-equipped for #remotework before #covid19 were obviously advantaged, but... it was much easier for organizations that were already culturally fit/ready! #orgculture
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Welcome to today's session of #HRwithEM, a weekly #TwitterSession #TweetChat to connect, learn and share career development tips and employee experience practices.

@hr_shapers @Gartner_HR @Gartner_inc

#COVID19 #WorkFromHome #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe #HRwithEM
Thank you for joining us this evening.

Please identify yourself and the location you are joining from, so we can acknowledge you properly.

@hr_shapers @Gartner_HR @Gartner_inc

#COVID19 #WorkFromHome #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe #HRwithEM
Feel free to tweet your question(s) at me with the hashtag #HRwithEM as the session is going on, and I would respond to all at the end of the session.

@hr_shapers @Gartner_HR @Gartner_inc

#COVID19 #WorkFromHome #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe
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How prepared are you Post-Covid-19
Join @Learntor & @bankealawaye Hand-holding Digital Training for 1 week - ₦10.000 90% off (₦100.000)
Sign-up 👉🏼
#learntor #workremotely #remoteworker #remotework #PostCovid19 #Nigerians #NCDC #Toke #falz
You will learn -
- Digital Marketing Fundamental
- Digital Tools (Trello, Canvas, Word-swag, Inshot, Paystack
- Fundamental on Digital Tools for Business
(Trello, Canvas, Word-swag, Inshot, G-Suite)
- How to create & curate effective Content
- Social Media Best Hacks
Sign-up 👉🏼
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Do you manage teams that are now working remotely? My 8 top tips in this thread can be returned to time and again to check you’re covering all the right bases...#remotework #virtualnotdistant #leadership @CIPD 1/9
1. Get to know your team members.

Home situations change day to day, week by week.

Juggling childcare? Live with a key worker? How’s their motivation? Do they know your expectations? Ask create opportunities for 1:1 check-ins.Ask “how are you?” Ask it twice. And mean it.
2. Set clear expectations for communication

How will they know who to ask? Ensure that the same people aren’t always the ones answering. Set up buddies. How will they know if/when people are free? Use tech to show “available/busy/do not disturb”
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🚨 Announcement: I just took over leading product for Microsoft Whiteboard on iOS.

I want to give everyone a quick update on where things are in full transparency because I believe in being customer connected and want your feedback!
Due to #COVID19 the need for #remotework and #remoteteaching tools has obviously skyrocketed, including a digital Whiteboard.

As a result, Microsoft Whiteboard iOS went from ~150 in Apple's @AppStore to #13 in US Productivity apps for iPad last weekend.
I have personally read every app review, tweet, @UserVoice comment and email we've had for Whiteboard iOS in the last 6+ months and it is clear the app needs some ❤ in the stability & bug area.

I've also become a DAILY user of the iOS app and experience this first-hand.
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Many of the long standing societal rules were re-written at times of crisis. We are undergoing one of the biggest crisis of our generation. Wonder what rules will be re-written in the post COVID world. Trying to predict few changes in the new world

Thread 1/n
AI and Digital transformation will lead the way in the post Covid world as people will finally wake up to the potential of technology in optimizing their respective businesses.
#COVID #coronovirusindia #economy #recession #IndianEconomy #startups
The de facto delivery of education will change to online mediums now that the education institutes will start seeing the potential of online education delivery. Low impact in K12, high impact in higher education.
#COVID #education #edtech
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Welcome to today's session of #HRwithEM, a weekly #TwitterSession #TweetChat to connect, learn and share career development tips and employee experience practices.

Image credit: @tameday


#COVID19 #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe #HRwithEM
Thank you for joining us this evening.

Please identify yourself and the location you are joining from, so we can acknowledge you properly.

@tameday @Talmetrix

#COVID19 #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe #HRwithEM
Feel free to tweet your question(s) at me with the hashtag #HRwithEM as the session is going on, and I would respond to all at the end of the session.

@tameday @Talmetrix

#COVID19 #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe
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PSA: To all those @zoom_us users out there in this #RemoteLearning and #RemoteWork world. If all you are going to use Zoom for is a way to broadcast you talking (I am looking at you professors), record it with something else and send it to your constituents. (1/2)
No sense in using video conferencing if you are not conferencing. Save the resources for those that need to interact with their students/colleagues. (2/2)
I recommend just a screen record or @useloom
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