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We're not past the very furthest date for services for which it would be mandatory to have a Public Services Card.
Citizens, media and politicians started asking questions shortly after this post was finished. Let's see how many have happened anyway.…
Department of Education: No access to school buses for children trying to get to their education without a #PSC.
No right of applying online for an exam appeal either.

Outcome: Nope and (I think) Nope.
Aim: Not allowed to find out online if you are eligible for dental/hearing/sight supports without a #PSC
Outcome: Nope. now allows for a 'Basic Account'. #PCS not mandatory to check anything.
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Article 38.3 of the GDPR creates a series of protections for a Data Protection Officer’s independence.

They can’t be told to do anything.They can’t be penalised for saying unwelcome things. They can’t be dismissed from their duties.

These are unique, critical protections.
Recently, @klillington nominated @DRIalerts to make a complaint on her behalf (using the process set out in Art 80 of GDPR).

The trigger was the discovery that the DPO for @welfare had been given an instruction by the Secretary-General (the top official).
The instruction wanted the Department’s Privacy Notice changed so it wouldn’t tell the public that @welfare were processing the biometric data of citizens (even though they were and still are).
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In the Dáil yesterday, the Minister admitted that the Data Protection Commission has 'particular issues' and raised 'concerns' about the legality of the Public Service Card scheme. Previously had only admitted the DPC had sought information and clarification. #PSC
This investigation is not to be confused with the other ongoing investigation into the actions of the Secretary General of the same Minister’s Department, which the DPC is also conducting.
Source for Minister’s admissions. Apologies- they’re from Wed 16th Jan, not yesterday.…
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The Dept of Social Welfare is refusing to release the DPC’s interim findings on whether the PSC is legal because they say it wouldn’t be in the public interest for us to know.

Most concerning is that the @DPCIreland seem to plan keeping their report secret too.
Thought experiment: if the report found nothing was illegal, would it be released in full, or kept hidden?
Read the whole bombshell story here.

To reiterate, the State introduced an ID card database without legislation, made it compulsory to access state services without legislative basis and is now hiding the report on the project from the public.…
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I see. In effect, the #PSC card will be required for many people to access abortion services.
I do not think this is right and proper.
I hope this is just a flash of poorly chosen words and not an effective requirement for a person trying to access abortion services to get a #PSC . Knowing your PPS number should be enough for the purpose stated- like all other medical procedures.
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Hi guys,#TGIF! 🎉💥😉

In today's #SportsLaw matters: Do you know what happens if a party who filed a Claim before #FIFA's #PSC or #DRC dies before the determination of the suit?

Right or wrong?

Our @Akinyemiesq has penned his thoughts on this. Watch this space, 7pm today. ⚽📚
Good evening, and Kick off!..

The round leather game, as fondly called, used to be a mere recreational activity which attracted some rewards by the way. However, over the last three decades or so, the commercial value of sports, particularly football, has grown astronomically.
The increase in its commercial value has occasioned a reciprocal increase in disputes between persons involved in the game; from coaches, to clubs, to players, etc.
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The Department Of Social Welfare collects and processes biometric facial recognition data, and refuses to acknowledge it.

It can’t process it if it hasn’t collected it. And the Department- if not the Minister- have known this for years.

#PSC evidence thread follows, I’m afraid
On the 5th July, the #PSC card was claiming, to the Secretary General (top official), that the Department did not process any biometric data.
So the Sec-Gen ordered the DPO’s work conceding the opposite in the Privacy Notice to be changed while he was on holiday.
Except the #PSC section was wrong. Dead wrong.

The Dept knew that the photos they collected in the #PSC database were biometric.

They said so themselves, in 2011, in their policy paper on reducing fraud.…
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Thought I’d give you a quick round up of where we are with the Public Services Card scheme. Because these things go in months or years long arcs, it can be helpful to take stock. #PSC
The #PSC project sees the Dept of Social Protection (DEASP) acting as joint Data Controller with the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (DPER) over a database of citizen’s identity, called the Single Customer View.

The PSC is the card attached to that database.
At some point in the past, DPER decided it wanted a single ID card and database which would be used throughout the public service to gain access to services- and they preferred to call it a “Public Services Card”, instead of, you know, an ID Card.
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Today’s Sunday Times (um, [insert link to print paper]) reports that the DPC’s #PSC investigation report has found @welfare_ie’s claimed legislative power

“does not provide a sound legal basis to compel people to have a card to access other public services”
As the state cannot rely on consent (as any consent could not meet the requirement for being freely given, given the power imbalance), this- if it stands- would mean that all of the processing done without another legal basis would be in breach.
I gave evidence to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Social Protection on 8th February this year, trying to warn of this self inflicted crisis.…
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Neither the Minister for Employment and Social Protection, nor- it seems- the Secretary General of the Department appear to know what Biometric Data is.

This is concerning as the Dept is the largest processor of biometric data in the State, thanks to the #PSC card database.
What we can infer is that the Depts new Data Protection Officer (whoever she or he is) *does* know the definition of Biometric Data and so they put it in the Privacy Notice that they were processing it.
(That’s a thing you have to do now, per GDPR)
We know the Minister has asserted that the Dept of Employment and Social Protection doesn’t collect biometric data. At all. (Small video of just the most recent of those statements)

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The State continues to be, imo, entirely disingenuous about the #psc rollout and is still pushing it through without proper legal basis or authority so that it reaches critical mass.

One thing is clear: they are avoiding any binding decisions on the PSC. #thread

📷: @DRIalerts
You might recall that, since @RSAIreland backtracked on requiring #PSC for driving licences, passports are effectively the last non-social welfare holdout on mandatory/compulsory use.

This type of requirement is what takes it from mere "token" to de facto ID card.
At every step along the way over the past 12 months or so, in my experience, the authorities have backed down when challenged. The difficulty is that they find a different, non-PSC, reason to back down.
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If I might seek to provide some light relief from #GE17 snow clouds,

I FOI’d the Ministerial Agreement On Data Processing underpinning the #PSC and.. um, it was never signed by or on behalf of the Ministers.

And it also may have lapsed in Feb 2016.…
This is quite significant. Irish Water relied on their Schedule 5 status to collect PPS Numbers. (the same basis @welfare_ie used to justify DPER Processing data on their behalf.)

Then they had to destroy all those records when they couldn’t produce a Ministerial Agreement.
The 2014 Agreement starts off as an Agreement between Ministers (as you might expect).
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I’ve received a copy of the Data Processor agreement between the Minister for Social Protection and the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform. Dated 17th Feb 2014
The first surprising thing is that it is neither signed by either Minister nor for and on their behalf. It’s signed for and on behalf of the Departments, by officials.
The major surprise comes when you see what the Agreement actually covers. The use the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform may put the Data is very minimal.

Solely to produce “data quality reports”.
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