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A key question for #DataProtection watchers in Ireland today is: “How much did @DPCIreland actually get? (And how much did they look for?)”

We have had nearly 5 years of appreciable upping of DPC budget from €1.5M in 2014 to the present €15.2M. 1/n
2/n But the office is still under manned and regularly outgunned even though it is de facto regulator for much of world’s personal data. Also, comparing to the Financial Regulator pre-crash, @DPCIreland is still less than 30% the resource levels that were keeping an eye on banks
3/n However, @DPCIreland has picked a huge fight (rightly) with @IRLDeptPER over #MyGovId. But @IRLDeptPER allocates the budgets to public bodies. So, there is a HUGE risk of the independence of the Office being attacked by pulling in the purse strings.
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.@DPCIreland Helen Dixon is up in front of the Public Accounts Committee, starting now. Ostensibly to discuss the commission's accounts for 2018. However, you can also expect a certain not-a-national-ID-card to have a starring role #PSC Watch here:…
@DPCIreland Commissioner's opening statement:
@DPCIreland Sinn Fein's David Cullinane probing Dixon about when fines of €1 million under GDPR can come into play. "The DPC decides and adjudicates in terms of the fine, and the court applies fine if there is no appeal," Dixon says
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#PSC debate kicking off in the Dail, @ReginaDo up first…
@ReginaDo .@willieodeaLIVE calling strongly for sight of the Government's "incredibly strong" legal advice regarding @welfare_ie's response to the DPC report #PSC Would be very interesting indeed to see that advice
@ReginaDo @willieodeaLIVE @welfare_ie The department's response "creates the impression that if a company in future is ruled against it can enlist the aid of the government and can get that decision overturned" - O'Dea #PSC
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A general comment: DEASP are making a great deal of noise about their survey on #PSC. It's mad popular they tell us.
So is not paying taxes. We'd all love not to do that. But if you decide not to pay taxes, no matter how popular that is, Revenue have words. Popular != Legal.
Page 5: Cites some of the history of the card. That's nice. However, the debate (as @ciananbrennan has pointed out) the dail record of the debate is worth reading

And what the history ignores is that #DataProtection law has evolved since 1998.
On page 6, the Dept makes a comment that people have wanted the use of #PSC expanded. Again - perceived popularity != legal basis.

So far what I get is "this might be a good idea with merit that should have been done properly".
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We finally have the @DPCIreland report on the #PSC released by @welfare_ie…

Tweeting as I read... (1/)
@DPCIreland @welfare_ie The forward has some interesting framing, reminding us that 1) Data Protection isn't just privacy, 2) the #PSC project has been worrying people with concerns for a long time, and 3) it's not just about a card, it's about a "Citizen Registration System" (2/)
@DPCIreland @welfare_ie Page 6 (still in the forward) already mentions the issue of biometric data and the use of facial recognition for "fraud prevention" (I'm not going to put full image descriptions on the screencaps here, but will try to cite pages of the text.) (3/)
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A few points #PSC 1) I wonder what this new finding will be? For context, the report as to the biometric nature of the card was originally intended to form part of the main report, but has been delayed til the end of the year to give @welfare_ie a chance to respond to it, as... wasn't contained in the interim report delivered in August of last year. 2) Arguing that a finding of an independent regulator has no legal force... where do you start with that? Do they think the coming enforcement notice is also toothless? It just smacks of pure...
... distraction and spin. 3) The Acts are indeed no longer in place, as the investigation began pre-GDPR. Are they suggesting they'd sooner be investigated under GDPR? Because they'd get filleted. The whole thing is just so, so wrongheaded #PSC
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The Minister accidentally gave out enough information on Morning Ireland to identify the “very strong legal basis” she asserts the #PSC card has.

It is
1) Not Strong
2) Not a legal basis.

Good spot by @ciananbrennan
As he outlines, there’s no parallel requirement to *get* a #PSC.

But more basically, this isn’t how EU law works. The State is constrained in passing national laws. Any laws it passes have to be read in conjunction with all of EU law.

Where there’s a clash, EU law rules.
A general provision permitting data processing by the state is therefore subject to EU law’s restriction of such processing.

Only processing which is necessecary & proportionate is legitimate.

Can’t provide a national legal basis for unnecessary or disproportionate processing.
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Hello and welcome to my PSC thread entitled

“I told ye so, so I did.”
Here is the Irish Times report on that bombshell #PSC set of findings by the DPC…
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SR @Alston_UNSR, what we see around the world, governments developing surveillance systems don't subject the middle class to the issues. that 'we have problems with the poor - welfare fraud, crime etc' means the poor are very often guinea pigs for new programs.
@Alston_UNSR Per SR @Alston_UNSR what we are dealing with today is very different from what could have been envisioned a few decades ago. Tech including algorithms and machine learning, transforms conversations about issues like the public services card.
@Alston_UNSR Per SR @Alston_UNSR the fact that tech allows for greater in roads into our privacy doesn't mean that governments can act irresponsibly or unaccountably.
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Thread. The Data Protection Commissioner is before the Justice Committee right now and we expect the committee will be raising the #PublicServicesCard and the DPC’s investigation into it. Tune in here to watch:…
While waiting for the public session, I'll congratulate @thekhrc for their Moday win when Kenya’s high court suspended the mandatory roll out of NIIMS. The #NIIMSCase deals with a national identity registration system with parallel data protection concerns to the #PSC @INCLOnet
For those hoping to understand identity systems more generally, @privacyint has a handy three part explainer:…
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Hi guys,#TGIF! 🎉💥😉

In today's #SportsLaw matters: Do you know what happens if a party who filed a Claim before #FIFA's #PSC or #DRC dies before the determination of the suit?

Right or wrong?

Our @Akinyemiesq has penned his thoughts on this. Watch this space, 7pm today. ⚽📚
Good evening, and Kick off!..

The round leather game, as fondly called, used to be a mere recreational activity which attracted some rewards by the way. However, over the last three decades or so, the commercial value of sports, particularly football, has grown astronomically.
The increase in its commercial value has occasioned a reciprocal increase in disputes between persons involved in the game; from coaches, to clubs, to players, etc.
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The State continues to be, imo, entirely disingenuous about the #psc rollout and is still pushing it through without proper legal basis or authority so that it reaches critical mass.

One thing is clear: they are avoiding any binding decisions on the PSC. #thread

📷: @DRIalerts
You might recall that, since @RSAIreland backtracked on requiring #PSC for driving licences, passports are effectively the last non-social welfare holdout on mandatory/compulsory use.

This type of requirement is what takes it from mere "token" to de facto ID card.
At every step along the way over the past 12 months or so, in my experience, the authorities have backed down when challenged. The difficulty is that they find a different, non-PSC, reason to back down.
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