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🎤🎵 Unmatched Lyricism: "#TheEminemShow" showcases Eminem's unparalleled lyrical prowess. His clever wordplay, rapid-fire delivery, and raw honesty captivate listeners, making each verse a lyrical masterpiece

#HipHop #Rap #MusicReview #RapGod #WithoutMe #TillICollapse #TES
👇 ImageImageImageImage
🎯🎶 Diverse Range of Tracks: The album offers a diverse range of tracks, each with its own unique flavor. From intense and aggressive songs like "Without Me" and "Business" to heartfelt and introspective tracks like "Cleanin' Out My Closet" and "Sing for the Moment,"Versatile Em
🎭🎶 Personal and Emotional Depth: Eminem's ability to delve deep into his personal life and share his raw emotions is a standout aspect of the album. Tracks like "White America" and "Hailie's Song" offer glimpses into his struggles, successes, and his role as a father.
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Excited to share our new manuscript on a novel #neuropeptide family that regulates #feeding across #evolution. Kudos to @Pat_TFrancisco for tackling this challenging project and coming up with the name @marmite . #homeostasis… 1/22
Also kudos to all our collaborators @TastekinIbrahim @EzraGili @fern1_ana @BartDeplancke @albinojorgemai @alisson_gontijo which allowed us to expand the scope of our study and contributed critical insights. It takes a village 2/22
The sequencing of #genomes has been a major milestone in #biology. We have precise maps of the #genome of animals and we think that we know all the major players. Especially the conserved ones which are so important that most animals have them. But is it really like that? 3/22
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#HipHop #Rap by @spazio_nello NYin the 90's
NY raramente è stata l'epicentro di una scena musicale, può decretarne il successo, ma difficilmente un nuovo genere si afferma a NY, troppa critica, troppa competizione, niente unisce i newyorkesi come parlare male di altri newyorkesi. Image
a questa ineluttabile verità sfugge l'hip hop rap, nato a NY, cresciuto nei 5 quartieri, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, germogliato in tutti gli States e nel resto del mondo, nei 90 diventa la colonna sonora della città
Bastano poche rime e ogni fan capisce da quale quartiere l'MC provenga, un ascolto veloce dei #MobbDeep e del loro fondamentale The Infamous, 95, per capire che Prodigy e Havoc vengono dal Queens come Nas e Raekwon, ospiti qui:
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🔥¡Ya está disponible la #CajaNegra de @rusherkingg con @juleiva! 📦⬛️

@rusherkingg @juleiva 🗣 @rusherkingg en #CajaNegra 📦⬛️: "Siempre me gustó el #Freestyle, pero ser cantante lo decidí hace seis años".

🎬 ¡Prendete al ESTRENO! 👉… 🎬
@rusherkingg @juleiva 💬 "Nunca hubo nada que me llene. Pero cuando conocí el #Freestyle dije 'esto me encanta'", dice @rusherkingg en #CajaNegra 📦⬛️ con 🗣 @juleiva.
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Finally, the #GoldacreReview is published! (During Parliamentary Easter holidays, mid-ping-pong on the #HealthAndCareBill...)

It's 221 pages - each PDF page is a double page spread - so this could be a lo-o-o-ong [Thread].

Here goes...
First point to note, in the Terms of Reference (p5), is that this is about "access to #NHSdata by #researchers, #commissioners, and #innovators" - i.e. #Planning and #CommercialReUse - so it is directly relevant to the operation of millions of people's #NationalDataOptOuts... Terms of reference for the review  1. How do we facilitate a
"185 wide-ranging recommendations for us to explore", says @sajidjavid (p6). Gulp! Time for some coffee...

"systems that ensure #underrepresented groups are well represented" may (partly) refer to this "landmark review", which got off to a slow start:… The far-reaching independent review into potential ethnic bi
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#EnjoyEnjaami பாடல்: அறிவு
குக்கூ குக்கூ
தாத்தா தாத்தா களவெட்டி
குக்கூ குக்கூ
பொந்துல யாரு மீன் கொத்தி
குக்கூ குக்கூ
தண்ணியில் ஓடும் தவளக்கி
குக்கூ குக்கூ
கம்பளி பூச்சி தங்கச்சி
அள்ளி மலர்க்கொடி அங்கதமே
ஓட்டரே ஓட்டரே சந்தனமே
முல்லை மலர்க்கொடி முத்தாரமே
எங்கூரு எங்கூரு குத்தாலமே
சுருக்கு பையம்மா
வெத்தலை மட்டையம்மா
சொமந்த கையம்மா
மத்தளம் கோட்டுயம்மா
தாயம்மா தாயம்மா
என்ன பண்ண மாயம்மா
வள்ளியம்மா பேராண்டி
சங்கதியை கூறேண்டி
கண்ணாடியே காணோடி
இந்தர்ரா பேராண்டி
அன்னைக்கிளி அன்னைக்கிளி
அடி ஆலமரக்கிளை வண்ணக்கிளி
நல்லபடி வாழச்சொல்லி இந்த
மண்ணை கொடுத்தானே பூர்வகுடி
கம்மங்கரை காணியெல்லாம்
பாடி திரிஞ்சானே ஆதிக்குடி
நாய் நரி பூனைக்கெல்லாம்
இந்த ஏரிகுளம் கூட சொந்தமடி
Enjoy எஞ்சாமி
வாங்கோ வாங்கோ ஒன்னாகி
அம்மா ஏ அம்பாரி
இந்த இந்த மும்மாரி
Enjoy எஞ்சாமி
வாங்கோ வாங்கோ ஒன்னாகி
அம்மா ஏ அம்பாரி
இந்த இந்த மும்மாரி
குக்கூ குக்கூ
முட்டைய போடும் கோழிக்கு
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yesterday was an important day for all females, and nobody knows how or why yet.
if u happened to be paying attention, there is a way for me to show u, how everything works.
Iam censored + isolated on Twitter, so iam waiting on other things.
problem is, I have2duet2day
People think they know what iam up to, but that is actually not possible, because I do knot pre plan anything, and just work with the flow.
that doesn't mean iam not affecting things, but I never challenge who is, + if u have been paying attention, u know:
If I wait any longer2give u this gift, I risk missing this deadline, and won't ever be able to use this way again.
Today is special because:
#Numerology Is the most prominent #Religion existing.
#Numerology dictates what is #Universal #Law because so many accept it.
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Thread sur la #logistique dans le #rap français. Si les "palettes-transpalettes" ont remplacé l'ouvrier à la chaîne dans les punchlines, c'est parce que le rap a su intégrer une transformation fondamentale des mondes ouvriers occidentaux... Image
Alors qu'on scandait la "fin des ouvriers" dans le débat public (et parfois dans la recherche) le rap bien compris que le monde ouvrier s'est seulement déplacé, de l'usine aux entrepôts notamment. Comme on dit, "les vrais savent" #1ersConcernés Image
On commence avec @ktgorique qui condense dans son dernier titre le décalage entre aspirations et usure des corps: "Je suis cassé comme un porteur de palettes, mais jsuis née pour briller comme Dimitri Payet"
#logisticsflow @ktgorique888 @dimpayet17
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☀️ 🎧 Plusieurs de nos séries estivales sont désormais disponibles en intégralité au téléchargement ! Découvrez la liste complète ici :…

... ou plus bas dans ce thread ;) Image
#Présidents - En attendant l’élection présidentielle américaine en novembre 2020, @FabSintes dresse le portrait de 8 présidents américains. En incarnant à un moment l’histoire de leur pays, ils nous aident à mieux comprendre le président actuel des USA…
@FabSintes "40 ans de rap français" : @ericetquentin mettent en lumière les enjeux du #rap au moyen d'archives, de témoignages et de scénettes radiophoniques...
🎧 Ecoutez les 9 épisodes :…
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🔥🔥🔥Time to expose these hypocrites now,#StandWithKashmir who are playing with the emotions of Kashmiri people, spreading hatred. @AdityaRajKaul @TheWolfpackIN @dograjournalist

Here Is another Pak paid puppet #Rifatwani poisoning the minds of youth and spreading hatred.
@KashmirFocus @AdityaRajKaul @satish_nee @nee_el
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#THREAD! 1/x | [Foto: Copperfield ein Dreck dagegen: #Naidoo bestaunt die magischen Fähigkeiten #Grabinger s, Quelle: Screenshot Youtube/ „Digitaler Chronist Alternative“]
2/x XARES? Mein Buch #ChaozeOne: #Spielverderber - Mein Leben zwischen #Rap & #Antifa​ erzählt eine Geschichte, die mir heute wieder in den Sinn kam. @samydeluxe fragte mich 2012 in seiner #Kunstwerkstatt, wo ich mit Irie Révoltés​ an den Aufnahmen zu „#Allez“ saß,
3/x in welcher Stadt ich leben würde. Meine Antwort brachte ihn zum Strahlen. „#Mannheim“, freute er sich, „wie #Xavier“. Wahrscheinlich wollte er nett sein und ein bisschen Konversation mit Kunden betreiben, mir aber blieb mein Käsebrot im Hals stecken. Denn in meiner
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Artists... Recording quality affects your songs as much as almost anything else so I'm gonna start a thread with basic recording tips, tricks and recommendations. I'll be adding to it from time to time. You can reply to them with any questions and I'll try to respond asap...
The mic level shouldn't be above or in the red (peaking/clipping) on your channel's meter inside your DAW (app/program). Also no red light should light up on your mic preamp. The waveform should look like the one on top in this pic. The one on the bottom will sound distorted... Image
If you're recording from home then most likely your environment isn't optimal for recording, even with a homemade recording booth. Your vocal bouncing off the walls back into your mic and noises in your room, like a computer fan, degrade the sound quality
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Aussi bien que du temps de leur premier Ep (Que la famille, 2015) avec le titre "Lala" ou dans "Porte de Mesrine" au sein du Monde Chico (2015), et désormais avec "Blanka" dans le nouvel album, PNL a une utilisation unique de cuivres mélancoliques
qui semble révéler la profondeur spleenesque de sa musique. Comme si au fond, PNL était une reprise du "mal du siècle" des romantiques du XIXe siècle amendé et reformulé avec l'économie des mots d'un rap taiseux et anti-bavard.
Un rap "de l'intérieur", rappelant cette "jeunesse soucieuse sur un monde en ruines", qu'évoquait Musset et qui ne finit pas ses phrases parce qu'il lui suffit de dire "ma vie, ma vie..." pour que ceux ayant vécu pareille chose comprennent le sens de ces points de suspension.
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Going through the list of the DOT's Small Community Air Service Development (SCASD) winners for 2018. Begin thread :)
Farmington, NM, #FMN won a grant to support new service to either DEN, LAX, PHX or SLC opb SkyWest Airlines.

The market was historically connected to both #DEN and #PHX into the 2000s. AWA service in 2002:…
La Crosse, WI, #LSE received a grant to add service to an "eastern hub" with backing by SkyWest. Primary target is restoring Delta service to #DTW.
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