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Way back in June 2020, I filed a public information request for @IDEAschools CFO Wyatt Truscheit's expense reports.

IDEA stalled for more than a year and sued @TXAG to keep the documents under wraps.

Today, though, some of the details surfaced in a civil lawsuit #rgv Image
Truscheit worked for @IDEAschools from 2009 to 2020.

Truscheit, though, didn't live in Texas.

He lived in California — and IDEA paid all expenses related to his "bi-weekly commuting."

I wanted to know how much that cost. ImageImage
Truscheit abruptly resigned less than three weeks after I requested his expense reports.… Image
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NextDecade flipped a 1 mtpa HOA with China's Guangdong Energy into a 20-year SPA for its proposed Rio Grande LNG

Project total sold remains at 7.75 mtpa. The company needs to reach 11 mtpa for a final investment decision on the first two trains.

#LNG #ONGT #NatGas #Shale #RGV
Correction: Project total sold is now at 7.25 mtpa.
Footnote: Rio Grande LNG faces a large coalition of opponents
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Discussion this morning on local sources of power (aka distributed energy resources or DERs) at the @PUCTX. Cmsr McAdams has engaged w/ stakeholders on a pilot. He proposes a 3 step plan. First step set up an informal workshop on Monday July 11
#txlege #energytwitter 1/
In the 7/11 workshops, McAdams wants to consider key goals and objectives to be achieved in the pilot. Will consider scale, duration, participation, and reliability. Depending on feedback from stakeholders, Cmsrs McAdams and Glotfelty would summarize consensus in a memo (cont) 2/
... which will then be considered in open meeting July 14. Workshop is by invitaiton only. If members of the public or stakeholders want to participate they can reach out to Cmsr. McAdams staff leading the project.
#txenergy 3/
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@BetoORourke - The #RioGrandeValley #RGV is turning RED because the GOP did NOT want the people focused on #Covid! So they focused all the RGV ills on the wall…#DidYouKnow that The RGV has suffered tremendous # of deaths? Why? Because the GOP told them not to focus on Covid!
GOP did this to support Trumps narrative-that Covid was no big deal when he knew it was deadly SO he focused on the WALL!

#RGV Counties Covid Deaths
• Cameron 2,021 (1 out of 209 people)
• Hidalgo 3,515 (1 out of 223)
• Starr 364 (1 out of 178)
• Willacy (1 out of 164)
Abbott followed Trump’s lead because #Texans were dying! Wall & then National Guard to direct attention from Covid deaths in #RGV!

Here’s a stark contrast: I live in Fort Bend County & the FBC deaths are (1 out of 657 people) 3-4 times less! Why?
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@PUCTX meeting starts in a few minutes (9:30CT). Lots of agenda items, including one (#52373) on the future of the ERCOT electric market w/ major customer cost and reliability implications. I'll tweet about it here.
Livestream here:…
#txlege #txenergy
I put together two threads on the staff memo with the proposed changes.
For reference, the memo is here:…
Explanation of Phase 1 proposals here
Explanation of Phase 2 proposals here:

There are lots of members of the public in the room with what appear to be paper mache power lines (hard to tell from the feed). Public comment period was changed to 10:30, would normally be at 9:30.

Market design changes will be discussed at the end of the meeting.
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ERCOT's Jones tells Carrollton City Council: Generation fleet lost 50,000MW because of equipment failure and lack of fuel supply. That's equal to all of California's peak and was more than half of Texas' entire generation fleet.
#txlege #txenergy
When we lose supply, we have turn to the load side to keep balance. We turn to large facilities that have given us the ability to turn down their usage. (he's talking about #demandresponse which we need more of!!!) Once that's exhausted we have to turn off residential customers.
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The Texas House will be debating the proposed map for their 150 legislative districts, #HB1, & at least 70 floor amendments soon.

See the quoted tweet for their starting point.

Here are the pre-filed amendments:…

We'll be live-tweeting on this🧵. #txlege
While we wait for floor debate, take a look at our video primer below for how the latest Texas House plan impacts different regions, partisanship, and control of the lower chamber in the upcoming election cycles. #txlege #redistricting
Right before the session gets really started today, Speaker @DadePhelan administers the oath of office for new #HD10 state Rep. @brianeharrison. This will bring the body to 149 members w/1 vacancy in the pending #HD118 runoff. #txlege
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Today, the Texas Senate is expected to consider the committee substitute for #SB6, the proposed map for Texas' 38 congressional districts, and several floor amendments.

We'll be live-tweeting on this 🧵 once it begins. Follow along:…
#txlege #redistricting
Here's what #SB6, the proposed Congressional map (PLANC2116), currently looks like as voted out by the Senate #Redistricting Committee.

Viewer:… #txlege Image
There were 12 pre-filed amendments for #SB6, the proposed TX Congressional map: #txlege #redistricting
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#Redistricting cmte hearings today.

Senate will be voting on #SB6, proposed congressional maps, & amendments. Stream:…

House will be hearing #HB1, proposed state House maps, cmte amendments & surprisingly voting it out today. Live-tweeting here. #txlege
Redistricting Chair @toddahunter said the plan (PLANH2101) creates a new AfAm majority district & 2 new Hispanic majority districts (38 total).

Hunter also claims the new House maps were drawn w/out using CVAP (estimated citizenship voting age population). #txlege #HB1
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I went up to Kansas to talk to folks at Trust Women clinic about the Texas abortion ban - including a woman who had to travel overnight.…
2/I also spoke with protesters outside the Wichita clinic who said they were encouraged by the Texas abortion ban. Image
3/“They told us to get ready because people are going to come from south and all over to get here,” said Joseph Elmore, 73, who was protesting outside the Kansas clinic. ImageImageImage
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Work session at the @PUCTX on rolling outages, load shedding, and transmission starting momentarily. I'll tweet some of the major takeaways here.
You can watch here:…
Speaker slides here…
Agenda below
#txlege #txenergy #energytwitter Image
@AEPTexas said they had 11 critical load customers before the storm in Feb, 171 now. 160 facilities didn't fill out a 2 page form pre-Feb. Wow.

This adds new detail to this from @byjayroot @jblackmanChron @Dexinvestigates #txlege…
@TNMP had 2 gas facilities registered as critical infrastructure before the storm. Now has 177. This really is stunning. They're a small player but have a significant Permian footprint.
#txlege #txenergy #TexasBlackouts Image
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There are big changes coming to #ERCOT. Are they the right changes? Are they enough? And what do we know about it so far? @PUCTX and @ERCOT_ISO held a press conference today. Some thoughts on the presser and other recent events below. #txlege #txenergy 1/…
Been a busy month: The presser today, along with a 7/1 PUC work session and 7/13 Senate hearing, And another @PUCTX workshop this Monday on transmission planning and how rotating outages/load shedding are done. Agenda & presentations were posted today 2/…
Additionally, the ERCOT Roadmap with 60 action items (aka the 60 points of light) was released last week plus @EnergyUT's report on causes of the Feb outages. Whew. 3/……
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Happening now: our own @RobertoAleLopez joins @BetoORourke @RepRaulGrijalva @RepFilemonVela + border leaders call on @POTUS to:
#NotAnotherFoot #TearDownThisWall
“Today marks 68 days since the Biden administration took executive action to place the border wall on pause and initiate a 60 day review for the appropriated and redirected resources.” - @RobertoAleLopez
"During this review period #RGV border justice advocates like myself sent a letter to @POTUS & cabinet members urging them to:
-Cancel the contracts
-Dismiss all cases
-Restore+revest the land
-Consult with communities instead of giving $ to DHS.
But this hasn’t yet happened."
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The last few days have been really hard for millions of Texans, and that includes our members who are colonia residents in the #RGV. Historic freezes have left so many of us without electricity. And we know that low-income Black and brown families are always hit hardest.
That’s why the LUPE team quickly moved into action. Today we secured 225 gift cards for colonia residents who need a warm meal, a hotel for a night, blankets, or a space heater. Thank you to everyone who contributed to making this happen. We did this together.
Time and time again, it is proven that our solidarity is what keeps us safe when the government fails to fulfill its basic responsibilities to protect us and create healthy and safe communities.
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A few more clips of interviews at the Trump rally in McAllen today:

Lary Gilliam said though he wasn’t able to get a good look at the president, he was more than happy to show support for who he calls “the greatest president we have had in my lifetime.”

@monitornews #RGV
Marcia Martinez was the only one holding a Biden Harris sign in south McAllen this morning. She said she was there to honor Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick — one of the five who died at the Capitol insurrection last week.
Here’s why Gary, a member of True Patriots, a local conservative group, supports Trump:
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Trump supporters have already congregated in McAllen, close to the airport President Trump is scheduled to land later this afternoon. From here, he will drive to Alamo.

I’ll be on the field today, covering the local supporters & protesters showing up for the president’s visit.
This will be Trump’s first public appearance after the deadly insurrection at the Capitol last week. McAllen native Stephanie Seiba, who let me know she is the daughter of immigrants, does not believe it should be called an insurrection. #RGV @monitornews
This man took the opportunity to crack a joke as a UPS truck passed by. I’d say about 150 people are here, and around half are wearing masks. @monitornews #RGV
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The talk in Texas this week: What the heck happened in the #RGV, which saw a hard swing toward Trump after generations of loyal Democratic ubiquity.

Understanding that will be key to Dem futures as they try to turn TX blue & keep a broad U.S. constituency…
Starr County saw the biggest shift to the right of any county in the U.S.

Lifelong Dems who voted for Trump included the Lazo fam, who sold Trump knives in their mattress store. They feared Biden would hurt oil jobs & hoped Trump would help small biz
Some RGC voters said they knew Trump, but not Biden. Some were swayed by abortion. Others, in a region where law enforcement jobs are high paying, dislike anti-police movements.

They hate the border wall, they said, but Trump didn't successfully build much in TX, so, so what?
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Want to hear about the situation in the #RGV and #Texas during #COVID19 - of course you do! Also, check out my books in the background, including titles by my @latimes colleagues, my uncle, grandmother and mother.
Also, that drawing to my right is by Rey Rodriguez, one of my neighbors in Roma…
The painting on my left I bought in #Baghdad in 2006
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Been off for a few days, but still marveling at what my colleagues on the ProPublica/Texas Tribune unit have produced in the last week or so!
Thanks to dogged reporting from @KiahCollier and @renLarson_, a Silicon Valley lender announced it would drop pandemic-era lawsuits against borrowers and cap interest rates at 36%. Opportun Inc. only took action after Kiah and Ren started asking questions…
@KiahCollier @renLarson_ .@Perla_Trevizo teamed up with @Mike_Hixenbaugh to show that during June as many as 65% of newly hospitalized patients in Houston were Hispanic, a disproportionate toll that is ravaging families and communities.…
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The latest: Column One: #Coronavirus has torn the tight-knit #Texas #RioGrandeValley apart: ‘We’re in hell right now’…
Thanks to @DHRhealth including Dr. Efraim Vela shown here with @Carolyn_Cole after taking us to see a #COVID19 positive mother and her baby Image
And here’s a story we ran a couple years ago for those unfamiliar with the #RGV…
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Lots of death in the #RGV due to #COVID19 which took me to a beautiful cemetery full of vivid gravestones, including: Image
The Kangol cap Image
If you’ve ever spent a holiday here, you understand Image
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THREAD: Today, we're joining with @DeedsActionFund, @naraltx, @PPTXVotes, and @texrising to take a stand and oppose state Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr. in the March Democratic Primary.

It's time for #SucioLucio to retire.
#txlege #RGV
@DeedsActionFund @naraltx @PPTXVotes @texrising 2/ #SucioLucio has a well-known record of supporting discrimination against LGBTQ+ Texans, opposing women’s right to make their own reproductive health care decisions, and scheming to take money away from public schools. #txlege #RGV
3/ #SucioLucio was the only Democrat to support Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s transphobic “bathroom bill” and other legislation to justify discrimination against LGBTQ+ Texans. #txlege #RGV…
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Not only does @CBP violate the law by returning asylum seekers to almost certain persecution, but it violates even its own policies set by @DHSgov meant to provide even a bare minimum of protection. @clarychka, @espinosa_rios and I at @hrw have repeatedly documented such cases.
@CBP @DHSgov @clarychka @espinosa_rios @hrw Here's more from @espinosa_rios on what asylum seekers with disabilities and health conditions forced by @DHSgov to wait in Mexican border cities face there, none of which would be possible without the collaboration of MX's @lopezobrador_ administration.…
@CBP @DHSgov @clarychka @espinosa_rios @hrw @lopezobrador_ The cases from this report are based on research we did in Ciudad Juarez across the border from El Paso, meaning this @CBP failure is not limited to the #RGV, but I have continued to document asylum seekers w/ disabilities/health conditions being expelled to cities in Tamaulipas.
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For #DirtyImmigrationLawyers who've listened to the government's arguments in Flores, this oral argument is particularly satisfying:…

Ninth Circuit judges find themselves "mystified" at Ms. Fabian's explanation of the government's interpretation.
"You're really gonna stand up and tell us is that being able to sleep isn't a condition of safe and sanitary conditions." - Judge Berzon, on DOJ's appeal of decisions affecting CBP hold rooms in the #RGV
Also, a bit of news, as these things go, Ms. Fabian told the 9th circuit that while the notice & comment period on the Flores regulations has closed, she's not aware of when the final regs will be promulgated.
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