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THREAD: TTF month-ahead prices jumped from a low at €23/MWh early June to an intraday high at almost €50/MWh yesterday. In the weekly @Energyscan_egm podcast, I discuss about the main drivers behind this spectacular rebound #gas #LNG #ONGT 1/10…
First element behind the rally has been the reduction in #LNG supply to Europe, following the drop in TTF prices below Asian spot LNG prices that opened some arbitrage opportunities. Nevertheless, Europe LNG supply still sits at healthy levels. 2/10 Image
Then the planned outage affecting the Nyhamna gas processing plant in #Norway with a 80 mm cm/day impact on export capacity has been extended twice: by a week on June 9 and then by 24 days on June 13. 3/10…
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Observed power nominations on pipes in the Southeast rose to 6.4-6.5 Bcf/d the last two days, and these will likely move higher as the cold sets in. #natgas #ongt Image
As demand began to increase, South Central gas flows to the Southeast recovered to 8 Bcf/d in the past two days. #natgas #ongt Image
Along the South Central to Southeast corridor, Florida Gas Transmission is now flowing 2.2-2.3 Bcf/d eastbound across the Mississippi state line. #natgas #ongt Image
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Columbia Gulf will be conducting pigging runs “between Hampshire and Corinth Compressor Stations and between Delhi and Alexandria Compressor Stations beginning Wednesday, February 1, 2023, through Thursday, February 9, 2023.” #natgas #ongt Image
Flows at the Corinth Segment could be reduced as much as 0.8 Bcf/d during the event, depending how low OpCap is during the maintenance period. #natgas #ongt Image
Alexandra CS flows will also face limitations, with the OpCap range of 1.95-2.5 Bcf/d coming in well below the recent throughput of 2.6-2.8 Bcf/d. #natgas #ongt Image
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Freeport LNG is now waiting for FERC approval to start cooling down a portion of their Loop 1 LNG line, which will take 11 days after they are given clearance to begin. As of this morning, Coastal Bend was not delivering any gas into the facility. #natgas #ongt #lng
Marginal feed gas flows to Freeport could occur at some point in February, but LNG Storage Tank 3 will likely remain down for an extended period as there is still quite a bit of work tied to that portion of the terminal. #natgas #ongt #lng
We cannot yet determine when a restart will truly occur, but the rough timeline for reaching 2 Bcf/d will be 1-2 months from that point (based on the initial November plan that Freeport rolled out.) #natgas #ongt #lng
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What is California is getting itself into?
#ongt #natgas
Bay Area bureaucrats and politicians are talking about banning even #naturalgas water heaters and furnaces... Electric heating costs are higher. San Francisco will pay 2.5x more for electric heating than gas.…
3/ and San Diego to make a retroactive mandate costing consumers tens of thousands of dollars whether they want #NaturalGas or not, all the while putting additional strain on the electricity grid.
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ERCOT’s hourly loads are projected to peak at 70.1 GW tomorrow at 8 am, which is above the peak rates seen during Winter Storm Uri in 2021 (69.2 GW.) #natgas #ongt #ercot
The ISO’s stack has evolved since Uri, and solar is expected to contribute 2.8 GW early tomorrow morning before lifting to 8 GW during the day (well above the Feb-21 rates of 1 GW.) #natgas #ongt #ercot
Meanwhile, wind generation will peak at 25 GW late this afternoon as the front blows in, but it will rapidly fall after that, with the resource projected near 12 GW as power loads peak tomorrow morning. #natgas #ongt #ercot
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PJM coal burns rose again today, reaching 27.6 GW as natural gas units ran at 41.9 GW. #natgas #ongt #pjm #power Image
Coal usage ramped last night as PJM’s wind assets weakened substantially. #natgas #ongt #pjm #power Image
PJM’s coal inventories climbed +335 GWh during the week ending December 19, which pushed total inventories to nearly 37K GWh. #natgas #ongt #pjm #power Image
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EU natural gas demand in November was 24% below the five-year average, early @ICISOfficial data shows. A month before, in October, consumption was also 24% below the average. 1/5
#natgas #TTF #ONGT
Demand cuts of a similar order of magnitude were achieved by the EU’s two largest gas-consuming member states.
German demand in November was 23% below average, whereas in October savings were 26%. 2/5
Italian gas demand was 21% lower than the five-year average in November, having been 23% a month earlier.
In non-EU Great Britain, gas demand was 19% below its five-year average in November, having been 24% a month earlier. 3/5
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1/ Freeport Updates: Facility nominations have continued to roll in at 2-8 Mmcf/d with the final cycle nominations, and today’s early noms performed their normal ramp-up higher to 85 MMcf/d, which is very likely to be revised down this evening. #natgas #ongt #lng Image
2/ The Prism Brilliance LNG Tanker that was anchored near Freeport LNG has changed its listed destination port from Freeport Anchorage to the Galveston Offshore Lightering Area (GOLA), which is located a bit farther off the coast than Freeport Anchorage.
#natgas #ongt #lng Image
3/ Freeport still lists the Prism Diversity and Prism Courage for arrival on October 28 and November 1, but the Seapeak Methane tanker was removed from the arrivals list. #natgas #ongt #lng Image
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European Commission Proposes Package of Emergency Energy Measures.
EU Proposes Rules to Launch Joint Gas Buying Among EU Countries. Joint Gas Buying Would Need to Cover 15% of Volumes Needed to Meet EU Storage Filling Targets in Winter 2023, Would Not Buy Russian Gas.
EU Proposes Bloc's Energy Regulator Should Launch New Liquefied Natural Gas Price Benchmark by 31 March 2023. EU Energy Regulator Acer Would Be Required to Start Daily Lng Price Assessment Two Weeks After Eu Proposal Becomes Law.
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Casually or not, the #Baltic & North Sea region is getting riskier during the last 24hours.

🇳🇴🇬🇧Norway declared the risk of drones over its gas & oil offshore platforms.
🇩🇰Denmark reported several gas leaks on #NordStream 1 and 2.
🇷🇺'000s of Russians refugees.

Certainly, the #Article5 is clear. But seems like #Russia is doing hybrids interventions exploiting some gray areas.

Pipelines (left) and tankers (right) are vulnerable.🧵
The North Sea has an important development of 512 offshore platforms. Static targets.

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Uniper and Woodside Sign Pact for LNG Supply to Europe.
#ONGT #natgas #LNG
Uniper: LNG to be supplied is >0.8m tons per year.
#ONGT #natgas #LNG
Uniper: Woodside will supply LNG to Europe starting January 2023 up until 2039 under flexible long-term sale and purchase agreement. New agreement covers 1 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year.
#ONGT #natgas #LNG
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YPF and Malaysia's Petronas plan to build a $10 billion LNG export terminal along Argentina's Atlantic Coast

Details from @jongilbert9 on the Terminal at

#LNG #ONGT #NatGas #Shale #OOTT #VacaMuerta #Argentina #Malaysia
Argentina will be able to export LNG due to the Nestor Kirchner Pipeline, which will move natural gas from the Vaca Muerta shale play

Argentine President Albert Fernandez's comments at recent signing ceremony for pipeline at

#LNG #VacaMuerta #Argentina
UPDATE: The initial stage of Argentina's proposed LNG export project is targeting 5 mtpa of production

Details at

#LNG #ONGT #NatGas #Shale #OOTT #VacaMuerta #Argentina #Malaysia
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The #Dutch government is taking extra steps to ensure security of supply this winter as #Russian piped supplies to #Europe continue to drop.
read my #ICIS latest for more datils and data insights (subs only):…
#natgas #ONGT #energy #gas #Netherlands
An additional €10m would be made available to further fill the #Bergermeer storage facility up to 90%. This adds to a budget left over from a previous subsidy to fill up Bergermeer of approximately €200m.
Further subsidy will be also made available for the #Norg storage facility so that further filling can be done.
The government said it does not intend to boost extraction from the Dutch #Groningen field to meet the new storage target it has set for the upcoming winter.
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Bulgarian energy minister says talks with Russia's Gazprom to resume gas supplies are inevitable. #ONGT
Bulgarian energy minister says talks with Gazprom needed to provide affordable gas prices for business consumers. #ONGT
Bulgarian energy minister says he does not expect either easy or quick negotiations with Gazprom. #ONGT
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Russia Forecasts Average Export Gas Price to More Than Double to $730 Per 1,000 Cubic Meters in 2022 - Reuters Cites Document
#OOTT #ONGT #Russia
Russia Forecasts Export Gas Price Falling to $471.8 Per 1,000 Cubic Meters in 2023 - Document
#OOTT #ONGT #Russia
Russia Raises Forecast for Energy Export Revenues to $337.5 Billion in 2022, $255.8 Billion in 2023, Lowers Gas Output and Pipeline Export Forecast for 2022-2023 - Document
#OOTT #ONGT #Russia
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NextDecade flipped a 1 mtpa HOA with China's Guangdong Energy into a 20-year SPA for its proposed Rio Grande LNG

Project total sold remains at 7.75 mtpa. The company needs to reach 11 mtpa for a final investment decision on the first two trains.

#LNG #ONGT #NatGas #Shale #RGV
Correction: Project total sold is now at 7.25 mtpa.
Footnote: Rio Grande LNG faces a large coalition of opponents
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New Fortress Energy had three announcements this morning involving three projects in Mexico 🇲🇽

1) Offshore LNG project in Veracruz
2) Offshore LNG project in Tamaulipas
3) Sale of a power plant / natural gas deal in Baja California Sur

#LNG #NatGas #ONGT #Shale #OOTT #MXEnergy
The first announcement involved a deal with Mexico's state-owned oil company Pemex to develop the offshore Lakach Field near Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz

The deepwater natural gas field will supply the domestic market and be used for LNG exports

Details at
The second announcement involved a deal with Mexico's state-owned electricity company CFE

CFE will supply natural gas for an offshore LNG project near Altamira, Tamaulipas

Details at
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FULL DOCUMENT: The G7 leaders communiqué | #OOTT #OATT #ONGT #CoalTwitter #Russia…
A few gems:

G7 rewrites its own history, weakening its pledge to end "direct public support for the international unabated fossil fuel energy sector by the end of 2022" adding now an exit clause: "except in limited circumstances"
On the Russian oil price cap, the G7 leaders agree to further talks, but (as I flagged), does NOT reach a deal:

"We task our relevant Ministers to continue to discuss these measures urgently, consulting with third countries and key stakeholders in the private sector"
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UAE energy minister: Situation is not encouraging when it comes to quantities of crude OPEC+ can bring. We have seen the conformity of the OPEC+ group and the conformity is more than 200%. Risk for oil market is when china demand recovers.
UAE energy minister: Talking with our friends in Germany and others if they are interested in our natural gas. #ONGT
UAE energy minister says crude prices 'nowhere' near peak yet. #OOTT
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European Commisison Unveils Plan to End Reliance on Russian Gas, Oil and Coal by 2027.
#OOTT #ONGT #EU #Russia
European Commission: EU Needs 210 Billion Euros in Extra Investments by 2027 to Exit Russian Gas, 300 Billion Euros by 2030. Ask Countries to Revise Plans to Spend More Covid-19 Recovery Funds on Quitting Russian Gas.
#OOTT #ONGT #EU #Russia
European Commission: Those Investments Include 113 Billion Euros for Renwables and Hydrogen Infrastructure, 29 Billion Euros for Power Grids, 56 Billion Euros for Energy Savings and Heat Pumps, 10 Billion Euros for Lng and Gas Investments, 1.5 to 2 Billion for Oil by 2030.
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Eni: Has Started Procedure to Open Account with Gazprom Bank. Procedure Will Be Without Acceptance of Contractual Amendments Unilaterally Requested. In Porcess of Opening Two K Current Accounts at Gazprom Bank on Precautionary Basis, One in Euros, One in Roubles.
#ONGT #natgas
Eni: Decision Has Been Shared with the Italian Institutions in Compliance with Current International Sanctions Framework. Gazprom Export, Russian Authorities Have Confirmed Invoicing, Payment Will Continue in Euros.
#ONGT #natgas
Eni: Moscow Stock Exchange Will Carry out Conversion into Roubles, Without Involvement of Central Bank of Russia.
#ONGT #natgas
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We think WINGAS was not recently really receiving much #natgas from #Gazprom. Which means these sanctions may be more symbolic than anything else, especially for the summer. The sanctioning of EuRoPol Gaz could prove to be problematic for the winter. 1/3
While #Gazprom has not been using it much recently, flows west at Mallnow do still happen when LTCs are in the money vs #TTF. So come winter if buyers want the top of their ToP, there is less seller-flexibility, especially as Gazprom also no longer has storage within the EU. 2/3
The role of NEL, OPAL and Gascade, which are NOT on the list, is something to note too. This allows #Gazprom to continue to delivery to its customers' title transfer points which are south or west of Germany. #TTF #ONGT #natgas 3/3
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