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$AR, #natgas. Why i think Antero Resources is a screaming buy right now. I’ve been bullish the name since around Nov and its gone nowhere but down. However, fundamentally they have posted some amazing cost cutting. In December thanks the AR/AM cost cutting, $AR got a $350m
Gift over 4 years. In December they posted cost cutting at the ML conference with a 2020 goal of $300m
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HAPPENING NOW: #RFFlive’s “Making Sense of @FERC’s #MOPR Order.” Watch the livestream on our event webpage:

#EnergyTwitter #FutureOfPower
@FERC 2/ RFF’s Kathryne Cleary is giving a brief primer on @FERC’s #MOPR order. Some context: @pjminterconnect’s capacity market, which we’re here to discuss today, is intended to promote investment and ensure adequate supply is available to meet demand.
@FERC @pjminterconnect 3/ Cleary: PJM has had an existing #MOPR in place since 2006, which was originally intended for new #NatGas plants to prevent them from bidding into the market at low prices. This MOPR order expands upon that to include state-subsidized resources.
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Thread on oil & Gas in #Oman
1-With the passing of Sultan Qaboos on Friday and the choice of Sultan Haitham as the new leader of Oman, Oman #oil policy is expected to remain the same with the aim of increasing oil and gas production within OPEC+ framework
2-Oman producers about to 1 mb/d of crude & condensates. It is also an LNG exporter. Oman is among the very few countries in the world that announces its production figures at the end of every month. Kudos to Dr. Mohammed Al Rumhi, Minister of Oil and Gas since 1997. @Mog_Oman
3-Dr Al Rumhi is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) and Chairman of @OmanLNG
He is also a media darling, especially at the JMMC & OPEC+ meetings. Just ask OPEC journalists.
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🇬🇷 [SMALL THREAD 1/4] Gas of #Crete, not new.
We read these days about the recent discoveries of gas South of Crete. Not new, we know (via USGS) that the area is rich in #natgas. I wrote about this many times (follows):
This is why:
1. #eastmed #pipeline design foresees Crete (feed in of Crete natgas (pic2)
2. Tsipras government launched in 2017 the tendering for Crete Blocks (pic1), where we have already some companies awarded (pic3)
3. what is new now, is that we start piling the first confirmations of USGS estimations. Still we have a long road to go (more drilling, studies, investments...)
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1/ Once in awhile one runs across a penny stock with 86,584,989 shares issued, management that doesn't rape it with exorbitant salaries, management fees, conslutting fees & share-based compensation & works within its revenue stream incurring minimal losses before write off's..
2/ Unfortunately it's not a #PotStock.

It's a 'PRODUCING' #NatGas play with:
$50,957,000 cash +
$13,912,000 Acc. Rec. +
$31,729,000 Property, plant & equipment =
$96,598,000 in total assets which converts into an asset value of $1.11 per share..

But wait.. That doesn't ...
3/ incl 7.4 million boe of externally audited reserves valued at $88,000,000 as of Sept 30.19 bringing the total to: (96,598,000 + 88,000,000) = $184,598,000 which brings the total asset value to: $2.13 per share.

So what about the liabilities you ask.

Guess what??...
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Only some kind of conspiracy theorist would imagine that the big oil companies are spending hundreds of millions of dollars promoting unreliable renewables in order to lock-in natural gas
“Natural gas is the perfect partner for renewables”

“No sun, no wind, no problem”

“See why #natgas is a natural partner for renewable power sources”

“Committed to solar”

“We see possibilities everywhere”…
“Solar farms that float”

Preventing sunlight, insects, and birds from reaching waterways by covering them with large quantities of glass and metal panels... sounds absolutely wonderful for the local ecology. What could go wrong?
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If you want people to think your goal isn't climate but rather making (& keeping) nations poor, then attacking France & Brazil, which get 86% & 79% of their power from zero-carbon sources, is a great strategy

PS: 26% of Brazilians (55M people) live in poverty you can't imagine
Attacking nuclear as "extremely dangerous" reinforces the sense that what you want isn't lower emissions but "de-growth"

Why? Because nuclear

- is how France & your country, Sweden, get 86% & 90% of their power from zero-carbon sources

- is THE SAFEST way to make electricity
French President @EmmanuelMacron is right: Your "Very radical positions [are] likely to antagonize our societies"

Indeed, they already have

But then, perhaps that was the goal all along?…
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News that #Russia is thinking of cooperating with #Turkey on EastMed gas, plus TurkStream2 is going to BG instead of Greece, has given me some thoughts about #Cyprus + (Greek) Cypriot relations with the US and Russia. Long thread. 1/20+
The Republic of Cyprus (and Greece) are stuck between a rock and a hard place with RU and US relations. I’ll focus on Cyprus. 3/
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Hoy publica @Reforma mis opiniones y retomo de ahí lo dicho: De no haberse cancelado y/o pospuesto los proyectos en Cempoala y FSRU Pajaritos, no estaríamos padeciendo la actual crisis de #NatGas/#energía que afecta al sureste.

Ampliando, listo los proyectos e iniciativas que en decisiones de la actual administración o por la incertidumbre creada en el actual ecosistema energético afectan al suministro de #NatGas:
- FSRU Pajaritos
- Reconfiguración y repotenciación de la Estación de Compresión Cempoala
- Extensión del Sistema de Transporte de #NatGas Mayakán
- Permisos previamente cedidos, para la extensión de la red de Distribución de #NatGas y construcción de City Gates en Yucatán y Campeche

Todos estos se han visto comprometidos por cancelaciones, retrasos e incertidumbre.
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Ésta es la noticia del día. Y me permitiré tomarlo ahora desde el lado del #NatGas ante la presentación de descargos, de mí amigo @vicfc7 quien como el mismo dice es purista de las #renovables. Y no le encanta el gas. Vamos a entrar en materia...
Ésta, podría ser clasificada como una de las peores, si no la peor decisión del gobierno en materia no sólo de la industria de #NatGas, de la estrategia energética en general. No sólo compromete a la primera, también la seguridad energética del país, y en particular del sureste.
Desde ésta arroba bastante se ha alertado de los riesgos que conllevarían primero la cancelación del proyecto FSRU Pajaritos y el recorte de alcance, posterior stand-by y ahora cancelación del proyecto de la estación de compresión Cempoala. El primero nos daba una alternativa...
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Excelente pregunta que lanza AMLO, una lástima que en sus conferencias no haya nadie para responder. Iniciaría una lista y los invitaría a que fuera colaborativa.
- El golfo de Mx, es hoy la zona más explorada del mundo
- El descubrimiento de Zama

- Las propias rondas, que fueron señaladas por su transparencia y procesos
- El ingreso a las arcas de Mx, de USD $3,317' millones por la actividad petrolera de privados
- La reactivación de los puertos industriales de: Tampico, Altamira, Pueblo Viejo, Dos Bocas y otros...
- El aumento de la capacidad de almacenamiento de combustibles, por las terminales privadas
- Los precios más bajos de generación en el mundo, y además limpia, por las subastas eléctricas
- El parque solar más grande de América

- @vicfc7 @Elie_Villeda @GMonroyEnergy @DyerDwight
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1. This is the story of how natural gas companies & environmentalists have for 50 years used renewables to greenwash anti-nuclear advocacy & lock in fossil fuels to the detriment of the climate, and their consciences.
2. Everybody from @GretaThunberg to Green New Dealer @AOC says we have to transition from fossil fuels to renewables in order to save the climate.

But if solar and wind are substitutes for fossil fuels, why are the world’s biggest oil and gas firms promoting them?
3. Over the last three years, the five largest publicly-traded oil and gas companies, ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, BP, and Total invested a whopping one billion dollars into advertising and lobbying for renewables and other climate-related ventures.
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Sobre el evento del día de la #ExpropiaciónPetrolera y el anuncio de la #refinería en #DosBocas: inició con la participación de @rocionahle y el anuncio de la licitación por invitación restringida a 4 empresas:
* Bechtel - Techint
* Worley Parsons - Jacobs
* Technip
De éstas 4, sin duda el rival a vencer es Bechtel. Y la contienda a priori Seguro habrá de darse entre Bechtel y KBR.

Sin dejar de lado que, dado su perfil que les da más fortalezas en ingeniería; el consorcio Worley Parsons - Jacobs al seguramente integrar en ejecución...
a un EPC constructor mexicano, eso le sume puntos.
Las 4 empresas, al margen de cualquier otro tema tienen capacidad suficiente para conceptualizar y ejecutar un proyecto como éste.

El segundo tema relevante de la participación de @rocionahle fue...
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For the 82nd Month in a row, Australian Oil import coverage stocks are well below the 90 day IEA minimum, despite increasing by 3 days and stable daily imports for December 2018. Australian #energysecurity remains vulnerable #OOTT #energypolicy #oil #auspol
Australian Net Oil Imports have increased by ~12% vs December 2017. Australia remains vulnerable to international oil supply disruptions while stocks remain >40% below the IEA 90 day minimum. #OOTT #energypolicy #energysecurity #oil #auspol #energytwitter
Australian Domestic Refinery Inputs only contribute 16% of Indigenous supply for local consumption. With production having declined consistently over the last 10 years, import dependency remains a strategic concern. #EnergyPolicy #EnergySecurity #OOTT #OIL #auspol
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Weather 6 vs. gamblers 0. Game over. Don't fight the weather. #NatGas

Lost all your customers money and want to deflect responsibility? Blame the "rogue waves".
Prices opened today +8.5% from the Friday close. Wild.
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#NatGas +15% today. It went as high as +50% in 8 trading days.

Never fight the weather.
I feel sincerely bad for any trader that shorted NatGas because "clearly overbought".

Weather 1 vs. Technicals 0
Crude oil can count on OPEC to massage prices e.g. after yesterday's crash, today various OPEC officials hit the wires providing bullish forward guidance (about production cuts).

Natural gas can only count on God i.e. weather driven.
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.@FERC has a lot to be proud of in the 11 months since a quorum was re-established in August 2017.
Among the most significant achievements is the approval of a number of major #natgas #pipeline projects & BILLIONS of cf/d of new capacity. Many of those projects had been waiting for an exceptionally long time.
But there are some areas where we can & should do better — specifically, our review of #LNG export terminal applications. We need more resources!
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1/ Once again the @BostonGlobe has oversimplified the debate of building pipelines to bring #natgas into NE, and it has resorted to ad hominem attacks on opponents: their politics are “faddish,” their motive a doctrinaire sense of “moral purity.” #mapoli
2/ According to the Globe, opponents’ “abstinence-only ideology” is a lesson in the law of unintended consequences: insufficient pipeline capacity means LNG must be imported from abroad, or now be delivered perhaps by dangerous rail shipments, . . .
3/ and it means that coal & oil—fuels dirtier than gas—must be burned when gas supplies are constrained on cold winter days. (More on LNG, coal, & oil in a moment.) So, to sum up, the Globe’s position is “pipelines *good*; LNG, oil, coal, & sanctimony *bad*.”
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1/ #Natgas pipelines vs. baby seals is a false dichotomy. Natgas pipelines vs. Russian LNG is a false dichotomy. This op-ed shouldn’t have been an op-ed, but a Spotlight series that fully informed the public, but the @BostonGlobe doesn’t have the chops.
2/ If the Globe did that Spotlight Series the first piece could have presented facts about NE’s energy needs, including its reliance on natural gas for both heating and electric generation. The gas constraint is quite real—no denying that.
3/ That first Spotlight piece could also have detailed the role energy efficiency, demand-side management, and renewables play in reducing the demand for natural gas power generation ...
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