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Don't let anyone fool you!

A SaaS App can be quite simple.

Here are a few rules that help you make the right decisions 🚀🧵
💡 Mindset (1/2)

The SaaS space is a mature, highly commoditized one where you can cherry-pick a lot of what is needed from a pool of mature services and ready-to-use modules and use well-established, common best practices.
💡 Mindset (2/2)

Just don't lock yourself into short-lived technologies or dependencies.

And let your team only build stuff that sets you apart from the competition and/or builds up real value in your startup.

Buy everything else (the commodities)
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📚 Thread about methods object in JS ! 👇



✅  You can use object.keys() to get the list of keys about an object!

✅  You can use object.values() to get the list of values about an object!
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📌 You need to make animation on css?!

I provide you a list of POWERFULL Website to create animation FASTLY! 👇

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------------------Feature Engineering----------------------

The success of all Machine Learning algorithms depends on how you present the data. Every model gets input data and gives us an output. When your goal is to get the best possible output from input,

You need to present the best data to the model. This is a problem that Feature Engineering solves. Feature Engineering refers to the process of using the domain of Knowledge to extract features from raw data.

In other words, Feature Engineering selects the most useful features from our raw data and presents them to our model, whereby we improve the performance of our model.

(hopefully, you get the point 😀).

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Let's assume you have three Features(age, height, salary) in your example.
The first feature varies from 1 to 90. The second one varies from 120 to 210 and the Third one varies from 1000 Euro to 4500 Euro.
As you can see the value of your features are in a different range. In this case, if you want to use gradient descent to find optimum parameters for your model( for instance linear regression), that leads to a slow speed of your model to converge. In this case,
you can utilize Feature Scaling to bring the value of features in a range from 0 to 1 depending on the Scaling technique, that you use. So you improve the speed of your model convergence.

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As I started to learn Data Science I didn't know what skills should I learn and where. That was a ton of content and I didn't know which one should I take. I have read more than a hundred articles and talk with some of my data scientist friend and gathered experience
during my journey. I want to share a roadmap and skills that you need as a junior Data Scientist and resources to learn.

1- Start with a language programming and best of all Python. You can learn Python from 3 resources.
Taking one of these courses is enough.

A- 2022 Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero in Python by Jose Portilla in Udemy.

Jose Portilla is my favorite instructor. This Course has a GitHub repo where you can access Codes there.…

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Scribe How

Screen recording extension that turns any process into a guide instantly.

Perfect for: founders, creators, entrepreneurs, educators, and more.

Reduce the time you spend documenting and sharing processes by 93%

🔗 Image

Pitch is uncompromisingly good presentation software, enabling modern teams to craft and distribute beautiful presentations more effectively.

Deliver your next deck faster with our free presentation templates.

🔗 Image
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📚 A list of cool 😎 API for your project ! 👇

1 / 4…

You can get a lot of informations about series, movies etc..
2 / 4

If you like Rick and morty, you will love this!
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Okay guys let's go....

1. It takes time and practice to grab this tech thing especially coding, be patient and committed.

2. When the frustration pile up due to errors, take your mind of it and go do something else- walk, small talks etc. Go let out steam!

3. There are two group of people,
a. Those made by institutions they pass through, they capitalize on the name of these institutions to establish their value, e.g I went to Harvard, I worked as Analyst at Chase Bank etc... 👇
b. The second group of individuals who make the institutions they passed/pass through. They define the value of these institutions and proceed to building it. A typical example here in Nigeria is Afikpo Chic and how she got elected via a party with no records...
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📢 #CodeNewbies & #100DaysOfCode

In 2015, I (@AndreiNeagoie) taught myself how to code (using free resources) & got hired in 5 months.

In 2017, I shared v1 of my own step-by-step guide.

These are the steps you can take to learn to code & get hired in 2022.

Let’s go 👇🧵
Our #1 goal = efficiency.

Learn the skills that are most likely to get you hired as quickly as possible.


Because once you’re on the job, your learning will be 10x what it will be with any guide, course or bootcamp.

Plus, it’s way better to get paid to learn... right?! 🤑
But wait… should I learn to code?!

I’m clearly biased but 100% yes.

Coding is a skill that will be valuable for many years to come. And it will probably only get MORE valuable.
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Day 3 of #100designtips

If designing is not your fck** lifestyle, you’re doing it wrong 👀

5 tips for designers, especially beginners 🧵👇🏾👇🏾
#CodeNewbies tips for designers, especia...
1⃣Practice consistently:
Your designing skill will not improve if you fck** sit all day. Learning to designing never stops, you need to keep that creativity flowing. Your brain will thank you
2⃣ Design in Public:
don’t keep your work to yourself, share and flex it to the world, be proud of your design. Your heart will be happy when people comment on your work 👀
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Find the median and the quarts parts of a statistic sequence in #pythonprogramming: a thread
1/ First write an median function which find the half indice of a list using n = len(list) (lenght of list) means (n-1)/2 if n is odd and between n/2 - 1 and n/2 if n is even.
In this function, we particularly use % for design arithmetic rest and int operator to convert float to integer. NB: we suppose that at the beginning, list is range by increase order.
2/ Afterwards we define a new function using same logic, but in more take an list of notes,
create a new list knowing that value of first list list[i] design students number who have been the note i. And send the median of the new list.
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💡Freelancing Tip for Newbies⚡️

A short thread🧵

#freelance #CodeNewbies #freelancer
While three of the most popular platforms are:

1 - Fiverr
2 - Upwork
3 - Freelancer

But there is a problem with these platforms for new freelancers.

What's the problem?
Continue Reading...👇
☝️Those platforms are most popular & available for a long time.
Hence, there are a lot of people who have established themselves as freelancers on these platforms.

In this scenario, new freelancers might find it hard to get work on these platforms.

Here's the solution:👇
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💡The Basic HTML Tags⚡️

Here are 10 common HTML tags that any web developer should know about.

They’re especially important for those just starting out with learning HTML.

👇A thread🧵
#CodeNewbies #100DaysOfCode
1. <html>...</html>

This is the root element tag.

It designates that everything between these brackets contains HTML code.
2. <head>...</head>

This tag distinguishes the head of the web page from the content.

This is where you put JavaScript code or give ‘meta’ information about the website.
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4 ways to combine strings in JavaScript

A thread ⤵️

#100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbies
1. Using concatenation operator ( + )

You can use the + operator in many ways such as to add numbers, convert strings into numbers, and also to concatenate two or more strings.

Note: We need to add the space explicitly. You can also use the += operator to add strings. Image
2. Using string concat() method

string.concat() method takes one or more strings as arguments and returns a new string.

→ string.concat(string1, string2, ..., stringN)

Note: It doesn't change the existing string. Image
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An interesting summary of an interview with Yukihiro Matsumoto, the creator of #Ruby programming language about ‘What’s a Perfect Programming Language ‘

🧵 A Thread for 🧵

#CodeNewbies #100DaysOfCode
(Yukihiro Matsumoto):

Language designers want to design the perfect language. They want to be able to say, "My language is perfect. It can do everything."

But it's just plain impossible to design a perfect language, Why ?
Because, there are two ways to look at a language.

One way is by looking at what can be done with that language.

The other is by looking at how we feel using that language—how we feel while programming.
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JavaScript fundamentals.. OBJECT and it's Methods

#100DaysOfCode #javascript Image
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Important CSS Concepts To Learn 🧵 🔽

CSS is used to layout & style pages by defining groups of styles that are applied to elements.

If you are just starting out, learn the following concepts to gain a strong foundation & understanding of the language.

#CSS #CodeNewbies
The explanations below are a brief overview of each concept. Read the recommended articles to get in-depth explanations of each concept.

The first step to gaining a stronger understanding of CSS is to learn how Cascading, Inheritance & Specificity control how rules are applied:

Cascade is the fundamental concept of how CSS was created. As the name suggests, Stylesheets cascade. This means that the order of CSS rules matter and when two rules apply that have equal specificity the one that comes last in the CSS is the one that will be used.
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Object Methods Cheat Sheet: 📚

Check it out: 🔥

🧵See Threads 🧵

#100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbies #JS #javascript
Object Methods Cheat Sheet Part 2:
Object Methods Cheat Sheet Part 3:
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🛠️ 8 useful tools I use for faster and easier Web Development.

A thread 🧵 🔽

#CodeNewbies #WebDevelopment #tools

With Meta Tags you can edit and experiment with your content then preview how your webpage will look on Google, Facebook, Twitter and more when shared.…

Toptal's web developer checklist helps you keep on top of various important things that are easy to forget.

Covering various subjects like mobile and SEO it's a great checklist to have when developing a new site.
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Sorry for the typo in the pic above. Forgot to add comma after a element so it should be like this: 👇👇

header :is(h1, span, a, .btn)
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In @angular 10 or above ng new --strict flag will setup your new project with following things:

✔️ Enables strict mode in TypeScript
✔️ Turns template type checking to Strict

#100DaysOfCode #301DaysOfCode #30DaysOfCode #CodeNewbies #WomenWhoCode #coding #angular #typescript
✔️ Default bundle budgets have been reduced by ~75%
✔️ Configures linting rules to prevent declarations of type any😍
✔️ Configures your app as side-effect free to enable more advanced tree-shaking
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Here are the mutable and immutable data types in #javascript

🔹 Object
🔹 Array
🔹 Function

Thread 1 of 2

#100DaysOfCode #301DaysOfCode #WomenWhoCode #CodeNewbies #coding #WebDev #DevCommunity #30DaysOfCode #programming #developers #learntocode
2 of 2

🔹 Boolean
🔹 Number
🔹 String
🔹 Symbol
🔹 Null
🔹 Undefined
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Dear #deverlopers or #codenewbies if you are confused about Promises and Observables then follow below thread.
#100DaysOfcode #301DaysOfCode #WomenWhoCode #javascript #webdev #programming #coding #learntocode #Angular #rxjs #DevCommunity
▶️ Observables vs Promises
Both Promises and Observablesprovide uswithabstractions that help usdeal with the asynchronousnatureof our applications. However, thereareimportantdifferences between thetwo:
1️⃣ As seen in theexample above, Observables candefineboth the setup and teardown aspects of asynchronousbehavior.

2️⃣ Observables are cancellable.
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