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Day 66 of #100DaysOfDeFI 🚀  Today and the following days I'll dive into DEXs implementation in #Solidity ⭐️ I’ll review the Uniswap smart contracts and create a decentralized exchange protocol 👩🏻‍💻 
#womenwhocode #100DaysOfCode

Summary 🧵 Image
1/ Uniswap smart contract architecture consists of Core and Periphery:
🔹 Core is used for storing and swapping the tokens, adding funds, getting rewards, etc;
🔹 Periphery interacts with the Core.
2/ Core stores the following smart contracts:
🔹 Pair - swaps, mints and burns tokens;
🔹 Factory - creates pairs of tokens;
🔹 ERC20 - keeps track of ownership of pool.

Periphery has only 1 smart contract:
🔹 Router - interacts with the Core.
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A beginner guide to joining a DAO :

A Thread ! 🧵👇

Follow @lakincoder for more such content.

#Web3 #javascript #DAO #DAOs #Blockchain #SOLIDITY #Bitcoin #Cryptocrash #cryptocurrency #LUNAUSDT #Lunacrash
1⃣ Establish your goals
DAOs are highly mission-driven. Your personal passions and expertise should play a key role in which organization you join.
2⃣ Find a DAO that fits your goals
You could try exploring DAOlist and DeepDAO to find one with objectives that align with your interests.
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Want to become a great BLOCKCHAIN developer?

Learn how the technology works first.

Check out this curated list of FREE resources.

1) Learn Blockchain: The COMPLETE beginner’s guide
2) Blockchain Technology Explained (2 Hour Course)
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Top 10 Ethereum Development Tools

A Thread🧵👇
Metamask: wallet
Remix: in-browser IDE
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What is PRAGMA in Solidity?

🧵👇Mini Thread
Pragma is a keyword that is placed at the beginning of the code, along with the version of Solidity to be used.
What is it for?
· It tells the compiler how to execute the file
· It configures the compiler features and checks
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No time to learn #Solidity

It will only take you 2 minutes to learn what Function Modifiers are.

👇🧵 Image
➡️Function modifiers are used to change the behavior of a function.

➡️They can be used to add requirements to functions, restrict access, validate inputs, etc.
👇First let's see how it is defined

➡️Within the modifier declaration, you establish a condition to be fulfilled

➡️You can do this with a require, a conditional statement,...

➡️ Then there's an underscore ( _; ), which is used to tell Solidity to execute the rest of the code. Image
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Don't waste $13k on courses and bootcamps. 💰

Top 10 Youtube channels to learn Web3 for FREE.

A Thread 🧵
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Get a remote job in web3 🔥

(Avg. Salary +$100K per year 💰)

A Thread 🧵↓
1/ @Web3Career · Browse 14,654 jobs in Web3 at 1,773 Web3 Projects
2/ @CryptoJobsList · Connect with companies hiring in a few clicks and begin your next experience in the industry.
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❌NOTHING can be deleted from the blockchain.

🤔 Or maybe yes ...

👇🧵 Self-Destruct operation in #Solidity
👉There is a way to delete Smart Contracts from the Blockchain, using the self-destruct operation.

👉If there is any remaining Ether stored at that address it is sent to a designated target.
Let's see an example!
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A lot of terms in web3, right?

Flashcards can help you deal with that.


#100DaysOfCode #100Devs Image
⚡️Blockchain Basics (26 Cards):…
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❌"Not enough Ether provided"

👇Error Handling in #Solidity Image
Some of the runtime errors are:
→out-of-gas error
→data type overflow error
→divide by zero error
→array-out-of-index error
After version 4.10 new error handling statements were introduced such as assert, require, revert.
This replaced Throw.
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Ever wondered how to add blockchain or transaction information to your Smart Contract❓

🌐Use Global Variables

👇Here's how ( 🧵) #100Devs #100DaysOfCode #10...
In Solidity, there are certain global variables that are used mainly to provide information about the blockchain or for general-purpose utility functions.

Let's review some of them👇
⚡️'msg' Global Variable: (bytes calldata): complete calldata

-msg.sender (address): sender of the message

-msg.sig (bytes4): first four bytes of the calldata

-msg.value (uint): number of wei sent with the message

Example: Image
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Solidity özelinde "Zero To Hero" formatında hazırladığım teknik yazılara daha rahat erişim için pinliyorum.
Mevcut yazılarımı ve yeni gelecek olan yazılarımı buradan takip edebilirsiniz.

#solidity #zero2hero
Akıllı Sözleşme(Smart Contract) Nedir? konulu yazım:ıllı-sözleşm…

#solidity #programming #smartcontract #zero2hero
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Learning Web3❓

Here are 10 concepts you need to MASTER if you want to become a Web3 developer.

🧵👇 Thread
1) WEB3:

Web 3.0 is the third generation of the Internet, based on blockchain technology, incorporating concepts such as decentralization and token-based economy and providing autonomy, privacy and security to users.

Users are in control of their own data and applications.

Ethereum is an open source blockchain platform that enables developers to write Smart Contracts and deploying decentralized applications or dApps.
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"Play allows us to mantain curiosity while learning".

3 websites to learn #Solidity by playing. Last one is my favorite. 🤩

A thread 👇🧵 Image
These tutorials will get you through the basics of Solidity learning in a very interactive and didactic way.
The Ethernaut:
A Web3/Solidity based wargame played in the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Each level is a smart contract that needs to be 'hacked'.
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Just completed level 1 on #cryptozombies…

Some learnings from a java developer perspective 👇

#Solidity #Ethereum #Web3 #Blockchain #Java #javascript
The naming convention is the same as java.
We have few extra datatypes like
🔲 uint (Unsigned integer)
🔲 struct (Similar to a class in java) - Doesn't have a constructor
uint - Unsigned Integer - int data type that only stores non-negative integers i.e 0 and positive integers.

For e.g, if an int can store 256 numbers, the range of int will be from -128 to 127. But the range of uint will be 0 to 255.
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Official Announcement

Where are we at? What's next?

In this thread you can find a lot of useful information about $MARBLE project:
📸 Snapshots
💰 Incentives
☯️ #DAO
💡 #NFTs
👀 Socials

A month has passed since the $MARBLE #Airdrop and we are glad to see that the community is getting stronger.

Many people are excited about our plan to bring real #Art in the #NFTs market. Many others provided inputs and new ideas.
Even if the team comes from #Ethereum and #Solidity world, @cosmos is our new land and $JUNO is our new home.

Thanks to its scalability and interoperability, incredibly new opportunities will open up.

$MARBLE & $BLOCK are on @osmosiszone, what a wonderful thing is the IBC!
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A few weeks ago I asked you guys to shill me a good project which could be interesting in the future. I saw some really nice projects coming by but a fren said to me that I had to dive into the tech of @agoric. I dived into it and I have no regrets!

What is @agoric? It’s a "Decentralized Proof-of-Stake smart contract platform in the #Cosmos ecosystem which allows for smart contract possibilities written in JavaScript".
As you might know, there is a serious shortage on #Web3 developers. This often is due to the fact that special programming language such as #Rust of #Solidity needs to be mastered before one can start working on a #dApp.
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Here we go again.
I've been studying NFT contracts and I've written one of my own. Going to break it down line by line.
Nothing fancy just playing around with ERC721 functions.
I hope you guys enjoy and learn as much as I did.
#Solidity #NFT #Contract #etherum #ftm #eth
Declare the license that you will be using.
Define the version of solidity that you will be using, we do this by using 'pragma'

^ These two lines of code will go in to every contract you write. make friends with them. kisssh.
4 & 5/
The 'import' statement allows you to pull in libraries and use them in your code.
The good people at @OpenZeppelin provide tested secured packages.
Why rebuild a minting function when you can just pull in already tested secure code?
Truly doing the lords work.
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#CryptoEducation Gems [Mega Thread]

A navigational aid for the variety of projects featured in current @gitcoin #GR13:

A curated list of projects that are helping blockchains become an integral part of the world by empowering people with knowledge and education. 🤓🔖💪

🔎 @LearnWeb3DAO / @haardikkk
(education system)

For open-minded individuals, interested in everything they need to know in order to become a #Web3 native.

A very rich resource with a fast-growing userbase of Web3 students.


2/N #GR13
🔎 Odyssey DAO / @odyssey_dao
(Educational DAO / resource)

For #Web3 newcomers interested in high-quality learning material with a variety of learning paths.


3/N #GR13
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🎊🎊🎊 ITS HERE 🎊🎊🎊

Web3 / Blockchain / Smart Contract Developers...

🔵The Spring 2022 @chainlink Hackathon is Here!


Register and read here to see the event you don't want to miss... 👇🧵
@chainlink Register here:

⚽️ It kicks off April 22nd with an opening ceremony then followed by the BEST content the web3 space has to offer.

🥳 These are MUST attend workshops, NO MATTER YOUR EXPERIENCE. To engage and ask questions with the best!
@chainlink 👶🏾 Brand new to web3?
This is the hackathon for you.

👷Experience Engineer?
This is the hackathon for you.

🧙🏿‍♂️Wizard of Web3?
Yep. You guessed it. This is it.

With over $300k in prizes and the best coding material in the industry for every walk of life.
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Best practices when handing payments 💸 in NFT contracts #solidity
Pull, don't push.
* If you forward ether payments from your mint function, it makes minting more expensive.
* If your contract gets some Ether without triggering the mint function, these funds will be lost forever.

Instead, make a function that transfers you the full balance. Image
Note that the withdrawAll function isn't marked as onlyOwner. Anyone can call it. This lets you set up automation (e.g. via Infura or OZ defender) that doesn't depend on your private keys. Image
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👻#Fantom 101: the underdog with massive potential.

Why $FTM is undervalued and can 10x in the coming months. 🧵👇 (1/22)

#FTM #Blockchain #cryptocurrency
1. #Fantom is an innovative layer 1 PoS chain with a unique consensus mechanism (Lachesis) that allows for low transaction costs (couple of cents) and the fastest time finalities compared to other #L1s.
2. The problem trifecta that all L1s encounter is scalability, security and decentralization.

#Fantom aims to solve this through Lachesis. In particular, it does scaling really well.
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🧵 THREAD N°26 : lire un #smartcontract

Les smart contracts sont le fondement du #Web3 : les applications décentralisées, les protocoles de #DeFi, etc. n'utilisent que ça... Pourtant, on s'intéresse rarement à ce qu'il y a à l'intérieur.

Voici comment lire un smart contract 👇
1/ Pour la suite de ce thread, je pars du principe que vous savez ce qu'est un smart contract. Si vous avez besoin d'un petit rappel, je vous invite à lire ce thread :
2/ Comme vous le savez donc maintenant, les smart contracts sont publics car inscrits sur une #blockchain. On peut donc à tous moment consulter les adresses concernées par le smart contract et le code qui contient les fonctions qu'il exécute.
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