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296. #SophieJones (2021) A raw and resonant coming of age story about dealing with grief and overcome pain,it feels very personal. The cinematography is gorgeous and visually stunning with excellent performances by the cast especially the lead who is great.Really good. ⭐⭐⭐1/2 ImageImageImageImage
296. #Moxie (2021) A fun and entertaining coming of age movie that might be a bit flawed, but the performances by the cast is good and it is a bit long however it deals with a lot of important issues and it have a really powerful scene at the end, the direction is strong. ⭐⭐⭐ ImageImageImageImage
297. #TheHitchHiker (1953) A swift thrilling noir film that is visually pleasing with great direction, it is very tense,suspensful and fast paced (yeah it's only 70 min)anchored by a trio of great performances by the cast. The story might not fully fleshed but still fun. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ImageImageImageImage
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I want to first acknowledge our friends from South Alabama who are getting their lives, homes & businesses back in order following #HurricaneSally. We’re doing everything we can at the state level to help you get back on your feet just as quickly as possible. #TogetherAL 1/7
Today, with the support of Dr. Harris, I’m extending our #SaferatHome order for another 5 weeks. This includes extending our statewide mask requirement until Sunday, November 8. @ALPublicHealth #TogetherAL #alpolitics 2/7

I look fwd to being able to lift the mask order as much as you do. The reason we’re extending this order until after the election on Nov. 3 is because it’s important to have a safe environment for poll workers & citizens to vote in-person. #TogetherAL #alpolitics 3/7
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Today, with the support of Dr. Harris, I’m extending our current #SaferatHome order for 5 weeks. This will include extending our statewide mask ordinance until Friday, October 2.… @ALPublicHealth #TogetherAL #MaskUpAL #alpolitics 1/5 Image
We are seeing a drop in our hospitalizations & daily positive #COVID19 numbers. I have no doubt this is a result of our mask mandate. I look forward to the days where we don’t need to wear a mask, but we can’t lose the ground we've gained. #TogetherAL #MaskUpAL #alpolitics 2/5 Image
I appreciate the efforts of our teachers & administrators who are going to great lengths to keep our students safe. It is not an easy task to add increased sanitation & social distancing measures on top of your daily tasks. #TogetherAL #MaskUpAL #alpolitics 3/5
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I’m honestly shocked. Look at this video from @MollyBeck of preparation for Trump’s Tulsa-style in-person rally in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in one hour. @JoeBiden takes COVID seriously. Trump doesn’t. Simple as that. Help us beat Trump:
With the Biden campaign and convention, the medium is the message. We’re virtual precisely because we know how much suffering this pandemic is causing. We’re going to get it under control. Meanwhile, as deaths rise, Trump thinks it’s a joke. And Trump’s campaign shows it.
Leaders understand that people are watching what they do. @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris are going the extra mile. Trump is waltzing around the country like there’s no pandemic—in effect telling people that if they ignore the virus, it’ll go away.
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Today, with the support of Dr. Harris, I am extending our current #SaferAtHome order until the end of August with a few minor modifications. Learn more here:….
@ALPublicHealth #TogetherAL #alpolitics 1/5 Image
The new order includes extending our statewide mask ordinance until August 31. While no one likes having to wear a mask, I believe we are making progress in this area. #TogetherAL #MaskUpAL #alpolitics 2/5 Image
We must remain vigilant if we’re going to get our kids back in schools & keep our economy open. Wearing a mask can’t hurt but can only help. It’s a way to protect yourself as well as others you work with, care about & even love. #TogetherAL #MaskUpAL #alpolitics 3/5
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1) Governor Hogan is holding a press conference at the State House in Annapolis. He is joined by State Superintendent of Schools Dr. Karen Salmon.

I will thread today’s updates.
2) The governor announces that while states across the nation and throughout the region have seen troubling spikes in their infection rates, Maryland’s positivity rate has continued to decline. The statewide rate is now 4.49%, an 83% decline since its peak on April 17.
3) There are some trends we are closely monitoring. We are concerned that the gap between the positivity rates among Marylanders under 35 and Marylanders 35 and over is as big as it has ever been -- 3.5% versus 6.57%.
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Today, with the support of Dr. Harris, the medical community & many in the business community, I’m announcing a statewide mask order effective Thursday, July 16 to be in place until the end of the month.
Read:… @ALPublicHealth #TogetherAL #alpolitics 1/5 Image
This will be in addition to our #SaferAtHome order that expires July 31. Nothing else in the order changes & at this time we will not be further limiting capacity nor restricting events from operating. @ALPublicHealth #TogetherAL #alpolitics 2/5 Image
However, as I have stated – this mask order is hard to enforce – so once again, I am calling on everyone in our state to practice personal responsibility & wear a mask. I continue to believe that personal responsibility is everyone’s responsibility. #TogetherAL #alpolitics 3/5
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🚨The Wisconsin GOP is holding their state party convention this weekend.

Despite the pandemic, it’s going to be in-person. Let’s make sure the GOP’s COVID Convention backfires.

Donate & RT to supercharge Democratic organizing in Wisconsin:
The GOP convention is happening in Brown County, which is a coronavirus hotspot—ranked #2 in confirmed cases amongst Wisconsin’s 72 counties.

There’s every reason to fear that GOP convention-goers will exacerbate this reality on the ground.…
While they’ll make hand sanitizer & masks available to attendees (how generous!), masks will not be required during the event at Green Bay convention center. This puts the @wisgop at odds with the @packers, who will require masks at their games this fall.…
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Folks, in a couple of weeks, it'll mark 4 months that our state has responded to #COVID19. I’m fully aware of the physical, mental & emotional toll this has taken on AL. This is indeed an unprecedented year for not only our state, but the entire country & world. #TogetherAL 1/5 Image
In the last few weeks, the #COVID19 cases have continued to rise & currently there are over 33,000 Alabamians who’ve contracted this disease today. Over 800 have died. The fact is, folks, we are still in the thick of it. #TogetherAL 2/5
Today, I am announcing that our current #SaferatHome order is being extended from the July 3 expiration date to July 31 at 5 p.m. Learn more:… #TogetherAL #alpolitics 3/5
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I was early to #PhysicalDistancing and #Masks4All, and I remain pessimistic about some of the effort to #OpenSafely.

But I still wrestle with the merits of a general mask mandate. Sudden mass behavior change with an uncomfortable/unfamiliar idea is hard.
We demonstrated very clearly that we could #FlattenTheCurve in Nashville by starting with #SaferAtHome and easing into an #OpenSafely scenario.

I think working with businesses on effective protocols is easier and possibly as effective as a generalized mask mandate.
I try to lead by example and wear masks any time I get groceries or enter enclosed spaces (like city hall).

And all leaders need to be responsible with #Masks4All.

But I think we can accomplish the principles of #OpenSafely with business participation and leadership.
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@MassGovernor Thanks for visiting our hospital today! I came home to find my neighborhood, the North End, swarming with visitors congregating on our streets and sidewalks--few are wearing masks & social distancing appears to have been a long-forgotten concept. Did I miss...
your announcement that we are in Phase 4 today while I was busy caring for hospitalized patients with COVID??
What happened to #SaferAtHome?
#COVID @MassGovernor @MassDPH
Also, while we're on the topic, what are you doing to ensure the safety of the most vulnerable populations in restaurant work: servers? I saw a grand total of zero servers wearing eye protection, but they have to get closer than 6 feet to people NOT wearing masks to do their job.
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In partnership with @ALPublicHealth, we’ve issued further guidance on how to apply the amended #SaferAtHome order to adult & youth athletic activities: .#TogetherAL @ALPublicHealth Image
In addition to the #SaferAtHome mandates, the following practices are strongly recommended for all camps serving children & teens: #TogetherAL @ALPublicHealth ImageImage
View the recommended guidelines for entertainment venues & tourist attractions that accompany the #SaferAtHome order: #TogetherAL @ALPublicHealth ImageImage
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I’m grateful the AL Legislature was able to get the budgets approved Monday & agree on a pathway forward to make certain CARES Act moneys will get to Alabamians who’ve been economically hurt by #COIVD19 &, obviously, who need & deserve the help. #TogetherAL 1/6
In the next week, my administration will be announcing some different ways where all the members of the Legislature – as well as the people of Alabama – will have direct input into some of the different options that might be available. #TogetherAL 2/6 Image
This week @ALPublicHealth inked a deal with @Apple & @Google, to use their contact tracing app to track those who may have been exposed to #COVID19 using Bluetooth signals. We’re proud AL has the opportunity to be 1 of the first 3 states to utilize this resource. #TogetherAL 3/6
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Let me first take a moment to say a special word of thanks to each & every Alabamian. I know this has been tough on you; it hasn’t been a joy ride for us either. I so appreciate the personal sacrifices you’ve made to keep yourself & others healthy. #TogetherAL @ALPublicHealth 1/9 Image
On May 15th, our current Safer at Home Order is set to expire. However, today I am announcing that we are amending and EXPANDING the list of what reopens under the #SaferAtHome Order.…
#TogetherAL @ALPublicHealth 2/9
Starting on Monday, May 11th this order is amended with expanded openings that will go into effect during this next phase of Safely Reopening Alabama. Picture of ORDER Graphic with all three. #TogetherAL 3/9 Image
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Happening Now: @GovofCO giving more details on the transition to #SaferAtHome. You can watch live on @KDVR's Facebook page. #COVID19colorado Image
Polis says they've hit the goals Colorado set going into #StayAtHome:
✅Slowed the spread of the virus
✅Bought time to build healthcare capacity
✅Bought time to grow testing capacity & supplies
.@GovofCO says he will go into more detail about what the state has done to obtain testing during a press conference on Wednesday. #COVID19colorado
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No one wants to see our economy gain momentum as much as I do, and we're working to do everything we can to make sure we can do so as soon as we safely and responsibly can. #Thread
That's why today we announced Emergency Order #34 that, coupled with our #SaferAtHome order that went into effect last week, turns the dial another notch by allowing non-essential businesses to do more than they were able to do before. Available here:…
Our Safer at Home order and Emergency Order #34 mean that every business across our state can do things like deliveries, mailings, curbside pick-up and drop-off services.
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We just submitted a super-cool paper about seismic noise changes in China and Italy following COVID-19 lockdown. In Enshi (nearish Wuhan) the noise drop in the frequency band of pedestrians and local factories was equivalent to 20 years' worth of industrialization and growth.
In Beijing (no official #lockdown) pedestrian traffic is *still* below a normal year, and has been for months. Here we compare 2018 and 2020 aligned by Lunar New Year, which always sees a noise drop as folks travel home. #seismicnoise #Covid_19
Meanwhile in Rome, the population seems to be behaving in an increasingly conservative way, with less and less #noise in the foot-traffic frequency band as the lockdown wears on.
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Republicans are exploiting a global pandemic to further their attempts to undermine the will of the people. But what’s at stake goes far beyond political power--lives are on the line. #THREAD
Today, Republicans in the Legislature filed a lawsuit to effectively strike down our #SaferAtHome order and cripple our ability to respond to a pandemic that has already taken the lives of 242 people in our state.
This isn’t a game. This isn’t funny. People die every day because of this virus -- often times painful and lonely deaths -- and the more we delay or play political games the more people die.
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NEW: Wisconsin’s hyper-partisan Republican state legislators want total control. They need only 3 more seats in each chamber to get supermajorities—& power to re-gerrymander through 2032. But we have a plan to stop them: #SaveTheVeto. Chip in to help: 1/
Wisconsin’s GOP legislative leaders just now (as in, BREAKING NEWS) asked our GOP-dominated state Supreme Court to block @GovEvers#SaferAtHome order. @repvos wore PPE while telling voters it was “incredibly safe to go out." Well, he was just warming up.…
GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos holds office thanks to just 16,775 votes in a gerrymandered district. His goal: reign as God-emperor of Wisconsin.

Robin Vos led the power grab after Tony Evers beat Scott Walker in 2018. Now he wants to grab still more.…
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THREAD: @GovofCO says he has a lot of important information to share in this press conference. I'll do my best to keep up here. @KDVR
GOOD NEWS: @GovofCO says daily hospitalization rate is "leveling off." Governor has received 1st application from a county to open back up: Eagle County.
#Breaking Polis says he expects to be in Eagle County Thursday or Friday this week to re-open the first county in Colorado. Polis says they've been early on restrictions, and have done a great job. @KDVR
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Right now, a short drive from the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center where coronavirus patients are being treated by health workers desperately short of PPE, a GOP-supported protest against our stay-home order is underway. A GOP State Rep candidate attended. 1/
When people gather to violate social distancing guidelines—for any purpose, including protesting social distancing guidelines—they risk spreading COVID-19. Many people in Brookfield work in the nearby hospitals.
Here's the video Bonnie Lee, Republican State Rep candidate, posted as she slowly drove by the crowd of protestors. "You should come check this out! Thousands of people! It kind of feels like 4th of July on steroids. There's so much enthusiasm out here!"
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So how’d we do it? Simple, we let our values guide us: 1) We put our people first, offering time off and additional pay to prepare for possible shelter in place the second week of March…
2) We invested in additional digital tools and infrastructure to complete the pivot to 💯virtual organizing and voter contact - video conferencing, org wide digital workspace, rvp tracking tools, dialer, etc. (all our organizers are already issued laptops)
3) We provided members and volunteer action teams 100s of hours of free training on digital organizing and basic virtual literacy all while closing offices a week before #SaferAtHome
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THREAD: Democracy won in Wisconsin tonight. The GOP thought they had this election fully stolen. Trump leaned in personally. But voters, who don't like being suppressed, rose up. Organizers worked magic. Here's the story. (Also: donate!
Rewind a few months, and the SCOWIS race looked unimaginably different.

The GOP had one huge advantage: incumbency. Scott Walker appointed Dan Kelly to fill a vacancy. Incumbent judges in Wisconsin usually win. On our side? A primary. We wouldn't know our candidate until Feb 18.
Meanwhile, progressives had some structural advantages as well. For one, everyone was sure the Democratic presidential campaign would be competitive. People thought four—maybe six!—Democrats would be crisscrossing Wisconsin before April 7, driving up Dem turnout.
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I am Brooklyn, made, born and raised. When asked, I always say I'm American.
But the country I love, has left me and my fellow Healthcare workers desolate, and betrayed.
I am a mother, a wife, and pregnant. And because of that betrayal to keep us safe, I am also covid +
I got lucky, my symptoms are not that bad.
I've been cleared to go back to work tomorrow.
And because I know I won't be protected, and no one knows if once positive do I have immunity or not, I'm leaving my home.
I'm leaving my family behind.
Tonight will be the last night for a long time that I'll get to sing my 2yr old to sleep. He'll fall asleep in my arms, and not know that that's the last time for a very long time. I haven't touched my husband in over a week, and it will be weeks until I do again
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