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1) Welcome to a new #accredited #tweetorial in our series of educational programs on #hypertrophic #cardiomyopathy #HCM. Previous programs, still available for 🆓CE/#CME, are at
Now you can earn another 0.75hr credit by following this 🧵!
2) Our expert author is JA Linderbaum MS, ARNP, FACC, FPCNA @jlinderbaum, Associate Professor of Medicine, @MayoClinic, CV #NursePractitioner, Assoc. Medical Editor #AskMayoExpert.
#FOAMed #MedEd @MedTweetorials #CardioTwitter @transformingHC @TNPJ_Journal #cardiology
3) This program is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Bristol Myers-Squibb. Statement of accreditation and faculty disclosures at Credit for #physicians #nursepractitioners #physicianassociates #nurses #pharmacists from @academiccme.
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Uit een rapport vandaag gepubliceerd door 5 (inter)nationale milieuorganisaties blijkt dat grootste #certificeringsprogramma (SBP)voor houtkap niet voldoet aan de NL #duurzaamheidscriteria. Toch verstrekt de overheid miljarden aan #biomassasubsidies 1-5…
Nu blijkt dat SBP-certificering geen garantie is dat aan #subsidiecriteria wordt voldaan, dient NL overheid de subsidies voor #houtpellets door SBP gecertificeerd, stop te zetten en besluit om SBP te erkennen als #duurzaamheidsstandaard te heroverwegen.
#biomassa @RobJetten
De uitkomsten komen op een cruciaal moment: voorafgaand aan 1) EU vaststelling nieuwe duurzaamheidsrichtlijn in trilogen 7 februari; 2) NL parlementaire hoorzitting over biomassasubsidies 16 feb; 3) NL vaststelling #duurzaamheidskader dit voorjaar, @RobJetten #biomassa
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#Darnomics & the #DarPeg 🚨

A thread 🧵 —

There are two very clear scenarios in #Pakistan 🇵🇰 at the moment:
Scenario 1 —

Finance Minister @MIshaqDar50 continues “managing” the country’s exchange rate. Once he’s gone (3-6 months), and a caretaker government comes in, PKR will shoot up (possibly overshoot) to previously unseen levels beyond 275 vs. USD.
Scenario 2 —

Mr. Dar decides to let PKR find its true value based on market fundamentals driven by #Pakistan’s true (glaring 👀) macroeconomic realities. In this scenario, I foresee PKR depreciating to between 250-260 & stabilising within this range for the next 6 months.
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1) Welcome to a new #accredited #tweetorial, Update on New HFrEF Data from ESC 2022 with a Focus on Vericiguat. Our expert author is Giuseppe Galati MD, MMSc in Heart Failure, FHFA, @GiuseppeGalati_ , Consultant #Cardiologist #HeartFailure & #Cardiomyopathies
2) @GiuseppeGalati_ is at San Raffaele Research Hospital, Milan 🇮🇹 @SanRaffaeleMI. This program is intended for #healthcare professionals & is accredited for 0.75h CE/#CME credit for #physicians #physicianassistants #nurses #nursepractitioners #pharmacists.
3) This program is supported by an educational grant from Bayer. See archived programs still open for credit at Statement of accreditation & faculty disclosures at🙏 FOLLOW US !
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Different Laws are enacted by the provincial legislatures to regulate charities.
Section 20 of the Punjab Charities Act, 2018 prevents any individual/organization from collecting charities without prior sanction by the authority. 1/4
#FloodReliefFund2022 #FloodsInPakistan
Charities can't be collected until the collector of such funds is registered u/s 12 of the Act. Any person violating any provision of the Charities Act is liable to be punished with imprisonment of 15 days upto 6 months or fine of R.s 25K upto 100K. 2/4 #FloodReliefFund2022
Punjab Charities Act, 2018 contains provisions about misapplication, audit and inspection of funds.
P.S: Punjab Charities Act is enacted to replace The Charitable Funds Act, 1953.
#FloodReliefFund2022 #FloodsInPakistan
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Don't donate to any person or organization posing to be a fundraiser for #FloodinPakistan. Donate #EdhiFoundation instead. Section 20 of the Punjab Charities Act, 2018 prevents any individual/organization from collecting charities without prior sanction by the authority. #Edhi
Charities can't be collected until the collector of such funds is registered u/s 12 of the Act. Any person violating any provision of the Punjab Charities Act is liable to be punished with imprisonment of 15 days upto 6 months or fine of R.s 25K upto 100K. #Edhi #FloodinPakistan
Additionally, Anti Money Laundering Regulations of #SBP doesn't allow personal bank accounts to be used for charity purposes.
Bank accounts opened under the registered name of the charity can only be used to receive funds. #EdhiFoundation #FloodinPakistan #Pakistan
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1) Welcome to a new #accredited #tweetorial on optimizing the role of the pharmacist in managing cardiometabolic disease! Accredited for 0.50 hr for #physicians #nurses #pharmacists! Expert faculty is Snehal Bhatt PharmD @SnayCardsPharmD of @BIDMChealth. Image
2a) This educational activity is supported by grants from Bayer, Otsuka, & Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Eli Lilly Company. See archived programs, all by expert authors, still available for credit at
2b) Accreditation statement and faculty disclosures are at We are your ONLY source for accredited education in CKD and #cardiorenal disease delivered wholly on Twitter. FOLLOW US!
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Do You keep slamming Your face because You missed the 1st #HFA @escardio Clinical Practice Update Course on #HeartFailure, orchestrated masterfully by MC Mullens?

Are You particularly disappointed to have missed the clinical pearls of #HFA giants @kevin_damman & @FinnGustafsson?
Catch up for 2 months on the platform on demand:…

I'll release just a teaser under the form of a clinical case below. You might call on my partners in crime @Ph_Bertrand & @petranijst to do the same...

Have fun & see you live without #COVID next year!
@Ph_Bertrand @petranijst 61 y/o woman
PMH: Chronic HCV, hypertension, poorly controlled diabetes (HbA1c 9.6%), obesity (BMI 32 kg/m²)
Currently no meds

Found in apartment with motoric aphasia & right hemiplegia due to ischemic stroke (middle cerebral artery)
R/No thrombolysis (subacute), thrombectomy!
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1/3 #SBP extends time for settlement of Foreign Currency Loans up to 180 days amid #COVID19 pandemic to facilitate exporters and importers. For details:…
2/3 Moreover, banks can also allow settlement of FE-25 loans to exporters through substitute contract during the extended period of 180 days where the original export contract has been cancelled due to #COVID19.
3/3 Likewise, #SBP has also allowed the banks to extend the maturity of FE-25 import loans by 180 days.
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1/5 #SBP releases 3rd Quarterly Report on “The State of #Pakistan’s #Economy” for the year 2019-20. For full report:
Urdu:… Image
2/5 The Report finds that necessary stabilization fostered significant macroeconomic improvement and helped build buffers. These improvements provided valuable space to respond to the downturn since late March 2020 due to #COVID19, through timely fiscal and monetary stimulus.
3/5 Major progress had been made during Jul-Feb FY20 in curbing Pakistan’s fiscal and current account deficits. This was reflected in strong revenue growth, the historic and smooth policy shift to a market-determined exchange rate, and the significant build-up in forex reserves.
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1/3 Enhanced consumer awareness, better access to complaint resolution mechanism & increased #banking transactions result in increased number of complaints against banks during 2016-19, #SBP review of complaints reveals. Details:…
2/3 During 2016-19, ATM card transactions increased by 101%, credit card by 118%, e-banking transactions by 112% with 71% increase in e-banking users, deposit accounts per ATM & per branch by 62% and 81% respectively, hence resulting in more complaints in these areas.
3/3 Resolution rate remained above 97% at each year's end while average time taken to resolve complaints remained within regulatory turn around times. However, delays were observed in sending acknowledgments, interim & final responses.
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1/3 Governor #SBP chairs first meeting of the Steering Committee on Housing & Construction Finance to deliberate on the terms of reference & way forward. For details:…
2/3 Governor #SBP has formed the committee to prepare & implement a roadmap to ensure sustainable market‐led financing of housing projects &mortgages to promote development of housing & construction industry in the country.
3/3 The Committee members include Lt Gen (r) Anwar Ali Haider, Chairman NAPHDA Jameel Ahmad, Deputy Governor SBP & presidents of Habib Bank, National Bank, Meezan Bank, Faysal Bank, Standard Chartered Bank & Bank Alfalah.
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1/3 Musadaq Zulqarnain, Chairman Interloop Limited, appreciates #SBP’s #RozgarScheme while sharing his views during a webinar on Boosting #Pakistan’s Trade Competitiveness.The webinar was organized by Learners' Republic in collaboration with @Profitpk. Check out his views here:
2/3 #SBP introduced its refinance scheme, generally known as #RozgarScheme, in April to provide financing to the businesses for the payment of wages and salaries to promote employment and prevent layoffs.
3/3 The scheme has provided over Rs107bn benefitting over 1500 companies and more than one million employees. To know the details of scheme:…
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1/3 Governor #SBP calls meeting of bank presidents on measures proposed by #NayaPakistan Housing and Development Authority #NAPHDA & identify way forward to ensure sustainable market-led financing of housing projects/mortgages. Details:…
2/3 Governor #SBP praised #NAPHDA for its significant potential contribution in meeting the shortage of housing in the country and accelerating economic activity in the country.
3/3 Governor encouraged banks to view housing/construction finance as an opportunity to broaden their balance sheet & cater to huge financing needs of the sector. He reiterated #SBP’s commitment to play a facilitative role while supporting a healthy credit culture in the country
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#PTI govt unveils corona-influenced #budget
Follow our live updates here:
HAPPENING NOW: When we assumed leadership, current account deficit was Rs20b, circular debt was Rs1200b, rupee was kept inflated and SBP reserves fell from Rs18b to below Rs10b," says Federal Minister of Industries & Production Hammad Azhar while presenting #Budget2021
No measures had been taken to combat money laundering, says Azhar. "We took key decisions to stabilise the economy and we saw improvement in key indicators."
Current account deficit was brought down, trade deficit contracted 21 per cent, he adds while presenting #Budget2021
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1/6 Governor #SBP shares with Chambers of Commerce the measures to enhance utilization of Risk Sharing Facility under SBP’s Rozgar Scheme. For details:…
2/6 Governor shared the data of SBP’s major refinance schemes & relief package. He also gave details on the financing availed by both corporates and SMEs under its Rozgar Scheme and Risk Sharing Facility provided by the government.
3/6 As of 05th June 2020, banks have approved requests amounting to Rs 21bn for SMEs and small corporate to support payment of salaries & wages to their workers and employees.
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1/3 #SBP reiterates not to share personal details on fake calls and report such calls to your bank immediately. You can also report these calls to SBP helpline at 021-111-727-273 or at email For details:…
2/3 Some unscrupulous elements are making phone calls to individuals impersonating as #SBP officials seeking personal/bank account information on the pretext of #COVID19.
3/3 #SBP never seeks details of account holders of any bank and all such calls made on its behalf are a hoax and with fraudulent intentions. Public is advised not to respond to any such calls and provide any information.
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1/3 By 8 May 2020, Over 1/2 million borrowers have been able to defer their principal loan payments amounting to over Rs 370 billion, while over Rs 54 billion has been restructured/rescheduled.
2/3 More than 90 thousand requests are under process with the banks for deferment and restructuring/rescheduling.
3/3 Borrowers who wish to avail #SBP's relief package are encouraged to read details of this scheme at our website and contact their bank. For details:……
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1/6 #SBP enhances refinance limits under its #RozgarScheme to finance up to 100% of wages/salaries of businesses with average 3month wage bill of up to Rs500mn for onward payments for April, May and June, 2020. Details:…
2/6 For businesses with 3-month wage bill exceeding Rs500 million, SBP will now finance up to 75% with maximum financing of Rs1 billion.
3/6 Businesses that had earlier availed lower financing due to applicable limits can now avail additional financing on the basis of revised criteria. Details:…
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1/3 #SBP opens up its subsidized Temporary Economic Relief Facility #TERF for #BMR and expansion of existing projects to provide further stimulus to the #economy, support investment for modernizing/expanding manufacturing/production units. Details:…
2/3 Under this scheme, banks will lend at maximum end-user rate of 7% for 10 years. Maximum financing for a single project is Rs 5bn.
3/3 The scheme allows purchase of new plant or machinery that is imported or locally manufactured against foreign LC & inland LC. Loans can't be used for procuring second hand machinery, land or carrying out civil works.
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1/4 Ministry of Finance and #SBP introduce risk-sharing mechanism to support bank lending to #SMEs and small businesses to avail SBP’s Refinance Facility to Support Employment. For details:…
2/4 Federal Government allocates Rs30 billion under a credit risk sharing facility for the banks spread over four years to share the burden of losses due to any bad loans in future.
3/4 Under this risk sharing arrangement, Federal Government will bear 40% first loss on principal portion of disbursed loan portfolio of the banks.
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1/3 To strengthen health sector in fight against COVID-19, #SBP enhances financing limit of a single hospital/medical center under its Refinance Facility from Rs 200 mn to Rs 500 mn. For details:…
2/3 Financing under this facility is being made available by #SBP at 0% to banks that can charge a maximum rate of 3% per annum to hospitals/medical centers.
3/3 So far financing of Rs 2.2 bn for 11 hospitals/medical centers has been approved whereas financing requests of Rs 3.6 bn for 23 hospitals/medical centers are being processed by the banks.
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1/9 #SBP introduces further incentives for businesses under #refinance scheme for payment of wages and salaries to the workers and employees to prevent layoffs. For details:
2/9 To address the issue of providing security/collateral for small vendors/distributors, financing has been allowed against corporate guarantees of companies in value/ supply chain relationship with the borrowers.
3/9 Moreover, banks have also been encouraged to provide loans without any collateral i.e. taking clean exposure of up to Rs 5 million.
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1/5 #SBP releases Second Quarterly Report on "The State of #Pakistan's #Economy" for the year 2019-20. For details:
2nd #QuarterlyReport 2019-20:… Image
2/5 According to the report, stabilization efforts & regulatory measures yielded notable improvements during the 1st half of FY20. Current account deficit contracted to 6-year low, foreign exchange reserves increased, primary budget recorded a surplus, and core inflation eased.
3/5 Importantly, export-based manufacturing showed signs of traction and construction activities picked up, indicating that the economy was on the path of recovery.
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