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#Zionist-#Leyen's Revenge:
#EU #Ombudsman - page down at least since Feb 14, 2023, 8:22pm CET.
EU institutions and bodies profiles | #EuropeanUnion!btCjND ImageImage
#Zionist-#Leyen's harsh #revenge:
#Ombudsman's last webpage saved Oct 7, 2022
The European #Ombudsman, Emily #OReilly, works with the institutions, agencies and bodies of the @europeanunion to achieve the highest standard of #administrative practices… ImageImageImage
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Last night in the #EPlenary @d_boeselager was probably the first MEP ever to use generative AI to write his speech. #1nt #CAI

For a look behind the scenes, a 🧵…
As if a general AI speech was not enough of a challenge for the @EP_Interpreters, Mr Boeselager asked the AI to tell him how to regulate AI in Shakespearean English.
Humor and poetry, interpreters’ favourite snack, right?! 😅
Luckily, @EP_Interpreters and @Europarl_EN, can rely on a document and speech management system for meeting preparation and @d_boeselager was kind enough to upload his speech hours before delivery.
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Before the #EPlenary vote, some reflections from 6 years working on #EUBioenergy policies.

1. They're accelerating climate change
2. We're wasting €billions
3. Don't believe a word the biofuel industry lobby says
4. MEPs must end support for burning trees and crops

The EU’s bioenergy policies are a serious threat to the climate. They’re encouraging things that increase emissions compared to fossil fuels, and so they're part of the problem not the solution.

The bioenergy criteria in the current EU Renewable Energy Directive are extraordinarily complex - and administratively burdensome for businesses - but are largely meaningless.

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🔻30 χρόνια έκανα τη δουλειά του δημοιογράφου. Θα μας λείψουν κάποιοι συνάδελφοι σήμερα που δε μπορούν να τιμήσουν την Παγκόσμια Ημέρα Ελευθερίας του Τύπου. Δάφνη Καρουάνα Γκαλιζία. Γιώργος Καραϊβάζ. Όσοι χάθηκαν στα μέτωπα της Ουκρανίας. Όλοι με το όνομά τους.
@syrizaep @Left_EU
>>>Στην Ευρώπη πλανάται ένα μεγάλο ερώτημα, ποιος εξουσιάζει ποιον; Οι μεγιστάνες των ΜΜΕ μέσω του Τύπου την εκάστοτε πολιτική εξουσία; Ή η πολιτική εξουσία μέσω των ιδιοκτητών προσπαθεί να επιβάλει πολιτικές; >>>

#WorldPressFreedomDay #EPlenary
>>>Από τη νίκη του Μπερλουσκόνι στην Ιταλία φάνηκε καθαρά ότι μια «καμπάνα» χτυπάει, ότι τα οικονομικά συμφέροντα έχουν τον έλεγχο των MME &βεβαίως την εξουσία. Και αυτό είναι σοβαρό θέμα εμπλοκής πολιτικής στη δημοκρατία.>>>

#WorldPressFreedomDay #EPlenary
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🔻I have been a journalist for 30 years and some of us today, cannot honor the #WorldPressFreedomDay with us. Their names are Daphne Caruana Galizia, Yorgos Karaivaz and many more. >>>

#PressFreedom #EPlenary
@syrizaep @Left_EU
>>>We should call them by their name, those who gave their lives, in Ukraine & elsewhere. >>>

#PressFreedom #EPlenary
@syrizaep @Left_EU
>>>There is a big question hanging over Europe: who controls who. Do the Media moguls exert control over political administrations? Or do the administrations actually impose policies?>>>

#PressFreedom #EPlenary
@syrizaep @Left_EU
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1/6) #EUChina: sadly, @JosepBorrellF's speech at #EPlenary ( makes it clear Europe is still far from understanding - and most of all addressing - the worrying, underlying reasons why Beijing is de facto siding with #Russia on #Ukraine

A thread 👇🏽
2/6) Beijing has long been working to dismantle decades of progress in the int'l human rights system and replace it with one that allows for its systematic repression and atrocity crimes:…

In this, authoritarian govts like Russia's are its "natural" allies
3/6) Autocrats make a mockery of their human rights obligations, would happily get rid of this "hurdle" - and of the scrutiny that comes with it. Their only concern is perpetuating their rule, at any cost

The more the merrier for Beijing's revisionist agenda. Why upset allies?
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In October 2020, India and South Africa submitted a proposal to the @wto for easing of rules that impose intellectual property barriers that restrict access to COVID-19 vaccines & treatments i.e. #TRIPSWaiver

The EU is blocking the proposal.

A thread ⬇️…
During the HIV/AIDS epidemic, high-income countries had access to lifesaving drugs while millions in developing countries were left to die.

This scenario is repeating itself due to power and greed. We need #TRIPSWaiver to end the pandemic.…
About 75% of the 4.12 billion vaccines administered worldwide have gone to high- and upper-middle-income countries.

Only 0.6% of doses have been administered in low-income countries.

Developed countries, including the EU, have been hoarding vaccines.…
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First up in #EPlenary this morning, we debate the EU COVID-19 certificate.

This will be a temporary tool to help European citizens travel safely and freely again, while protecting their data privacy and avoiding new restrictions.

🔴 Watch here:…
The pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on free movement!

We need to put an end to the chaos: Without Schengen, there is no EU and there is no European recovery to the crisis.

💬 @JFLopezAguilar | #EPlenary
A harmonised EU COVID-19 certificate must bring about an end to the restrictions that have stopped people moving freely.

The certificate, and PCR tests to travel, need to be free of charge, and the data included in it must be the absolute minimum necessary.

📣 @JFLopezAguilar
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#EPlenary kicks off with a first debate on the outcome of the 🇪🇺🇬🇧 negotiations.

Follow it live 👉…
We wanted a closer 🇪🇺🇬🇧 relationship but sadly this wasn’t possible.

The UK government just wanted #Brexit at any cost, without being clear on what that really meant.

💬 @SCHIEDER | #EPlenary
The agreement protects fair trade and fair competition between the EU and the UK.

It limits the hardship that #Brexit will cause for businesses and citizens and sets the building blocks for a potentially strong future partnership.

📣 @SCHIEDER | #EPlenary
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[THREAD] C’est parti pour la plénière d’avril.
À partir de 17h, nous parlerons, notamment, des relations entre l’Union européenne et la Turquie, d'innovation, de transport maritime et de la gestion du thon rouge. Pour suivre, c’est ici 👉🏻… 1/ #eplenary
La teneur de la réunion entre Charles Michel, @eucopresident, Ursula @vonderleyen et le président turc Erdoğan a été éclipsée par le #sofagate. Le débat en séance plénière sera l’occasion d’en savoir plus sur ce qui a été discuté lors de cette rencontre. 2/
Les écologistes condamnent l’attitude de @eucopresident lors de cette rencontre. Comme l’ont rappelé 12 eurodéputées dans une tribune dans @leJDD, sa “non-réaction” était un affront aux femmes et aux institutions européennes. 3/…
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Big Pharma is calling the shots, @ManonAubryFr to Commission President @vonderleyen.

"The vaccines have been developed thanks to billions of euros of public money. Yet, patents remain in the hands of Big Pharma. As a result, governments cannot produce sufficient doses..."
"Only three contracts have been made public. This is what they look like: the most important information is hidden! For the other contracts, we will have to wait. Because yes, Big Pharma decides, not the Commission." @ManonAubryFr to Commission President @vonderleyen #EPlenary
"What an admission of impotence Ms. @vonderleyen! Isn't it for us to make the law? We are capable of imposing unprecedented restrictions on freedoms but unable to set rules for Big Pharma? We call upon a Committee of Inquiry to hold those responsible to account." @ManonAubryFr
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The Commission has not learnt from the mistakes of the past, says @joseggusmao.

"This Recovery Fund has an umbilical cord relationship with the European Semester and the looming threat of a return to the infamous macroeconomic conditionality."
For @joao_ferreira33, member states will have to foot the bill of the Recovery Fund:

"Member states will have to pay for the money they receive now with cuts in the money they were expected to receive in the future."

#NextGenerationEU #EPlenary
It is positive that the Recovery and Resilience Facility has criteria for the disbursement of funds and specified objectives, according to @silviamodig.

"We need to improve the economy and to create trust in the future for the people."

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🔴We are not satisfied by what we heard here today. The numbers mentioned are a bit off: We heard that there are 15.000 people in #Lesvos, while the Greek government speaks of 7.500. What is going on here, exactly?>>>⬇

#refugeecrisis #EPlenary @Europarl_EN
@SyrizaI @Left_EU
Mr. Meimarakis, representing the @EPPGroup, said he is satisfied with the closed centers we are paying for. Mrs. @YlvaJohansson, are we building closed centers after all? These are essentially concentration camps.>>>⬇

#refugeecrisis #EPlenary @Europarl_EN
@SyrizaI @Left_EU
The European way of Life of Mr @MargSchinas & the new Migration Pact consists of inhuman detention conditions, of zero sanitary conditions & of small portions of low-quality but exceedingly expensive food.>>>⬇

#EPlenary @Europarl_EN
@SyrizaI @Left_EU
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🔴Παρα τις υποσχέσεις περί #nomoreMorias στο #KaraTepe 7000 αιτούντες άσυλο (2500 παιδιά) συνεχίζουν να ζουν σε σε επικίνδυνες και ανθυγιεινές συνθήκες.🔺


🔴210 πόλεις και δήμοι σην Γερμανία έχουν δηλώσει την πρόθεσή τους να φιλοξενήσουν πρόσφυγες και μετανάστες από τα Ελληνικά νησιά. Όμως η γερμανική κυβέρνηση διαφώνησε.🔺


🔴Ο επικεφαλής της @Frontex διερευνάται μετά από καταγγελίες για συγκάλυψη παράνομων επαναπροωθήσεων από την ελληνική ακτοφυλακή.🔺


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[THREAD] Plénière d’octobre saison 2 épisode 4. 4e et dernier jour de débats. On va parler égalité 🚺 🚹, vente de passeports aux criminels, état de l’Union de l’énergie et alignement de la Charte de l’énergie sur le Pacte vert. #EPlenary #PlenPE 1/
C’est également aujourd’hui que sera annoncé le vainqueur du prix Sakharov parmi les trois finalistes : l’opposition démocratique en Biélorussie, l'archevêque de Mossoul et les militant·e·s de Guapinol et Berta Cáceres, soutenu·e·s par @greensefa. 2/
L'égalité des sexes est un élément pertinent de l'action extérieure de l'UE sans être au centre du processus décisionnel. La politique étrangère féministe (PEF) remet en question les stéréotypes sexistes et lutte contre l'oppression et la domination à l'échelle mondiale. 3/
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[THREAD] Plénière d’octobre saison 2 épisode 3. Dans cet épisode, nous allons parler des conclusions du Conseil de la semaine dernière, d’emploi, des mesures pour atténuer l’impact économique de la crise sanitaire et de déforestation. 👇🏻 #EPlenary #PlenPE 1/ Image
Le 1er jour de leur rencontre à Bruxelles, le 15/10, les chef·fe·s d’État et de gouvernement ont confirmé la nécessité d’accélérer les préparatifs en vue de la sortie du Royaume-Uni de l’espace économique européen au 31 décembre 2020. 2/ Image
Pour autant, les négociations vont reprendre cette semaine sur la future relation entre Londres et l’UE. Selon un fonctionnaire européen, la Commission proposera des mesures en cas d’un Brexit sans accord vers la mi-novembre. 3/
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Today EPP President @donaldtuskEPP addressed the @EPPGroup via videoconference ahead of this week's #EPlenary

#COVID19 Image
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With the #UKCoordinationGroup & #EPlenary about to adopt a resolution on the EU-UK future relationship, here are some elements which would be of great help to integrated supply chains & logistics on both sides of the border @davidmcallister @berndlange @CHansenEU @EP_Trade 1/
1. 1st, a #transport agreement is an absolute must @davidmcallister @berndlange @CHansenEU @KarimaDelli : without an agreement, there is no fallback to allow traffic by road, rail & air freight to continue. Without it, planes won't fly & a very small number of EU & UK vehicles 2/
(trucks & vans) cld ever cross the border relying on a very limited number of ECMT permits (wouldn't even cover 5% of the traffic). The situation is just as serious for the island of Ireland since #transport is not dealt with in the Protocol part of the withdrawal agreement 3/
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Es muy probable que Ursula von der Leyen será apoyada mañana por una mayoría neoliberal del Parlamento Europeo, con los votos de EPP-PPE, Renew Europe (con dudas), ECR, ID (extrema derecha) y la mitad de S&D (por ejemplo el @PSOE, ¡Vergüenza!). #PlenoPE…
Como era de esperar, la "Gran Coalición" del Parlamento Europeo (derecha, liberales, socialdemocracia) seguirá existiendo. Así es el PSOE, garante de las políticas de y para las élites.
Hay muchas razones por las que el Parlamento Europeo debería votar contra Ursula von der Leyen para presidir la Comisión Europea: su política económica, su apoyo a la OTAN y la militarización o su falta de ambición en cambio climático. ¿Y en política comercial? #EPlenary #PlenoPE
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So our new #MEPs (73 from the UK) are ready to take their seats on July 2nd at the first #EPlenary session.…
Here's a reminder of some of the things they do. 1/…
Far from being unelected bureaucrats, as is sometimes suggested, #MEPs are the only office holders in the EU set-up who are directly elected by the voting-age public. 2/…
MEPs form one branch of the EU legislature, the bit that passes laws. The other branch is the Council of national ministers. 3/ @EUCouncil…
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Todos os anos a UE perde cerca 1 bilião de euros através de esquemas de fraude e #evasãofiscal. A Resolução ontem aprovada no #EPlenary contém medidas concretas de combate à evasão e elisão fiscal.
#TaxJustice #TaxEvasion #Whistleblowers
A Resolução apela aos Estados Membros que revoguem de forma célere os regimes de #vistosgold, porque potenciais benefícios destes não compensam os riscos de branqueamento de capitais e evasão fiscal.
A resolução reconhece pela primeira vez 7 Estados Membros como paraísos fiscais: Bélgica, Chipre, Hungria, Irlanda, Luxemburgo, Malta e Holanda.
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#EPlenary today made history by recognising fundamental rights of black people in landmark resolution overwelmingly adopted by 535 MEPs.

The 1st time #EU denounces structural racism, call for #reparations and to end racial profiling. #EndRacismEU #EUelections2019 #AfricanDescent
“The ball is now in their court: we need concrete action plans and specific measures now." @amelyacef , Chair of ENAR

Read our statement: ”…

#EndRacismEU #EUelections2019
“The resolution calls for concrete action from European Union institutions and EU Member States."

Read our statement:… #EndRacismEU #EUelections2019
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"Pour les Belges, Flamands, Wallons, Bruxellois tous confondus, être pro-européens ce n’est pas une question de choix, mais une vraie question existentielle. Notre pays, nos terres, ont trop longtemps été le champ de bataille de toute l’Europe." #EPlenary
Tous les grands conflits dans l’histoire Européenne se sont livrés en Belgique. Pour nous, c’est clair, il n’y a qu’un avenir possible : un avenir commun, un destin Européen. Tout le reste, ce n’est que des mensonges, des tricheries, des rêves qui tournent au cauchemar.
Ce n’est pas le chocolat, ni la bière, ni Tintin qui caractérisent notre pays, mais notre amour pour l’Europe, notre passion pour le projet européen! @CharlesMichel #EPlenary
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