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Every time I read things like this, I think “those poor $SHEN holding suckers bear all the risk.” Another #crypto #cardano #DeFi #djed #thread: 1 / 🧵
Why would someone buy $SHEN and hold those downside risks? The attitude in some #Cardano circles must be “Oh well they’re all rich dudes - VCs and corporations - with unlimited wealth. Fu*k ‘em and stick ‘em with the losses.” 2/🧵
That’s wrongheaded. The reason to buy $SHEN is that $SHEN holders get any $ADA gains from $DJED buyers. People who buy and use $DJED are giving free $ADA loans to $SHEN holders. 3/🧵
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Q. Should the UK prohibit #StateAid to large businesses engaged in #TaxAvoidance?
This question comes from a comment I heard in a webinar recently.

Obviously I wondered whether if it was true, but also it’s the kind of consideration which may come to the fore if the UK Government sets up its own State aid regime.
What is tax avoidance in this instance is a fair question.

Let’s say those who submitted a DOTA or found by HMRC to have engaged in tax avoidance.
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Congratulations to my home #Norway on winning a seat at the #UN Security Council. With this seat come many opportunities to influence the global agenda for a better future. But with this also comes increased scrutiny of #Norway's untenable and unsustainable dependence on Oil
As a small open economy with an existential interest in maintaining #globalisation & a "rules based international order", #Norway and it's fellow #Nordics self-interest is strongly aligned with what is good for the world. The same also goes for #Ireland @NorwayUN @irishmissionun
#Ireland's & #Norway's ability 2 influence global agenda on economy & security will depend on them being perceived as benign actors acting in good faith beyond self-interest. #Norway will need to accelerate its move away from #Oil & #Gas #Ireland away from enabling #TaxAvoidance
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Excellent @GavinBarwell talk about the #Covid19 pandemic and likely implications.

#StateAid issues at heart of the recovery, whether that’s denying future support to those engaged in #taxavoidance or Government (reluctantly) taking equity stakes in major businesses. Image
There will be a post-pandemic belief that things cannot go back to the way things were.

#BuildaBetterFuture may well be build around a measures to tackle climate change.
Cracking answer to my #levellingup question

@GavinBarwell thinks it remains a core promise

Furthermore there will be lots of interesting opportunities for this to help the post-#Covid economy inc
more #onshoring of supply chains and openness to good ideas using public funding
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💡 How to reconcile globalisation & #TaxJustice?

Some 🗝️ key points by 🎙️ @gabriel_zucman in another cracking #podcast episode of @TheTaxcast

🎧 ➡️…

#TaxEvasion & #TaxAvoidance are not laws of nature, but policy choices. We can choose to:
🕵️‍♂️ allow secrecy
💸 lightly regulated the tax avoidance industry
🌪️allow tax competition to drive a #RaceToTheBottom

Or we can choose not to allow them 👇 2/7
The alternatively could be to choose to:
🧮 record wealth in registries
🏛️ regulate #TaxAvoidance industry
🌍 make international #tax coordination a core part of #Trade agreements & international cooperation

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Thread: Amazing resource for tracking corporate #taxhaven strategies&costs. What stands out: absence of data for Africa, ME, etc. We have to talk more abt costs of #taxavoidance for low-income countries, beginning w history of shifting profits from the late colonial world 1/n
The overall amount of profits shifted/cost incurred will be bigger for countries such as US and Europe. But the recent #mauritiusleaks showed that #African countries are hurt by multinational strategies of using tax havens to route investments and book profits 2/n
In a forthcoming article in Past and Present, I show how white European settlers, businessmen, officials etc liquidated their assets during decolonization, fearful of newly independent governments and their attitude towards foreigners and their money. The choice was often 3/n
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I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds @joswinson an irritating and entirely disingenuous politician. Her attack lines make a *lot more sense when you review who funds her...… #NeoliberalDemocrats #KPMG
@joswinson Let's take Melissa Geiger of #KPMG who donates to @joswinson's office

Melissa is a Partner and Head of International Tax and Tax Policy for KPMG in the UK…
@joswinson @atulkshah @premnsikka @rbrooks45 @RichardJMurphy @PeoplesAudit Then there's @joswinson donor - Michelle Quest, also of #KPMG - a corp tax kingpin of the global 'tax planning' [read #taxavoidance] industry. These people clearly have a *lot to lose if a Labour Govt crack down on London's pinstripe accounting mafia...
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Thread.  “Brexit was about tax avoidance!”, so the conspiracy theory goes. “The referendum was announced in 2013, just as the EU announced plans to tackle tax avoidance!!” “The referendum date was announced just after the EU announced the Anti Tax Avoidance Directive.” And…
“…article 50 was invoked so the UK would avoid the implementation of the Anti Tax Avoidance Directive in 2019!  You Brexiteers have all been conned!” Well, let’s see who’s being conned by who. Here’s a timeline. The issue of “base erosion” (eroding your tax base) was first...
…discussed at the OECD summit in Mexico in June 2012, and again at the G20 Finance Minister summit in November of the same year. At this summit the UK and Germany agreed to combat Base Erosion and corporate tax avoidance, issuing a joint statement. Later, France also agreed…
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Ever bought a pair of Nikes? 👟👟 Find out where the money goes...

My talk at @TEDxGlasgow takes you behind the scenes of an @ICIJorg investigation, piecing together the international money trail, from cash register to tax haven. #TaxAvoidance🛒🇳🇱🌴
This is just one example of @ICIJorg’s collaborative journalism working across borders to unlock global stories. If you’re interested in supporting this kind of work, you can donate here: Or check out this thread
This @TEDxGlasgow talk was based on an article @ICIJorg published about Nike last November #ParadisePapers👇…
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Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz, nominated to 2nd Circuit is a Beneficiary of #Cayman Fund
Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz 2nd Circuit nominee and Billionaire Cayman Trust Fund Beneficiary…
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