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This is the FORMATION of #MassPsychosis on full display.

If you don't "join in," and go along with all this "fun," then you're an outsider, not one of the #InCrowd. It begins in kindergarten and continues through college.

It is #HumanNature to want to be part of the in crowd.
My guess is that every one of these were posted in the past 3 years.

I'm reminded of the beautiful young doctor who was not part of the in crowd, and took her own life after witnessing the corruption and the ease with which everyone just went along with the #NewNormal of
systematically eliminating people by apply practices that went against everything they were taught as standard protocol.

#RunDeathIsNear, #Ventilators denying patients final vistitation with their family and loved ones. And now those crimes are all but forgotten as covid
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THREAD: #Virology: Unmasking a 100+ Year Old Lie

Everything You Think You Know About Disease Is Likely Wrong.

#vaccinegenocide #vaccines #vaccinedeath #PfizerLiedPeopleDied #thread…
We Need To Base Our Understanding of Reality Upon Reality, Not Manipulation.

Everything You Think You Know About Disease Is Likely Wrong....
In order to understand the world around us as the truth about it is emerging from a 100+ year slumber, it’s going to be important to challenge ideas that have absolutely zero basis in reality.

I will start off by saying that we have been duped - ALL OF US.
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That is the question. I'm a Scouser with Scottish, Irish & Gypsy blood. That's not a question I need to ask myself. I will hold a grudge for this life and the next. I will curse your children and your children's children.

However... Image
...for more well adjusted, emotionally mature and even spiritually evolved beings, forgiveness is divine. With that in mind, I NEED you all to watch this @jimmy_dore segment featuring an incredibly moving statement by @joerogan and also extremely powerful words by Jimmy himself.
For those of us who managed to retain our senses & memory of high school level immunological scientific principles & for whatever reason were immune to the #MassFormation #MassHypnosis & #MassPsychosis #CoronaPanic phenomenon, we were maligned by not only casual acquaintances...
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@MarinSanna #Polish trucks carried heavy foreign #warmachines on #Helsinki Ring I Oct 15 at 8:02 am
- According to a reader, there were six Polish trucks in the queue and they were heading east. The caravan that attracted attention was not known to the Helsinki police…
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@Stephen29723910 @blondiecutie666 @Heminator RWNJ feeding frenzy for #BuffaloTerrorist gets going less that 24 hrs after the massacre.

Nick Fuentes #whitesupremacist #whitegenocide leads Groyper leader, immediately, evidence insists it was a “false flag” attack.…
@Stephen29723910 @blondiecutie666 @Heminator 2/
Wendy Rogers, Oath Keepers comrade (who has appeared at Fuentes’ AFPAC conference) similarly goes conspiratorial. 'Gendron was a government agent.'
@Stephen29723910 @blondiecutie666 @Heminator 3/
Mike Cernovich, Pizzagate conspiracy theorist who holds that“diversity is code for white genocide,” spins Gendron as an RW foe under “demonic influence.”
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CDC pressed to proof of the statement: “COVID-19 ranks as one of the top 10 causes of death for children ages 5 though 11 years.”

It then admits it hasn’t analyzed its own data and cannot provide any.…
Coincidentally, CDC removed tens of thousands of deaths linked to COVID-19, including 416 (or 24%) of the pediatric deaths, on its data tracker website. "An adjustment involving the removal of 72,277 deaths. An error in CDC’s algorithm led to misclassifying deaths"
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"Using social and behavioural science to support C-19 pandemic response ...insights from the social and behavioural sciences can be used to help align human behaviour with the recommendations of epidemiologists and public health experts."
"Using social and behavioural science to support COVID-19 pandemic response" - full text
#MassPsychosis #MassFormationPsychosis…
"Using Social and Behavioral Science to Support COVID 19 Pandemic Response with Dr. Jay Van Bavel"
#MassPsychosis #MassFormationPsychosis #SocialEngineeering
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No Vax Mandates - mini thread. 1/

I know someone who had a vax adverse reaction about 20 minutes after her 1st shot.

She got the first shot as soon as it was available to her.

The adverse reaction is still causing her pain and discomfort currently.
2/ Her family doctor will not give an exemption because it has yet to be "proven" and there was no allergic reaction.

She is still waiting to see a specialist. The appointment is months away.

Next month, her mother's assisted living facility will no longer allow in the unvaxed.
3/ She is the primary caregiver to her mother but also relies on the help of the nursing staff.

Her mother is 82 and likely doesn't have many years left.

How lost and inhumane we have become.
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1/ Although #MassPsychosis going viral is a good thing, and while I largely agree with what has been said on that topic, it is still important to note that it is dangerous to religiously follow the teachings and opinions of one person.…
2/ If you watch closely (from all the interviews he did) what Mattias is advocating for as a solution is a mixture of:

- nonviolent civil resistance
- parallel society approach
- passivity, hiding, running away
- waiting for the self-destruction of the leaders & the regime
3/ But here are a few key questions. Why do people forget how similar events in the past were finally overcome? Why everyone forgets what kind of damage was inflicted upon people & society before mass formation was finally subverted? Do people realize that the madness of ..
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The Serbian tennis legend was today granted a “medical exemption” to appear at #AusOpen. He has been trending all day and lots have shared their views.

Here is why I think @DjokerNole deserves your wholehearted and unwavering support👇🏻🇷🇸
I’ll start off by saying, I understand those who feel disappointed in him for appearing at all.

There’s a valid argument to say, “by competing, & going through the rigmarole, he’s simply complying with a system of medical discrimination apartheid.”

Totally fair point. However..
Sometimes you need to operate *within* a system of oppression to destroy it.

Take flying, as one example.

We all know they want to stop us from flying, and most airlines now have extremely strict policies on mask-wearing.

Should we all stop flying and give them what they want?
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1/ Two quick clips from Bannon's War Room today:
Dr. Malone and Mass Formation Psychosis…
2/ Dr. Malone on Bannons War Room podcast today: "The federal policies are an abject failure."
#Pfizer #Vaccines #Omicron #Vaxxed #Variants #Covid…
3/ Here is the 8 hour broadcast by doctors with a New York Beth Din (Jewish law) in 2021. In the Joe Rogan show, Malone explained WHY the rabbis are concerned about the vaccines: +
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The more foul-mouthed, the more avid the support for #Malone.

That's my theory. Let's test it out.
The rat has changed his trap. But it's still a rat.😊
Twitter censorship.👍🙂👇
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#MassPsychosis is nothing to laugh about, as it is responsible for most pandemic deaths, the loss of our democracy, and an impending civil war to reinstate a mentally-impaired former president.
Another useful concept is “gaslighting”: an attempt to make others believe they are mad, so that your own madness stays hidden. “If you see something wrong with Trump, you have TDS”; “Joe Biden has dementia”; and “The vaccinated have mass psychosis” are examples.
When confusion settles in like this, it usually DOES take a specialist to make the distinctions, since pseudo disorders never quite look like real disorders (knowledge of real disorder helps you to tell them apart).
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1/x- Proof that ShockJock Dean Blundell lied about Dr. Daniel Nagase. Blundell has published a scurrilous, defamatory piece about Dr Daniel Nagase, but refuses to address the easily discoverable evidence that refutes his lies.
2/x- Here is Blundell’s clickbait hit piece:…
3/x- In a long telephone conversation on 5 October, Dr Nagase provided me with certain information:
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It is very important in this period of humanity to take a serious look at what is happening in the world friends.

Watch this video first in its entirety & reflect upon current situations critically.

#Menticide is here & with it, a new attempt to establish a "#TechnoTotalitarian" rule over the lives of American citizens.

The final variant of #Coronavirus could very well be the manifestation of a #NewWorldOrder under #totalitarian rule.
That may sound absurd, but what is very concerning is that many talking heads in the media & even public figures are now making very carefully worded emotional appeals to logic to further induce a totalitarian #masspsychosis.
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