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WOW! Former #Pfizer Employee: "Checkmate. Game Over. We WIN"…
Biden Paying Farmers to BURN CROPS, Un-Vaxxed No Fly List…
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8/4 Texas C19 Pos%, Case, Hosp & Fatality update:


Virtually the same highlights as yesterday (see Q/T below). This next week we are going to see the highest case & hospitalization growth rates of the curve, before it starts to crest mid-month. Hold on tight.

8/4 Positivity Rate:

* Antigen pos% still in post-peak, even if flat yesterday. Will be surprised if peak doesn't hold.
* PCR still in-peak. Yesterday's revisions nudged it up, but now 6 days with virtually no growth rate.

8/4 Cases:

Another huge day on raw case counts, mostly driven by big testing numbers, way more testing than during last year's wave. (Hence why Positivity is only 17+%. Last year hit 20%)

15K cases reported today, way ahead of 2020. #casedemic continues.

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8/3 Texas C19 Pos%, Case, Hosp & Fatality update:



1) Antigen confirmed peak, PCR possibly in peak
2) Cases Gone Wild
3) Hosps continue behind 2020
4) Weekly update to Fatality Projection model - downward revision
5) 51 reported fatalities today

8/3 Positivity Rate:

* I'm 90% sure Antigen Pos% has peaked. New revisions today, but 3 days of declines since Friday peak.
* PCR revisions show new slight climb today, but the past 6 days have been within 1% of each other, with a peak clearly forming. We watch.

8/3 Case:

Another day over 10K cases. Cases are going nuts, way ahead of 2020 pace. But its #Casedemic as you will see in the next few slides.

Cases at nearly 8500/day in the 7DMA, not far from Summer 2020 peak of 10250. Vaccines where art thou?

Hang in there.

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8/2 Texas C19 Pos%, Case, Hosp & Fatality update:


Highlights before we get into the details:

1) A peak for positivity rate???
2) Huge Sunday case dump from Harris Co.
3) Hospitalizations falling further behind vs. 2020
4) 4 total fatalities reported today

8/2 Positivity Rate:

* Need 2 more days before I'm ready to call anything
* I'm 80% sure Antigen has peaked, 4 straight days of declines
* I'm 50/50 on PCR. Could be the weekend effect. These get revised as test results arrive to the state, which can take a few days.

8/2 Cases:

Harris dumped over 1600 cases of the 3700 reported today. The 7DMA in 2021 is super jagged due to all the periodic reporting and backlogged case dumping.

2021 is still well ahead of 2020 Summer wave in regards to raw case total.


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8/1 Texas C19 Pos%, Case, Hosp & Fatality update:


#Casedemic continues. Good day for pos% & cases. Hospitalizations continue to track below 2020, and fatalities running increasingly behind 2020.

Positivity Rate:

Could be the weekend, but both positivity rates show a peak and the start of a decline. Moreso Antigen, but PCR as well. We will watch the next couple of days to see if this solidifies or if its just weekend reporting. Possible good news though.

8/1 Cases:

Better day. Basically the same week over week as last Sunday. So the 7DMA is flat. Still way ahead of 2020 Summer wave pace, however.

If we go by 2020, the case wave will peak in about 17 days. We watch.

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7/31 Texas C19 Pos%, Case, Hosp & Fatality update:


Casedemic is here. Cases are way ahead of the 2020 Summer Wave pace, while general hospitalizations, ICU, and fatalities are running increasingly behind 2020.

Positivity Rate

Antigen Positivity Rate had a bunch of revisions, but still is trying to crest. PCR Positivity doesn't look to be far behind. Is 20% the magic number, as it has been in 2020 Summer and Winter waves, or will it crest below that?

Cases -

Running way ahead of 2020 pace now. Remember these 2 waves are 13 months apart to the day.

Second day in a row and 3rd out of 4 above 10,000 cases.

#Casedemic and here's why...

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Same pattern in dozens of countries.

✅Huge increase in jabs
✅Huge increase in testing
✅Huge increase in “cases”
❌Almost zero deaths

This is #Cyprus 🇨🇾


They scare the ignorant by over inflating case numbers. Wake up.
Same pattern in dozens of countries.

✅Huge increase in jabs
✅Huge increase in testing
✅Huge increase in “cases”
❌Almost zero deaths

This is #UK 🇬🇧


They scare the ignorant by over inflating case numbers. Wake up.
Same pattern in dozens of countries.

✅Huge increase in jabs
✅Huge increase in testing
✅Huge increase in “cases”
❌Almost zero deaths

This is #Spain 🇪🇸


They scare the ignorant by over inflating case numbers. Wake up.
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You are not going to believe this one (or maybe you will), but bear with me. I had to triple check my figures on this just to reassure myself it was true.

And what’s more, this is likely to be happening every single day.
More👇🏻 Image
Last night the esteemed @BBCHughPym, BBC health editor since March 2014, ran a seemingly alarming story about the Covid-19 situation in the North East, as you can see below.

With interviews from a respiratory consultant, medical director, elected city mayor, and local resident. Image
It featured as a segment on the 6 o’clock news, 10 o’clock news, @BBCNEandCumbria, as well as being one of the top stories online (see screenshot).

I have no way of calculating the audience reach but we can safely assume it was into the millions, nationwide and regionally. Image
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De derde ronde prikken is in Duitsland aangekondigd.
Want prikje 1+2 zijn nauwelijks effectief tegen het Delta variantje zegt Merkel.…
De Deltavariant, die voorheen Indiase variant heette, waart, in Nederland, al twee maanden rond zonder noemenswaardige gevolgen. Sterker; Ziekenhuizen liepen leeg en doden namen af in deze tijd. (Half mei tm half juli)…
Paniek in Duitsland is niet terecht.
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De Jonge over stijging besmettingen: ’Iets om je zorgen over te maken’


Kort 🧵 via @telegraaf
🇩🇪 --> De Jonge is lekker een tripje aan het maken met de Koning👑.

Meer testen = meer vinden. Dat weet iedereen (🥕)
#Casedemic. Image
- Hoop is geen strategie.

- Long-covid vergeten. Dus je pas 'écht' zorgen maken bij meer opnames is waarschijnlijk een hele grote fout.

- Als het aantal opnames stijgt, ben je (weer) te laat. Image
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Over 11,000 new cases in the UK today, nearly all can be attributed to delta B.1.617.2, highest since 19 Feb
43% increase in hospitalizations past week
This is also the 🇬🇧-->🇺🇸 warning (again)
We're at ~14% delta, UK at >90%
We are less vaccinated, 1st dose (graph) and fully
It's not a #casedemic
The sad part is we could *block* Delta's effect if we had a substantial jump in vaccinations
The only way that can be accomplished in the weeks ahead is thru @US_FDA full licensure of mRNA BLAs.
No ✓ FDA status, no demand to @DrWoodcockFDA for statement on this important matter
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March 2020 Tedros of @WHO tweets that Case fatility rate comparable to IFR ie. 3.4% of the world pop. ie 265,000,000 people will die.This despite other world renowned scientists challenging this on the basis of Diamond Princess etc…
These outrageous claims are backed up by Ferguson and his long time record of outrageous claims that have caused untold misery and devastating losses to people over time.
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If you are wondering why no government is promoting
1) #vitaminD
2) early treatment of the high-risk population
3) effective medication such as #HCQ or #Ivermectin
4) updating the treatment protocols based on emerging evidence leaving a void for many doctor groups to fill
5) why governments did not change the CT of the PCR test in line with new scientific evidence leading to a #casedemic due to false (+)
6) why governments are very liberal with counting a covid death even if the person has no clinical infection at the point of death
Here's what you must know. (pointed out to me by @cphealthcare)
To issue an EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) for a new vaccine, the following requirements must be met:
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About time someone in mainstream media tells the people about this...

Imagine if you had done it long before the election?

I’ve only banged the drum since around June... @IngrahamAngle maybe take a look at my pinned thread - spend time on #greatreset subthread.
Australia #SkyNews has done a few on the #greatreset and #buildbackbetter.

I’ve contended since early on that the severity of #SARS2 #C19 is not the conspiracy.

It’s #Globalists #Globalism great reset crowd=#Epstein crowd
Where are US “representatives”?

How are there near zero politicians, globally, that have spoken up about this? Y’all sit in the #Trilateral, #UN, #Davos, #CFR meetings...there’s zero chance you’re all unaware.

Have you all sold your souls?
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Every day a new record. A record of lack of will to take action, promote infections, hospitalizations, #LongCovid, and deaths in larger numbers of Americans.
150, 526 new infections today
67, 096 hospitalizations
1,104 deaths
A country positivity rate of 10.1%
Look at the ascension in hospitalizations, adding >10,000 in a week, surpassing the first 2 surges, and no limit is sight.
The cases are going vertical
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@CarlHeneghan & Tom Jefferson's strategy. Although I admire & respect their work, I disagree on a few points.

1) Address mass testing programme
2) Address the statistics fiasco
3) Protect those who are vulnerable
3) Inform the public about the costs of lockdown 

“If we do these things, there is real hope that we can learn to live with the virus”
The virus is endemic now. It is part of the viral soup we get exposed to every year. It will not go away. It will probably mutate in time as all viruses do and that's how we get new strains.
1)“the [mass testing] is somewhat aimless and indiscriminate. It has wasted precious resources.”

“We are calling for a national programme of testing quality control to ensure that results are accurate, precise and consistent.”

#casedemic + inflated deaths nb= data fiasco

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Not to detract from the celebration BUT
We just had >128,000 new US infections, another new record.
The hospitalizations continue to rise to almost 59,000 ()(~1,000 more since yesterday)
1,097 more people died.
We have serious work cut out for us
We're about to go to a new pandemic peak in people hospitalized, >60,000
The rise in cases is limitless unless we take aggressive action, which of course should have been initiated months ago. But it's never too late.
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1/ Maybe we are detecting too many asymptomatic cases, people with non infectious viral remnants, and acknowledge a low case fatality rate. People suggest a #casedemic, yet we hear of a lot of European countries now struggling with hospitalised Covid patients
2/ I read one article which seems very convincing about the low risk of Covid 19. Other papers suggesting a far higher level of T-cell immunity. Data to suggest this coronavirus is no worse than seasonal flu. And that data seems very convincing
3/ And then I see news from Europe whose healthcare systems are overrun (France data today), worrying data of concerning numbers of sick Covid patients.
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COVID deaths & hospitalizations always lag cases. The lag has been demonstrated, is often 𝗺𝗼𝗿𝗲 than a month, and its timing can be predicted accurately (I have done it.) The #casedemic folks are just, well, wrong.

A thread explaining the lag with real-world examples.

1/n Image
I will show what causes the lag, and how I can predict it accurately. First, there are multiple causes behind it:

#1 clinical
#2 reporting
#3 age prevalence

I will explain these causes one by one

Lag #1 is the most obvious: clinically the mean infection-to-death time is 22.9 days (see pg 4:…)

So at minimum deaths will lag cases by a little over 3 weeks

Similarly, infection-to-hospitalization is 1-2 weeks

3/n Image
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This is a followup to my thread yesterday to help the public understand better what is going on in Toronto (and Ottawa, Peel, and the rest of Ontario). I am going to focus on what everyone needs to understand about the ON testing fiasco (which is being played out elsewhere too)
First: I get my data from @jkwan_md @imgrund @JPSoucy @ishaberry2 to support my understanding. They get it primarily from publicly available sources, and make the data easy to understand.

Second: our daily case # in ON are artificially low (by ~330) because of the backlog.
The backlog was entirely preventable. I was told months ago when I asked that the reason labs weren't able to increase capacity was $$ from govt. @bruce_arthur covers this accurately here
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When is the Covid #Casedemic going to end? Why have we decided that a positive case is worth canceling events, quarantines and school closures? The data and the science just do not support this.

Here are some facts.

Covid survival rates for infected people by age group:

0-19 years 99.997%
20-49 years 99.98%
50-69 years 99.5%
70+ years 94.6%

Children to not die of Covid and neither do young adults. Also they are usually asymptomatic and children are not significant transmitters.

According to the CDC 94% of deaths have an average of 2.6 comorbidities. This does not mean that only 6% died of Covid. It does mean only 6% ONLY had Covid. In those 94% who died WITH Covid it may or may not have been a major cause. It is hard to make a definitive statement.

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POINT OF ORDER: Whenever you hear anyone say, "We're in a #pandemic" - firstly you must challenge them on it. How to win the debate...

Reply by saying: "No, it's not a pandemic. Data for current hospitalizations & deaths doesn't come near level for an epidemic, or pandemic."
They may respond saying, "But the numbers are up - there's a huge surge in #cases..."

Reply with: "A positive PCR test does not equal a 'case' or even an 'infection'. Test only detects RNA fragments, giving many false positives. This is a scientific fact."
They'll then counter: "But some of those positive tests must by infections, no?"

You reply: "If there were significant number of real #COVID infections then we'd see a corresponding spike in hospitalizations & deaths - which we haven't. So it's a #casedemic not a pandemic."
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Thread Collection.

Perfectly covered in this short video.
h/t @Rational_Ground

Track&Trace, according to
@TheEconomist only ~5%
of all Covid cases are known.

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"Cornwall #Casedemic Craziness"

A 2 minute video to help wake up the UK citizens
...and other Europeans too

This is a nice companion piece to the earlier "UK Pub Paradox" 😉
Thanks Mark - great observations! @markavfcutv
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