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1. So according to this; diplomatic missions are operating from #Tunisia outside of #Tripoli because of #LNA operations!

Not because of the kidnapping of the #Jordanian ambassador?

neither the kidnapping of #Zeidan?

nor enabling militias extremists to take control of Tripoli?
2. Not even because Salah Badi destroyed #Tripoli International Airport?

Or, for example; because #Misurata's militia turned the capital into hell?

Not because of the lack of basic services in the capital of all Libyans?

Not because of the continuing violence inside Tripoli?
3. Not because you allowed the terrorists to pray for - the terrorist who give Bay'ah to #ISIS Wissam Bin Hamid - in the largest #Tripoli squares?
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NOC and the usual suspects claiming the oil fields were shut down because of the UAE and/or Field Marshal Haftar made a unilateral decision to do so DEBUNKED.

***NOC Fairy Tales Edition***
#Libya #LNA…
After the unexpected push back from EastMed countries the wannabe sultan started send the pet terrorists 🐩🦮🐕‍🦺 from Idlib toward the end of December.

January 2, 2020
🦃Parliament Authorizes Military To Deploy Troops In Libya…
January 2, 2020
LNA Field Marshal Haftar Meets With Chieftains of Al-Asabaa Tribes…
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#Libya HoR statement in response to
@USAEmbassyLibya :"#HoR deplores @USAEmbassyLibya's questioning of #LNA's legitimacy which's affiliated w/ HoR...
"Calls on all foreign countries and their embassies to respect the sovereignty of the state and refrain from selective dealings...
"Welcomes the resumption of oil exports on the basis of justice, national responsibility and fair distribution of wealth...
"Calls for a holding cease-fire and the start of a comprehensive political process.
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Four years on, a cloud of mystery still surrounds Turkey’s July 15 coup | Hot Pursuit @ahval_en…
(1)"A long, detailed report on mysterious circumstances surrounding alleged coup against Erdogan between experts + the Ahval team of journalists. Oddly enough, the attempted coup took place after Erdogan's AKP lost legislative majority in June 2015 election while ..." -#LNA #GNA
(2)"Pro-Kurdish HDP won 80 seats in parliament. Erdogan realized he could lose power. Due to Gezi protest 2013 dissatisfaction + protest increased nationwide what Erdogan brutally put down. After allegations of corruption against Erdogan, his family + friends ..." -#LNA #GNA
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US officially declares a policy of "active neutrality" on #Libya.

WTAF. Image
"The U.S. delegation emphasized that the #LNA’s affiliation with the #Wagner group, a Russian Ministry of Defense proxy...[is] at odds with U.S....interests."
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@MouradTeyeb A pertinent 2017 NYT piece on a #France-in-#Africa discussion:

“The Rwanda intervention is the most symbolic of the more than 50 FRENCH MILITARY INTERVENTIONS IN AFRICA”…#French forces are still involved in Africa…"

#Libya #Haftar #Libyaoil #oilandgas…
@MouradTeyeb Rwanda case: French history of “complicity” in Africa from Mitterrand>Macron: “#France was part of the planning, part of the conception & part of the execution of the genocide”

Another case of #French complicity is #Haftar in #Tripoli?

#Libya #Libyaoil…
@MouradTeyeb #Macron in #Libya: #Derna.
#KhalifaHaftar has received decisive assistance from #France in the form of a recon aircraft operated by CAE Aviation, a company which also works for the #French external Intel service”-#DGSE

#Haftar #Libyaoil #OilAndGas #ليبيا…
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#Libya crisis : #Haftar #LNA associated Dassault Falcon 900 #P4RMA is flying Benghazi Benina to Caracas Simón Bolívar Maiquetía #Venezuela (via Nouakchott–Oumtounsy). Landing to Caracas now. 00:10 GMT / 20:10 VST / 20:10 EDT
Sonnig International P4FJA out of Benghazi Benina, is flying over Mediterranean likely en route to Basel. Is #LNA going to the bank ?
Nope. Landed to Tunis Carthage
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***Firewalls + Rogue Ambassadors Libya Edition***
Firewalls have been tumbling in USA as 45 continues to drain the DC swamp. The last fire wall...the most important firewall fell on May 15, 2020 and much of the panic on display is in response to this firewall coming down.

Here are the Firewall dates
APR 3 + 10
MAY 4 + 15 + 26
April 3, 2020
Firewalls Down
•Tennessee Valley Authority
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Tarhuna going to be held hostage while the expired UN selected govt continues to import terrorists to hold Libyans against their own will? #Libya @UNSMILibya @USAEmbassyLibya @StateDeptPM @SecPompeo @realDonaldTrump @USAmbNATO @RichardGrenell @DevinNunes…
February 20, 2020
General Forum of Tribe Leaders: The closing statement of the General Forum of tribe leader and delegates of #Libya held in Tarhuna with the attendance of 3000 people representing different cities, villages and tribes.
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A lesson in why globalism handcuffs nations and does not work. Parts of the F-35 are made in 🦃. Fallout with the wannabe sultan could hold production hostage. 45 suggests bringing home 🇺🇸... @BenKTallmadge @moses_libico @BabeReflex_8 @We_Have_Risen @RevisitedRick
Meanwhile the wannabe sultan continues to ship terrorists from Idlib into Libya on behalf of a UN selected + EXPIRED muppet occupying Tripoli...
Full interview with subtitle options
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#Libya #AlWatiya #GNA #LNA #Turkey
1/The GNA has managed to break through defences and capture the Al-Watiya airbase...a major victory for them & probably means the LNA will no longer be able to seriously threaten Tripoli
#Libya #AlWatiya #GNA #LNA #Turkey
2/ few more pics from Al-Watiya airbase
#Libya #AlWatiya #Pantsir #GNA #LNA #Turkey
The GNA has reportedly captured a Pantsir AD system as well...although the below pic is pretty blurry...will update as more info becomes available
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Nov 21/19 EXPIRED #GNA FM admits allied with corrupt militias that essentially run Tripoli and the expired muppet on Ovenmit TV @BenKTallmadge @LNA2019M @We_Have_Risen @2xwide_dreaming @JVMznoWGsrSI7sw @osamaalobide @BabeReflex_8
INTERVIEWER: " have close ties with murdering
militia groups who extort who fire off
their weapons against civilian areas
it's all Europe's fault is it and that
they are deeply involved in the
corruption of your administration ..."
INTERVIEWER: "....your own interior
minister Bashagha he blurted it out
during an interview in January he said
his interior ministry budget falls under
the control of militia groups by force..."
#Libya #GNA #LNA
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How is a swamp protected? Good gatekeepers. That is a good cause Mittens.
ICYMI the firewalls are now officially all down with State Dept knocked out. The other firewalls came down last month:
☺️✖️Dept of Education
☺️✖️Tennessee Valley Authority…
State Dept is the firewall we needed to come down the most. This is how ridiculous our embassy is acting in Libya while the wannabe sultan has been importing terrorists from Syria and coming out with this response to Libyans defending their country:

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