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Four years on, a cloud of mystery still surrounds Turkey’s July 15 coup | Hot Pursuit @ahval_en…
(1)"A long, detailed report on mysterious circumstances surrounding alleged coup against Erdogan between experts + the Ahval team of journalists. Oddly enough, the attempted coup took place after Erdogan's AKP lost legislative majority in June 2015 election while ..." -#LNA #GNA
(2)"Pro-Kurdish HDP won 80 seats in parliament. Erdogan realized he could lose power. Due to Gezi protest 2013 dissatisfaction + protest increased nationwide what Erdogan brutally put down. After allegations of corruption against Erdogan, his family + friends ..." -#LNA #GNA
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Only in #Libya under the #GNA can one demand an investigation into a crime while their pet terrorists are simultaneously destroying the entire area at the same time. #Tarhuna
@MatogSaleh has documented the events that occurred upon the pet terrorists entry into the city June 5, 2020 here:
Some events are important to note just a few months ago that are relevant especially re the new fairy tales being pushed Re Tarhuna...
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This is an example of what #Turkey & #Qatar are doing to #Libya now. After capturing #Tarhuna from #Libya National Army today, #Syrian mercenaries & Islamist militias of #GNA used this #Turkish made Kirpi II MRAP to break into #Tarhuna's Mall before looting every shop there!
This video reminds me occupation of #Mosul by #ISIL/#Daesh in summer 2014. These Islamist militias of #GNA as well as #Turkey backed #Syrian Mercenaries captured city of #Tarhuna from #Libya National Army. They can be seen shooting their guns & terrorizing people.
Watch these #GNA's Islamist militias showing off the weapons & equipment which they have captured from #Libya National Army after occupying the #Tarhuna today. Two BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launchers, several pick-up trucks and ammunition can be seen among the captured weapons.
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Dear @USAfricaCommand,

Happy to hear about sudden interest in #Libya! Much has been happening since the UN selected EXPIRED govt in Tripoli entered into an illegal maritime agreement and military agreement with NATO ally 🦃... @WHNSC @RichardGrenell…
December 4, 2019
Democratically Elected #HoR Speaker Saleh letter to UNSC Re We Demand 3 Urgent Steps Including Withdrawing Recognition of the GNA…
December 15, 2019
#HoR Speaker Aguila Saleh sends letter on Sunday to António Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations supplemental to a previous letter dated 4 December 2015.…
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"criminal networks, militia groups, government officials, and private employers exploited migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in sex and labor trafficking" #GNA #Libyan…
"Endemic government corruption and militias’ influence over government ministries contributed to the GNA’s inability to effectively address trafficking."
Don't take the State Dept's word for it. Always best coming from their own mouths:
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#Libya #AlWatiya #GNA #LNA #Turkey
1/The GNA has managed to break through defences and capture the Al-Watiya airbase...a major victory for them & probably means the LNA will no longer be able to seriously threaten Tripoli
#Libya #AlWatiya #GNA #LNA #Turkey
2/ few more pics from Al-Watiya airbase
#Libya #AlWatiya #Pantsir #GNA #LNA #Turkey
The GNA has reportedly captured a Pantsir AD system as well...although the below pic is pretty blurry...will update as more info becomes available
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Nov 21/19 EXPIRED #GNA FM admits allied with corrupt militias that essentially run Tripoli and the expired muppet on Ovenmit TV @BenKTallmadge @LNA2019M @We_Have_Risen @2xwide_dreaming @JVMznoWGsrSI7sw @osamaalobide @BabeReflex_8
INTERVIEWER: " have close ties with murdering
militia groups who extort who fire off
their weapons against civilian areas
it's all Europe's fault is it and that
they are deeply involved in the
corruption of your administration ..."
INTERVIEWER: "....your own interior
minister Bashagha he blurted it out
during an interview in January he said
his interior ministry budget falls under
the control of militia groups by force..."
#Libya #GNA #LNA
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The expired muppet occupying Tripoli + the wannabe sultan now have the same lobbyists at Mercury @BenKTallmadge @LNA2019M @RevisitedRick @BabeReflex_8 @Prodactiv @RealthingUlli #Libya
#GNA + 🇺🇸🦃Business Council (TAIK)

(1) 🇺🇸John Tomlin…
(2) 🇬🇧Thomas Jock McMillan
Government of National Accord of Libya Office of the Prime Minister (GNA); Turkey-U.S. Business Council (TAIK)

Somebody losing information war 🔥
Public relations and communications consulting services.…
Mr. Tomlin also works with Syrian refugee children so this might be a perfect match for that child soldier market for the wannabe sultan.
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In the fall of 2016 a cease-fire was reached in Syria that led to an all out war between 44, State Dept + Pentagon. Ash Carter's DOD was belligerent and made the deal impossible. The wannabe sultan is playing the same FF games. #Libya #GNA #LNA #ObamaGate
Lavrov + Kerry would argue constantly about the moderate rebel fairy tale. For months Kerry would agree to separate the moderate rebels from the terrorists. Agreeing to do so granted a small ceasefire...

No fairy tale moderates to separate so the time just used to resupply...
After many talks and Putin + 44 talking at the G20 in China (AUG 2016) an agreement was reached. A ceasefire was going to take place beginning Monday at sundown and aid was going to go into Aleppo.
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What happens when $6.4M grant for "counter-terrorism" to a country who in turn allows 🇹🇷🦃 smuggle terrorists over border? #Libya #GNA @RichardGrenell @GenFlynn @LNA2019M @SecPompeo

+ 03/25/20 36(b)(1) Re #Tunisia $325,800,000.00…
01/23/20Tunisia USAID FAIN SLMAQM20CA2020
A little odd that South Africa is also selling weapons to 🦃 too, yes?…
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This is what illegitimate military targets look like:

Cruelty is the only purpose served here #GNA #Libya
04/25 Turkish Drone Bombs an Egg Truck South of Bani Walid Injuring Driver…
05/05 “We Targeted Logistical Supplies of Haftar’s Militia”: Qanunu on Bombing a Chicken Truck…
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Contrary to the narrative there is widespread support across Libya against the Turkish invasion
Al Quba
Bin walid
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01/Confessions of a #GNA Syrian terrorist mercenary #Libya #LNA #ISIS #sultan #Syria @LNA2019M
02/Confessions of a #GNA Syrian terrorist mercenary
03/Confessions of a #GNA Syrian terrorist mercenary
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M E R C U R Y #FARA6170 lying on behalf of the sultan and the expired UN selected govt. Sure picked the wrong critters to partner with if were true😂😂😂 @BenKTallmadge @RevisitedRick @moses_libico @LNA2019M…
"The Minister is leading the effort to replace all militias with a professional, unified army." #GNA #FARA6170…

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#PseudoPM Saraaj does JOHNS HOPKINS Sep 2019 and cries of the attempts to return to a totalitarlian regime while holding post as the UN "selected" govt that expired in DEC 2017. It is clear he can hold his position with Libyan support. It's just not there. #Libya #GNA #LNA
What's the difference between the GNA & HoR +LNA?

The GNA is a UN fairy tale based on an EXPIRED agreement and occupying Tripoli.

The House of Representatives is democratically elected and exercised their rights to commission the Libyan National Army led by Field Marshal Haftar
The map really says it all.
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