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1/6. ‘Tipu Sultan was the only prince who died fighting the British… With (his death) Indian Independence was extinguished for a century and a half.’ Not quotes from Karnataka’s new government but from a BJP founder-member. Story link at end of thread.
#Karnataka #TipuSultan
2/6. BJP founder-member and foremost RSS journalist K.R. Malkani wrote decades ago: ‘The more I read about Tipu, the more I am impressed with his rich personality.’ His heartfelt praise of Tipu appears in his book ‘India First’ (Ocean Books 2002).
#Karnataka #TipuSultan
3/6. K. R. Malkani was Vice President of BJP from 1991-94. And editor of the RSS weekly Organiser for 35 years, while also editor of its Hindi counterpart Panchjanya. No other RSS man ever climbed such heights. L.K. Advani wrote the foreword to his book.
#Karnataka #TipuSultan
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Today I visited Srirangapatnam (Seringapatnam for British, and I don’t just mean Wilkie Collins), the old stronghold of Tipu Sultan. His summer palace (later taken on by Wellesley, Duke of Wellington), the Mysore wars, his sons, the legend and Lion : all felt so alive! #history ImageImageImage
The frescoes, mosaics and fine craftsmanship of the summer palace are breathtaking (Wellington must’ve been awestruck like me!).
A solemn cenotaph marks the purported place where Tipu fell. Further away, a grand Gumbaz houses his & his parents’ tombs.
#history #TipuSultan ImageImageImageImage
The Battle of Pollilur 1780 (depicted on an entire wall) where Tipu’s forces meted out an unprecedented defeat to the East India Company. The hesitant, mustachioed noble seen in the 3rd pic here, behind cusped arches, is the young Prince Tipu. #history @EICatHome ImageImageImageImage
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When Siddaramaiah was campaigning to win, farmers affected by the most controversial Dr. Shivarama Karanth Layout #sklayout met with him and urged him to support their cause. ImageImage
About 3500 acres of their fertile & highly biodiverse farmland was being acquired under colonial Land Acquisition Act 1894 for the most environmentally destructive & massive urban expansion into the Arkavathy River watershed to the north of Bangalore. See:…
This is a project of @BDABangalore aggressively pushed by @SRVishwanathBJP as Chairman of the parastatal (thus undemocratic) agency. Siddaramaiah assured farmers that he would ensure there is fairness extended to their cause if @INCIndia came to power.
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#OTD, 4 May 1799, #TipuSultan, the most celebrated king of the 18th century across India, was martyred while valiantly fighting against the British colonial forces that were trying to forcefully occupy India.

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At one point Tipu Sultan was most known Indian figure in England and d corridors of power in London. There is no denying that for close to four decades, first Hyder Ali and then his son, Tipu Sultan, mesmerized the British public and the consciousness of the common people there.
Hyder Ali must be the most well known name from India in London, even more than reigning Mughal emperors of time, as they had lost luster and power back home. After Hyder, this distinction went to his capable son, Tipu Sultan, who continued to harass the British in India.
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#Goa was liberated from over four centuries of #Portuguese rule in 1961. But the Portuguese occupation saw anti-colonial uprisings including the #PintoRevolt or the #ConspiracyofthePintos. It is claimed that the rebels had colluded with #TipuSultan of #Mysore
#history ImageImage
The Pinto revolt at Candolim was the 1st such serious attempt by the people of #Goa to overthrow the #Portuguese. It was a protest against the racial discrimination by the Portuguese.
The conspiracy was hatched largely by the clergy, which was upset at the discrimination ingrained in the Catholic Church against native Goan Christians and a system where the Portuguese were supreme.
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1921 Malabar riots, Gandhi and a Malayalam Movie:
Malabar riots of 1921 often called the “Moplah rebellion” is a topic that was not discussed openly in Kerala until recently (“Moplah” is a term used to refer to Kerala Muslims)
Moplah riots have always been whitewashed by the Congress and the left historians as freedom struggle against the British. However, the reality is something else!
Any sensible society would know that reopening old wounds can only disturb the goodwill that exists in the society between various communities. Therefore, these riots were never a part of political discourse at least in the last 30-40 years.
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Yesterday, Islamist and Communist celebrated the birth anniversary of #TipuSultan as #TipuSultanJayanti.

Do you know who was the most trusted ally of Tipu? - Shankaracharya

Let us learn how so called Jagadguru blessed Tipu Sultan, ditching Sanatan Dharma.
The Entire Narration has been taken from "The Records of the "Sringeri Dharmasthana" - A Book by Dr. A K Shastry.

The Book has been published by Shringeri Math itself. So, it is authentic history of the matha.
Then Shankaracharya Sri Sacchidanand Bharti III use to send Prasada, Shawl, as a token of his blessings to Tipu Sultana.

A Sultan who plundered many temples, were given blessings by the so-called highest Guru of Sanatan Dharma.

This exposes how fraud these traditions are!
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All India Muslim Personal Law Board calls an urgent meeting of its executive committee. Issues, including #GyanvapiMasjid, #TipuSultan Masjid and others will be discussed and the board will decide its future course of action. (ANI)

#Gyanvapi hearing: While the #Hindu side has sought 2 more days to file a survey report; the #Muslim side has opposed the sealing order.

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Today is the death anniversary of #TipuSultan

There were only two kings that the British feared the most.

1) Tipu
2) Ranjit Singh

Tipu Sultan & Ranjit Singh did far more than any other Indian ruler to stop the British from taking over the entire Indian subcontinent.

The 1784 Treaty of Mangalore was the last time when an Indian ruler (Tipu Sultan) dictated the terms to the Defeated British.

After the defeat in the Second Mysore War, the British under Lord Cornwallis formed a triple alliance with the Marathas and the Nizam against Mysore.
FACT: The 1784 Treaty of Mangalore was seen by many in London as the beginning of the end of the East India Company (EIC). After the Treaty, stock prices of the East India Company dived and Pitt’s India Act was introduced.

Inshort, the Nizam and Marathas gave British a lifeline.
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फडणवीस आता टीपूला व्हिलन ठरवत आहेत. तिकडे राष्ट्रपती कोविंद तर म्हणून बसलेत की टिपूला ब्रिटीशांशी वीरमरण आलं, तो रॉकेट तंत्रज्ञानाचा प्रणेता होता. हे राष्ट्रपती महोदय २०१७साली कर्नाटकच्या विधानसभेसमोर भाषणात म्हणालेत, तेही राष्ट्रपती असतानाच!

हे एवढंच नव्हे तर भाजपच्या कर्नाटक
सरकारने टिपू हा कसा बदल घडवणारा योद्धा होता असं पुस्तक त्यांच्या सांस्कृतिक विभागाद्वारे प्रकाशित करून झालं आहे. ते करताना टीपू कसा भारी होता ते सांगणारी पत्रे भाजपचे मुख्यमंत्यांनी लिहून दिली आहेत. भाजपचे नेते कर्नाटकात टीपू जयंती साजरी करताना टीपूसारख्या पगड्या
बांधून फोटो सुद्धा काढायचे!

त्यामुळे हे टीपू सुलतान प्रकरण म्हणजे भाजपच्या सुविख्यात "गुजरातमध्ये माता, गोव्यात कापून खाता" धोरणाचा अजून एक नमुना आहे!! यांनी शाखेत गोडसेचे गोडवे गायचे आणि यांच्या परदेशात गांधींचे गुणगान करायचे असल्या ढोंगीपणाचीच हे टीपू प्रकरण
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The untold story of #TipuSultan - Thread

Despite the fact that much has been written about Tipu Sultan and his period, many aspects of his life remain unknown.
While everyone knows Tipu despised the British and did everything he could to drive them out of India, few people are aware that Tipu wanted to send one of his sons to France for higher education and had even asked Frenchmen stationed in Srirangapatna for assistance.
The French authorities had consented to Tipu's proposal, but they considered it would be preferable if Tipu's kids learned French before travelling to France. They recommended that Tipu's sons study French with a teacher in Srirangapatna before travelling to France.
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Today is Tipu Sultan's Birth Anniversary.

To instantiate, the Portuguese missionary Fr. Bartholomew in his eyewitness account recorded in his ‘Voyage to East Indies’ illustrated the dark side of Tipu’s fanaticism during the raid of Calicut:

“Most of the women and children were hanged in Calicut, first mothers were hanged and their children tied to necks of mothers.
That barbarian Tipu Sultan tied the naked Christians and Hindus to the legs of Elephants and made the elephants to move around till the bodies of the helpless victims were torn to pieces”
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#Thread on Hyder Ali's legacy of Hindu persecution policy.

As people begin to grasp Tipu Sultan's anti-Hindu policies, this thread will make it evident that they were put in force by his father, Hyder Ali too.

#TipuSultan #HyderAli #Mysuru #Mysore #Hindutva #History
Hyder Ali didn’t spare even girls of 4-5 years old, who were purchased on account of beauty to train them in music, dance and to give pleasure.
1763: Hyder Ali fought with Rani of Bednur, Rani Virammaji. When people of Bednur heard about his attack, they fled to jungle. Hyder systematically looted Bednur. His loot was estimated 12 mn sterling.

Later he imprisoned the Rani.
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#TipuSultan family origin
Today is 222nd death anniversary of Tipu Sultan, the lion of Mysore. He was only ruler in India who died while fighting English colonial masters. Others, including Peshwas, Sindhiyas, Gaikwars, Nizams, all sided with The EIC and fought against him.
THE history of Tipu Sultan’s family, until it was raised to prominence by his grandfather, Fath Muhammad, is for the most part obscure. But one thing is certain, that Tipu was descended from the Quraish of Mecca; 1 and it was probably at the end of

#TipuSultan family origin
...the sixteenth century that his ancestors arrived in India by sea 2 instead of following the usual land route from the north-west. Beyond these facts nothing is known regarding them before their emigration to India.
#TipuSultan family origin
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“With the grace of Prophet Mohammed and Allah, almost all Hindus in Calicut are converted to Islam. Only on the borders of Cochin State a few are still not converted. I am determined to convert them also very soon. I consider this as Jehad to achieve that object.” - Tipu Sultan.. his letter to Syed Abdul Dulai.

“Don’t you know I have achieved a great victory recently in Malabar and over four lakh Hindus were converted to Islam? I am determined to march against that cursed ‘Raman Nair’ very soon (referring to the king of Travancore)..
..Since I am overjoyed at the prospect of converting him and his subjects to Islam, I have happily abandoned the idea of going back to Srirangapatanam now." - Tipu in his letter to Budruz Zuman Khan. #TipuSultan
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I was thinking to put this 4m sometimes Here we go #Thread #TipuSultan :

Tipu was mass Killer
He was no Secular at all
He was establishing an Islamic empire
He promoted Cow slaughter in Kerala

Testimony by Indian Historians
French army men
Britishers who had letters
Tipu Sultan was wrongly portrayed as a tolerant or secular ruler, the reality is he was worse than Aurangzeb

What is always portrayed is he fought against the British, but what reality tells is he fought to establish an Islamic empire, in which he killed Xtrian as well

Tipu was mass genocider, what was left there to do after all of this if you see Kerala today and wonder why it's like that it's #TipuSultan
Read the highlighted texts from a report in Outlook
taken from French armed persons who came to fight alongside
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بیک وقت ارتغل غازی ، کمال اتاترک اور جناح کا مداح ہونا بنیادی طور فکری دیوالیہ پن ہے ۔ اب چونکہ پاکستان جناح نے اسلام کے نام پر بنایا تھا لہذا اسلام میں “ڈرامے اور فلمیں” نشاتہ الثانیہ کی تجدید کے لیئے پیمانہ نہیں ۔ جہلاء سب
پاکستانی حضرات اکثر محمود غزنوی اور صلاح الدین ایوبی کے مداح رہے ہیں اور ان دونوں کی قصیدہ خوانی بہت ہوتی ہے جبکہ ان دونوں نے اسماعیلیوں / فاطمیوں اور قرامطیوں کا کافی جھٹکہ کیا تھا جبکہ جناح کے اباؤاجداد خود قرامطی تھے اور مسلم لیگ میں جناح کے ساتھی بھی قرامطی تھے
یہی نہیں بلکہ سر آغا خان جناح کے بہت قریبی ساتھی تھے بلکہ دو قومی نظریے کے بانی سر سید احمد خان کے بھی مربّی تھے اور علی گڑھ کالج کو یونیورسٹی کا درجہ انگریزوں سے کہہ کر سر آغا خان نے دلوایا تھا ۔ سرسید کی گمراہی اور انکے منکر حدیث و زندیق ہونے پر علماء کا اجماع ہے
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The earliest photography was taken in 1827.

Figure 1: This is an original painting of #TipuSultan (1750-1799) at Dariya Daulat Bagh Tipu Sultan Palace, Srirangapatna painted by John Zoffany in 1780 when Tipu was just 30 years old.
#TipuOurPride Image
Picture 2: He's name is Rumaliza(1855-1894) was an Arab Slave and Ivory Trader in East Africa.

Tiger of Mysore fought against all the odds to secure his people's life but betrayed by own people. He provided protection to Sringeri Sharad Petta against the Maratha Invasion.
Check the facts first then Comment on it.
Useful Links:

Fact Check:…

Tipu Sultan:…

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Don't be proud of dead. DeadsAreCompound of C-H-N१* Infact why should one be proud of any thing?PrideDividesHumanForm Humans
While transplanting Heart, Kidney, Do we differentiate Human from Human?
Do we consider Cast,Creed, Religion, Nation,Rich,Poor,Male, Female?
2/n These happen because of wrong nurturing for long long years
You learnt organic chemistry at some stage whileSchooling.YouKnow why carbon chemistry is called OrganicChemistry. For your information if this CH group after we disappear from it, Called Dead be subjected to high
3/n Temperature and Pressure that turns into HC group that is petroleum products
Use of Science and Technology for the development of this world was considered WRONG assuming those as Devil's creations
Do you want to live with old ideas?Then live in forest, without clothesOn No
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Past present: Identity crisis
#TipuSultan of Mysore (d.1799) wrote a let­ter to the Ottoman ca­liph for help. Instead of ex­tend­ing help, the ca­liph be­trayed Tipu Sultan by hand­ing over the let­ter to the British gov­ern­ment (By Dr Mubarak Ali)
After garnering worldwide praise as a ‘mediator’ and being regarded as a true representative of Muslim world, Prime Minister #ImranKhan heaped praise on Turkish president saying “I can safely say that he [ #Erdogan ] can win next elections in Pakistan… 👇
Consciousness of Muslim Identity in South Asia Before 1947…

Locally converted Muslims were excluded from high positions and were despised by their foreign (Muslim) brothers.

By Dr Mubarak Ali
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Historical Buddhist statue at the Mes Aynak site in #Kabul, #Afghanistan, #Buddhism
Centuries old "Ekamukhalinga " ( Lord Shiva) in #Afghanistan , now in #Kabul Museum !
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Jesuits, 'soldiers of Christ', aren't your average priests. An order founded in 1540, it had great emphasis on scholarship, learning native languages and unorthodox approaches to missionary work. Pope Francis is a Jesuit, which explains his liberal views…
Naturally, the Jesuits had no qualms about amassing any astronomical & mathematical knowledge from the pagan lands they went to proselytize in. India was no exception. They were very active in Kerala, where they gained access to Yuktibhasa, the seminal manuscript of Calculus.
At that time, Europe was struggling with a calendar problem-Their Julian calendar with leaps years had cumulatively lost 8 days by 1200s & kept getting worse! Pope Gregory ordered the Jesuits to gather whatever knowledge they could from Pagans-They came back with Indian Calculus
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