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Trident Ltd Analysis !!

A detailed #Thread below 🪡🧵
#StockMarket #Investing
About -

In the early years of the great Indian economic liberalisation when India had stepped on the economic accelerator Padma Shri Rajinder Gupta, sowed the first seeds of industry on the fertile lands of Punjab. It was the birth of Trident Group.
Today Trident have become the largest manufacturer of terry towels & one of the largest integrated home textile mfg. in the world.
They have travelled far beyond being a home textile manufacturer, by successfully diversifying into paper, chemicals, energy & more.
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🚀45 mid & small cap #stocks from 10 different sectors that have shown improvement in fundamentals & can deliver strong growth going forward :
~ Pharma
~ Hospital
~ Metal
~ Alcohol
~ Textile
~ Logistics
~ Energy
~ Auto Ancl
~ Chemical
~ Paper

short 🧵....
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💡 We're used to the idea of exchanges releasing new automated market makers (AMMs) with each new version (e.g. Uni v3 or Curve v2). They're usually hard-coded pools (AMMs) into an interface where users can swap/add liquidity. This is not what #Trident 🔱 is going to be... 🧵👇🏿

The reality is that Trident is more like OpenZepplin than Uniswap, Balancer, or Curve.

🙅🏻‍♀️ While Trident has the ability to create functionality for users to make swaps and add/remove liquidity, it is not a hard-coded swap environment (AMM).

🔱  Trident is a complete framework for building and deploying AMMs, but it is not an AMM itself. While AMMs can be created using the Trident code, there isn’t a specific AMM at the center of Trident.
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"A LEADING economist has called on the Scottish Government to stop publishing the Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland (GERS) figures, insisting they do not reflect the country’s financial position."
"He argues the GERS figures do not present Scotland’s real financial situation as some UK spending in reserved areas such as defence and foreign affairs is apportioned to the Scottish Government “as if” they spend it when they do not."
"He argues that the annual statistics are misinterpreted every year by opponents of independence who use them as a justification for remaining in the UK."
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British taxpayers operate the most expensive airfreight in the world

With so many #USAF heavy cargo planes coming and going every day, what are so many British planes doing over there so regularly?

And Bermuda to USA west coast, and Jamaica... ?
This USAF heavy cargo C17 is on it's way back to USA from #Ramstein Germany and passes RRR2135 a little way away from #Clyde (#Trident nuclear) military base


snapshot; one in, one out

the most expensive airfreight in the world and #UK citizens pay
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Recently I've been looking into #Pegasus #Malware and found myself in a rather unique threat intelligence position.

To talk about it, here's...
a Thread 🧵
a Blog 📖
and a Video 🎥

In July 2021 @FbdnStories produced an astounding collection of articles highlighting NSO Group's Pegasus malware and its apparent misuse throughout Governments across the globe. @amnesty wrote about Pegasus in 2016 where a prominent human-rights activist was targeted...
Back in 2016 the vehicle to infect an iPhone with Pegasus was the #trident suite of vulnerabilities. In 2021, a vuln known as #megalodon was being used, a zero-day in iMessage which required zero user-interaction...
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/1 $ZORA @zoracles MICRO-CAP thread.


A suite of privacy technologies, which are about to culminate into the future leading NFT marketplace by volume… NFTs not of JPEGs, but tokenised yield bearing ASSETS!

The future of NFT = ASSETS Image
2/ INTRO; The beauty and curse of DLT blockchain is that it is a PUBLIC ledger.

This transparency allows it to be immutable and secured by anyone with a node, however, the downside is that your activity and balances are broadcast publicly.

Your entire $ETH history is public. Image
3/ Zora uses “Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge”.
Zk-SNARKS, are math proofs to prove you know something without declaring the actual data.

They effectively work like encryption for blockchain data, by making public data unreadable without the key.
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🚀10 sectors from which many mid & small cap companies which came up with Excellent Q1 nos

Shortlisting the 48 #stocks from these sectors that could deliver their 🚀best FY results ever

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#DnešníPošta nebo spíš vyzvedávky, part 1/n:
- jednoruč svěrky
- vrták se záhlubníkem
- terasové vruty
- nedolámaný a nezohýbaný svinovací metr 😁
- “rochu lepší koza” 🤣

#ProjektTerasy ImageImage
#DnešníPošta 2/n - Alík:
- pásky do štítkovače z Lidlu
- šrouby do racku

#MartysChinaShoppingClub Image
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#BrokerageRecos 25th September 2020
#ANUP The Anup Engineering Image
#BRITANNIA Britannia Industries
Previous Appearance:… Image
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Parabéns à Carol Sampaio, dona do “bloco” A Favorita, cujo saldo bancário deu um pulo hoje. Parabéns ao prefeito Marcelo Crivella por seu esforço em mostrar que sempre dá pra piorar um pouco a vida dos cariocas. No vídeo, Copacabana agora, depois do cataclisma de A Favorita.
Parabéns também à Riotur. Não há melhor forma de promover o turismo do que trazer dezenas de milhares de vândalos para Copacabana para beber na rua, usar drogas e fazer baderna. A pergunta é: O QUE A RIOTUR GANHOU COM ISSO?
Segue outra cena do caos instalado hoje em Copacabana pelo bloco A Favorita. Uma pergunta importante é: QUEM PATROCINA ESSE “EVENTO CULTURAL”?
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A few days ago I tweeted about #Trident-II 5D #SLBM tests and their range. But how about apogees?
One informative test was that of 10 September 2013. This one was observed, by accident, and these observations learn us a lot. Here is a thread with an analysis.
On 10 September 2013, German photographer @JanHattenbach was making a photographic time-lapse of the night sky at the island of La Palma, when something odd streaked through his view. Here is a time-lapse movie of the event, courtesy of Jan:
At the time, as Jan was wondering what he photographed exactly, I suggested that this might be a ballistic missile test. Which was shortly after confirmed, when the US Navy acknowledged a Trident-II 5D #SLBM test that night.
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