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Why Investing in Companies with Peak Profit Margins Requires Caution πŸ“‰β›”οΈ

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1/7: #Investing in companies at peak profit margins can be risky. As #companies reach their maximum profitability, a phenomenon known as mean reversion often occurs. This means that profit margins tend to revert back to their long-term average levels over time.
2/7: Mean reversion suggests that high profit margins may not be sustainable in the long run. As margins normalize or decrease, it can lead to potential declines in the company's stock price. So, exercise caution when considering such #investment’s
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'Just do the work and see what happens.' This is our motto too, in case you wondered what we are doing at Oh Koh :) 'When you see a #documentary you expect to be #informed or to be #angry but you don't expect to be #moved.'

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Thierry Gaudin about his music video 'We are the Earth'. That is what is happening with Other Kohinoors - people are getting moved & that is serving as the #trigger for further #development... He further says: 'it gives you the #energy and you do what you want with it.
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This headline πŸ‘‡ will be no surprise to anyone who's been following @NHSEngland's plans (and actions) for a while.

But @JonUngoedThomas's article reveals some crucial details about what's intended for your #NHS #HealthRecords that are worth unpacking...… Controversial Β£360m NHS Eng...
First, and possibly most significantly, is @NHSEngland officials' confirmation that its '#FederatedDataPlatform' will incorporate patients across England's #SharedCareRecords: Health officials confirmed ...
Why is this so important? Because #SharedCareRecords - which every new #ICS* is supposed to have - include your #GPdata, which @NHSEngland has been trying to get hold of for years (most recently last summer)...

*#IntegratedCareSystem explainer here:… Map 1: The 42 integrated ca...
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@LisaMWatki That @ukfuturehealth somewhat 'buries the lede' on its intention to construct a giant Β£212 million πŸ‘‡ #DNA / #genomic database in its patient literature is somewhat concerning...… II.1.4) Short description  The scope of the procurement is r
@LisaMWatki @ukfuturehealth ...not to mention the Β£62.5 million+ they'll be spending taking people's #bloods, etc.:… A service provider(s) will be responsible for elements of iniv. Responsible for legal and compliance issues related to p
@LisaMWatki @ukfuturehealth Of course, #OurFutureHealth had to get its money from somewhere.

I'll give you one guess as to where...… Our Future Health has announced Β£150 million funding from l
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Bad enough that @SensyneHealth has cost NHS Trusts nearly Β£15 million - Lord Drayson's claim to be 'giving something back to the NHS' lies in tatters - but what people should *really* be asking about is the MILLIONS of #patients' data the company claims to be processing...
...because, as our letter to the Trusts in April pointed out, at least some of their patients' data that they handed over is #linkable #pseudonymised data - i.e. it is #identifiable, thus #PersonalData in UK law:… Pseudonymised Data  On the matter of the data itself, whethe
So while @SensyneHealth's #shareholders might want to check the company's claims about the #amount of NHS patients' data it actually has, those Trusts that HAVE passed #identifiable data to #Sensyne should terminate their agreements asap - and demand certified #deletion, too...
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Het hele interview gaat over de Amerikaanse situatie met betrekking tot #Corona/#covid19.

Aan het woord zijn 3 wetenschappers: Links meneer dr. Malone, de uitvinder van mRNA vaccins (de vaccins die nu worden gebruikt tegen corona),
2/13 midden dr. Weinstein, een evolutionair bioloog en rechts mr. Kirsch een onderzoeker met betrekking tot bijwerkingen.

Ze hebben het over veel dingen.
Ze hebben het over #ivermictine/#hydroxychloroquine en fluvoxamine (die beter werken dan #msm/#overheid ons doet geloven)...
3/13 de resultaten daarmee zijn effectief en veilig (wanneer mensen ziek worden van corona).

@RWMaloneMD en Kirsch hebben zelf ook vaccins laten zetten..maar ze hebben er nu spijt van...gezien alle bijwerkingen die steeds meer bekend zijn geworden. Ook zijn ze "slachtoffer" van
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At least they're looking at the right things - albeit some of them the wrong way round; e.g. for #trust the key issue is #evidenced #revocation, not #informed #consent (which those who just want the data mostly ignore)...
...and it's a shame they went for the tired "#SmartData" trope, when their own analysis shows it's far more about #SmartRegulation (& #metadata).

Some #InformationalPrivity thinking might help:…

Technical platforms & frameworks can deliver things like...
...#authentication, and the immutable, transparent #AuditTrails required for #revocation (i.e. the meaningful bit of "#ConsentManagement") and #redress - for in a regulator-dependent world, as we've discovered, it's the regulator itself that's the #liability.
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@SimonFanshawe Fairly shocking to find eradication of "mixed wards" By @NHSEngland @NHSImprovmeent was only rebranding exercise & that now they just lie about #male genitalia to #female patients so they have no way to protect themselves. @CMO_England @CNOEngland
@SimonFanshawe @NHSEngland @CMO_England @CNOEngland @Jochurchill4 NHS guidelines:
Grade #1 woman: transwomen with #ladydique
Grade #2 woman: biological female #unraped (of course)
Grade #3 woman: Biological female - rape survivors, it doesnt matter that they can't sleep or scared out of their wits. @Baroness_Nichol
@SimonFanshawe @NHSEngland @CMO_England @CNOEngland @Jochurchill4 @Baroness_Nichol Ideally, of course #Female #Rape survivors (or victims) dont actually show up for medical treatment they need & deserve, freeing up #NHS resources for patients who are not damaged goods & who deserve actual health care.
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