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Just booked flight & @Airbnb for #Vegas in Jan w/ my 3 best friends from college. They’re all MDs, married w/ 1-2 kids. I’m a university professor w/ a book & a cat. We met as young women of color on the same full tuition scholarship living in the Honors dorm at @miamiuniversity.
I’ve always been the odd man out in our group: only non-premed/med school/doctor, only queer one, only one not interested in kids or marriage. But somehow our friendship has lasted over a 15 years. This will be the first time we’ve all been together in the same space in 5 years.
I’ve seen them all individually (we live in four different time zones across the US), but it’s been impossible to plan a weekend away as we all finished school/residences, moved multiple times, had babies, got new jobs, etc. I’m excited & emotional about all being together.
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Jeez where to begin with this one.

Picked up a dude at Aria. NERVOUS. Said he lost his GF 3 hrs ago and he thinks she might've been kidnapped. I'm like, you saw some dudes throw a bag over her head and toss her into a conversion van? He's like no, I just can't find her...ok
I've heard stories like this before and if you're like me, barring *any* evidence whatsoever that's she's actually been kidnapped I see no reason to immediately jump to that conclusion. I mean, I've never once heard of something like that happening to a visitor.
So I try to calm him down, I'm sure everything's fine. They were at Bellagio and have a room at Park MGM. So he was on his way there. Smart move. Except he has her cellphone. Tough break, ok. Except Park MGM just called him and said she was there. He talked to her. Ok, wtf??
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Ice skating in #Vegas on #christmaseve and then watching Elf outdoors. Life is good.
Not a bad way to reach the midpoint of Xmas Eve.
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Are You on the #Nevada Purge List that will Steal the Senate?

If you live in #Vegas or #Reno (Clark & Washoe Counties) you can check here:…

URGENT: The deadline to register online is TODAY!!!

‼️⏰‼️#Nevada Voters: If you're a victim of #ThePurge you must re-register TODAY:…
In addition to the purged in #Vegas & #Reno, thousands more were purged in other NV counties:

Carson 3,933
Churchill 1,915
Douglas 5,997
Elko 3,466
Esmeralda 65
Eureka 185
Humboldt 973
Lander 482
Lincoln 270
Lyon 5,145
Mineral 652
Nye 4,432
Pershing 443
Storey 479
White Pine 627
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This is in many ways a restatement of the Mamet Principle, but it shows that at the upper echelons of leftist thought, the pretense of ignorance is used in a highly strategic manner to achieve "social justice "goals. This can and will be demonstrated by deconstructing #Parkland.
The point is that the advancement of the illogical argument is only stupid on the surface, and this is in fact a logical pattern of viral malice.

Hanlon's Razor ("Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.") can be and IS weaponized everywhere.
Hanlon's Razor fails because "adequately" is easily spoofed. All manner of deceptions can be used to make an intelligent process return a wrong value for "adequately". Science works because nothing remains "adequate". Every theory of gravity falls to a better one, eventually.
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On days like today not even 5 yrs of faithful & honorable active duty #Service in #USMC can convince some ppl of a Muslims loyalty to USA.1/
Ppl ask me why I enlisted in the #Marines in 1997 at the age of 19. I tell them b/c loyalty to my nation of residence is part of my faith./2
I served the US faithfully BECAUSE of my faith, not in spite of it. I had the full support of my father — a Muslim Imam & my family. /3
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