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#BREAKING: #USArmy Delta Force just conducted an operation in #Iraq during which they captured several high ranking commanders of #IRGC Quds Force & #KataibHezbollah (#PMU) in Kanaan, Diyala District, North of #Iraq. Here are the vehicles of #IRGCQF & #PMU left behind.
The operation involved at-least four MH-60M Black Hawk & two MH-47G Chinook Special Operations Helicopters of #USArmy's 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. The helicopters airlifted the Delta Special Forces who arrested commanders of #IRGC Quds Force & #KataibHezbollah.
#Update: According to #Iraqi security forces this happened five days ago (19/04/2022) and its details was published only today right after #US Army released #Iranian captives on request of #Iraqi government. Yaser Mohsen, one of #KataibHezbollah commanders is still under arrest.
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"I believe IPTC can be a powerful catalyst in the transformation of commitment to action," says Nasir K. Al-Naimi, SVP Upstream of #Saudi @aramco at the International Petroleum Technology Conference #IPTC2022
"We know the world needs us now, perhaps more than ever, to ensure the #energy transition leaves no nation behind," says Nasir Al-Naimi of @aramco at the International Petroleum Technology Conference, held at Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Centre #IPTC2022
.@Aramco is among the lowest #oil producers in terms of #carbon intensity, Aramco's chairman Yasir Al-Rumayyan says at the International Petroleum Technology Conference #IPTC2022
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Aardvarks and the dawn of tank-plinking, a thread. 1/8
#avgeeks #aviation #USAF #DesertStorm #History
On the night of Feb 5, 1991, Col. Tom Lennon, commander of #USAF's 48th FW, led a pair of F-111s on an experimental mission against dug-in units of the #Iraqi Republican Guard in the deserts north of Kuwait. 2/8 #avgeeks #aviation #DesertStorm #History
For the experiment, each F-111 was armed with a Pave Track pod and four GBU-12 500 lb LGBs. The crews were to see if LGBs could be guided accurately enough to hit targets as small as an AFV. 3/8 #avgeeks #aviation #USAF #DesertStorm #History
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A few months ago, I set out to document the impact of #Turkey’s growing military presence in #Iraqi #Kurdistan.

Here’s my story for @PBS @Newshour, reported with the invaluable help of @Barzance.…

And below is a THREAD on key findings.
Turkey has set up around 40 military outposts in northern #Iraq, and carries out frequent ops against the PKK, which Ankara says have killed >100 PKK fighters this yr. But they've also claimed civilian lives and caused systematic depopulation of Iraq’s border areas.
The issue has been underreported in foreign media, partly because the Iraq story is so fixated on US-Iran tensions, partly because Turkey and the KRG restrict access to areas (so-called "red zones") where these military operations take place.
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1/#Israel Nuclear-attack to #Iran is its long wish/plan. Stupidity to believe that“Biden/Pelosi” visit to #Vatican/#Pope is to justify the most heinous brutality/#Abortion& cia meeting with its terrorist #Taliban is to share counterterrorism plans!
@EmmanuelMacron @EU_Commission ImageImageImageImage
2/Israel is insidiously going to shape not only a new #MiddleEast,but the world, based on its HOLLOW historical dream”global #Zionist-kingdom“at the cost of people lives.
So far, Zionists’ policy to destroy the powerful states of the region has successfully progressed by
@eu_eeas ImageImageImageImage
3/proxy-wars through“ignorant-leaders/#Iraq & cia-terrorists ISIS/#Syria”. Regarding other countries, No concern about #Persian_Gulf states,but #Egypt #Turkey& #Iran are major-obstacle to achieving the Zionist dream& #War is the only solution!
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Perdana Menteri Irak Mustafa Al-Kadhimi lolos dari upaya pembunuhan setelah serangan drone kepada kediamannya di #Baghdad. Diduga, ini akibat kemelut Pemilu #Irak yang menimbulkan protes dari pihak yang kalah terhadap hasilnya. Kita bahas👇

#Iraq #Iraqi
Setidaknya 6 Pasukan Pengaman PM #Irak terluka akibat harus berjibaku pada serangan #drone yang menyerang kompleks kediaman #AlKadhimi. Terdapat satu drone yang lolos dan menghantam kediaman sang PM. Beruntung, beliau selamat.

#Iraq #Iraqi #iraqelections #iraqelections2021
Hingga saat ini, Pemerintah #Irak masih menyelidiki siapa dalang dibalik upaya kudeta ini. Menurut Juru Bicara Kementerian Dalam Negeri, belum ada kelompok tertentu yang secara terbuka mendeklarasikan sebagai pihak yang mengirim serangan #drone.

#Iraq #Iraqi #AlKadhimi #Coup
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The failed assassination attempt vs #IraqiPM #Kadhimi calls for several observations:
• 1st contextual element: Recent Iraqi elections were clear setback for #Iran (w/out really strengthening the PM’s own constituency; while strengthening #Muqtada_Sadr, a volatile actor).
• This has triggered 2 opposite effects:
- need for #Iran & #PMF to reassert control & preeminence on #Iraqi scene (by use of violence among other means).
- (vs) temptation by rivals (mainly #Gulf) to (over?)read setback as a net advantage in their favor.
• 2nd contextual element:
- Stalling of #Saudi/#Iran talks (#Yemen setback?), w clear #Gulf stiffening (#Lebanon?) as bargaining posture.
- soon new round of Iran/#US talks, w Vienna process becoming in final decisive phase.
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Pro #Iranian militias reject #IraqiElections results. Most of the militias got no seats and other lost tremendous votes in compare with previous elections.
It's very complicated now for #Shitte parties. They should agree on a candidate to form the government however all Shitte parties combined got fewer seats than Sadr. Maliki seems to seek Sadr's approval with conditions.
Besides the ongoing meetings, #Maliki is in talks with #Khanjar to form an alliance along with other #Shitte parties except #Sadr. Maliki hopes #Kurds and #Sunnis will not reach an agreement and join his attempts to form the government. #FarAway
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#Iraqi Groups Denounce 'Treacherous' Event on Normalization with #Israel
Iraqi groups and top figures have firmly rejected a Friday gathering in the country’s Kurdistan region with the aim of pushing for full normalization with Israel, saying such treacherous acts run
counter to the nation’s historical positions in support of the Palestinian cause.
The Friday conference was organized by the New York-based Center for Peace Communications, and was welcomed by Israeli foreign minister Yair Lapid as “a hopeful event.”
However, the Sons of Iraq Awakening Movement (al-Sahwa) denied supporting or joining the gathering soon after a statement was released, citing the group among the participants.
“Based on our ethical commitment and responsibility, we announce that they do not represent anyone
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Do you remember #Janabi? Abir Al Janabi. A 14-year-old #Iraqi girl. In 2006, Janabi's father stopped sending Janabi to school in fear of the #US Army's focus on his daughter. The Army who was establihing "#democracy" and "#human rights" in Iraq. 1/32
Janabi used to stay at home, spending her days of adolescence playing with her younger siblings.
The U.S. military's security checkpoint was located just 200 meters from Janabi's house. One day, a #USsoldier notices Janabi. And Janabi and her family were doomed right then. 2/32
For a few days at first, the #soldiers repeatedly came to Janabi's house in the name of search and made ugly gestures towards her. One day the four #armies decided that today they would be the day to enjoy Jamabai and kill some #Muslims. 3/32
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1. Will #Egypt and #Ethiopia go to war over water? As the planet is stressed with more frequent and more serious droughts water is becoming a major issue threatening peace. Not only in regard to the Egyptian/Ethiopian dam dispute but #Turkey shut down water entering both #Syria
2. and #Iraqi #Kurdistan as part of Turkey's Kurdish ethnic cleansing. In Iran, demonstrations over water in an authoritarian dictatorship show the intensity of water as an issue and what people are willing to risk to prevent their water from being cut off. The US is not immune.
3. Las #Vegas faces water shortages as its water continues to supply #California. Lack of rational legal frameworks and shared responsibility for the resources will be points of tension here and may also lead to wars abroad. I took quick look at the Egyptian Ethiopian problem.
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#US Conducts #Airstrikes In #Iraq, #Syria Against Iran-Backed Militia Groups | Jun 27
- Iran-backed militias were targeted in the strikes as a result of the militias’ ongoing attacks against U.S. interests [stealing oil] in the region.…
Drone attack said to target US forces in Iraq | Jun 23
- The #US returned to #Iraq in 2014 to help 'fight #ISIS.' However, tensions with Iran have led to calls for the US to leave.…
The #Iraq war was launched in March 2003 upon the invasion of Iraq by US forces | Jun 10, 2021
- it is estimated that the #UnitedStates spent a total of over 819 billion US dollars on war costs in Iraq.… Image
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Per @CJTFOIR, 5 #ISIS fighters were killed, 10 hideouts & 3 tunnels destroyed, and equipment/supplies confiscated
#Iraq also targeted #ISIS locations in the area w/airstrikes just last month
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#Iran smuggles #weapons inside vegetable shipments between #Syria and #Iraq.
Legal and illegal border crossings between Syria and Iraq, west of the Euphrates, witness the entry and exit of trucks "loaded" w/ fruits, vegetables, and other commercial goods on a daily basis. 1/10
At a time when various provinces in #Syria, within the sphere of influence of Assad regime live in catastrophic conditions, the commercial movement btw the Iranians & Tehran loyalist militias in #Iraq continues. #Iran continues to establish its presence in Syrian territory. 2/10
#Iranian militias also work to exploit this commercial movement frequently to bring arms shipments to their areas, including in trucks of vegetables and fruits. 3/10
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Khamenei reprimanded #QudsForce Commander in Chief Qa’ani for the repeated strikes on his forces in #Syria. The meeting, which took place yesterday, included senior members of the Revolutionary Guards, led by Qaani. @Khamenei_fa Image
Revealing the meeting:
1. Khamenei expressed his anger at the #Iranian affiliated #Iraqi factions and described their leadership as thieves.
2. Qa’ani told Khamenei that militias in Iraq are fighting for funds for weapons and drugs smuggling. Image
3. Iraqi militias suffer from division and internal conflicts.
4. Qa’ani admitted to Khamenei that $4 Billion disappeared within 6 months from the militias and blame them for it.
5. Khamenei reprimandaded Qa’ani for the repeated strikes on Quds Forces in Syria. Image
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Shipments of #missiles and special equipment continue to flow to Hezbollah. At sea and on land, #Iran is doing everything it can to further strengthen #Hezbollah, the #Houthis and the Iranian militias in Syria.
The #Iranians manage to regularly deliver to its consumers, such a special shipment that includes anti-aircraft missiles and equipment designed for the missile upgrade project held by Hezbollah last month at Rafiq al-Hariri Airport in Beirut.
For years, foreign intelligence systems have exposed the transfer of Hezbollah weapons and fighters to and from #Lebanon aboard Iranian civilian planes.
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‘The Axis of Resistance Media Network’
Designating #Iranian-linked media outlets can limit their activities, but a more holistic strategy is needed if Washington hopes to effectively counter the regime’s regional propaganda machine. 1
Reminder—#Iranian operatives sent threatening emails to Democratic voters while posing as members of the pro-Trump white nationalist group the Proud Boys. 2
One of the entities behind this disinformation campaign was the Islamic Radio and Television Union #IRTVU, which supports and in many cases created the bulk of the television channels and other media outlets run by #Iran’s proxies abroad—
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First exposure of the #Iranian secret facility operating in #Iraq.
In the Iraqi desert near the Jordanian-Saudi border, one of the largest Iranian projects is operating.
@IsraelHayomEng @FreeBeacon @FDD Image
Most of the facility under full #Iranian control is underground.
What’s in the base:
-A route for flying UAVs that are inside protected buildings. @Jerusalem_Post Image
Radar with battery of anti - aircraft missiles.
-Large missile depots for various ranges and Zulpikar missile launchers.
-Protected halls where cadets learn to operate the UAVs, missiles for all ranges.
@memrijttm Image
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Intelligence sources revealed to @alhurranews channel about activities carried out by #Iran in the eastern region of #Syria extending on the border with Iraq, especially at the Albu Kamal border crossing.
The activities are under the supervision of Hajj Mahdi, and his assistant, Hajj Kamil, who is responsible for administrative and logistical matters, and both of them belong to the #QudsForce of the #IRGC and work under the command of Hajj Ghaffari.
Hajj Ghaffari, was responsible for the attempt to launch an attack against #Israel by drones in the Golan in August 2019.
These activities are characterized by the smuggling of heavy & counterbalance weapons in the Middle East, which raises Israel's concern in the region.
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The recent days quarrel between the #Iraqi gov. and resistance groups reflects an internal Iraqi power struggle more than a US-Iran showdown. With the upcoming anniversary of the killings of Muhandis and Soleimani, the fasa’il may be more anxious to take revenge than Iran is.👇
On 22 December, a barrage of rockets damaged parts of the US Embassy in the GZ. The @WSJ called it the largest attack on the embassy in a decade. Previous threats by the USG to close the Embassy ahead of an expected US military response still stand.
In the days following the rocket attacks, sec. forces detained members of Asaib Ahl al-Haq (AAH). On 25 Dec. footage was released of one of the detainees, Husam al-Zerjawi. AAH denied any accusations against him compromising national security and called for his immediate release.
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This is the courtcase video of #TorontoVanAttack 2018
Devil's advocate "where are the bodies?🤔"

Remember the The Kuwaiti Incubator Baby Hoax?🤔
A key event in generating momentum for the first U.S. War on Iraq, "Operation #DesertStorm" was a fraudulent report of the murder of #Kuwaiti babies by #Iraqi soldiers.…
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1)3rd Thread on #Iran-#Iraq war.
In the last 2 threads,we discussed who was responsible for the devastating war&the consequences of the war for Iran. Here are the links if you missed them.

On this thread, let's discuss #MEK's role
2)As the #Iran-#Iraq War erupted,#MEK publicly condemned the occupation of Iranian territory &Independent of forces organized by the regime, MEK members and supporters rushed to the southern &western fronts to fight against the invaders.
3)A large number of #MEK members &supporters were killed or taken prisoner by #Iraqi troops. The MEK was also locked in a political struggle against the mullahs as it called for a democratic outcome of the revolution while the mullahs sought to instill a theocratic dictatorship.
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1️⃣ #Unit400 is the special forces unit of the #QudsForce, focused on planning and conducting attacks outside #Iran. Within this remit, it also takes responsibility for transferring #military aid to terror and #guerrilla organisations around the world...
2️⃣ and coordinating their activities in order to prepare them to carry out attacks that serve the interests of the Iranian regime...

The HQ of #QudsForce's #Unit400 is in southeast #Tehran (Iran) The office run by the unit commander, Hamed Abdallahi.
3️⃣ Both the #IRGC and #QudsForce have been secretive and #Iran keeps most, if not all, of their activities and resources well guarded. However, given the #military unit’s expansive operations, they developed another section within the organisation for more specialised operations.
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1) 2nd Thread on #Iran-#Iraq war: let’s discuss why Khomeini needed this devastating war &why did it continue the war for8 years and at what costs?
The #Iranian regime refers to Iran-Iraq was as"Holy Defense" trying to legitimize its biggest #CrimesAgainstHumanity
2) Let's start with some statistics only on #Iran's side. Obviously, the war was as destructive on #Iraqis. The losses and sufferings of families that had lost their loved ones, and their breadwinner could not be calculated.
3) Those who’ve lived in #Iran during the war, remember the overcrowded cemeteries,daily funerals, weeping& mourning of families and relatives in every street, becoming part of the daily life. Even in the most remote cities, no one was safe from the scourge of war and bombing.
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