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'Brigata Maddalena' mi è stato consigliato da un amico (@mattia_e_basta ❤️) che oramai conosce molto bene i miei gusti librosi. E infatti ha fatto centro pieno.

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#FreeKurdistan #Kurdistan #Libri
Il testo ha come argomento principale la rivoluzione del Rojava e la costituzione del Kurdistan libero, e soprattutto del ruolo che ricoprono le donne. Sì, perché il cambiamento sociale passa proprio dall'eguaglianza e dalla parità dei sessi…

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… alla destrutturazione della società capitalista e machista: per questo la rivoluzione curda, si può dire, è tutta al femminile. Per evolvere c'è bisogno di coraggio e forza, che non sono solo sinonimo di lotta armata, ma anche di unione, amore e autocritica.

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Die Fraktionsvorsitzende der Hamburger Linken, @CansuOezdemir, wird seit 2 Stunden am Düsseldorfer Flughafen von der @bpol_nrw festgehalten. Sie ist mit einer Delegation von 20 Personen auf dem Weg nach Erbil, #Kurdistan. Die Beamt*innen sagten ihr, es gebe "politische Hinweise"
und dass es eine "Anweisung von oben" sei. Und nicht darum gehe, sie daran zu hindern, in den #Irak zu reisen. Währenddessen wurde schon das Gepäck ausgeladen. Seit 2 Stunden informiert niemand sie über die Rechtsgrundlage der Freiheitsberaubung
Die Co-Vorsitzende der @LinksfraktionHH @s_boeddinghaus ist fassungslos: "Wie kann es sein, dass deutsche Sicherheitsbehörden eine politische Delegation mit Abgeordneten wie Schwerkriminelle behandeln? Das ist Freiheitsberaubung im Dienste Erdogans"
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I invite you to kindly read it, think about it, let me know your comments on it, and if you wish share it with your followers and friends.

The Thread is regarding the martyrdom/murder of five Zeravani #Peshmarga & wounding of five others, in the Media defense zone.1/
Months before @JoeBiden came to the office, the pressure on #Turkey’s Erdogan increased significantly. Apart from some economic sanctions like #CAATSA, Biden spoke to #Erdogan only once on a phone call and it was to tell him that he is going to formally recognize the...2/
...#ArmenianGenocide, something that the presidents before Biden avoided doing it!
Additionally, intelligence cooperation against #PKK was halted and a senior #US political delegation visited NE #Syria’s (AKA #Rojava) #AANES . 3/
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Resmi Turk tarihi birileri icin "Ingiliz ajani" derse biliniz ki kendileri usaklik etmistir. Yani ettikleri yalanlarin tersi dogrudur ve hep oyle olmustur.

Ornegin Yavuz'un Kurdler icin yazdigini one surdukleri siir bile Turkler icin yazildigi ortay cikti.
O siir soyleydi:

Türke fırsat verme ya rab
dehre sultan olmasın
ayağını çarık sıksın
karnı bile doymasın

vur sopayı al haracı
asla iflah olmasın
ol bu çeşmeden gavur içsin
rum içsin
türke nasip olmasın
vasiyetim oldur kim,
türk bin kere yalvarsın.
inanma, kanma.
yakana bit, kapına türk dadandırma.

Ama gel gor ki Turk irkcilari bu siiri alip Turk yerine Kurd yazarak degistirdi ve piyasaya surduler. Bunu yazan Selim yada Kanuni bile degil. Onun icin ne soylerlerse tersinden alin
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No coincidence that this attack came a day after #Iran falsely claimed retaliation against #Israel's Natanz attack in "northern #Iraq." Iran is choosing the easiest target to hit, in order to sell it as a retaliation against Israel to its own population and proxies.
Iran's demonstrated hesitance to retaliate against true Israeli targets despite its bold attacks against the US military in the past several years alone show how deterrent the Israeli threat is for #Iran.
Persian language sources (not English) had claimed yesterday that a Mossad facility in Iraqi #Kurdistan was struck in retaliation for the Natanz attack. KRG Spokesperson @KRGSpokesperson refuted these claims. Several Israeli and Iraqi sources gave the claim some limited coverage.
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Urgent request of #PJAK #extortion victims to the Iranian government

“PJAK continues to burn people’s property and lives.” This sentence is a summary of a report published by in February 2018. Yet, today, the government remains silent.

Full Article🔻🔻…
Meanwhile, the people of Iranian #Kurdistan have been facing the problems of terrorist groups for years, their security is threatened financially and physically. The latest example of this extortion was horrific. ImageImage
Mr. Danaei and two brothers contracted with the Department of Agriculture to cultivate nearly 4,000 hectares of land in the area & to mechanize agriculture. The people of the area were satisfied & helped them. These machines gave the opportunity to 20 families to make a living. ImageImage
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The mythology of #Newroz

Zuhak was an evil king who conquered #Kurdistan  and had serpents growing from his shoulders. Zuhak's rule lasted for one thousand years; his evil reign caused spring to no longer come to Kurdistan. During this time,
two young men were sacrificed daily and their brains were offered to Zuhak's serpents in order to alleviate his pain. However, the man who was in charge of sacrificing the two young men every day would instead kill only one man a day and mix his brains with those of a
sheep in order to save the other man. As discontent grew against Zuhak's rule, the nobleman Fereydun planned a revolt. The revolt was led by a #Kurdish blacksmith named #Kawa who had lost six sons to Zuhak. The young men who had been saved from the fate of being 👇
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In a small surprise (Type is not unexpected, but it seems that cells moved launchers reasonably close to the target, 7km was claimed), the rockets used to hit #Erbil seem to be the Haseb/Falaq-1/Fadjr-1 107mm artillery rockets made by Iran.

I don't understand how people are acting mystified about how these were launched so close to Erbil- wouldn't regard it as that hard to get a covert vehicle launcher like this in the area, even easier if 2-6 tube portable launchers, easily fabricated

aaand pics of the launcher(s)- as I suspected at least 2 launchers, one 10 tube & another 8 tube, for a total of at least 18 rockets fired, minus at least 3 that didn't fire.

V. similar to other launchers seen last yr. And the Iranian rockets, ofc- made 2015, MJ-1 pattern fuzes.
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Breaking: Reports Of Multiple Explosions In #Iraq Two Rockets Reportedly Hit #Erbil International Airport
One Of The Rockets Fired By #Iranian Militias Hit A Mercedes Car Dealership In #Erbil, #Iraq
Another Video Showing A Smoke Plume #Erbil International Airport

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#Germany #Kurdistan #Syria #ISIS #Berlin

The federal government has brought three German women and twelve children from camps for captured IS members in northern Syria to Germany.
Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) said in Berlin that he was "relieved" about the successful return campaign. "These are humanitarian cases," he said, and some of the children are ill.
According to a report by "Spiegel", the three women in Germany are being investigated on suspicion of terrorism. The return operation affected three women who were imprisoned in the Roj and Al Hol camps in northeast Syria set up by Syrian Kurds.
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Today is the anniversary of the execution of #Sheikh_Abdulsalam_Barzani.
Barzani was executed in Mosul on 14-12-1914 by an Ottoman state decree, after seven years of continuing the revolution in the Barzan region for the sake of Kurdish national and nation rights.
"Sheikh Abdulsalam #Barzani, the owner of the first manifesto of the Kurdish national liberation movement," says French journalist and historian Chris Kochera.
Sheikh Abdulsalam first collected the Kurdish clans in #Duhok in 1907 on a set of demands for the Kurds and sent them to the sultan of the Ottoman state, but the Ottoman state interpreted it in an attempt to secede and attacked the #Barzan region.
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#BREAKING_NEWS of the day from #Iraq

A very active #Iraqis in battlefield against #ISIS which created by nato & zionizt but investment of this was al saud & #UAE & still is them + ledes by #gs/#usa who bluffing to say we fighting terrorism & fuck u terrorist supporterz! CNTU ImageImageImageImage

The Commander in chief of #PMU/#PMF says in recently the #nato/#gs/#usa refused to airstrikes the strongholds of #ISIS in #anbar border to #Syria/#Iraq

He told they as usual says we r here to fight ISIS & that’s totally lies! Instead they supporting terrorism in #Mosul etc ImageImageImageImage
Suddenly more news from #Iraq & #سلیمانیه at least 6 innocents kurds got killed & dozens injured in #Suleimania

The usually ppl protesting since 2 12 2020

Why? Coz barzani s too rich & other #Kurdish ppl ve not money2buy food(all payments s stopped by #Baghdad coz of conflict ImageImageImageImage
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Turkish warplanes targeted Duhok Province, Kurdistan, according to eyewitnesses, bombing two border villages in the Al-Amadiya district on Thursday.
The eyewitnesses said that "Turkish warplanes struck the villages of Sergeli and Sekeri in Al-Amadiya, the northern province of Duhok, intensively this noon, noting that" the explosions caused no causality.
"The Turkish army regularly targeted rebel positions of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in the northern Iraqi mountains, where several thousand militants are believed to be hiding."
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#BREAKING: On invitation of #Turkish & #Azerbaijani media, around 100 to 150 members of Grey Wolves Islamo-Fascist terrorist organization have come to streets of #Tabriz, NW #Iran to protest against #Iran's Islamic Regime & demand the regime to impose a food embargo on #Armenia!
These protesters which are being led by agents of #Azerbaijan Foreign Intelligence Service want the #Iran's Islamic Regime to close the #Nordooz border-crossing which is the only way connecting #Armenia to free world. They want the regime to starve Armenians to death!
Security Forces of #Iran's Islamic Regime are now trying to disperse these fans & supporters of Grey Wolves Islamo-Fascist organization in #Tabriz, NW of #Iran.
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"Fransa’nın, Türkiye ile ilişkileri 1930’larda.. üst seviyededir. Örneğin Türkiye’nin bu gün Rojava’ya dayattığı Kürtlerin sınırdan 20-30 KM uzak kalmaları talebi, yani sınır boyunca bir Türk kemeri oluşturma niyeti, daha o zamanlara dayanır" -Sabri Cıgerlı

#twitterkurds #Afrin
"Ruslar kendilerini her zaman Türkiye’ye daha yakın gördüler. İstanbul Taksim’de bulunan Atatürk ve arkadaşlarının heykelleri arasında iki Rus generalin oldugunu bilmeyen Kürtlerin çoğunlukta olduğu kesin bir durumdur."

#twitterkurds #Kurdistan
SSCB, Kürt hareketlerinin bastırılmasında aktif roller üstleniyor. O dönemler bunun farkında olmayan Kürt gençleri meydanlarda Lenin’i savunuyorlar.
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Turkey is a mafia/thug state. Image
Turkish mob boss (Serkan Kurtulus): Erdogan gov’t asked me to murder American pastor Andrew Brunson -…

#Twitterkurds #Syria #Kurdistan @realDonaldTrump Image
Serkan Kurtuluş is involved with the mafia. He fled #Turkey and was captured in Argentina. He said to the journalists, “AKP (Erdogan's party) asked me to assassinate Pastor Brunson.” - #twitterkurds #Kurdistan #Syria #USA
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Kurdlere olmadik zulmu eden ve onlari yerinden yurdundan eden irkci Erdogan'in kellesini alanlarin Kurdlerin olmasi tarihsel bir sorumluluktur.

#twitterkurds #Afrin #Ankara
Erdogan Osmanlici degildir, Osmanli karsiti irkci-ittihatci Enver Pasa'nin ta kendisidir.

Osmanli'da Kurdlerin diline ve namusuna goz konulmadi ama Erdogan irkci rejiminde bunlarin hepsi yapildi.

Kurdler en ilkel kan davasini yillarca surdururken bu adamin pesini niye biraksin?
Enver, Talat ve Cemal kactiklari ulkelerde kistirilip soykirima ugrattiklari kavmin cocuklari tarafindan cezalari kesildi, peki Kurdler neden #Afrin, Sur ve Cizre'de zulmedenleri affetsin?

Gec kalmis adalet, adalet degildir.

#twitterkurds #Kurdistan
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Kurd Ahmet Izzet Pasha, Osmanli'da Van ve Aydin Valiligi yapmis ve Ittihatcilarin (Kemalistler) Turk irkciligina karsi cikmis ve onlara karsi savasmis bir Kurd yurtseveridir.

Izmir Valiligi esnasinda Izmir yerlisi Rumlarla bir fotografi mevcuttur.

#twitterkurds #Kurdistan Image
Kemalist rejim bu Kurd Pasa'nin Kemalist Turk irkciligina karsi cikmasini kendine yediremedigi icin kendi yayinladiklari kitap ve raporlarinda hakaret etmek icin "Kambur Izzet Pasa" olarak bahsetmislerdir.

#twitterkurds #Kurdistan
Ahmet Izzet Pasa ayrica diger bir Kurd yurtseveri olan ve Osmanli'da Isvec buyukelciligi yapmis Kurd Serif Pasa'nin da amcasidir.

Izzet Pasa Osmanli'nin son yillarinda (1919) vakiflar Bakanligi ve sonrasinda gecici olarak Icisleri Bakanligina atanmistir

#twitterkurds #Kurdistan
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#Iran's Islamic Regime is scared to face with massive & nationwide protests of Iranians against death sentences issued for #IranProtesters. Since this morning, security forces of the regime have been deployed to key streets of cities across Iran.
#اعدام_نکنید ImageImage
In #Shiraz, Protesters tried to block the road on Special (Vijeh) Unit of Police this afternoon.
Security Forces mostly from Police Force of #Iran's Islamic Regime have been on deployment on Mother & Azadi Squares of #Sanandaj, #Kurdistan Province of #Iran since this morning.
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1: Who are the Kurds?

They are indigenous people native to their homeland called Kurdistan and have been there for over 3000 years. They are not Persian, Turkish or Arab. They have their own unique language, culture, traditions, lifestyles etc.
2: Kurdish name in history?

#Sumerian(Mat, Mad, Medi, Guti, Kuti, Kur-tu, Kur-du)
#Assyrian (KÛr-ti-i, QÛr-di, QÛrtî)
#Babylonian (Mat Kurda Ki)
#Greek (Korduene)
#Turkish (KÜrt)
#Persian (Kord)
#English (Kurd)
#Arab (Al-Akrad, Al-Kurd)
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1) Reports today of #KDP secret police preventing displaced #Yazidi families from returning to their homes in #Sinjar.…
#Iraq #Kurdistan #KRG
2) This is a sick game the KDP has played since Jan. 2016—a deliberate political strategy that prevents genocide survivors from recovering until KDP powers can unilaterally reassert control and regain hegemony in Sinjar.
3) There have been moments of temporary softening of this policy—during instances when Western pressure on the KDP to end this flagrant abuse of Yazidi human rights has occurred—but KRG allies are habitually quick to forget about the problem and the KDP always resumes the policy.
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NEW: @Facebook takes down 324 Pages, 71 accounts, 5 Groups, 31 @instagram accounts originating in #Kurdistan region of #Iraq

"This network used fake post in Groups, impersonate local politicians & political parties, & manage Pages masquerading as news entities"
"Our investigation connected this activity to individuals associated with #Zanyari Agency, part of the intelligence services of the #Kurdistan Regional Government in #Iraq|i Kurdistan" per @Facebook…
Per @Facebook, the posts in Kurdish & Arabic, contained "criticism of non-Kurdish politicians and public figures,the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), the Change Movement and the opposition party New Generation"
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30.05.2020, #ABD'li bir general Irak'ın Kuzeyine ziyaretini #KürdistanBölgesi olarak isimlendirmiş. #PKK #KCK #PYD #YPG #FETÖ'ye destek veren #ABD'li yetkilinin açıklamasına şaşırdık mı? Hayır
02.12.2004, #ABD Hv.Ulş.K.lığında fotoğrafı çekilen anıttaki görevlerde ne yazıyor?++
#NATO/#Müttefikler arasında işbirliği kapsamında da olsa #ABD'nin kirli planlarını dikkate alarak, yakıt ikmali desteği bile yapılsa, #Suriye'de ortak devriye yapacak kadar işbirliği içerisindeki #Rusya ile özellikle #Karadeniz' konusunda #ABD yüzünden karşı karşıya gelmeyelim.
@veryansintvcom haberi çok daha güzel detaylandırmış.
#ABD'li General #EricHill’in “#Kürdistan” sözü kişisel bir tarif ya da gaf değil. #ABD'nin ve #Pentagon’un resmi politikası.👇👇…
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