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வள்ளலாரின் மனுமுறை கண்ட வாசகம் கூறும் பாவங்களின் 42 வகைகள் (42 sins mentioned in the song ManumuRai Kanda VAsagam by Saint RAmalinga VaLLalaar)
Saint Ramalinga VaLLalaar (Tamil: இராமலிங்க வள்ளலார்) shares with us

the 42 kinds of sins one by one through, which an individual will definitely suffer deep misery in their lives & their future generations.

எந்த செயல்களை எல்லாம் செய்தால் பாவங்கள் நம்மை வந்தடையும் என்பதை வள்ளலார் தனது மனுமுறை கண்ட வாசகம் எனும் நூலில்

பாவங்களின் 42 வகைகள் குறித்து விரிவாக கூறியுள்ளார். இந்த விஷயங்களை தவறியும் செய்யக் கூடாது, அதனால் வள்ளலார் 42 செய்யக்கூடாத செயல்கள் செய்தால், என்னென்ன பாவங்கள் ஏற்படும் என்பதை பட்டியலிட்டுக் கூறுகிறார்.
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🥦Following our earlier post for #COP26 on #vegetarianism, we wanted to share some insights & quotes from #suffrage activists who *were* #vegetarians 🥒🌶🍅

☮️ Vegetarianism was associated w/ peace, & standing up against the poor treatment of fellow living creatures 🐄🐑🦆🐖
📣This quote from MrsDespard describes how #vegetarianism was linked to #socialjustice:

​🗣“The #women ’s movement relates to the other great movements of the world…The awakened instinct which feels the call of the sub-human, which says ‘I am the voice of the voiceless.'"
🥖🐁Some #vegetarian #suffragettes who went to prison got better food. Nancy John describes prisoners declaring they were vegetarian to avoid eating mouse-eaten bread.
​🗣“When they said they were vegetarians they were given milk - it was really the milk that kept them alive.” 3/
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The #Kabbalistic Approach—Cosmic Perfection
The sages declared that an empty-minded person has no right to eat meat. It may be cruel to not eat meat, because doing so robs the animal of its chance to serve a higher purpose.
Pesachim 49b
Anyone who engages in Torah study is permitted to eat the meat of animals and fowl, and anyone who does not engage in Torah study (=ignoramus) is prohibited to eat the meat of animals or fowl.…
Sotah 22a - William Davidson Edition - English
The Sages taught: Who is an ignoramus [am ha’aretz]?
"Aḥerim say: Even if one reads the Written Torah and learns the Mishna but does not serve Torah scholars, he is an ignoramus."…
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Let’s take a moment to remember the #suffragists who were #vegetarian, a thread. They recognized how oppressions were connected. Some of the information is from my book, The Sexual Politics of Meat now celebrating its 30th anniversary of publication. #suffrage /1
Let’s be clear: Susan B. #Anthony was NOT a vegetarian. She was happy to get to Delmonico’s in Manhattan after staying with the #Grimke sisters, who were. She did attend a vegetarian banquet in 1853, where the toast was to “Total Abstinence, Women’s Rights, & Vegetarianism.” /2
Matilda Joslyn #Gage, a radical activist & co-editor of the 1st 3 volumes of “The History of Woman Suffrage” with Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony, was a vegetarian. She was later written out of the history for her radical views. See the work of @Swagner711 /3
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