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This time last year I was one of 21 scientists arrested at #COP26 for a peaceful protest with @ScientistRebel1

Here's a clip of a very wet ☔️ me explaining the reason I took part in the action 💚

A year later & governments are still failing #COP27

@ScientistRebel1 You can read more about the action in this @Nature article ...

“We believe this is the first ever mass arrest of scientists over the climate crisis" - @CharlieJGardner…
One thing that has changed since last years #COP is that there has been an massive increase in activism by scientists - with many more mass arrests!

I highlight some key examples in this thread 🧵

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.@wjhurst reveals #InconvenientTruth

"#China’s #coal-producing regions are critical to the political coalition #Xi has cobbled together since assuming power in 2012..frequently emphasizes the time he spent as a young man in the coal-producing region of northern #ShaanxiProvince"
In @Diplomat_APAC, @wjhurst explains #China's #copout26 @ #COP26Glasgow:

"Political support from sectors like #coal, dom. by state-owned industrial behemoths, is also..key. Unlike his predecessors..#Xi likely cannot afford to lose the support of SOEs..."…
"Grasping for new tactics & strategies for growth, while..endeavoring to maintain its grip on power & transition to a new era of entrenched (&increasingly personalistic..) authoritarianism, the party is loath to commit to anything so risky as faster achievement of #climate goals"
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An interesting analysis of American misinformation, inside the U.S. wrt to China's investment policy in Africa.

If the U.S. and EU would just compete for African investment opportunities, they might not be losing, and Africa would benefit.

Whenever I discuss Africa's circumstances wrt the US and EU, the reflexive response is almost always "but Africa is being colonised by China with debt".

This video, like most @BTnewsroom reports, places things in historical and contemporary news context.
In Greece, which is part of Europe, China has been steadily investing in the port of Pireaus (see report below).

It did so initially during the Euro Crisis 2014-2015, which was caused, in part, by financial warfare by speculators against the Euro.…
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@BritTanzSoc @HelenClarkNZ What are the implications of the energy transition for Tanzania? The world is in an accelerating process of moving away from generating electricity from fossil fuels. Tanzania is both a source of fossil fuels, and a user.
@BritTanzSoc : "EITI was designed to ensure countries with energy resources could benefit as much as possible from those resources - sustainable development, revenues and employment. How will future revenue flows be affected by the energy transition?
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Ambiência @acarolamaral: PL (de licenciamento ) no Senado pode induzir 53 mil km² de desmate com apenas uma obra, diz estudo #PldaBoiada…
Está no Senado o pior texto sobre licenciamento ambiental já apresentado no Congresso. #PLdaBoiadaNão é o PL 2159, que desmonta a principal ferramenta da gestão ambiental, um verdadeiro “liberou geral” em que prevenção e gestão de impactos passam a ser exceção ao invés de regra. Image
Vamos ajudar à relatora lembrando os pontos que ela precisa prestar atenção no relatório que vai fazer sobre o #PLdaBoiadaNão. Segue o 🧵, Senadora @KatiaAbreu Image
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New #Article 6 update (based on new text out this morning):

🔑 point: this bit of negotiations is all abt honesty + ambition: whether countries (+ companies) want tight rules on trading emissions cuts, or want to game system by counting cuts 2x & using old carbon credits
There is still language that could allow 2x counting of a single emissions cut (creating false impression of benefit to climate).
This comes from any cuts outside a country's national climate plan not being subject to "corresponding adjustments" if those cuts are traded.

Much of this text is still Option A/B or in [ ] so in question. #COP26Glasgow
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Y'day BBC + Guardian gave two hugely different assessments of the impact on warming from #COP26Glasgow negotiations. @BBCNews reported an IEnergyA prediction of 1.8 degs. Guardian a Climate Action Tracker estimate of 2.4degs. Both are WRONG. Why? (1)…
1. The IEA estimate assumes that all promises made by all countries will be fully met. This has never happened in the past. The Guardian CAT estimate of 2.4 degs is at least more realistic. (2)
2. The International Panel on Climate Change scientists always ask for a range of estimates, not a single figure.
3. Country estimates of their carbon performance are deeply flawed.… (3)
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CAT global update: Glasgow has a credibility gap between talk and action. If all govts met their 2030 targets, we would have 2.4˚C of warming in 2100. But right now, current policies put us at 2.7˚C.
A Thread 🧵
The 2030 #emissionsgap has only closed by 15-17% in the past year. Global GHG’s in 2030 will still be twice as high as what’s needed for 1.5˚C
There’s still a massive 19-23 gigatonne gap betw 2030 targets & 1.5˚C compatibility in 2030. These are the countries impacting the gap. What’s stopping action? #natgas & #coal. Still too much coal in the pipeline, and gas is still a fossil fuel /4
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#COP26 #COP26Glasgow
Alguns materiais que produzimos aqui na Conectas (@conectas) sobre mudanças climáticas e direitos humanos.
Compartilhem para ajudar a visibilizar o debate ainda mais!
📑 Guia de Litigância Climática
Esta publicação explora as características essenciais do litígio climático e, em linguagem acessível e informativa, discute as possibilidades e estratégias para maior uso do mecanismo no contexto brasileiro.…
♻️ Proteger o clima é garantir os direitos humanos (artigo no @JotaInfo)
Embora todos sofram os impactos das mudanças climáticas, alguns grupos sofrem mais intensamente do que outros.…
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1/ Our analysis of nearly 200 country UN reports finds a major gap b/w what greenhouse gas emissions countries say they emit & what they're putting into the atmosphere. W/ @chriscmooney @JohnMuyskens @desmondbutler @anu_narayan @NaemaAhmed… #COP26Glasgow
2/ The gap we identified ranges from at least 8.5 billion tons of CO2 equivalent to as high as 13.3 billion tons/year of underreported emissions — big enough to move the needle on global warming. It has huge implications for #COP26Glasgow since pledges often rest on this data.
3/ At the low end, the gap @washingtonpost found is larger than the yearly emissions of the United States. At the high end, it approaches the emissions of China and comprises 23 percent of humanity’s total contribution to the planet’s warming.
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1/. “For two weeks, Scotland has become the centre of the world. Not just a place where we can meet one another, but a place where we can truly recognise one another.” Mindahi Bastida, Mexico

A delegation of 140 indigenous people have come to #Cop26 with a message. #COP26Glasgow
2/. “We came here to #COP26 because we knew world leaders would be here. But these world leaders are not listening to our leaders; to the indigenous leaders”

Uboye Gaba from Mexico (& his 1 year old son, Mene)
#COP26Glasgow @MingaIndigena #IndigenousPeoplesDay #IndigenousPeoples
3/. “We are physically kicking out loggers, mining companies & land grabbers every day. We need your support. We need you to help to bring attention to what’s happening”

Puyr Tembe, president of @FEPIPA_Oficial in Brazil speaking at #cop26 #COP26Glasgow on #IndigenousPeoplesDay
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1/. As millions around the world gather today to demand #ClimateAction a QUESTION...

Would you buy grapes that were individually wrapped in plastic?
#COP26Glasgow #COP26  #ClimateEmergency #plasticpollution #ClimateJustice #ClimateMarch #ClimateActionNow
2/. “Every single grape wrapped in plastic! What the actual f***!”

You would probably be outraged like my friend Diane was! #COP26Glasgow #COP26  #FridaysForFuture #ClimateAction #ClimateEmergency #plasticfree
#ClimateMarch #ClimateJustice

The individually wrapped grapes in the video aren’t real

But the plastic wrapped passion fruit were

& so is this footage

& so was Diane’s reaction

& so too was the outrage you perhaps felt

It’s time to channel the outrage into action
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🥦Following our earlier post for #COP26 on #vegetarianism, we wanted to share some insights & quotes from #suffrage activists who *were* #vegetarians 🥒🌶🍅

☮️ Vegetarianism was associated w/ peace, & standing up against the poor treatment of fellow living creatures 🐄🐑🦆🐖
📣This quote from MrsDespard describes how #vegetarianism was linked to #socialjustice:

​🗣“The #women ’s movement relates to the other great movements of the world…The awakened instinct which feels the call of the sub-human, which says ‘I am the voice of the voiceless.'"
🥖🐁Some #vegetarian #suffragettes who went to prison got better food. Nancy John describes prisoners declaring they were vegetarian to avoid eating mouse-eaten bread.
​🗣“When they said they were vegetarians they were given milk - it was really the milk that kept them alive.” 3/
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Thread by @nwscotty re the #COP26Glasgow #SchoolStrike2021 in Glasgow today.

I was very emotional for most of the walk from Kelvingrove Park to George Square. I shed a few tears,watching and listening to young people & children who really, cynical oldies NEED to listen to. Let's
not be the generation who patronised the we'ans, "awww'd" at their cute signs, and then left them a dying world.

Before I set out, I watched one of the "important people," a CEO of the corporation that owns IKEA, speak of his concerns and his pledges on the BBC, but
prevarication when asked about growth that is created by constantly telling people to consume more. He also faltered when confronted by the fact that @IKEA are opening a big new store in Central London, creating more traffic, and adding to "growth," ie a consumerism that is
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Going live now Transforming Australia from Laggard to Leader #COP26Glasgow
Discussing the discussion paper prepared by @LowitjaInstitut…
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New paper today estimates the per capita emissions gaps for 1.5C of global income groups in 2030, based on NDCs

Richest 1% set for footprints 30x 1.5C-aligned global level
Richest 10% - 9x higher
Middle 40% - 2x higher
Poorest 50% - 2x lower
@IEEP_eu @Oxfam @SEIclimate #COP26
In absolute terms, the consumption emissions of the richest 10% in 2030 are set to nearly amount to the global total in 2030 compatible with 1.5C (18Gt)

The poorest 90% are set to only just exceed that level

This is the #inequality behind the #emissionsgap
We estimate the share of emissions of the richest 1% are set to grow further following the 2015 Paris Agreement - reaching 16% of total global emissions by 2030

#inequality #COP26 #COP26Glasgow
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#COP26Glasgow is in danger of drowning the UNFCCC in announcement blitz. These announcements may generate headlines but assessing their true worth is hugely difficult, especially at speed during a COP meeting. They are eye candy but the sugar rush they provide are empty calories
Boris Johnson has been criticised ‘for Government by press release’ and it now seems to extend to their management #COP26 with a blitz of announcements from the UK with pledges and alliances committing to various positive sounding initiatives
The UNFCCC is built on the principle of negotiated decisions which countries can scrutinise and be held accounted for. That is the real substance of the COP. But it’s clear that rich nations would rather make pre planned announcements and launch new schemes
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Yesterday after #COP26 Boris Johnson jumped into a private jet to have evening meal with

Charles Moore

🔲 Former editor of The Spectator and Telegraph
🔲 Climate Change denier
🔲 Chairman of Policy Exchange 'stink tank'
🔲 Controversial race baiter

🔲 NHS privatisation? 1/x
2/x Here is Charles Moore bigging up the outsource Hinchingbrooke Hospital in 2013

But Hinchingbrooke has big Tory links.

Circle Health is run by Conservative Donors.…
3/x This NHS Privatisation Deal ended 2015 with failure

Who's 'Ali Parsa' and more on Circle Health??

NOTE: "The Circle chief executive who steered through the deal, Ali Parsa, also stepped down at the end of 2012 to devote more time to other projects."…
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Please share to build awareness! Permafrost is being featured today at #COP26Glasgow. Here I will explain why this is SO important to our future climate and everything we know and love about the Arctic. Stick with me for a cooler than cool 🧵. Photo @grosse_guido 1/ Photograph of a permafrost cliff showing exposed permafrost
Permafrost is diverse, comprised of frozen earth (rock, soil, sediment...). It often contains pockets of ice of all sizes. For many many 1000s of yrs, permafrost has been quietly doing its thing. Aggrading & locking atmospheric carbon into frozen ground. A true climate champ! 2/ Photograph of a permafrost core with layers of frozen peat a
Permafrost is a HIDDEN gem of the Arctic. Frozen ground is buried by a surface active layer (soil, moss) that freezes & thaws seasonally. But dig deeper, and we come across perennially frozen ground. This makes it difficult to study from surface or remote sensing measurements. 3/ Two permafrost researchers - Jean Hollaway and Kirsten Reid
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Ahead of tomorrow's release of new @IEEP_eu @Oxfam @SEIclimate estimates of #carboninequality in 2030, based on the #NDCs...

...Here's a reminder of our work last year, as featured in the @UNEP #emissionsgap rpt 2020 🧵

#COP26 #COP26Glasgow

From 1990-2015, global cumulative emissions roughly doubled. Over half of these emissions (52%) were driven by the consumption of the richest 10% of people, using up 1/3 of the remaining carbon budget for 1.5C. The richest 1% drove twice as much as the poorest 50% combined...
From 1990-2015, annual emissions grew 60%. The richest 5% of people drove over a third of this total growth. When we plot share of total emissions growth by ventiles of the world population, the curve looks like a dinosaur. Emissions barely grew among the poorest 50%...
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At #COP26Glasgow South Africa express deep concern about the Green Climate Fund. That it reflects the interests of donors far more than recipient countries.
Gabon complain that the Green Climate Fund is not listening to them about proposed transition projects.
Rwanda ask why it has taken over 3 years for them to be assessed within the GCF
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#wearamask #COP26Glasgow #DavidAttenborough #cop26
Because of attitudes like this and the ridiculous Rees Mogg ‘fraternal convivial spirit’ drivel, the Commons now has a major #COVID19 outbreak; staff being told to work from home, masks mandated etc. Selfish and stupid. They carry these traits, and the virus, everywhere.
Sir Jeremy Farrar has resigned from SAGE because of the government’s refusal to listen to scientific advice on #COVID19 measures. With the PM’s example, or lack of it, on the world stage, this is no great surprise frankly. Reckless incompetence. #wearamask #ToryCovidCatastrophe
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1. For all readers who don't warm to the idea of future palm-fringed beaches in the Arctic, I wrote an explainer about COP26, climate change, and why we need to do more.

🧵 The start of a thread.

➡️ RT

#COP26 #climate #ClimateCrisis

2/12. Current policies set us on track to about 2.7°C or 2.9°C of warming by the end of this century, a disastrous cause to a world where you don't want your children to live.


#COP26Glasgow #news #environment…

3/12. This graph from Our World in Data shows the global average temperature relative to the average of the period between 1961 and 1990.

These changes are almost all caused by human behavior, especially the burning of fossil fuels and land (ab)use.


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