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1/9 I echo the @vsiv comment - may all public reps be as clear & thoughtful as @SeanCasten and as good at their jobs.

Of course, as someone cited in this article, I respectfully disagree on many points of his thoughtful thread 👇 Here's a few of my thoughts:
2a/9 Rep. Casten is incorrect about H2 storage. My former mates from @Livermore_Lab built a cryo-compressed tank in 2006. Gen 2 got 1000 km on a single fill in a Prius. Works great. Already used in many H2 vehicles on the road.'s-pr…
2b/9 Full review of cryocompressed tanks like those commercialized today was done at @argonne & can be found here:…
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'Great staff going amazing lengths to save a few moments of someone else's life' #nursing #covid19 #teamCNO @teamCNO_ @JHUNursing #WeGotThis #OurNHSPeople
'they are highly skilled , highly educated individuals' #nursing #covid19 @teamCNO_ #ournhspeople
'Nursing : 'to me they have been a lifeline' #nursing #Covid19UK @TheQNI @CrystalOldman @Liz_HEE #OurNHSPeople
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1/12 Friday #DefenceTeam update: Last weekend was certainly unusual and a little tough. That said, Canada came together to help stop the #COVID19 spread and that’s something to be really proud of. Nice to know that families can still be families via video call.
2/12 We can be realistic about what’s happening and still kind to ourselves and others. Purpose helps. Especially knowing that the #DefenceTeam has a role to play in this fight.
3/12 And that we’re making a difference. Public health officials say Canadians’ efforts are working. The Defence Team is helping accomplish that outcome from our different postures, with our different contributions.
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1/8 #DefenceTeam update: Week four of pandemic footing. COVID-19 response work and coordination with OGDs continues to consume the days. Grateful to Defence Team members ensuring critical business activities continue in the midst of this crisis.
2/8 Critical activities like year-end. Big shout-out to the ADM (FIN) team and Defence Team Comptrollers working to finish-up the 2019-2020 numbers. Always a massive job, but this year’s circumstances make it more logistically complex.
3/8 Agree with sentiments of the Clerk of @PrivyCouncilCA: DND civilians, your contributions matter, whether at home or on-site, whether busy with work, or busy staying healthy. We need you, and we need you to keep doing what you’re doing.
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🔹Carnival Cruise told Trump, “We can match those big Navy hospital ships with some fully staffed cruise ships.”🔹GM & Ford said, “Hold our cars, we can make ventilators by next week.”🔹Construction companies said, “Here are some masks for the medical staff & doctors.”
🔹Restaurants & schools said, “We’ve got kitchens & staff; we can feed the kids.”
🔹NHL & NBA players are writing checks to pay the arena staff during postponed seasons.
🔹Churches are holding online services & taking care of their members & community
🔹Women & children are making homemade masks & handing out snacks to truckers.🔹Breweries are making sanitizer out of the left-over ingredients.Mike Lindell from My Pillow is making 50,000 masks a day and donating them..
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1/6 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦 right now:
2/6 The day-by-day sharp rise in cases in 🇨🇦 and provinces reporting new cases with no links to travel are the focus of our concern right now. We need to get this right, right now. All clean-hands on deck. #FlattentheCurve #PlanktheCurve #COVID19
3/6 Unlinked #COVID19 cases are signals of community spread. Applying strong public health measures to detect-test-isolate cases & trace-manage contacts continues to be our top priority. #FlattentheCurve #PlanktheCurve
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#TrumpsWar is #ReagansWar and #TrumansWar and #LincolnsWar and #WashingtonsWar.

These events are linked.

They didn't start them but they made damn sure they did their best to finish them, saving millions of lives.

Never forget the work that has gone before. #WeGotThis
To expand on the points made:

There isn't going to be a #TrumpsWar in the way the appeasing, lying, fearmongering Democrats want there to be.

He is responding in lawful self defense to what was started in the Middle East after WWI. Yes, WWI.
History shows that yes, it is a binary choice. Kill or be killed.

Humans have defended themselves against aggression since human life on earth began.

Like it or not, the Middle East is crucial to world security because oil fuels transport & their oil is cheap to access.
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1. So, here's the thing. We progressives would like to think of ourselves as learned, thoughtful, open-minded, and introspective.

And many of us are, individually.

But put more than ten of us in a room and we will almost certainly start fucking things up immediately.
2. And we are fucking 2016 up royally. We seem to have learned very little about how any of this works and it's pretty damn frustrating to sit and watch yet another self-immolation.

Two white male octagenarians are really the best we think we've got?
3. Seriously, the only way I'm voting for either of these guys is if they are the name that's sitting next to Trump's on next year's ballot.

We have lost our nerve and it shows. We nominated Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton successively to lead our party people. Now this?
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It's almost 2019, & you know what that means, Fam. Get ready for a literal fight for our lives.

We must fight misinformation with truth. We must join together to win the narrative against the propaganda of the establishment. We must claw our way to progress.

Join us #Bernie20RR
This account will also be sharing accurate information about 2020 challengers. As soon as candidates start announcing, we're a go.

If the establishment swipes at Bernie inaccurately before then, we fight back. We absolutely must coalesce our messaging to have a bigger impact.
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THREAD: What is The Base?

It's a "balk-right" network of white separatist paramilitaries hoping to balkanize the United States and divide it up into a series of white ethnostates.

Anti-fascists have infiltrated the group and are exposing their members.

2/ Their leader, "Norman Spear," claims to be ex-military, having served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

His immediate goal? Communal training grounds across the world. For this, he has purchased a plot of land in the Pacific Northwest, and plans to start training members in 2019.
3/ The group plans to meet in California on January 11, to train in the paramilitary and survival skills needed to commit acts of mass violence and elude authorities in rural areas, with another training scheduled for the summer of 2019.
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(1) #PhotoThread for the #ConfirmKavanaugh process starting 10/3/18.
(2) Mitch laughing to himself about how absurd it is that he has to push his way through the crowd of reporters on 9/25/18.
(3) Sen Grassley is 85 years old. (Democrats have senators around that age, too.)

Today he had to hold onto a Capitol Police officer to reduce the risk of a reporter knocking him over. This has to stop. Senators must return to being able to walk around freely at work.
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(THREAD) Imagine walking into school - #FirstDaysofSchool. The most significant thing that anyone wants is to know that they belong, feel included, cared for, to feel significant, to know that they matter. As educators, families give us their greatest trust each day #MoralPurpose
From the moment students "step" onto school grounds, everything they see, hear, feel and experience gives them a message about whether they are valued, they matter, if this is a safe place to be in, grow, take risks, challenge, create, to LEARN. #3rdTeacher #GlobalCompetencies
We know that in order for Ss to learn, they must feel safe & included. Neuroscience helps us to understand that when ANY one feels unsafe, theyre not able to learn, engage in complex thinking. Solid #assessment is important & necessary, but without feeling safe, its not effective
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