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#TBT Some call her The Mother of #BalboaPark, The Plant Lady, or even The Female Johnny Appleseed. At The Nat, we just call her Kate.

Kate Sessions was a pioneering woman for any time period, let alone the 1800s...🎩1/5
A lifelong lover of plants, she got a science degree from #UCBerkley, but there weren’t many opportunities for a college-educated woman in the #Victorian era. 🎓 So, Kate decided to create her own opportunity and started her own business. 2/5
She founded a nursery in what is now #BalboaPark in 1892 & expanded from there. She was an early member of #TheNat, planted #PalmCanyon & the Aloe and Agave Garden, & was hired by the city to plant 100 trees every year for 10 years. 🌳 But this work wasn't perfect... 3/5
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1/9 #Colonial #Victorian tropes of #primitive and #civilised are never funny @BBCNews @BBCWorld. They were actively used to justify colonialism.

Small-scale societies are as complex as large states, and values and morals are #HumanUniversals. Also, #Neanderthals were smart! Image
2/9 #Hunter-gatherers live in small groups but have large social networks. San societies in southern #Africa maintain these by exchanging ostrich eggshell beads across hundreds of kilometers. And they have been doing this for over 30,000 years.…
3/9 #Aboriginal societies in #Australia have complex ways of transmitting knowledge across space and time. Their #OralHistories preserved information on the impact of #SeaLevelRise at the end of the last #IceAge over 10,000 years.…
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.@RebelNewsOnline are challenging the constitutionality of #Victorian police censorship.

You can watch along with us.

Cotterill v Romanes on #Vimeo…
Victorian woman Kerry Cotterill was standing by herself outside holding a fun, handmade sign critical of #DanAndrews when she was swarmed by #VictorianPolice and fined $1,652.

"TOOT TO BOOT [dan andrews]"
Political communication was not included in the provisions for lawful reasons to leave home during Victoria's #StayAtHome orders - despite all other rules being observed.

Do Victorians have the right to dissent from the premier?
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Michael Davitt, refugee, physically disadvantaged, revolutionary, agrarian agitator, parliamentarian, journalist, author and servant of his people was born #OnThisDay 175 years ago in Sraide, #Mayo

@davittmuseum @visitmayo @mayotourism @MayoTrails @MayoDotIE #GlobalIrishNation
2) Davitt was born during the #GreatFamine into a family of #Irish speaking tenant farmers who were evicted from their land when he was just 4 years old

3) Landless, Davitt’s family were now economic refugees and opted to leave their home first to #Liverpool and then onwards to Haslingden a cotton milling town in #Lancashire
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Ok, tweeps. It's #Victorian story time. Today I want to introduce you to a man whose last name was definitely Berigny, but whose first name may have been Thiennette or Alexandre Thiennette. /1
(Img:…) A man in a long coat with a big beard leans against a pillar
In the early 1860s, the well-travelled Berigny was happily practicing homeopathic medicine in Australia. He supposedly had degrees from the College of Surgeons of Paris and the Western Homeopathic College in the US. /2
In Australia he had been giving lectures about homeopathy to the public since at least 1855. But then in 1862 a new law required all medical practitioners to register, and most likely Berigny's degrees were considered invalid because they were foreign /3
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Taking a closer look at the #ToolsOfTheTrade of surgeons, we decided to pay attention to the handles of our surgical knives dating from the 19th century. Ebony, ivory and even cord had been used as handles to ensure a good grip of the knife in the hands of the surgeons. #histmed
Let's be honest! The last thing that you might want is for that knife to slip when it is not supposed to! All jokes aside, the death rate at the surgical wards of Old St Thomas' Hospital was counted between 11% to 20%,
and many of these deaths were caused by infections rather than by the surgical procedures themselves. The materials on these handles were definitely not helping as they were not aseptic! #oldoptheatre #histmed #surgery #Victorian
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🧵the sloppy advocacy of #nuclear zealots

earlier this year adelaide-based nuclear lobby group @BNW_Aus submitted this chart (sans emoji) to the #victorian parliamentary inquiry into #nuclear prohibition.

one problem: it’s 🐂💩!
.@BNW_Aus claims to be an environment group, yet *all* they seem to do is fight against australia’s nuclear bans.

i’ve no problem with nuclear advocacy — nuclear technology is pretty amazing & we should keep our minds open — but why not just be honest & admit your sole purpose?
the chart aims to show that nuclear is awesome because it’s just so thrifty.

BNW's GM @dayne_eckermann says it’s relevant because “you need materials mined from the ground to make things. it's better if we limit that as much as possible to protect the environment”.

fair enough.
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At St Cadoc's, Llangattock Vibon Avel, when it came to stained glass, no expense was spared.
Every window in this medieval church bursts with Victorian vibrancy, with examples from some of the very best makers of the era.

Hands up who's ready for a stained glass trip?

Charles Eamer Kempe created the window in the Rolls Chapel: a four light line-up of superstar saints. But the luminous St Michael in golden armour steals the show. His wings shimmer with peacock feathers, and a blood-red creature - half man half beast watches from his feet.

Earlier in his career, Kempe crafted an orchestra of angels to fill the double tiers of the west window. They play under starry skies with a fantasy citadel behind them.
One angel plays the triangle, an instrument first documented in the 10th century.

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Excited to see the #DowntonAbbeyMovie? Here's the history of that amazing building...which is actually #HighclereCastle in #England but we will call it by the name we all know and love: #DowntonAbbey!

#nspoli #DowntonAbbeyFilm #NovaScotia #NS #builtheritage @DowntonAbbey Image
@DowntonAbbey #DowntonAbbey's land was granted to the Church in 749 and held by it for 800 years. A bishop's home (a palace, really) was built in the 1300s. The land was taken from the church in 1551 during the #ProtestantReformation and it’s been owned by several families since.
#nspoli #NS Image
@DowntonAbbey The bishop’s palace at the site of #DowntonAbbey was rebuilt in 1679 as a #brick manor house (the drawing below). Some of the brick can still be seen at the building’s rear. In the 1700s, formal gardens and paths were built.
#nspoli #NS #NovaScotia #DowntonAbbeyMovie ImageImage
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Thread 1/6
FREE books on Kindle, from now until Wed 26th June
"Time Tunnel" series follows 8 yr old David Johnson who doesn't like history much, until a freak discovery brings him face-to-face with the real thing.
He's joined in later books by cousin Sarah, & new friend Maarten.
2/6 #freekindle
"Time Tunnel to Londinium" David's freak discovery of a tunnel that takes him to Londinium 1,800 years ago leads him to make friends with a real Roman boy.
He uses the tunnel to help his new friend and get top marks in a school project.
3/6 #freekindlebooks
"Londinium Revisited" a second visit to Londinium is filled with confusion as David's friend Marcus has changed.
But soon, David finds he can use the tunnel to help solve more than one problem.
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we're about to start the @LiteFootPrints local community forum:

"Climate Change: Why Should I Care?"

a wonderful lineup of speakers — climate and energy experts, and candidates for #hawthorn at the upcoming state election. #LFForum

i'll be live-tweeting in this thread.
speakers covering perspectives:
• joelle gergis — climate science
• sarah barker — legal
• oliver yates — finance
@markwakeham — community
…in conversation with @VictoriaMcKMcH of @CAN_Australia.
we'll be joined later by three candidates for the upcoming victorian election:
• nicholas bieber — @VictorianGreens
• john kennedy — @VictorianLabor
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