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– 132,000 Ballots in Fulton County Have Been Identified As Likely Ineligible!… #Trump #Election2020 @realDonaldTrump @RudyGiuliani @RealJamesWoods @JamesOKeefeIII #StopTheSteal #StopTheFraud
2. News: FORMER CIA: The Fight for The Soul of Our Republic Has Begun: SO, WHAT ARE WE TO DO?

#Trump Supporters in WI, MI, PA, GA, AZ & NV must demand action by their state legislators.

Those men & women must STAND UP, BE COUNTED & FIGHT this outrage…
3. News: LOL! Mostly Peaceful Antifa Terrorists Smash Up Portland Democrat Party Office - They want “No Presidents”… #MARXIST #SOCIALISTS
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#JUNTABIDEN pronounced #Hunter Does your conscience bother you? Tell me true.
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Just think, if Deep State would’ve been prosecuted, they wouldn’t have thought they could rig a President Election.

When you allow crimes-treason to go unpunished, they think they’re bulletproof, ‘NOTHING’ can touch them...

Time to change their way of thinking @TheJusticeDept!!
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आता लवकरच अमेरिकेचे अधिकृत राष्ट्राध्यक्ष घोषित होतील..मी काल ट्रंप आणि बिडेन यांच्यामधील प्राथमिक फरक सांगितला होता..त्या धाग्याची लिंक खाली आहेच! आज आपण त्या दोघांचा भारताप्रती नक्की काय दृष्टिकोन आहे याबद्दल जाणुन घेऊया..
#म #मराठी #रिम #USAElections2020 #Trump2020 #Biden2020
१)अमेरिकेतील भारतीय कायम डेमोक्रॅटिक पक्षाला समर्थन देतात ज्याचे उमेदवार सध्या #Biden आहेत.पण ह्यावेळीस #corona पार्श्र्वभूमीवर #trump यांनी चीनला ज्याप्रकारे धारेवर धरले..त्यात कोरोनाला सरळ सरळ चीनी वायरस संबोधणे अथवा ट्रेड वाॅर इ. यामुळे भारतीय ट्रंपच्या बाजुने झुकलेले असावेत
दुसरीकडे बिडेन पाकिस्तान च्या बाजुने कृती करत असल्याचे दिसुन आले ज्यामध्ये त्यांनी पाकिस्तानला ६०० मिलीयन$ ची मदत घोषित केली जी मदत ट्रंपनी आर्ध्यावरच आणलीय.पाकिस्तानच्या मते त्यांना ते पैसे दहशतवाद व आतंकवाद विरोधात वापरायचेत पण वस्तुस्थिती आपणा सर्वांनाच माहीती आहे🙏🙏
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1. News: PHOTOS – 'Red Sky at Night' over Michigan: President Trump Supporters Gather for Final 2020 Rally in Grand Rapids -Thread 11.03.2020…
2. News: Monday, Coalition of 14 Conservative European Parliamentarians Nominated U.S President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize.

This Now Makes 4 Nominations for Peace Prize To President Trump!…
3. News: President Trump Closing Argument:

‘We Are Going to Keep Our Great American Dream’…
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1. News: 💥 Tens of thousands of supporters of President Trump gathered Sunday at Airport near Miami for @POTUS' 5th & final rally of the day -Thread 11.02.2020… #Trump #Rally #Florida #Trump2020

President Trump Rally Schedule:

▶️ 11:45AM - Fayetteville, NC

▶️ 2:15PM - Scranton, PA

▶️ 5:15PM - Traverse City, MI

▶️ 8:00PM - Kenosha, WI

▶️ 10:30PM - Grand Rapids, MI

Watch @RSBNetwork

#Trump #Rally
3. NEWS: 2 days after inspectors found dozens of undelivered ballots sitting in a S. Miami-Dade post office, the Postal Service prepares to sweep other mail facilities for #ballots that haven’t reached their destination ahead of the election… #ElectionDay
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1. News: HISTORIC PRESIDENT! The Number of Democrats at President Trump’s Last Several Rallies Ought to Scare the Hell Out of the American Left!

From 20% to 54% of are NOT Republican.

-Thread 11.01.2020… #Trump #MAGA #Election2020
2. News: Oh No! Democrats & Fake News Media Openly Fret Over Their Chances in Pennsylvania… #Trump #MAGA #Election2020 #PANIC
3. News: IT’S HAPPENING: President Trump Up 7 Points in Final Selzer Iowa Poll

— Latest States Poll Has Trump Up 322 to 216 for Biden in National Electoral College… #Trump #MAGA #ElectionDay #Election2020
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2) On August 5th, instagram shut down its “Related Hashtags” feature, citing a “technical error” in its algorithm that supposedly favored Donald Trump over Joe Biden:…
3) Instagram’s decision came in response to a dubious report by “Tech Transparency Project” claiming that instagram was aiding #DonaldTrump and hurting #JoeBiden.…
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1. News: President Trump campaign officials have more reasons for optimism Tuesday: Democrats are falling short in swing states -Thread 10.28.2020… #Election2020 #Trump2020 #SaveAmerica #MAGA
2. News: Navy Vet Tony Bobulinski reveals Joe Biden rendezvous:

‘Putting their entire family legacy on the line’

Tony said he met Joe Biden in a 'DARKENED Beverly Hills bar' for an hour to discuss new business venture with Hunter #Biden & James Biden…
3. News: Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey & Sundar Pichai testifying [this morning]:

Zuckerberg, Dorsey to warn that stripping tech firms of protection from libel would harm free expression on internet, may 'stifle expression or impede innovation'… #BigTech
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From @AlexMarlow interview with Peter Schweitzer

Before Joe Biden became Vice President, his family was not doing ANY foreign deals.
Hunter: Before Joe became President, Hunter was an online gambling lobbyist in Europe.

Ten days after flying to China on air force 2, Hunter joins the board of Directors and gets an equity stake in a Chinese government financed investment firm called BHR Partners.
Rosemont Real Estate: #Hunter wrote to Chinese officials stating he wanted to sell his real estate company.

Months later, Rosemont gets an “unsolicited bid” from Gemini that has close ties to the Chinese military.

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1. News: President Trump Plans Election Night Party at His D.C. Hotel: ‘It Will Be Absolutely EPIC’ 🎇🥳🎉🪅🍾🎆
-Thread 10.27.2020… #VoteTrump #TRUMP #WIN #ElectionDay
2. News: President Trump READY TO HELP Philly Police After 30 Officers Injured in Riots: White House… #BackTheBlue
3. News: Shock: Twitter CENSORS Obama former Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr over voting tweets…
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1. NEWS 🎶 Trump-Dance Challenge
Takes TikTok by Storm!
#Trump #WINNING #MAGA #TrumpDance
2. NEWS: President Trump’s Approval with Black Voters Soars to 46% After Debate Win Over Joe “Predator” Biden… #TRUMP #MAGA #Election2020
3. NEWS:💥 2020 Election Prediction 💥 Despite Massive Headwinds & Democrat Attempts to Steal Election, President Trump Will Win in Larger Landslide than 2016… #TRUMP #MAGA #Election2020 #Debates2020
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PURE EVIL: Seattle Police Officer Injured after Democrat Antifa-BLM Thug Attacks Officers with Burning Spear -Thread 10.22.2020… #VoteTrump #SaveAmerica #VoteTrump #BackTheBlue
2. News: BREAKING: In an interview just taped for @OANN it is revealed Hunter laptop had 40-50 images of child endangerment on it that appear to include a member of his family — @JackPosobiec Oct 22, 2020… #VoteTrump #TRUMP #SaveAmerica #SaveTheChildren
3. News: EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: Joe Biden Meeting with Hunter’s Business Partner Devon Archer in VP Office 5 Days Before Going to Ukraine to Sign Burisma Deal… #Biden #VoteTrump #SaveAmerica
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1. News: Exclusive from the People's General, Lt. General Michael Flynn @GenFlynn: 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸"STAND WITH ME, Renounce the Left & Hold the Line on Nov 3" -Thread 10.21.2020… #VoteRedToSaveAmerica #Trump2020LandslideVictory #MAGA #SaveAmerica
2. News: Heartbreaking Child Abuse: Poor NM Boy Walks to School Everyday So He Can Sit and Have WiFi as Democrat Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham Continues to Shut Down State (VIDEO)… #COVID #Lockdowns #Children #schools
3. News: Joe Biden Jumbles Words, Confuses Anchor Chris Wallace with His Father Mike, Who Passed Away 8 Years Ago (VIDEO)… #BIDEN #GAFFS
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The Dems 'TRIED' to use the same playbook and blame 'tHe RusSiAnS'

but that didn't work out very well

Turns out #HunterBiden's emails REALLY were leaked

Revealing corruption and pay to play schemes

#Biden #JoeBiden #HunterBidensEmails #Laptop #MAGA #KAG
Surely the #TechGiants won't #Censor this info now that we know these emails are REAL🙄…

#LeakedEmails show #HunterBiden introduced his father, then-Vice President #JoeBiden, to a top Ukrainian executive

"but but it wasn't on #Biden's official schedule!"
Uncovering the #BidenCrimeFamily #PayToPlay scheme…

"An email thread that appears to show #HunterBiden pursuing a lucrative energy business deal in #China and possibly cutting his father in on the action"

Was #JoeBiden #TheBigGuy?

#MAGA #KAG #Trump2020
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What are the F’n odds on this one? Wowza. What does it mean? #PANIC! Insinuates #HunterBiden cut a deal with @realDonaldTrump & Q team. Was this a present from *Pops*? Did they post these pics to prove Hunter flipped? Did Hunter Biden selling out his dad to stay outta jail? 👀
Holy sh*t...Hunters Become The Hunted!
Thx for the higher res photos. The watches definitely have the same style. Unsure whether they are exactly the same but IMO it doesn’t matter, Hunter still flipped. My guess was around the time we saw the first #HuntersBecomeTheHunted post, Feb 7th, 2018. Wow
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#SundayVibes #Hunter



1. Unanimous convicted by Jury
2. Overturn of conviction by Judge Ronnie Abrams of the Southern District of New York [attempt to free _provide 'shade' H. Biden?]
3. Federal Appeals Court reinstates conviction
Background Judge Ronnie Abrams?…📁
Married to Greg Andres?
Who is Greg Andres?…📁

# #
O ╲ O
#QANON ┛ ╲
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1. There is no such thing as "#QAnon".

2. We are recited with the meaning of the President of the United States retweeting @cjtruth 17 minutes and 17 seconds into the new day after the lame-brained impeachment inquiry gave him a seven point bump in the polls.
3. When you cannot attack the information, they attack by typecasting others, yet, not all others are authentic [injected].

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1. News: “You’re So Handsome When You Smile” – NBC Town Hall Questioner’s Compliment Leaves President Trump Blushing ♥️ Thread 10.16.2020…
2. News: GOING VIRAL: Black Woman in Red Mask Behind President Trump, the ‘Nodding Woman’ Steals the Show at NBC News Trump Town Hall #Trump #NBC
#TownHall #NoddingWoman
3. News: REPORT: Swing Voters Standing By President Trump – They Don’t Blame Him For Coronavirus Pandemic… #Trump2020
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1. President Trump was asked about #QAnon tonight by Savannah Guthrie at the "Red October" #TownHall interview.

2. POTUS'd tweeted that all #RussiaHoax docs'd have: "No redactions!"

Then, Sen Ron Johnson showed email from GSA without redactions vs same email received previously from FBI which was completely redacted.

Do you see what happened?

3. For the first time in a long time our POTUS stands with and for the people.

If Biden were elected, the Communist Chinese Party would own America.
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1. News: Government SUES Former Best Friend of Melania Trump, over ‘scathing tell-all’ 👏👏👏

DOJ requests all profits directed to a ‘constructive trust.’ -Thread 10.14.2020…
2. News: Amy Coney Barrett flips script on Dems: "I could empathize w/ people who lack HEALTH CARE ... was so striking to me when we went to get our daughter Vivian from the orphanage in Haiti was the lack of access to basic things like antibiotics."…
3. News: Judge Amy Coney Barrett's calm demeanor during hearings is her ‘SUPERPOWER,’ Harmeet Dhillon says… #FillThatSeat #ConfirmAmy
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1. News: BUSTED On Hot Mic! PA Gov Tom Wolf & State Rep Wendy Ullman Laughs about Wearing Masks... for 'POLITICAL THEATER' [for the sheep] -Thread 9.30.2020… #Masks #COVID
2. News: New York State PARENTS FILE LAWSUIT Against Gov Cuomo for Forced Masking & COVID Restrictions… #Masks #covid #lawsuit
3. News: Tucker Carleson BUSTED FEINSTEIN Walking Around Mask-less at Dulles Airport After She Called for AIRPORT MASK MANDATE:

Sen Dianne Feinstein: Masks for Thee but Not for Me!… #Masks #COVID #Tucker
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