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1/5 Rising temps in the North Atlantic are more than just a climate change indicator - they pose real threats to human life. Let’s talk about why. #ClimateChange #NorthAtlantic
2/5 First, warmer waters can fuel more intense storms and hurricanes, increasing risks for coastal communities globally. This means higher potential for loss of life and property damage. #ExtremeWeather
3/5 Second, thermal expansion from warmer waters contributes to sea level rise. This could lead to increased coastal erosion and flooding, displacing people from their homes and affecting livelihoods. #SeaLevelRise
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We present genomic evidence showing the West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapsed during the #LastInterglacialPeriod!🇦🇶🌊🚨#popgen #icesheet #interdisciplinary
...the tipping point of future #WestAntarcticIceSheet collapse could be reached even under the #ParisAgreement (+1.5-2.0°C) Image
We used found population connectivity between Ross Sea and Weddell Sea in an #Antarctic #octopus, and dated it back to #LastInterglacialPeriod. This is only possible if #WestAntarcticIceSheet completely collapsed and opened seaway connecting 2 basins… 🧵/9
This is my PhD work with @JanStrugnell @NeridaWilson @nick_golledge @naish_tim PhillWatts @Cataribio @iracooke @DrShmoo FelixMark, KatrinLinse. This work was only possible with their help+many hrs my advisors @JanStrugnell @NeridaWilson @Cataribio spent troubleshooting w me🧑‍🎓1/9
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#PolicyBrief | When will a 2-metre rise in #SeaLevel occur, and how might we #adapt?

Read this joint policy-brief published by @CoCliCoServices @SCORE_EUproject and @ProtectSlr

Key messages in this thread 🧵
A 2-metre rise in #SeaLevel is almost inevitable. The uncertainty is on the timing, somewhere between one century and the next two thousand years. Exceeding 2 meters of sea-level rise will fundamentally change #European #coastal zones.
Europe and National States can recognize that coastal #adaptation is an ongoing process that involves short-term actions, long-term planning and strategic thinking.
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The last decade has seen the eight warmest years on record. A look at the developing climate crisis

#unitednations #climatecrisis #world Image
In 2022, the global mean sea level has continued to rise

#globalwarming #sealevelrise #carbondioxide ImageImageImageImage
Rising global heating is making extreme weather more severe, more frequent

#drought #atmosphere #climate #africa ImageImageImageImage
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1/29. 📜NEW BRIEF: Today we launch “PASSED THE POINT OF NO RETURN: A Non-Economic #LossAndDamage (#NELD) Explainer” covering what #NELD is, why and how it happens, where it happens, who is most affected, and importantly, how we can respond.

🔗Get it here:…
2/29. The brief begins with a foreword by @UNFCCC NELs Expert Group Member @IrfanUllahCDO, who highlights that Non-Economic #LossAndDamage has been largely overlooked in climate negotiations and that urgent action is needed to address #NELD happening now e.g. The #PakistanFloods.
3/29. Then @DLodry of @LossDamageYouth shares the powerful story of his lived experience of Non-Economic #LossAndDamage in #Cameroon called "The Tears Of A Village River And Its Population" which tells how climate-intensified #Drought can lead to a loss of #Culture and #Identity.
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1/14. 📜Powerful new report to the #UN General Assembly by the @SRClimateChange Ian Fry makes crystal clear that #LossAndDamage from #ClimateChange is causing a litany of #HumanRights impacts. 🧵
2/14. In its introduction, the report highlights the inequality at the heart of the #ClimateCrisis: "50% of countries are responsible for 86 % of the cumulative global CO2 emissions", #AtmosphericColonization, and why #ClimateReparations are being demanded for #LossAndDamage.
3/14. Chapter three "#LossAndDamage: a litany of #HumanRights impacts" starts by highlighting that from a #HumanRights perspective #LossAndDamage is "closely related to the right to remedy and the principle of #Reparations".
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The IPCC Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability was released today. I'm going to go through the executive summary and post some "highlights". #IPCC #IPCCReport… 2/
- #Dengue risk will increase with longer seasons and a wider geographic distribution in #Asia, #Europe, Central and South America and sub-Saharan #Africa, potentially putting additional billions of people at risk by the end of the century
- A billion people projected to be at risk from coastal-specific climate hazards in the mid-term under all scenarios, including in Small Islands. #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency
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The IPCC Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability was released today. I'm going to go through the executive summary and post some "highlights". #IPCC #IPCCReport…
Risk can arise from the dynamic interactions among climate-related hazards,exposure & vulnerability of affected human & ecological systems. Risk that can be introduced by human responses to #climatechange is a new consideration in the risk concept. There are 127 key risks. Image
Observed Impacts from Climate Change:

" The rise in weather and climate extremes has led to some irreversible impacts as natural and human systems are pushed beyond their ability to adapt"
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Live-tweeting from #IPCC #ClimateReport launch now. @antonioguterres calls it "An atlas of human suffering and a damning indictment. Nearly half of humanity are living in the danger zone, many ecosystems are at the point of new return, NOW. The global energy mix is broken." 1/n
"#FossilFuels are a dead end" for planet, economy. Adaptation investments work, should be 50% of climate finance. "Delay means death, now is the time to turn rage into action" says @antonioguterres.
From #IPCC #ClimateReport press conference here
"We are on course to reach 1.5°C w/i next 2 decades. Temps will continue to rise unless world takes much bolder action. Severe #climatechange impacts are already happening. Adaptation can be effective but there are limits for us and other spp" #IPCC chair Lee. #ClimateReport 3/n
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1/ 2021 was a train wreck for my personal life, but it was pretty great for me professionally - so in the spirit of optimism, here’s a little thread of the highlights.
2/ @c2kittel and I wrote a neat little GRL paper about the fate of #Antarctic ice shelves at various levels of warming…
3/ It was widely reported in the media and we also wrote some articles in @CarbonBrief:…

… and @ConversationUK :…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/24/2021…
Marine heatwaves can decimate the oldest and youngest coral, raising concerns about the reproductive future of reefs…

#MarineHeatwaves, #CoralDistribution, #ReefEcosystems
Come for the Tool, Stay for the Exchange: Bootstrapping Liquidity in the Private Markets…

#CapitalFlow, #PrivateMarkets, #AssetClasses, #PortfolioDiversification, #bootstrapping, #liquidity
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1/9 #Colonial #Victorian tropes of #primitive and #civilised are never funny @BBCNews @BBCWorld. They were actively used to justify colonialism.

Small-scale societies are as complex as large states, and values and morals are #HumanUniversals. Also, #Neanderthals were smart! Image
2/9 #Hunter-gatherers live in small groups but have large social networks. San societies in southern #Africa maintain these by exchanging ostrich eggshell beads across hundreds of kilometers. And they have been doing this for over 30,000 years.…
3/9 #Aboriginal societies in #Australia have complex ways of transmitting knowledge across space and time. Their #OralHistories preserved information on the impact of #SeaLevelRise at the end of the last #IceAge over 10,000 years.…
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This is a map of sea level, exaggerated 10,000 times.

Why is it so weird and lumpy? Sea level is not defined by distance from Earth's center - it's an equal-gravity surface.

Understanding the #geoid is key to understanding #climatechange impacts. 1/7 Source:
The "lumpiness" comes from variations in density and topography. Mountains have gravity, so the #geoid is generally higher in mountainous regions. But inside the Earth there are variations, too - from the different kinds of rocks and the thickness of the crust. 2/7
Elevations on Earth are defined relative to the geoid. So every time you look at a topographic map, there's a secret geoid hidden behind that data! 3/7
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Updates on the Collaroy seawall from @wendy_harmer 👇.

This is one of many ways to manage our #coasts & deal with #erosion issues. 🧵[1/5]

Other options include:
1. Do nothing. This is cheap in theory but may have hidden costs due to having to deal with the impacts of erosion.
2. Retreat and relocate. This involves moving infrastructure and property back away from the area of risk and allowing the coast to do its thing in a more natural manner. There are big challenges with how you do this and manage people who own beachfront property.
🧵[2/5] Image
3. Soft engineering solutions. This includes doing things like beach nourishment and rebuilding dunes using "soft" approaches like fences. It has costs and does not provide a hard line beyond which the beach cannot erode.
🧵[3/5] Image
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1. The climate in 2100: The future is nearer than you think, and that is terrible news.

We are not good at imagining the future, which makes it harder to promote climate action.

Start of a thread 🧵

#ClimateCrisis #climatechange #future #environment #climate #IPCC Image

2. Many of us fear for a future where climate change and the loss of nature make this planet a tough place to survive.

Long-term climate change projections, like from the IPCC, usually predict the situation in the year 2100.…

3. In the IPCC's 'middle of the road' scenario, temperatures will rise to 2.7C by the end of the century.

It assumes that CO2 emissions hover around current levels before starting to fall mid-century.

Is that realistic?…
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.@theAGU hosts a massive conference of Earth and space scientists every December, usually in San Francisco (photos below from previous years). My 1st meeting was in 2003 as a masters' student. In this #thread I'll share highlights from #AGU20, my first time attending virtually! ImageImage
#Agriculture (esp replacing forests with cropland) has been changing the #climate for 6,000+ years. Ancient warming made Europe + East Asia more suitable for cultivation, lengthened Eur. growing season, find @Chris_Kucharik @NRamankutty et al. #AGU20
Something cool I discovered this year at #AGU20 (thanks to @KateBrauman) is the MacGyver session, w/ hacks including a test for #COVID19 in wastewater & a system to lure vineyard pests away with mating calls instead of harmful sprays.…
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1/ Heavy rains & flash floods - a thread on SG and the climate crisis Image
2/ there was a heavy rain warning today & I don’t think there are any flash floods today (tbh idk how to read @PUBsingapore ‘s flood risk tweet). But I wanted to talk bout flash floods today.
3/ heres a recap of flash floods this year: a June, Nov highlight reel. ImageImageImageImage
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Volume increasing (at least on local news) from frustrated residents of South Florida’s flooded neighborhoods. I can refer you to my timeline for previous posts on this matter, but let me summarize again:

(1) no system is designed to absorb 18 inches of rain in a day

#thread 1/
(2) Granted, some flood mitigation is possible. I said mitigation, not elimination. E.g. the C-4 Basin in Miami-Dade put in place after the 2000 No Name Storm. And pumps. These things cost big big bucks. Meaning higher taxes. So people against higher taxes can’t have it both ways
(3) This particular event had a 1% chance of occurring in any year. But we’ve had many 1-in-100 year events just over the course of the last 25 years. Statistics are static and don’t incorporate the changing dynamics being driven by #ClimateChange

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#ImageOfTheDay #EUSpace for #ClimateAction

In 2019 the melting of ice in #Greenland caused a 1.5 millimetres global #sealevelrise

This year the situation is less worrying, but still above the norm

🧊melting on 🇬🇱 West coast seen by @CopernicusEU #Sentinel2🇪🇺🛰️on 20 August Image
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I don’t know if it’s being forced to watch the frequency at which deeper and more widespread saltwater inundation is impacting some neighborhoods in South Florida, or if it’s the inner demons released when teenagers like #Greta admonish adults, but this fall ...

I’ve had an inordinate number of, um, skeptics (I’m trying to be kind) bending themselves into pretzels trying to contradict what we in #miami and Fort Lauderdale are plainly seeing with our own eyes:

the cities are under siege from the surging seas.

They throw around all their expertly-gathered (#sarcasm) alternative facts, like “what do you expect when you build on a swamp?” Let me enlighten you:

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Very bad timing for a nouveau #LaborDayHurricane

Risk of flooding with a storm surge at high tide is greatest when full/new moon happens around perigee (when the Moon is at its closest to Earth). Some of the highest astronomical tides of the year are this weekend.
As an example here’s Miami’s Virginia Key water level predictions (using it only because it’s readily available to me via @BMcNoldy and not because I’m forecasting it to come to #Miami). Basically it’s “shoulder King Tide season”. Labor Day is 2 Sept

(perigee graphic @rtphokie)
@BMcNoldy @rtphokie I would also add that because of #ClimateChange the rate of #sealevelrise has accelerated. In Virginia Key, sea level is 5 inches higher today than 25 years ago. #Florida’s Atlantic coastal cities can now see deeper storm surges penetrating further inland. Pic via @ClimateCentral
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In case folks didn't realize, many African countries are REALLY big.
1. Nigeria over USA
2. California in Africa
Also, India is huge. It would stretch from the tip of Florida up to Nova Scotia, and almost to Newfoundland! 😮
And as always, DO NOT underestimate the amount of ice in Antarctica and Greenland. Combined, they are bigger than USA, Mexico and the rest of Central America combined.

I'd really like to keep them from melting and flooding my home.
#climatecrisis #sealevelrise #SLR #lotsofice
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