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Inquest resuming following lunch break.
Livestream details:…
This afternoon there will be 2 witnesses from the IIO speaking. In 2019 the IIO recommended charges…
Witness #1: Simon Bradshaw, from the IIO. Director of Investigations at the IIO.
- Managing a number of investigators
- Assuming responsibility for investigations
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Livetweeting the Inquest into the #VPD murder of Myles Gray. #JusticeForMylesGray

Follow here:…
First Witness: Dr. Matthew Orde, a forensic pathologist. He will likely be testifying as an expert and with regards to the extensive injuries Myles Gray suffered.
Dr. Orde is qualified as an expert witness.
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Yes #Canada has a problem with #China #CCP interfering in our elections but we also have a problem with foreign infiltration of the very institutions charged with protecting our elections from foreign threats. Case in point: this #RCMP officer … (1/7)👇🏻read on: Image
….this #RCMP officer works in a detachment in #BC . He makes videos promoting the #CCP and… (2/7) Image
…recruitment videos that he posts on Chinese social media encouraging nationals to join the #VPD and #RCMP . (3/7) Image
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Next witness is Eric Birzneck. This is the officer who, according to both Sahota & Folkestad, took command of the scene. Trained negotiator who deployed pepper spray as soon as he encountered Myles Gray. #JusticeForMylesGray
Birzneck has been a #VPD officer since 2009. He was previously a #CBSA officer for 7 years. He is a "force options" trainer. A use of force instructor.
A #VPD use of force instructor killed Myles Gray.
Birzneck was qualified to use OC spray, baton, carbine, 40 ml launcher (crowd control). He was not qualified to use a taser when Myles Gray was killed by the #VPD.
If you're interested, here's a list of what weapons VPD possess:…
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Day 3 of the inquest into the #VPD murder of Myles Gray will begin shortly. You can watch the livestream here:…
Today on the witness list are:
- Cst. Kory Folkestad
- Cst. Eric Birzneck
- Cst. Josh Wong
Yesterday we heard that Folkestad and Birzneck arrived on the scene to provide "code 3 cover" for VPD Cst Hardeep Sahota. One officer hit Sahota with his baton, breaking her hand. One deployed OC spray, hitting another officer. #JusticeForMylesGray
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The inquest has begun. Housekeeping details. First piece of evidence is the statement from Melissa Gray, Myles' sister. #JusticeForMylesGray
Full witness list available here:…
Lawyers present at the inquest include Ian Donaldson KC (counsel for the family of Myles Gray), inquest counsel, VPD counsel are David McKnight and Naomi Krueger. Counsel for VPD members is Christine Joseph. It appears she is a former VPD officer herself 👀…
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Over the last few months, we've noticed what appears to be an uptick in unprovoked stranger attacks, so we asked our strategic researchers to take a deep dive into the numbers.

What they found is concerning: over four people a day are the target of a random, unprovoked assault.
How we got there:

First, we defined who an “unprovoked stranger” was:

- No previous relationship with the victim
- Initial interactions were brief, i.e. 0-15 seconds
- The incident was unreasonable given the circumstances
We then reviewed assaults that were reported to the VPD from September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021, and determined there were approximately 1,555 unprovoked stranger assaults involving 1,705 victims.


Let that number sink in.
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[THREAD ON POLICING] March 15 - International Day Against Police Brutality AKA #IDAPB #IDAPB2021

#IDAPB was first observed in 1997 thanks to organizing by the Collective Opposed to Police Brutality (Montreal), and the Black Flag group (Switzerland).

“Cdn” media portrays police brutality as something that stops at an arbitrary border -everywhere there are police there is police brutality. During the #BLM protests of 2020, Montreal police used tear gas against protesters, a chemical weapon banned for use in warfare.

From 2000-17, the #VPD in the #DTES and the #RCMP in Northern BC (V0J) killed people at the highest rates in Canada. When police attend wellness checks, the results can be fatal. Over 70% of those killed by police in BC were experiencing a mental health crisis.

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Glacier Media investigates how the Justice Institute of B.C. (JIBC) has accepted close to 2,000 Chinese law enforcement students, recruits and officials, plus dozens of Chinese state judges. #China #cdnpoli #bcpoli #espionage #internationalstudents #vpd…
The ILES program is offered to Chinese police academy students, who are China’s future police officers, border agents and prison guards — handpicked by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
Revenue from the program is important, says JIBC. @AnneKangMLA declined to comment on the program. @Wilkinson4BC Belt and Road agreement tied to all of this:…
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Earlier today, a business became concerned about an elderly client.

She had arrived for an appointment with a black eye and didn't look well.

They were unsure if she had fallen or been assaulted, so they called police to do a wellness check.
She peered through the sidelight of her front door in answer to my knock.

She was spritely for an octogenarian and she shuffled down her hall, seemingly happy to have a visitor.

I followed her into the kitchen, and it was there I saw the terrible, dark swelling in her face.
She said it was cancer. She had been diagnosed months ago. It was causing her pain, and her teeth and jaw hurt.

I asked her what her doctor recommended, but she just waved her hand and wouldn't look at me.

So I pressed on.
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#BBLStories #D4

It's 2008.

I'm in the Canine Unit and respond to a domestic dispute to cover another unit.

Circumstances are such that I leave my police dog in the SUV.

In hindsight, I wish I hadn't.
A man with a history of violent domestic abuse has broken into his ex-wife's house. He's got a warrant out for his arrest, and he's breaching his court conditions by being there.

He knows we're coming.

He's in the downstairs bedroom.

He's holding his five-month old baby.
One officer speaks with the frightened family while the other officer and I make contact with the man.

He's sitting on the bed cradling his child. He ignores us.

My eyes are on his body language and how he's holding the baby.

This is so, so dangerous.
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#Thread: Why are people #antivax? My mom's answer to "why?" has changed over time. When I was young, she told me that she was more worried about #vaccine side effects than she was about me catching a vax preventable disease (#VPD).
As I've asked her about the issue over time & pushed back against some of her beliefs, she's given me a lot of different answers:
false link to #autism;
fear that babies' immune systems aren't developed enough to handle so many shots at once;
"Big Pharma;"
Overall, she had a gut feeling when she first became a #mom that #vaccines are scary & if anything happened to me because she vaccinated, she'd feel guilty.
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