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Using the phraseology of @CommrRCMPGRC Brenda LUCKI - namely, "painful to hear" - Madame, you have shown yourself «UNFIT TO LEAD» @rcmpgrcpolice.

NEVER BEFORE has #RCMP relinquished its independence from political interference, not until you did so.…
28 May 2020 🚨 My original Call for the Resignation of @CommrRCMPGRC LUCKI - two weeks before she capitulated to the false #LPC narrative of "systemic racism" within #RCMP.

☞ In it, I identify the first steps of a road map for what is required.

15 June 2020 🚨 My reaction to the sudden decision by #RCMP @CommrRCMPGRC LUCKI to yield to political interference.

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ON THE DAY THAT Hamilton Tiger Cats unexpectedly dominated Edmonton Eskimos in 74th Grey Cup (1986) ... two lives were almost lost.

IF I MAY, I'll share what happened. And, I hope @CTVNews pays attention.

While posted to Lower Mainland, B.C., I was ambushed by an Indigenous ...
male armed with a 12-gauge shotgun in front of the garage (photo taken hours later). It was 3:00 AM, the subject emerged from in front of the bicycle. I was in #RCMP uniform and was standing at the right corner. Time slowed, details heightened as my senses acutely sharpened.
I repeatedly identified myself as "Police" as he continued to level his weapon. He disregarded all commands to drop his gun. I was now squeezing the trigger of my service revolver. THEN - in a microsecond - I saw the opportunity to hurl myself across the 2 meters separating us.
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THIS PAST WEEK @JustinTrudeau @cafreeland @BillBlair together strong-armed @CommrRCMPGRC and as a result, she ingloriously capitulated to false narrative of "systemic racism" in @rcmpgrcpolice

🚨 What does this mean?

SIMPLY THIS, for first time in the history of Canada ...
#TRUDEAU has 'masterfully' (meaning, insidiously) managed to so politically maneuver, rendering the Commissioner #RCMP as nothing more than a «de facto» Cabinet position.

Gone (jettisoned) is the once stalwart and sacred political independence of Canada's national police force.
Effectively discarding the proud history behind the RCMP motto: "MAINTIENS LE DROIT"

AND replacing it with ...

« Maintiens la gauche »

#cdnpoli #PPC #ygk
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As a former #RCMP @rcmpgrcpolice, I AM APPALLED THAT you would make such a tainting comment, in advance of an independent investigation.

In your second sentence, and without shame, you seize the 'opportunity' [italics] to shoehorn the NEW @liberal_party #LPC false narrative ...
of "systemic racism" in Canadian policing.

The video, as initially released to media, was (conspicuously) truncated.

☞ Min @BillBlair, YOU ARE ALSO FULLY COGNIZANT THAT any video can capture only a 'slice of an incident' and that that image, is a record from only one
angle of view. It is, otherwise, incomplete. In terms of the overall fact pattern surrounding this incident, it is silent. It is one piece of a puzzle. It is NOT capable of shedding any light on the larger context of a situation (i.e. the circumstances preceding the recorded
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BREAKING NEWS: Dash-cam footage obtained by CTV News shows Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Chief Allan Adam getting tackled by Wood Buffalo RCMP officers, then punched in the head and put in a choke-hold. #cdnpoli #RCMP
This is what Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Chief Allan Adam looked like after the violent RCMP takedown. He was stopped for an expired licence plate. #RCMP #cdnpoli
I deleted the previous tweet to this thread because it did not link to the full video as some asked for. So, here it is. Runs just under 12 minutes. #RCMP
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For some time, I have watched as the once proud and unassailable image of the RCMP @rcmpgrcpolice has steadily eroded. It grieves my heart.

Respectfully, @CommrRCMPGRC the buck stops at your desk.

I will speak directly and bluntly in this Thread. You deserve nothing less.
Under your leadership there's has been an undeniable hemorrhage of public trust and support.

What has become of Sir Robert Peel's Nine Principles of Policing?(LINK below)

[… ]

The bleeding must be stopped and a process of restoration and healing begin.
Many actions will be needed in the coming months; BUT ONLY two (2) MUST occur immediately and without delay:

1. 🚨 STATEMENT - A strongly-worded and unequivocal statement reasserting the once sacrosanct independence of #RCMP from (any perception of) political interference.
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As a former RCMP @rcmpgrcpolice, I can see no justification for the conduct of and action taken by the principal officer during this video.

Simply said, at no time were you advised that you were committing an offence,and without being placed under arrest, you were nonetheless
physically subdued and I would argue, detained. Plainly, you didn't appear to be free to not accompany the officer. This raises important questions about your detention.

In my view and based on my experience, these actions - which appear 'as capricious' - were governed more
by impulse than necessity or reason. Of course, a properly-conducted investigation would examine these issues and could make findings related to their reasonableness commensurate with the totality of the cirucmstances. I believe, there is also a likelihood that other findings
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Chairperson of the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP has issued a response to #Wetsuweten Hereditary Chiefs,@UBCIC and @bccla call for an investigation regarding the actions of the RCMP in in Wet’suwet’en territory.Press conference in 30 min.
Getting ready to start. The Chairpersons response will be released momentarily .
The CRCC for the RCMP says the issues raised in the complaint are of “significant public interest”.But at this point a “public interest investigation” will not be initiated.#Wetsuwetan #RCMP
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A reminder in light of yesterday’s events in Iraq that Canada is in command of the NATO mission in Iraq (HQ in Baghdad). Canadian Major General Jennie Carignan is in charge of NATO Mission Iraq. Up to 850 Canadian troops are approved to be part of Op Impact #CAF #cdnfp
Major General Dany Fortin recently returned from command of NATO Mission Iraq and sat down with @TheWestBlock. I asked him about Iran’s influence. Interview here: #CAF #cdnpoli #cdnfp
@TheWestBlock OK, it's 1415 ET so time to update this thread a bit with what we know and what we don't know. Canada has authorized up to 850 troops for the Iraq mission - but typically we are far under that cap as @mfisheroverseas points out. #CAF #cdnpoli #cdnfp
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I can only laugh at the hand-wringing coming from #cdnmedia in regards to the #bcpoli announcement today to work with the rights of the Indigenous per the CDN Constitution is a real & constructive way.

But, but, but - what will that mean for "CONSENT"?

#cdnpoli #history
2. ... Perhaps it will mean the Indigenous will get a real slice of the deal in meaningful ways, developed with mutual respect & understandings.

Most of all, maybe it'll mean no more breaking the arms of FN women when they speak up to those resource corps.

#cdnpoli #bcpoli
The Indigenous have had to give up far, far more than any CDN will ever have to, and yet there are still those who state the Indigenous 'will have to work w/#cdnpoli'.
Ahem, when will the CDNs genuinely work up to their own Constitution & the recognized rights of the Indigenous?
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Remember the bomb set off in Sherwood Park, AB in Nov 2018? @globalnews reported the explosive substance was tannerite according to multiple sources & an internal RCMP memo. K Division @RCMPAlberta called the reporting speculative. 10 months later RCMP admit it WAS tannerite
Tannerite has a very distinct appearance for those who may not have seen it and is typically triggered by shooting it (note the small white pellets)
Note: this comes the same day as an RCMP press conference that also started w senior officers trying to discourage journalists from reporting on a critical file. Referenced speculative reporting & then confirmed large elements of what @globalnews reported #natsec #cdnnatsec #RCMP
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#BREAKING Exclusive: information obtained through an intl criminal probe into encrypted comms firm Phantom Secure (used by global criminal syndicates) produced evidence that led to investigation and arrest of the RCMP's Cameron Ortis… #cdnnatsec #natsec
Canadian CEO of Phantom Secure Vincent Ramos is in prison in the United States. Information from the RCMP in his possession led Canadian investigators to launch a probe into who tried to sell him info. Sources say the 2015 charge Ortis is facing is from that attempt to sell info
Working on confirming some other elements on just how damaging this has been and how Ortis got the information from the RCMP HQ to his condo.
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🚨 Trudeau government unprecedented corruption.

RCMP were looking into PMO for obstruction of justice so they invoked cabinet confidence to obstruct investigation

I can't express how important it is to help inform ALL Canadians

#cdnpoli #SNCLavalin…
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