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HONOURED to join @sauga960am @richardsyrett to discuss the politicization of #RCMP under Commissioner Brenda Lucki @CommrRCMPGRC.


USED WITH PERMISSION: the story of a retired RCMP officer is shared who was +
#PS752 #cdnpoli…
contacted by Division HQ during #Elxn43 2019 and brusquely advised, QUOTE:

☞ "Your comments are embarrassing the Prime Minister."

The ⟨RETIRED⟩ RCMP officer had been critical of Prime Minister and policies of Government of Canada government on a social media platform. +
Retired RCMP are not subject to provisions of Royal Canadian Mounted Police Regulations, 2014 (SOR/2014-281) surrounding Public Statements, specifically SCHEDULE (Section 18 and subsection 23(1)) Code of Conduct of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Section 9.2 (below): +
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"Mendicino said Lucki's success will be based on whether she meets the objectives laid out in the new letter. We will be able to track that progress, I think, very specifically, because the language itself is specific,"

.@CommrRCMPGRC appeared before Special Joint Committee on Declaration of Emergency (DEDC) on May 10, 2022.

She (flat-footedly) tried to sidestep questions concerning the invoking of #EmergenciesAct; BUT ultimately; she failed, ... miserably! +

NO SURVEY IS REQUIRED to state that with the exception of a very few, NO ONE would be surprised if this government now views her as a ⟪LIABILITY⟫.


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@giftedtypist⁩ This whole chapter piles on another layer of trauma and distrust for families who already feel they have been disrespected and left in the dark by this inquiry. #MCC #Portapique #RCMP…
(Imagine the family members of victims who’ve had to wait two fucking years to hear this and other important testimony!)

@GregMercerGlobe Chris Wortman, GW’s uncle, and a former RCMP officer, was interviewed 10 days after the mass shooting in April, 2020.…
Remember @RCMPNS’s Darren Campbell and the yarns he was spinning in 2020 about the #NSMassMurder?

Looks like RCMP kicked him upstairs. #MCC #Portapique Image
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The #RCMP is aware of the material circulating on social media pertaining to a chat group that includes some of its members. We can confirm that we are looking into the matter. 1/3 Text on image: Statement
This material is not representative of those who have committed themselves to serving Canadians with integrity and professionalism. 2/3
All members of the RCMP know that, whether on or off duty, they have a responsibility to hold themselves to the highest professional standards and are subject to the Code of Conduct of the RCMP at all times. Read the full statement:… 3/3
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If you think #OttawaPolice & #RCMP went in alone, you’re living in a false utopia.

Mercenaries & Defence Contractors Are as #Canadian as Maple Syrup

Let me introduce you to Predator Security Defense™️

@JustinTrudeau knows these guys all to well Amongst others, Like #Academi / #blackwater .. He’s used them in his security detail in Canada and overseas.

These guys are the best of the best.

Security or paid mercenaries? 🤔

Let’s see what services the predators have to offer
Their employees 👉 Prior military combat veterans, US Special Programs (Special forces, navy seals) or Tactical Law Enforcement (Swat).

Our operators are highly trained counter terrorism expert across the entire spectrum, as good as any and better than most.

Says the company
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My kid, underage in BC, was arrested twice (trial soon) for peaceful protest at #FairyCreek summer 2021, where #surgical #RCMP swat-style units would pull down protestor masks to pepper spray them directly in eyes 1/3
& would target Indigenous & Black protestors for removal. Their violence was called out by a BC judge. All to #defend old growth logging while protestors worked to protect climate & all of us by defending forests. But white nationalist organized 2/3
border #blockades & occupations see a few tickets issued. This is 🇨🇦 & we need to address our problems with policing, with white nationalism, & with values that put capital above & sanction violence over climate, Indigenous & Black lives. #canadaprotests
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@francaisfache: The Charente Maritime strongly mobilized for the #ConvoidelaLiberte

Many vehicles from Rochefort, reinforced by a convoy from #Saintes, will join another gathering in #LaRochelle
#FreedomConvoy #France
#Canada #TrucersConvoy
#Wellington #Aotearoa
#NewZealand police crackdown on protesters camping outside the NZ Parliament in solidarity with Canadian truckers, arresting more than 50 people after forcibly dispersing the demonstration against Covid-19 restrictions
#Canada #TruckersConvoy #PasseSanitaire
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Ughhhhhhhh.... Daniel Bulford's organization seems sketchy to me. And this so called "The Democracy Fund" is allegedly sending two lawyers to help out, did I mention they're hiring?
Mandates , I go further into the site 😂😂 FFS then I find job postings ...
This is what qualifications and duties required , I get curious on the links , I'm like hmm okay because at first it looks like they're relieving poverty and more but dig deeper and you find out it's not what it seems to be ...
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🇨🇦🚔🛩️ With the Ontario Provincial Police #OPP circling the anti-vax rally today, I figured I should make a thread about what we can tease out of the behaviour of their surveillance Cessna, and if any of that can be applied to other aircraft in the fleet. 🧵
First, consult the Canadian Civil Aircraft Register (CCAR), and search using the name the OPP has their aircraft registered under:

"Province Of Ontario, Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services"

Now you have a list of all their aircraft. 👍…
Pop that in a spreadsheet for later, and use the registration numbers to hand-roll a search for the aircraft using #ADSBexchange.

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Read our full 2021 Recap of Events on Wet'suwet'en Territory 🔥 Resistance to colonial Canada and genocidal CGL on Cas Yikh Gidimt’en Territory continues. We are still here.
Join the #WetsuwetenResistance
Take Action Dec 20-27 #DivestCGL #ShutDownCanada…
We call on all nations, allies, accomplices, and supporters everywhere to RISE UP in solidarity. We are in this fight for the long haul and we will not back down. This pipeline will never be built. Join the WET'SUWET'EN RESISTANCE! #wetsuwetenresistance Image
@iamjayohcee Wet’suwet’en land defenders enforced eviction of Coastal GasLink by blocking roads into the territory. NOV 14-17, 2021. 🔥 Join the WET'SUWET'EN RESISTANCE! #wetsuwetenresistance #DivestCGL
#ShutDownCanada #WetsuwetenStrong #AllOutForWedzinKwa #ExpectUs Image
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While the @bcndp gov’t struggles with the severe impacts of flooding that are a result of the worsening #ClimateCrisis they are diverting critical #RCMP resources into #Wetsuweten territory again to protect the gov’ts #frackedgas pipeline 1/ #bcpoli #LNG
When @geoffmeggs delivered the news to the @bcgreencaucus that the @bcndp were going to support the #CGL #frackedgas pipeline I asked him how they would deal with the long-established blockades on #Wetsuweten territory. He said it was under control. Clearly not! 2/ #bcpoli
The chaos in Crown-Indigenous relations has been created by a @bcndp gov’t whose words and actions are not aligned. Say one thing, do another. @MurrayRankinNDP was on the #Wetsuweten file since early 2020 when he was brought in to mop up the mess gov’t created. #FAIL 3/ #bcpoli
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"In the past week, I have received what I would call threatening and harassing emails from the lawyer acting for the Government of Canada. Very distressing emails." (18:11)

@ps752justice #PS752 #Elxn44 #cdnpoli
WHEN GOVERNMENT lawyers are so audacious as to (brazenly) threaten and harass a lawyer acting on behalf of the families of Flight PS752, during an existing proceeding before the courts -

WHEN strong-arming becomes visible ...
'obstruct,pervert or defeat the course of justice' CAN'T be far behind.

☞ What is the likelihood that this government did not exert (political) pressure on @CommrRCMPGRC @rcmpgrcpolice to insure NO Canadian criminal investigation?
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IF LEFT UNCHALLENGED to its present course, this Liberal government will bury this crime.

RUNNING ROUGHSHOD over rights of victims and families, this government together with the RCMP are turning a deaf ear to the cries for justice.

ENOUGH. We'll announce the NEXT STEP.

Speaking about Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752, a government spokesperson states the official position of this Liberal government:

"The Government of Canada does not consider this an intentional act."

Three (3) spokespersons (attempt to) explain what justice looks like to the Government of Canada.

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AS A FORMER @rcmpgrcpolice #RCMP (Ret'd), Criminal Code of Canada «DOES SUPPORT» a Canadian investigation and prosecution of the downing of Flight #PS752. Period.

This Liberal government does NOT want a Canadian criminal investigation. It wants the easier route.

DON'T LET Liberal wordplay befog you.

This government is maneuvering toward settlement and reparations, and away from criminal accountability.

@JavadSoleimani8 @esmaeilion @kourosh1959 @Daniel_Ghods @SalmanSima @Ardeshirz @NahidGhani @BehrangRahbari @AlsaadRafah @NahayatT
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URGENT REQUEST from @SaveFairyCreek for self sufficient folks to regroup at #FariyCreek HQ. "THE LIVES OF OUR GRANDCHILDREN DEPEND ON IT!"

RCMP are acting unlawfully with @jjhorgan & @mikefarnworthbc authorization. Indep media is being kept out. Where is MSM? Crickets. #bcpoli
@SaveFairyCreek @jjhorgan @mikefarnworthbc .."Join us at #FairyCreek (Ada’itsx) HQ! Please arrive prepared to self-sufficiently camp overnight. Arrestees & non-arrestees are needed DAILY.
Read our pre-arrival info sheet:
Worried about getting arrested? Some educational info:
@SaveFairyCreek @jjhorgan @mikefarnworthbc .."Indigenous Elder Bill Jones has called for help to get press out to #Fairy Creek immediately. The RCMP raided all the #FairyCreek camps on Monday, the one year anniversary, knowing many defenders would be in Victoria at the Legislature event.." cont'd #bcpoli
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IN MY OPINION - AS A FORMER @rcmpgrcpolice #RCMP (Ret'd), the decision by @CommrRCMPGRC is unjustifiable. (Attached) She has sloughed off (or if one prefers, sluffed off) and shirked her sworn responsibility under the laws of Canada onto the Ukraine.
Maintiens le Droit [Fr, "Uphold the Right"], the official motto of the ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE.

MY INTEGRITY, EVEN IN RETIREMENT, will not allow me to sit idly by or remain silent as this travesty

#JusticeIsNotNegotiable #PS752 #CrimesAgainstHumanity #RCMP #cdnpoli
of 'in∙justice' unfolds before our eyes. Enough said here, for now.

In the (lengthy) 16-Part Thread below, ask yourself after reading it: What is the likelihood that political interference has not cast its (ugly) shadow across this decision?

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.@CommrRCMPGRC makes the decision «NOT» to open Canadian criminal investigation into the intentional shooting down of Flight PS752.

AND, @JustinTrudeau is content to accept it.

TRYING TO APPEASE 'Who', we don't know, perhaps the Iranian regime itself.

@ps752justice #cdnpoli

Earlier 7-Part THREAD, containing @CBCNews story of the meeting by @AshleyBurkeCBC @NahayatT where the families of the victims of PS752 first learned of the decision.

#PS752 #ps752justice
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AS A FORMER @rcmpgrcpolice #RCMP(Ret'd), it is my opinion that what is referred to as Canada's 'Forensic Report' [hereafter, 'the Report'] is underwhelming and deeply disappointing. And, I wish that was the extent of it. But, it's not.

WHEN ALL IS SAID, the Report has effectively created a road map for the Iranian regime as it enters upcoming state-to-state negotiations.

'Connect-the-Dots' or 'Paint-by-Numbers' would be equally appropriate as descriptors. It reads like an 'Open-Book exam' with acceptable
answers provided.

FIVE (5) EXCERPTS THAT follow allow the reader to see for themselves examples from Report of areas where arguably a form of 'guidance' [italics] is being offered.

IF IT ISN'T amateurishness or incompetence, THEN one wonders whether it is 'by design'?
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TWENTY-NINE (29) WORDS were all Prime Minister Trudeau needed to complete the steering away of his government's narrative from justice AND SHIFT TO negotiations and reparations.

TAKEN TOGETHER, the 'Forensic Report' [hereafter, the 'REPORT'] and the RCMP

Commissioner's letter [the 'LETTER'] to the families of the victims of Ukrainian International Airlines Flight PS752 #PS752 < CLEAR THE WAY > of the only potential obstacles and hindrances that might have prevented this (cunning) shift.
DON'T OVERLOOK these eight (8) seemingly innocuous-looking words in personal 'Message From The Prime Minister To The Families.'

NO MENTION of justice, ONLY reparations. The families view this as [quote] "blood money" in the absence of criminal culpability and prosecution.
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1/21 #Indigenous #ResidentialSchools #MassGraves #RCMP #CDNpoli

A smarter person might ignore it, but I want to show y'all the state of things with law enforcement, systemic racism, toxic politics, & media, as it unfolded surrounding this story (#thread)

2/21 #ResidentialSchools #MassGraves #RCMP #CDNpoli

Recently @APTNNews published an investigation by @brittany_guyot about @RCMPVetsGRC & anti-#Indigenous racism

What happened next reveals how deep that trouble runs & the risks some are willing to take
3/21 #Indigenous #ResidentialSchools #MassGraves #RCMP #CDNpoli

A flurry of activity occurred when @brittany_guyot enquired with @RCMPVetsGRC about the offensive op-ed by Iwona Mooney

1st they deleted the entry, but Google cache still has original copy
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AND WITH THEM, @CommrRCMPGRC may well have sealed her legacy in ignominy.

WHEN THE PUBLIC OUTCRY COMES, Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau @CanadianPM has positioned yet another woman to take the fall.

@ps752justice #PS752 #cdnpoli
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"AS A FORMER @rcmpgrcpolice #RCMP (Ret'd), and as a Canadian, I am outraged."

I will NOT sit idly and I will NOT remain silent. 55 Canadian citizens (and their families) deserve nothing less than knowing THAT we, too, feel anguish.

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” (Benjamin Franklin)

Spoken recently by @Daniel_Ghods to the families of the victims of Flight #PS752.
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The LETTER from @CommrRCMPGRC appears here in its entirety (and UNREDACTED)(Frame 2).

** A series of Tweets will follow looking at this letter in greater depth.

@ps752justice #PS752 #cdnpoli
3-PAGE LETTER (dated 7 July 2021), written 28 days after (what has been described by those in attendance as, 'awful' & 'catastrophic') meeting with family members.

@rcmpgrcpolice #RCMP @NahayatT @CBCPolitics @CBCNews #ps752justice #cdnpoli
@threadreaderapp please unroll
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AS A FORMER @rcmpgrcpolice #RCMP (Ret'd), and as a Canadian, I am outraged.

WHAT FOLLOWS is my opinion.

@CommrRCMPGRC has recently conveyed her decision NOT to open a Canadian criminal investigation into the murder of 55 Canadian citizens aboard Ukraine

@ps752justice #cdnpoli
International Airlines Flight 752.

WHEAREAS,the attack upon Flight #PS752 has been ruled as "intentional" and "act of terrorism" in a recent Ontario Superior Court ruling.

AS SUCH, it's the second deadliest terrorist attack against Canadian citizens in Canada's history.
THIS ATROCITY is second only to the bombing of Air India Flight 182 (1985).

IN MY OPINION, this decision by RCMP Commissioner is clearly unreasonable as it has been made with a clear disregard for the provisions of Criminal Code of Canada.
#CrimesAgainstHumanity #terrorism
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An RCMP Commissioner who decides not to investigate the mass murder of 55 Canadian citizens HAS NEGLECTED HER DUTY.

Former @rcmpgrcpolice #RCMP (Ret'd)

Previous Thread

THE DECISION by the @CommrRCMPGRC @rcmpgrcpolice departs from and flies in the face of the provisions of Criminal Code of Canada.

It is indefensible.

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