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7-2021 #Raffensperger demands firing of #FultonCounty #GA
election officials after double-counted ballots
Then criticizes FIRING of Workers in GA for Shredding Voter Registration Forms……
Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger says he's feeling pressured by fellow Republicans to question the validity of legally cast absentee ballots, he told the Washington Post Monday…
Zuckerberg/Chan gave
.@staceyabrams $7,744,880

Dismissed #FultonCounty
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This is what your child is learning in an AP Honors English class in a PUBLIC school West Morris Mendham High School #NJ The new curriculum is more concerned with sexual positions than actual English. Absolutely appalling. ImageImageImage
The book is called Fun House. A coming of age book where the authors father was a pedophile and she becomes a lesbian. Indoctrination.
And the legislature, the media SILENT @NJGOP @senatenj @GOP @MattRooneyNJ @News12NJ @NJSpotlightNews @BillSpadea @NJDSC @NJSenDems @OANN @FoxNews @TuckerCarlson @wmrhsd We have excellent literature to offer but this is their choice.
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A thread about media #censorship, #globalist #technocracy, Jeffrey #Epstein, and Hegelian dialect drivers, all from one plane crash that killed 4 people on March 18, 1970 near Elizabeth, #NJ; with a brief Son-of-Sam mention and Charlie Manson. Image
The Son-of-Sam reference is a different rabbit hole, so this will be brief. We found this article while looking for mentions of a Col. Rowan who was involved in a Catholic charity working in S. America suspected to be a #CIA cutout and possibly connected to a Yonker's NY cult.
We came across the article again while looking for references to Cleveland Amory, Animal Rights activist, & brother of #CIA Director Bob Amory Jr. (Charlie Manson is peripherally connected to Cleveland, via the son of Doris Day, Animal Rights activist/actress close to Cleveland)
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#DeepState patterns.

Since @elonmusk has turned off the "algo-throttles", it seems, lets see if a long tweet is worth the effort.

Thesis: Today's conspirators are the relatives of the yesteryear's conspirators.

Bob Mueller #3, 1st cousin once removed CIA Dir. Richard Bissell.
#NYC Mayor DeBlasio was a hyper-promoter of the #Covid hoax in 2020. His real name is Warren Wilhelm Jr. Mom & dad & uncle OSS/CIA. Mom DeBlasio is interesting if you are into #JFK. Her boss at the OSS wrote a book about the Secret Service in 1957.…
#NJ Covid lockdown Governor @PhilMurphy has a #JFK connection via his wife Tammy Snyder Murphy. He uncle Louis B. Fine was used as a reference by a suspicious witness to the Assassination.…
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#NJ #COVID19 Any politician ever bother to ask the NJDOH or Murphy how less than 1 case per 100k in the state is ever attainable? The CALI metric, which some schools are using to FORCE students back in masks, assumes a ZERO COVID strategy, since case rates will NEVER be green

This metric was developed by the self avowed zerocovid nutters over at "Covid-Act Now" back 2 years ago, and was never changed despite not only the strategy shift away from "Covid zero is attainable", but was never adjusted for the significant increase in testing available

BUT, When one goes to the link provided by the NJ CALI footnotes, and navigates to their current methodology, we find this.

Oh wow, look at that, COVIDACTNOW has changed their methodology and metrics to match the CDC case levels.

So why hasnt NJ?…

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#NJ #COVID19 Nearly half of all LTCs are in "Outbreak" status in the state. This was the group that was supposed to be the most vaxxed, the most protected. More residents are testing positive than staff (who are less vaxxed). Noone thinks to ask whats going on?
We basically have more 80+ hospitalized (as a percent of the total hospitalized) than at any other time since the summer the pandemic started. Despite these people being the most protected and most vaccinated. This doesnt make sense.
Same story with deaths. More deaths as a percent in the 80+ population (and 65+ population) than at any other point in the pandemic, despite the fact that these age groups are the most vaccinated, and the most boosted.
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Mask mandates are dropping fast! Yet too many states are STILL in school mask mandate purgatory.

Let’s keep a close eye on this…here’s today’s snapshot:

@GovInslee @OregonGovBrown @GavinNewsom @GovHawaii @JohnCarneyDE @MayorBowser #WA #OR #CA #DE #HI #DC Image
Or if you prefer text form, here’s a list of US States with active statewide school mask mandates (as of 2/28/22) >>

End dates:

Maryland - 3/1
New York - 3/2
Rhode Island - 3/4
New Jersey - 3/7
Oregon - 3/19
Washington - 3/21
Delaware - 3/31
California/DC/Hawaii - NO END DATE

Note: Map does not show local school mask mandates which may remain in individual counties/cities/districts

#UnmaskOurSchools #UnmaskOurKids #NoMoreMandates #WA #OR #CA #HI #DE #DC #NY #RI #MD #NJ
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#NJ #COVID19 Currently, there are 83 districts that are going mask optional on March 7th.

Meanwhile, there are 4 districts that have stated they will not drop mask mandates.

Those 4, Newark, Plainfield, Willingboro, and Camden. 3 out of 4 are Abbotts, lets look at racial makeup

91.0% Black + Hispanic

98.7% Black + Hispanic
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#NewJersey #NJ #Jersey
We are going to be relentless on the
Legislators / PTA / NJEA This Week

When you Call and Email,
Say #UnmaskOurChildren
Do this everyday
Need them to beg for it to stop
Click on your district #

Other Links in Thread 🧵👇 Image
NJEA Email Addresses that begged for mask & other mandates

🧵 Image
Click on the link and email every legislator in mass

Email them....
We do this until you beg us to stop
We are not going away
We will be relentless
Do you job
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#NJ #COVID19 🚨🚨Breaking News 🚨🚨
Murphy's mask mandate in jeopardy as Committee may not keep mask EO in place.

Im calling on everyone in NJ with kids in school to fight back against the NJEA and let Steve Sweeney know its time to end Masks on Kids…
.@spillerfornjea Thinks that making masks mandatory keeps schools safe. He couldn't be further from the truth. Burbio tracks Mask policies across the US, you'll note than there's only a handful of states that mandate masks. All the others? Local Flexibility.
Meanwhile the @NJEA claims that we need mask mandates to keep schools open, yet per Burbio, the majority of closed schools are in states where masks are already mandatory. Why is the #NJEA failing your kids while there are 0 schools closed in Florida and mask mandates are banned?
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#NJ #COVID19 NJ finally released its interim TTS guidance. Its a disaster. They add so many extra hoops to jump through, many districts will tune it out. They still have not accepted 5 day quarantine despite the fact the CDC has said its for schools, too…
First, schools need access to testing, but the state wants them to perform the testing ONSITE. They also lie about the vaccine reducing the spread of Covid19. This has been thoroughly debunked with Omicron.

Second, its only good for in school transmission. WTF?
Third, you have to agree to let THEM test your child. You cant have their pediatrician or any other source do it.

Fourth, they want a CLIA waiver for in school testing, essentially turning schools into testing facilities.

Fifth, all tests will be reported, prolonging this.
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Haven't updated these in a while. These will be Cases/Hospitalizations/Deaths on a raw basis by age group, and then Cases/Hospitalizations/Deaths on a percent basis by age group

First up, raw 7d avg cases by age group. Cases driven by overtesting 30-49 and 0-17

Second, raw 7d avg Hospitalizations by age group. No surprises here, still being driven by older age groups. At the same case rate during the 2020 Winter wave, hospitals were slightly lower in most age groups.

Third, raw 7d avg Deaths by Age group. Again, no surprises. We've been sustaining flat death rates since the summer wave, no doubt this will go higher in the coming weeks.

Those under 50 look to have seen no improvement in the post vax era. (Not worse, either)

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I have a VERY good source who briefed me on some of the abuses alleged at #WallHighSchool.

Reporters & #Wall residents, I hope you’re paying attention.

Bc it’s time to excise the tumor.

Stay tuned for after the BoE meeting 😉

#NEWS #BREAKING #newjersey #wall2021 #monmouth
1] Exclusive details & allegations from a very credible source about the #WHSScandal (quotes paraphrased):

"It's bigger than that. Rape, attempted sodomy, steroids, cover ups by school officials and local police..."

#WallHighSchool #walltownship #walltwp #newjersey #NJ #WHS2021
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Took me awhile to get the data together for this. So here it goes.

If you didnt realize it when you saw these bullshit numbers. They are all a guise to push vaccines. Thats it.

I'll try to walk through this in as few tweets as possible.

First up, nowhere does it make any sense to push population level numbers. Reporting these as 'effective' is just a disgusting mis-appropriation of the math. Today, 324 people tested positive. That means 8,999,676 didnt, or 99.9964%. Idiotic to present it that way? Of course.

Yet, somehow the Gov and his DOH thinks it ok to just pull that out of their ass and claim it means that the vaccine is 99.99999999% effective. Here's the truth. its not.

What they failed to realize is they gave us some important data today that made this easy to fact check

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#NJ #COVID19 Hospital Admission data, updated today through late last week. This will be stratified by age. Note that all these graphs will be 7 day sums. Divide by 7 to get the daily average admissions.

First, the total

Averaging about 24 confirmed hospitalizations per day

First, pediatric and 18-19 yr olds. There hasnt been an 18-19 yr old admitted with confirmed covid in quote some time, and none through our entire fall wave, yet we are mandating vaccines for college kids. Insane.

Second, 20-29 yr olds. Hasnt been a 20-29 yr old admitted with confirmed covid in almost a month. Again, college kids getting mandated to take a vaccine. Insane.

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So since the dude that got popped embezzling and has been accused by multiple comedians of sexual harassment and sexual assault wants to know why I am considered a leader let’s fucking do this. #thread #palestine #NJ #DisCo
When I was 16 I became student council president that’s when my interest in leadership and government began as a result I went to leader ship training camp as a teen. I became a counselor at that camp for 13 years so I literally train future #NewJersey leaders.
At 18 I volunteered on my first campaign. It was for Bob Torricelli. Yes I know how his career ended and a lot of New Jersey politicians that I volunteered for ended up resigning in disgrace or going to jail but this is #Jersey #CripTheVote
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1. #TRUMP supporters across the country are turning out in HUGE numbers not only to see a #TrumpRally but also to participate in a #TrumpCaravan or a #TrumpParade this was ours a few weeks ago #TrumpCountry 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
2. Massive Jewish #TrumpParade passes by Trump Tower on 5th ave in the heart of NYC!! #Trump2020 #JewsForTrump
3. So many Trump parades in New York today! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #Trump2020 #TrumpParade #Trump2020Landslide
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Influence policy w/ Postcards for America #PostcardsforAmerica
Elected Officials;All levels. In-depth Actions & Addresses
FB Postcarding Group…
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ALL 50 states ALL Info you NEED #VoteByMail
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LINKS to apply #AbsenteeVoting…
Medium article:
& Postcards for each State
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All Dates for all States⤵️
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Influence policy w/ Postcards for America
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#PostcardsforAmerica Image
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36 states have ballot drop boxes
THREAD #DropBox locations
States allow #AbsenteeBallot delivery to Election Office
Find here…
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Influence policy w/ Postcards for America
Contacting Elected Officials; All levels
*Focused until Nov 3rd on #Elections2020*
#GOTV postcard opps here:…
FB Group Postcarding…
Check it out!
All Democratic Candidates for ALL 50 STATES #Congress2020, Govs, AGs, SoS
Postcards & Links to Support!…
Ready-made Tweets & Posts for each Candidate here…
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Here's a 50 STATE mega-Thread with detailed (usually video) instructions on how to fill out YOUR #VoteByMail ballot.
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