Now, if you'd like to see what and who in our community is up to no good, please refer to the following tweets with vital information so we can STOP attacking the victims involved in this situation.
First up! Introducing Author Lissa Gromley (@AuthorLissa) who was part of the Sassy Literary Ladies, a group consisting of several authors across genres that eventually turned on her and caused the chaos taking over the #writingcommunity today, see here:
"But what about those claims @ease_dropper hacked someone?!" Well, they're false for one, Author Gromley even explains that. I literally don't know what else you need to believe it:
How did @ease_dropper get involved? To be frank, it's complicated, but @luvlynightmares does a great job of summarizing the events here:
If you think this is a minor event restricted only between two reviewers and a group of authors, you're wrong. Even @DakotaCassidy remarked on it:
Annnnd she's not all, take a gander at what @shilohwalker has said about the entire fiasco while the #writingcommunity was turning a blind eye to it, here's the unrolled thread:…
The original was tweaked because it was such a complicated mess of responses, but you may be able to see the thread here, just keep in mind a lot of responders are anon or fellow dox-encouraging author accounts that have deleted posts:
How far does this go? Well, it also involves this Sassy's group attacking WOC. @DarienMoya ended up being the focus of intense racism from the start, which drastically increased over the week. Here's an accounting of it via @ease_dropper:
Another catalyst for all this was a new @AmazonKDP author throwing a hissy fit about an alleged "fake" one-star review over her debut book. As @DakotaCassidy & @shilohwalker have said, negative reviews don't hurt sales insomuch as they actually HELP sales.…
Want to stay on Twitter, here's the original link to the tweets:
Who else is getting tired of all this crud in the #writingcommunity? Introducing Suzan Tisdale (I don't want to spam her with notifications, she's free to tag in anytime), here's the link:
And to endear people to support the Sassy's authors, they alleged a depressed member of their group was having suicidal thoughts due to the harassment, asking for their support. Shiloh Walker summarizes that here:
Literally no where near being done! After @AuthorLissa provided 3000 pages of chat interactions as a previous member of the Sassy Literary Ladies, @ease_dropper started to enlighten us about the remaining members personalities. Details remarked on here:
What are we talking about in regards to doxxing? Besides the author being threatened by this group to have their information doxxed, here's the attempt on @ease_dropper.
Notice the real Nikki Fisher (she can tag in if she wants, I mean no disrespect by not tagging her) calling out this puppet account directly and via her own page, also direct your attention to that immediate response:
If @ease_dropper was truly going to hack anyone, why would she go through SO MUCH effort to protect a previously unknown author? But instead she received an ultimatum about getting it removed before Nikki Fisher, the author, woke up and saw she'd been tagged.
Here is the moment the #writingcommunity gets to realize this harassment via the Sassy Literary Ladies was pre-existing all along. Nikki and Nikki get acquainted.
Since public information and posts are fair game, to paraphrase a troll account involved in all this mess, let's show you who runs the account that doxxed Nikki Fisher. This was shared publicly, unaltered, and is part of what the ultimatum of 'show your login screen' was about.
After becoming aware of this, @ease_dropper reached out to the Romance Writers of America account and learned about this. If you're an #RWA member and want to file a complaint, see here:…
Remember if you're thinking about the #RWA, while only a select few members are hypocritical jerks who abuse the system, most are lovely & don't deserve any abuse. Be courteous, but be aware of what those you associate with are doing. Again, threats made:
The author in @ease_dropper's screenshot is the same author that threw a hissy fit about her one-star review, alleged depression and suicidal thoughts to gain favor within the community, and miraculously recovered within days. There's an entire boatload of lies caught from her.
I mean... I've only barely scratched the surface of all the crazy things going on within our community lately. All the vile behavior people are turning a blind eye to. Remember the author who doxxed Nikki Fisher thinking she was @ease_dropper and KN Blackburn joked about finding?
Annnnnd, we're back about the unfurling of events across our community brought to you by members of the Sassy Literary Ladies. #amwriting #writingcommunity #writingcommmunity #amreading #romancewriters #writingromance #writerscommunity #amwritingmystery #5amwriters #writers
When I left off, we were discussing MR Rutter, aka Megan R Rutter, and her tenacious attempts to intimidate and dox the alleged "author" Nikki Fisher, @ease_dropper, when Rutter presumed she was our unknown author, Nikki Fisher (NikkiFantasea via Twitter):
Reviewer Nikki went through great lengths to inform MR Rutter how very wrong she was for a.) failing to see the display name of Nikki C. Fisher was a joke, b.) confusing her for NikkiFantasea, and c.) for refusing to delete screen caps inciting targeted harassment of said author.
Those new to the event were a bit confused by the screenshot by MR Rutter earlier on where it shows the two accounts she used. Let's go over it. Earlier on, Rutter shared the image publicly in order to "prove" she wasn't another alternative account. Clearly, you can see Maggie:
This Maggie/Martha account was utilized by MR Rutter to harass Reviewer @ease_dropper @angela_s2526 @DarienMoya @luvlynightmares & countless others without mercy. Once Rutter gets it into her mind someone has wrong her, she will go to great lengths to tarnish their reputation.
What's the impact of slandering via an alternative account and spreading false information through your main one? @ease_dropper runs it down for you here. Image created for unrolling this thread later.
Maybe you're asking why Nikki didn't just block MR Rutter and move on. Well, MR Rutter has a bit of an issue with people blocking or unfollowing her. She boasts about a huge following, while not having the actual engagements reflective of it, & does this:
For the purposes of unrolling, image courtesy of @ease_dropper Note: Rutter would use an alt account to check Nikki's feed in order to comment through several other anon accounts regarding her posts. It's all over Nikki's feed, feel free to swing on over there.
The typical tactic employed by Rutter is to befriend you, take you 'under wing', & utilize you without you being aware of it. She manipulated a friend of mine, who wants to stay out of this, by responding to a post in a way it appeared as a threat to the mutuals speaking up. 🙅🏻‍♀️
At face value, Rutter comes off as a pleasant, supportive member of the #writingcommunity, but in reality she prefers to wield a bloated following count as a means to keep followers under thumb. Those speaking out against her about the reality of the situation are burdened thus:
You'll be able to see the entire thread about @zebvance4, aka Zeb Cole, who deleted his account after being called out for his gaslighting tactics. This guy would lash out, delete, then cry foul of his 'abuse' on his wall.
Without even talking to Angela about anything, @zebvance4 launched an attack on her once he was certain she couldn't see the post to defend herself against it. It was reshared by his followers, also a bloated list, by people who didn't care about hearing her side of it.
Continuing that conversation here about @zebvance4, whom attempted to lie to the #writingcommunity about Angela after being manipulated by MR Rutter who tried to say they were hackers and doxxed people:
The following are posts made by members of the #writingcommunity, not involved in the situation, but who noticed in one fashion or another @zebvance4:
Care to see what other vitriolic slander @zebvance4 was broadcasting about these women? Read the thread:
#writingcommunity Angela tried to defend herself against @zebvance4 and very few people were willing to listen to her. This entire concept of turning a blind eye is exactly why there are members within manipulating others into their dirty work of attacking negative reviewers.
#writingcommunity There are numerous examples of people ignoring this situation for fear of losing follower base or upsetting their future goals by taking a stand with Angela, Nikki, Lucy, and Darien or even listening when they tried to explain their side:
#writingcommunity You shouldn't shunt issues within the group just to retain ties with accounts appearing to have large follower counts because you want to utilize them for your future prospects. Don't try to step on one another to get a head start, it makes you appear shallow.
@DarienMoya is a very real person, just as @angela_s2526, @ease_dropper, and many others are. They looked to our support #writingcommunity and we failed them. Not only them, but the intimidated reviewers/authors silenced by threats against them, their family, and careers.
When you speak against victims within our #writingcommunity in a public fashion, you're basically telling your future agents, editors, readers, & associates exactly what you are - callous and unsympathetic. If you can't pause to see the bigger picture by listening, why write?
#writingcommunity is built to assist new & established writers. Who care how they're published? What matters is writer integrity can readers relate to you? It's not all about marketing your books because YOU are your image. Destroy it & people won't read:
You're probably wondering how long this thread will go on. Honestly, I don't know. There's still an enormous amount of vile slander thrown around within our community and the victims are still being attacked. Even their supporters:
Another supporter in the #writingcommunity, Suzan Tisdale, made a video via Facebook about the harassment going on, daring this group to go ahead and dox her because enough was enough:…
Let's not forget the snippets from the 3000 page chat history between Author Gromley and Megan Rutter's (MR Rutter) group of authors prior to them kicking her out (she didn't fit in anyway!) - They mention releasing the hounds (followers & alts) on people:
Here are authors/writers thinking to benefit from a large follower-count friendship with MR Rutter: @sharagodwinson being one to emulate @zebvance4's behavior by gaslighting followers: #LGBTQ - HEAD'S UP! &
#writingcommunity @AuthorPrime01 @PaulaMHunter1 continue on while MR Rutter remains in the chat, an alleged supporter of #LGBTQ :
Did you catch the last bit by MR Rutter? Let me focus on it for you because #LGBTQ, she's using you as a shield in her nefarious actions against the #writingcommunity to avoid the consequences of reports made against her:
#writers Why did I point out @sharagodwinson? Remember I said to pay attention to what those you associate with are doing. Shara knew who KN Blackburn was, what she did to @DarienMoya, & cont'd to pretend they hadn't done anything wrong: FEB 5TH.
Shara Godwinson begins to lament on her Twitter she's being harassed, causing her followers to lend her an ear. False claims these internet trolls are the 'worst kinds of idiots' & of which she has no control. Also, I guess I'm wasting my life because I screen capped it.
Tweets Shara Godwinson released to her fanbase with a definition for the vulgar term used, which bore @MuntSmartToilet - an account that made threats against Nikki Fisher, the reviewer. #writingcommunity Shara prefers to be involved in drama, rather than stay out of it.
If an author wants to claim 'I'm not a monster', they'd a.) refrain from such derogatory words referencing people, b.) make it clear to followers they don't condone the actions of these trolls, c.) not like every single vile tweet made against Angela, Nikki, & Darien.
With Shara Godwinson's nudge, her followers have quickly taken to sharing & slandering within the #writingcommunity hoping you'd all get sick of seeing it circulate & start ignoring it. Desensitizing everyone for negative reasons. #carinapitch look out.
Further emphasizing Shara Godwinson's dynamic personality to 'fit in' with whatever crowd she's trying to gain points with. Notice the Like endorsement on Zork's account, another friend of hers harassing the victims. #carinapitch did you see all this?
Getting tired of this trash yet? I certainly am. #writingcommunity They play these sick & twisted games of turning people against smaller members of the community, to gaslight or threatening them into silence as part of their power play. It needs to stop.
How many times do people need to call it out for the #writingcommunity before everyone pays attention, cleans house, and permits us all get back to #writing?
Authors shouldn't use shady tactics for positive book reviews either. Really, MR Rutter, I've over 30+ tweets showing you DO condone bullying in all forms. #writingcommunity this author distributes private info to to intimidate reviewers & authors. @PaulaMHunter1 too.
Need a reminder of MR Rutter's penchant for alts? It's public information Megan R Rutter works at #BadgersettFarm & her husband Phil Rutter is the CEO. #HumbleRanch #writingcommunity #doxxer
As a method of distraction, recall MR Rutter claimed Kay Blackburn (KN Blackburn) was being harassed by trolls, suffering from #depression, and needed everyone's support, from which she bounced back in a few days. 🧐 Yeah, no #writingcommunity - we don't believe any of it.
Reminding you the ramifications of disseminating false information spreads outside the #writingcommunity too. Thus, it's an example what you say as an author also reaches beyond #writers, #agents, #editors and #publishers.
@Sharagodwinson claims someone "doxxed" her pen name, BUT fails to tell you she connected her legal name & pen name long ago via social media to Amazon. 🤦🏻‍♀️Plus her BFFs dox people. Hypocritical. You only have to search her blog, then search her blog name, bam. #writingcommunity
@authorkayn isn't an angel by any means either, she's used the same tactic employed by Shara Godwinson and Megan R Rutter (MR Rutter) within the #writingcommunity. In fact, she's a good part of why this entire thing has exploded:
@authorkayn (KN Blackburn) felt her one-star review, despite the length and depth of focus on her debut book, Hold My Heart, was fake. #writingcommunity published authors will tell you one-star reviews actually are more beneficial than people given them credit. She missed that.
Also, note that @authorkayn (KN/Kay Blackburn) has duplicate reviews to boost her rating on @AmazonKDP through @Amazon - but who else uses alternative accounts to review things? #writingcommunity
Shouldn't forget the Sassy Literary Ladies also band together to review each other under alt accounts on @Amazon too! #writingcommunity don't try this at home. Start from the bottom of the first picture and read up on each one. MR Rutter says she uses Phil's account for reviews.
Did @authorkayn (KN Blackburn) ever realize the group voted her in to utilize her connections? What a shame to have friends who only cared about your spheres of influence over, well, you. #writingcommunity don't copy this behavior, it's abusive.
With permission from @DarienMoya regarding the 5th of Feb where @sharagodwinson is having a powwow with her new BFFS that dox people/humiliate them for their English/harass others to make themselves feel good:
Missing some Tweet in this thread?
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