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Sayyida Salma bint Saeed bin Sultan (Sultan of Oman and Zanzibar) was A daughter of Al-Busaid family, who ruled the Sultanate of Oman and Zanzibar in the late eighteenth century until after the sixties of the twentieth century.
#History #oman #Zanzibar #culture #Sayyida_Salma Image
She converted from Islam to Christianity and changed her name to Amelie Roti.
Upon dividing and distributing her father's estate Sayyida Salma got the Kizimbani district and, like her other brothers, had a private house where she lived with her brother and their female servants.
However, after the death of their mother in 1859, she remained at home alone. Salma's house was in a town in Zanzibar, where there was also a young German merchant house named Rudolf Heinrich Rutte. A friendly relationship arose between them, which later developed into love,
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We APPlaud your efforts. 👏

Context: Before we onboard the first B2C paying customers in #Zanzibar (B2B is already complete), we will launch the supporting mobile app.

The app is now in final closed beta ahead of this month's launch!

#WorldMobile $WMT #CardanoCommunity ImageImage
The mobile app will allow B2C customers to purchase data bundles directly with mobile money, or through the purchase of airtime vouchers in local stores. Image
In addition, the app will allow network users to manage their data bundles and credit balance.

The credits you see as 'WUCTZ' are 'World Mobile Utility Credits Tanzania'. Image
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Kwa muda wa zaidi ya mwezi mmoja nimekuwa nikiugua na kutibiwa ugonjwa wa #COVID19 unaotokana na virusi vya #Corona (SARS-CoV-2). Ni jinsi gani niliweza kuambukizwa ugonjwa huu kijijini kwetu Lufilyo, Busokelo, Mbeya, pamoja na kuzingatia tahadhari zote dhidi ya (1/7)
maradhi haya ni kitendawili. Napenda kumshukuru Mwenyezi Mungu kwa zawadi ya uhai, zawadi ya Pasaka. Nawashukuru pia mke wangu Lucy Akiiki, watoto na wajukuu, familia za Kahigwa na Mwandosya, Madaktari na Wauguzi wangu katika Hospitali ya Rufaa ya Kanda Mbeya, na (2/7)
Hospitali ya Nairobi (Nairobi Hospital), @AMREFFlyingDocs, Uongozi wa @StanbicBankTZ na @StanbicKE ,Balozi Chirau na Rose Mwakwere wa Nairobi, Mheshimiwa Jaji Paul na Grace Mugamba wa Uganda, na ndugu na marafiki wote wanaoendelea kunitakia heri na afya njema. Asanteni sana.(3/7)
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A Thread of Affordable Airbnb to stay in Zanzibar urban FROM USD 11 (TZS 25,509/=) to USD 60 Only.

Modern Rooftop-Studio in Zanzibar, Stone Town.

Avg. price a night USD 48 (TZS 111,312/=)


#hadestays #Africa #Travel #Zanzibar #airbnb #vacations
Lucy's Modern Paradise Home w/ Ocean View & Wifi

Avg. price a night USD 26.

Private room in flat hosted by BalconyHouse, Stone Town.

Avg. price a night USD 12.

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1/ #ZanzibariLivesMatter:As someone who has closely followed/wrote about the #Zanzibar Question in #Tanzania for 10+ years,I would say the seeds of what is happening now were watered in 2015 after a failure of fully implementing the Zanzibar Accord that worked a bit okay in 2010.
2/ #ZanzibariLivesMatter:At the heart of the #Zanzibar Accord was the realization that ‘Winners Take it All’ is not feasible for such a polarized #polity-it thus enshrined in the #Constitution some sort of a power sharing agreement that somewhat worked in 2010 but failed in 2015.
3/ #ZanzibariLivesMatter:From 2015 virtually all keen #observers of-and key #players in-#Zanzibar knew that 2020 is a ticking bomb,but differed in how to diffuse or preempt it;the ruling party,#CCM,opted to do so by clipping the wings of the then main opposition party there-#CUF.
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Bhatias are originally Yaduvanshi Sama dynasty Bhatti Rajputs of Jaisalmer. In 1316 AD, 2000 Bhatia families migrated to Sindh & Punjab. In 14th century Bhatias were agriculturist & fisherman in Sindh.Vallabhacharya made them Vaishnav & vegetarian.They began to wear Janoi-thread.
Around 1350 AD some Bhatia families migrated to Kutch from Sindh. Here they settled in Tera,Vinjan & Kothara towns of Abdasa Taluka of Kutch. In 16th century Bhatias spread from Abdasa Taluka to newly founded Kutch cities Mandvi,Mundra & Anjar and Saurashtra. They became traders.
When Kutch king Khengarji founded Mandvi city in 1581 he invited Sindh big trader Bhatia Topan to Mandvi to develop trade & shipping of port. In 16 century Nagarsheth Bhatia Topan & his castes traders made Mandvi Kutch a major port of west India in middle age.He built Topan lake.
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The #ZanzibarRevolution was a “lumpen uprising” that was given leadership and strategic direction by the radical socialist / PanAfricanist Umma People’s Party led by #AbdulrahmanBabu. Source:… #Babu  #EastAfrica #BritishColonialism Image
#Babu was close to the Chinese leadership and helped broker the Chinese funded/built #Tanzania/#Zambia railway #TAZARA which helps Zambia overcome transport/economic dependence on apartheid regimes. ImageImage
#Babu opposes 1990/1991 war on #Iraq saying Iraq’s Arab radicalism / nationalism is challenging global US dollar hegemony. Image
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There's been so much hype about #Zanzibar, but at the same time, a few people weren't particularly thrilled. Had to go find out for myself ,so some friends and I planned a trip. What I think? Top rating for beaches, good food, so much to see, history. Read this thread... #Travel
From #DaresSalaam, you have the options of flying or going by ferry to #Zanzibar. On the other hand, you could fly directly there. We spent a few days in Dar, then we went by cost $35 per person for economy and $50 per person for VIP. We travelled in the VIP section.
It takes 1hr30mins to get to Zanzibar by ferry. It could take longer when it's turbulent. The hotel we stayed in was an hour away from stone town. We stayed in Nungwi which is North of Zanzibar. #Travel #Africa #Tanzania #holidays
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