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You can reach #Kolkata #International #Airport or #Bagdogra international airport in #Bengal.
Kolkata being a much bigger one, communication wise it's easier.
Kolkata Bagdogra flights R regular.
At Bagdogra airport,U hire an innova or Ertiga from #Government of #WestBengal (1/n)
It's cheaper and secure.
Ask the driver to go through #Pankhabari road,not through #hillcart road or #Rohini.
It's faster and very beautiful.
Book hotel #pinewood or anything at #Darjeeling mall or can stay at homestay.
#Nepali people R best of human beings among (2/n)
#Indians as per my experience.
#Bengalis R D worst, again as per my #experience.
So, I would love to stay in a #Nepali home.
U can book through #Airbnb, #Agoda, #trivago or or whatsoever.
Do D same while returning.
Package tour is provided by locals. 🙏
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/1 Thought of doing a thread on Akash $AKT, explaining why it could be a game-changer in the decentralised cloud computing space. @akashnet_ has leveraged blockchain to build a decentralised cloud hosting solution that seeks to disrupt the cloud computing industry. #AWS #Azure
/2 Akash is the first distributed peer-to-peer open cloud computing marketplace. Akash is a serverless computing platform. Think #Uber, think #AirBnb. Akash cuts out the middleman in a similar vein.
/3 Hence, Akash is positioned to disrupt giants in the industry such as #AWS, #Azure and #Google, much the same way Airbnb disrupted the lodging and vacation rental industry.
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2| There's probably not a single person on the planet who hasn't heard the earth shattering news:
Ben & Jerry's will no longer sell ice cream to Israelis living in occupied #Palestinian land.
3| Reminder: Transferring your civilian population to a territory your army is occupying "Attempts to alter the demographic composition of an occupied territory" and is "unlawful and engages State responsibility and criminal responsibility of individuals."…
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I just attempted to reserve an #Airbnb, and then had to cancel immediately because I was asked to review their visitor policy and upon doing so, I found out that I am ineligible to be a guest at their property because...
WAIT. It gets better. She isn't planning to refund me. I literally canceled 15 minutes after making the reservation once I read her "rules". @Airbnb - I'd like some answers.
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Como todos sabemos el parásito bueno para nada de Palacio Nacional ha estado saliendo con espuma en el hocico en sus últimas marraneras después de perder la CDMX y ha estado atacando a la clase media de forma desmedida y majadera.

-Abro hilo-
Seamos claros, TODOS SOMOS MEXICANOS, olvidemos los calificativos y adjetivos que este engendro ha dictado desde hace años con la finalidad de dividir y polarizar. Repito, TODOS SOMOS MEXICANOS, hagamos un solo país.
Estoy seguro que muchos seguidores de López no están de acuerdo con sus últimos ataques hacia los que buscamos un mejor futuro, no caigamos en su juego político de SEGUIR DIVIDIENDO A LOS MEXICANOS,
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I just got into Rentible / $RNB.

Rentible aims to be a kind of blockchain-based #AirBNB.

I HAVEN'T researched this yet, but I put in some change because:

- It has fully public and legitimate teams.
- It's a SOLID concept that could run very hard.
- Reports liquidity is locked
I have NOT verified that liquidity is locked.

However, I got some tokens around $.8 as this just listed.

The token price is around $.97 when I posted my first tweet about it.

I'll certainly be looking into this and posting a thread tomorrow if I like what I see.
Fully diluted market cap for $RNB is around $3m. Almost half of tokens is vested, though, so actual cap is around $1.5m right now.

The successes of $SPI and $CC has shown that there is HUGE demand for solutions to real world daily needs on the blockchain -- so this could be big.
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How to find #Schiffmann in #Tanzania
Gut, damit hatte ich nicht gerechnet. ImageImage

Das Domizil von #Schiffmann wurde im #Bauhausstil von einem deutschen Architekten, der auch Stadtplaner für Frankfurt, Stuttgart und Berlin war, designed und auf dem Gelände einer Kaffeeplantage errichtet.

Die 1. Nacht $ 490,- inkl Frühstück, Folgenächte reduziert.

Wollt Ihrs wissen?
#Schiffmann #Tanzania Image
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With $GME hitting all time highs, making people millions & some even billions, let's take a look at one of the gaming companies set to IPO soon.

Time for a thread 👇 👇👇
1/ Roblox is like the world’s largest:

🏨 HOTEL COMPANY #AirBnB 👉 doesn’t own real estate
🚕 TAXI COMPANY #Uber 👉 doesn’t own any cars


🎮 DIGITAL PLAYGROUND COMPANY #Roblox 👉 doesn’t create any games
2/ Digital Disney World.

Remember building imaginary forts with your friends in your backyard?

It's like that except digital, pros are building the structures and your parents are spending a lot of $$$ buying gear, digital pets and accessories.

Making $RBLX very rich!
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For all you driverless cars fanatics, the governor's #nybudget proposal extends the existing pilot
program for testing of autonomous vehicles for another two years. Also calls for ending the state's "one-hand on the wheel" requirement with regards to autonomous
Governor's #nybudget would make ALL vacation rentals subject to state and local sales taxes. Taxes would be collected by renting service (#airbnb, VRBO, etc.).

These types of local taxes are collected in a piecemeal fashion based on various county agreements.
Gov. Cuomo proposes giving counties the ability to retain their 4% local sales tax rate without repeatedly getting authorization from the state to go above 3%. This would eliminate a lot of legislative busy work in Albany.
cc @NYMayors @NYSCounties
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A Thread of Affordable Airbnb to stay in Zanzibar urban FROM USD 11 (TZS 25,509/=) to USD 60 Only.

Modern Rooftop-Studio in Zanzibar, Stone Town.

Avg. price a night USD 48 (TZS 111,312/=)


#hadestays #Africa #Travel #Zanzibar #airbnb #vacations
Lucy's Modern Paradise Home w/ Ocean View & Wifi

Avg. price a night USD 26.

Private room in flat hosted by BalconyHouse, Stone Town.

Avg. price a night USD 12.

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2021 could finally be the year of India’s #TechIPOs as startups like @zomato, @delhivery, @policybazaar head for the public markets…

By @SanchDash
@zomato @delhivery @policybazaar @SanchDash Multiple Indian startups like @zomato, @delhivery @policybazaar, @FreshworksInc, @Flipkart, @MyNykaa are reportedly eyeing the public markets in 2021.

#TechIPO #IPOs
@zomato @delhivery @policybazaar @SanchDash @FreshworksInc @Flipkart @MyNykaa India’s market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) too is looking to ease norms to facilitate startup #IPOs in the country.

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After watching @maddow this evening, I immediately canceled my trip to #NOLA next week to see my son @CallahanGoldBen at @Tulane. It is the first game of the the season for @GreenWaveMBB - the 🏀 team he plays for. I wanted to be there with him more than anything - as I (1/4)
have not seen him since June. As we all know, it is heart wrenching to be away from your loved ones for so long, but I do not want to risk getting my asthmatic lovah @Elysadawn sick, as well as those with whom she regularly interacts - including her parents. This was not (2/4)
an easey decision to make, albeit the right one. I will have to wait hug my son, take a photo with him in his uniform, or lay on the sofa with him watching hours and hours of #TheOffice. But that's okay. What's not okay is @Airbnb charging me $445 for canceling my trip (3/4)
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#Airbnb just filed for its #IPO, and it named the ongoing #pandemic and steadily declining revenue growth in a lengthy list of risk factors… Image
After over 12 years in business, #Airbnb is finally going public!

The home-rental company filed a form S-1 for its #IPO with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
That included disclosing a trove of information that was previously unknown. For starters: #Airbnb is over $2 billion in debt.

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I just went through the City of Toronto's Short-Term Rental $50 registration process to see how it went. I'll tweet some screenshots and observations. But first, the link. #shorttermrentals #airbnb /1…
It asks if the place is your principal residence (a requirement), then gives some helpful guidance. /2 Image
When it asks what kind of building it is, there was something interesting under Single/Semi that wasn't under Townhouse/Rowhouse, and that was a Laneway Suite/Guest House option. Laneway suites are permissable in some rowhouses (e.g. end of row, or 1m wide walkway) so, weird. /3 Image
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This HIDDEN COMPANY 🤐 is helping improve their customer experience 🛍

It has historically grown by 30% QoQ 📈 and the stock is up 119% 🔥 since its April Low

It reports earnings Thurs EOD - Let’s see what this $5.3B can stomach 💪

Short & Quick Thread 👇
Medallia is a Customer Experience Management tool 👥 that IPOed 1 yr ago

In simple terms, it collects feedback 📃 and signals from customers, processes it with #AI, #ML and #NLP algos 📟

It then delivers insights 🔥 to boost sales, cut churn, remove critical pain points
Some more technical details 👓

collects 💻 and processes insights from and many others

🎞 Its product is able to analyses voice input, messaging platforms, videos, conduct surveys and uses social listening to transform feedback into bucks 💰
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1/ The City's announcement about the roll-out of enforcement on short term rentals including #Airbnb is a good time to share something I caught wind of last week. Apparently there is a group of realtors that are having discussions to find "workarounds"...…
2/ about the new rules. One of the schemes involved "I lease your property and you lease mine" and then add the original owner as a co-host. Because their interpretation was it's okay for renters to let out on STR sites. While renters can "sublet" to STR, my reading sees it as...
3/ only if the place you're renting is YOUR principle residence (where you get mail, etc.). So I don't see that scheme - sorry, "workaround" - as finding a loophole. Whatever they're trying to do, it certainly doesn't align with the spirit of the legislation.
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Many years ago, high in a wooded Welsh valley nr Corris, Mr Mark Bourne built dozens of concrete replicas of Italy's great architectural landmarks. He created "Little Italy", & tho my photos are old & he died many years ago, good news: today I learned his masterpiece slumbers on. ImageImageImageImage
I put these images on Flickr years back; I happened upon the cottage and had a lovely chat with Mark's wife. I'm so pleased that I did.…
I suspect the gardens have been tidied up rather since I visited - but some of the landmarks still exist and it is even rentable as an #airbnb. If anyone of you go - please do let me know how much of the folly collection survives.… ImageImageImage
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A thread for those who may not be aware.

@airbnb uses AI to detect whether a user is a sex worker, mentally ill, or otherwise "un-desirable".

Based on this algorithm, #airbnb bans these folks, even if they were *not* looking to use the property for e.g., #sexwork.
Multiple sex workers we interviewed in Europe (Germany/Switzerland) reported this problem extensively, even though sex work is not illegal behavior.

This is a classic case, as many workers discussed, of Americanized-tech damagingly applying our "ethics" to the rest of the world
Our interview data further confirms the prevalence of this practice internationally, which denies legal sex workers, among other groups determined undesirable by AI, from participating in a large and fast growing part of the gig economy, when they are gig workers themselves!
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En 2015, Gregory Selden, un homme noir à la recherche d’un hébergement pour un week-end à Philadelphie, crée son premier compte #Airbnb.

Il complète son profil avec son nom, son âge, son niveau d’études et une photo de lui.

#thread #racismesystemique #droit #airbnbwhileblack
Lorsqu’il trouve un appartement qui lui plait, il prend contact avec le propriétaire, qui lui dit que le bien est indisponible.

En continuant sa recherche plus tard dans la journée, il remarque cependant que l’appart est toujours listé.
Pour lui, quelque chose cloche dans cette situation.

Lui vient alors l’idée de créer 2 faux comptes avec des photos d’hommes blancs.

Vous l’aurez deviné : Selden contacte le propriétaire à nouveau avec chacun de ces comptes et, comme par hasard, l’appart est disponible.
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☠️ Hoy cumple 110 años el @fcstpauli, el equipo antifascista, antiracista y antihomofobico, que despierta admiración en la hinchada mundial y que es el fiel reflejo que la #Politica y el #Futbol van de la mano.

🧵Les vamos a contar sobre su historia política. Ahí vamos!👇 Image
Fundado en 1910 en la ciudad portuaria de #Hamburgo por los marineros, estibadores y obreros del barrio, el club está inserto en una ciudad obrera que se caracteriza por tener mucha vida nocturna. ImageImageImageImage
El color marrón que distingue al club se debe a qué de ese color era la de la vestimenta de los trabajadores. El símbolo del pirata que adoptó el club se debe a qué la zona del Mar del Norte, dónde se encuentra la ciudad, siempre fue un epicentro de la piratería. Image
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Coronavirus has turned the property market upside down in the blink of an eye. #abc730 @carringtonAU @kirstenrobb #Coronavirus #COVID19…
After buying a new home last year, Michael Neal’s been juggling two mortgages and has been stood down from his manufacturing job. He’s feeling the financial pinch as he tries to sell his old home. #abc730 #coronavirus #COVID19
Many potential buyers want a big price reduction: “There's a few very lowball figures, just people hoping that I'm desperate to sell.” - Michael Neal, vendor. #abc730 #COVID19 #coronavirus
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Wątek o #Airbnb.

Źródło: skrót książki @sarahegain "Towar miejski Airbnb. Historie odporności na gentryfikację cyfrową".
Korporacje potrzebują historii założycielskich. Np. zaczynają się od najbardziej „skromnego” poziomu (garaż, przyjaciele), Wzbogacanie się dzięki wytrwałości, szczęściu, demokratycznemu charakterowi firmy...
Zamilcza to np. pożyczki otrzymane z systemu.

#Airbnb nie jest wyjątkiem: buduje swoją historię na fałszywych fundamentalnych mitach, pseudospołecznościowej retoryce, z ramą narracyjną, która obala pasożytniczy i ambiwalentny charakter tak zwanej gospodarki dzielenia się.
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Some #Airbnb measures to help out its hosts. It's not 25% of the reservation revenue, just of your cancellation fee. As I interpret, $400 booking, your policy refunds 50% ($200), you get $50. (Everything being 100% refunded now so better than nothing.) /1 Image
Not sure people with 10 or 20 units going to be helped much by one payment of $5000. Cents on the dollar for big time players. /2 Image
This seems like it'll amount to a whole lot of nothing. Just a "Look at us, we really care" PR thing. But who is going to reach out to that guy Brian they stayed with 2 years ago in Chicago to send him money? We all have bigger things to worry about. /3 Image
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Unnützes Coronakrisenwissen (#UCKW) von heute, ein Thread: Amerikanische #Prepper wohl eher so mäßig zufrieden, weil sie sich auf (andere) spezifische Szenarien vorbereitet haben, in denen sie die Heldenrolle übernehmen können.… #COVID19 #Coronavirus
Nicht nur in Dublin, sondern in vielen anderen beliebten Reiseziel-Städten werden gerade eine Menge Wohnungen frei, weil Eigentümer Airbnbs in Mietwohnungen umwandeln. #CoronaVirus #UCKW #Airbnb
#Baidu-Autovervollständigung von "Wurde das neue Coronavirus" lautet "...von den Amerikanern gemacht"… #Coronavirus #China #Geopolitik #UCKW
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