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🇶🇦 💸 | Le magazine Global Finance a classé l'État du #Qatar comme le pays le plus riche du monde arabe et le quatrième au monde sur la base de la parité du pouvoir d'achat, avec 112 700 dollars par habitant et par an.…
Les Émirats arabes unis 🇦🇪 se classent au deuxième rang dans le Golfe et au septième rang dans le monde avec 78 200 dollars par habitant, suivis de #Bahreïn 🇧🇭, qui se classe au troisième rang dans la région arabe et au 52e rang dans le monde avec 57 400 dollars.
L'Arabie Saoudite 🇸🇦 s'est classée quatrième et 27e au monde avec 55,3 k$, le #Koweït 🇰🇼 en cinquième position dans le Golfe et 13e au monde avec 51 k$, #Oman 🇴🇲 s'est classé 56e au monde avec 35,2 k$.
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Significant statement from caretaker PM @yairlapid: "Two-state solution is a strong guarantee for a democratic state of #Israel with a #Jewish majority."
Interesting moment during the @JoeBiden-@yairlapid presser in #Jerusalem when #Saudi news outlet @AlArabiya correspondent asked @POTUS what the #US is offering #Gulf states on #Iran's malign activity in region, and Lapid on where #Israel disagreed with Washington on Iran policy.
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#PallonjiMistry, the elusive but powerful phantom of Bombay House…

By @KatyaNaidu Image
Very little is known about #PallonjiMistry who was the chairman emeritus of the Shapoorji Pallonji group – but has been crowned one of the Moghuls of real estate. The unlisted company had built every iconic building of South Mumbai – be it the Taj Colaba or the Oberoi Hotel. Image
Abroad, the company built the places of #Oman’s king and the President of Ghana. In fact, their ability to build seems to be how they ended up as one of the biggest shareholders of the #TataGroup.

#PallonjiMistry Image
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اللقطات الأولى من فيلم قناة المستقلة الجديد: بهجة مسقط. وبالله التوفيق.

The Joy of #Muscat. My new film on #Oman's capital.

معي في الصورة: الأستاذ سعيد الصقلاوي رئيس الجمعية العمانية للكتاب والأدباء والأستاذ سالم الجهوري نائب رئيس جمعية الصحفيين العمانية. #عُمان #سلطنة_عمان
شاطئ ريام. #مسقط. سلطنة عمان.
Riem beach. #Muscat. Oman.

This is the second clip from my film: The Joy of Muscat.

هذه هي اللقطة الثانية من فيلم قناة المستقلة الجديد: بهجة مسقط.

Really, genuinely, beautiful Muscat. #Oman.

بهجة المسافر في مسقط. عاصمة سلطنة #عُمان.

مسقط: جارة البحر ولؤلؤة الخليج. الومضة (3) من فيلم قناة المستقلة الجديد (بهجة مسقط).

Muscat: The Pearl of the Sea.
3rd clip from my new film: The Joy of Muscat.
#مسقط #عُمان #سلطنة_عمان #بحرالعرب #سياحة #سفر #صباح_الخير #صباح_الخي #السعودية #قطر
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കഴിഞ്ഞ ദിവസം ലോക ചരക്ക് ഗതാഗതം മാറ്റി മറിക്കുന്ന ഒരു സംഭവം ഉണ്ടായിട്ടുണ്ട്.

INSTC എന്ന ഇന്റർനാഷണൽ നോർത്ത് സൗത്ത് ട്രാൻസ്‌പോർട്ട് കോറിഡോറിൽ ആദ്യമായി ഒരു ട്രയൽ ചരക്ക് നീക്കം തുടങ്ങി.

റഷ്യയിലെ സെയിന്റ് പീറ്റേഴ്‌സിൽ നിന്നും 40 ടണ് ചരക്കുമായി ഒരു കപ്പൽ കാസ്പിയൻ 1
കടലിലിലെ astrakhan തുറമുഖം ലക്ഷ്യമാക്കി നീങ്ങി തുടങ്ങി.
അവിടെ നിന്നും ആ ചരക്ക് കാസ്പിയൻ കടലിലെ ഇറാനിയൻ തുറമുഖം ആയ Anzali യിൽ എത്തും.

പിന്നിട്ട് ആ ചരക്കുകൾ റോഡ് മാർഗ്ഗം ഇറാനിലൂടെ, ഇറാന്റെ തന്നെ, പേർഷ്യൻ ഗൾഫിലെ തുറമുഖം ആയ ബന്ദർ അബ്ബാസ്സിൽ വന്നു ചേരും.

ബന്ദർ അബ്ബാസ് തുറമുഖത് 2
നിന്നും കപ്പലിൽ കയറുന്ന ചരക്ക് ഇന്ത്യൻ തുറമുഖം ആയ നവസേവ എന്ന ലക്ഷ്യ സ്ഥാനത്ത് എത്തും.
ഈ റൂട്ടിൽ വരുമ്പോൾ പരമ്പരാഗത സൂയസ് കനാൽ റൂട്ടിൽ എടുക്കുന്ന 40 ദിവസം എന്നത് 20 ദിവസം ആയി ചുരുങ്ങും.
അതിന് അനുസരിച്ച് ചരക്കു നീക്ക ചിലവും കുറയും.
വാജ്പേയ് ഭരണകാലത്ത് 2002 ഇൽ ഇങ്ങിനെ 3
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Why the #oil embargo #sanctions is a disaster for #Europe & what you are not being told. A thread. Inflation of energy prices are is at all time high. In #USA which is a large producer #fuel #gasoline are up 48 % & 100 % over a year. Situation is much worse in #EU
In fact #EU is pumping more #oil from #Russia than before the #WarInUkraine. The #sanctions decided by the #EuropeanUnion are going to be imposed gradually & touch only #oil transported by sea. But you are not being told the truth . #Energy prices are hitting hard the consumers/2
will continue to grow while #Russia will make more money off gas & exports this year by exporting less, yes you read that right, because when you reduce the offer, the prices go up. But surely our leaders know what they do & have a long term strategy./3…
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#Pakistan Navy is the Deputy Commander in the largest maritime exercise in the Middle East & the largest unmanned naval exercise in the world #IMX22, playing a key role along with #US #UK #Egypt #UAE #Oman #Kenya+others /1
#US @US5thFleet ships join #Pakistan Navy @PakistanNavy in preparing for Combined Maritime Security Operation. For years, Pakistan Armed Forces shared responsibility in multilateral arrangements for peace and security in the wider Middle East. /2… /2
#Israel joins a number of major Arab+Muslim nations in #IMX22 with whom it does not yet have diplomatic relations [#Oman #SaudiArabia #Pakistan]. A positive trend. Rhetoric aside, 🇵🇰 maintains a global outlook compatible with its interests & real values…
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THREAD: Some "secrets" and rare photos from various Arab warships😀:
1. The special remote-controlled searchlights of a #UAE Baynunah-class corvette. Their dual head combines white HMI and UV. Image
2. One of the two quadruple Mk56 VLS for ESSM SAM of a #UAE Baynunah-class corvette. The missile launchers are not installed. The "launching cells" that receive the canisters are hidden below the steel floor gratings. We can only see the exhaust system's tubes. Image
3. The VDS of #UAE Abu Dhabi corvette, one of the most capable ASW warships in the Arab world. Image
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Much thanks to @PuntlandPirates work, notes & reflections
- Iranian Gillnetters (indiscriminate way of capturing marine animals-illegal) licensed by officials-Evidence
- Forced labor
- NEFCO tried to sell #Somalia fish privately, facilitates IUU fishing…
Global Fishing Watch & #Somalia Gov both reported more than 100 Iranian vessels in Somali waters in 2019-2020

#Puntland issued, lacks legal powers, 52 licenses in less than 60 days to trawlers, illegal in Puntland & Somalia, per doc obtained by @GI-TOC $10k-15k each license
Assuming continuity of the licence fees per year, #Puntland would get $3M-$5M per year.

This money is collected by agents, there are few of them, 5.

One of them is Saddam Ismail, an agent for 8/52 vessels.

He is linked to arms smuggling: delivering arms & picking up fish
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Meanwhile, in #Pakistan, the country's political+military leaders are held hostage by extremist Islamists, literally forced to reconfirm their allegiance to Islam! The hordes threaten to storm the capital. Perfect script for a historical drama reliving 11th century in 21st. #TLP
...meanwhile, in #Islamabad, which resembles #Baghdad just before the Mongols stormed it. [Or #Rome as Nero fiddles]

Reported divisions within PM #ImranKhan Govt on how to deal with banned #TLP religious group threatening to storm #Pakistan capital #Islamabad. Meanwhile, discontent inside Punjab Police, where officers believe Govt and state abandoned them before religious extremists.
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#SaudiArabia expels #Lebanon ambassador. #GCC states expected to follow suit. Decision could impact Lebanese labor; comes after 🇱🇧 govt minister supports #Houthi militia in #Yemen. But this step reflects #Gulf frustration at #Iran-backed #Hezbollah militia's chokehold over 🇱🇧. /1
#Saudi decision to throw out #Lebanon ambassador is not a sudden move but also caps years of #Iran/#IRGC using #Lebanon produce/fruit export trucks to smuggle narcotics into the #Gulf. /2

#Kuwait media tycoon @Ahmadaljaralah says #Lebanon minister's statement is admission of #Iran military interference in #Yemen; calls #Hezbollah chief Nasrallah "Hassan Ammonia" (reference to #Beirut port warehouse explosion) /3

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It’s out! 🎊
My new @ecfr paper on how #Europe can ride the #climate momentum in the #Gulf deploying its #GreenDeal to meet #NetZero & #geopolitical objectives in the region ➡️
Read b4 #COP26 #COP26Glasgow
Few take-aways 1/ Image
Good that #SaudiArabia & #UAE have pledged #NetZero but #GCC total domestic emissions are only 2.4% of world’s. The #EU needs to focus on the emissions they export, mostly to #China, I argue how: 2/
As shown by the #SaudiGreenInitiative & #MiddleEastGreenInitiative + #UAE willingness to host #COP 28, the #GCC leaders now see a political value in embracing the #climate agenda. This paper described what each #GCC country is actually *doing* about it: 3/
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An unexpected pop up storm in the Arabian Sea may develop into a cyclone and head towards the Gulf. over #OMAN, #UAE and #Qatar.
The storm was not in the first GFS run this morning (00hrs UTC) but appeared in the following run at O6 UTC. Behind it there appears to be a second, possibly larger cyclonic system which is currently over the Bay of Bengal.
In this image you can see both storms. The one over the Bay of Bengal, currently designated depression O3B is expected to become a cyclonic storm shortly.
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The #US has lost control of the airport in Kabul because desperate people flooded the airfield to try to avoid being abandoned to the Taliban by the US. #Afghanistan
The messaging from this administration and its surrogates would be laughable if it wasn't being used to kill thousands of people and rebirth a jihadist regime that threatens us all
Amrullah Saleh, whatever else we have to say about him, consistently tried to get the world to understand that what was happening in his country was a foreign attack from #Pakistan. And he has remained in #Afghanistan, incidentally, whether that is wise
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Today's rainfall/weather update for the #NorthAfrica #HornOfAfrica and #MiddleEast follows.

The short version is that the peak of the rainy season may have passed, but there are signs of another Indian Monsoon surge coming in 10-12 days in long range forecasts.
Here is the long-range GFS model PWAT forecast for the Indian Monsoon. Towards the end it strengthens and we see high levels of moisture heading for the #HornOfAfrica.
Here is a big picture view of the greater region including all the areas that this weekly bulletin will cover.

A review of the past week showed that Sahel-Sahara rainfall has continued, as has rainfall in northern Sudan. The northerly rain is however not particularly heavy.
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#BREAKING: #IRGC Navy is behind the attack "GOLDEN BRILLIANT" oil tanker near the port of #Fujairah. Golden Brilliant is heavily damaged by a mine planted by the #IRGCNavy near port of #Fujairah. In addition to that, an asphalt carrier ship named Kamdhenu is also damaged.
#BREAKING: A C-295 MPA of Royal #Oman Air Force is now flying over the burning ship to assist in Search and Rescue operation. It is not known how many crew members are injured or killed but the "GOLDEN BRILLIANT" oiler is reportedly is heavily in fire due to #IRGC attack.
#BREAKING: Unconfirmed reports about that the "Golden Brilliant" is still underway & not on-fire but a third ship, an oiler named "ASPHALT PRINCESS" is also damaged by the mines of #IRGC Navy in #Oman Sea!
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There's a new #maritime incident off the #UAE coast. Appears to be related to the #GoldenBrilliant, a #Singapore-flagged chemical tanker signaling it's unable to maneuver due to exceptional circumstances.
A drone last week attacked a #Japan-owned, #Israel-managed tanker off the coast of #Oman, killing two crew members. #Iran is blamed for the attack.
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Attack reported off the coast of Fujairah, #UAE, according to United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations. Unclear which vessel or background as of yet.
Being reported as a non-piracy incident
The Maersk Messina (Singapore flag), Asphalt Princess (Panama flag), and an unnamed tanker are in the area of the coordinates published.

The Front Crown and Golden Brilliant, both located nearby are listed as "Not Under Command."
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#Iran attack on #Israel-managed oil tanker off coast of #Oman?

"As a sovereign country, Israel's going to make their own decisions" per @PressSec
"As it relates to our own engagement in nuclear talks...our view is that every single challenge & threat we face from #Iran would be made more pronounced & dangerous by an unconstrained nuclear program" per @PressSec
Earlier today, Israel said its military spoke w/@CENTCOM about "recent regional events"
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British military group: Ship reportedly attacked off #Oman | Jul 30
- The incident comes amid heightened tensions over Iran’s tattered nuclear deal and as negotiations over restoring the accord have stalled in Vienna.…
UK Maritime Trade Authority Reports Ship Attacked Off Oman Coast
- "#UKMTO has received reports of a vessel being attacked in position .... approx 152 NM NE DUQM, #Oman [175 miles off Port of Duqm], at approximately 1800 UTC [18:00 GMT] on 29 Jul 2021",…
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This week's rainfall forecasts for the #HornOfAfrica, #NorthAfrica and the #Middle East follow.

Image: Typhoon INFA over China showing the lights of Tokyo where the world is gathered to celebrate youth & excellence and the unity of the nations of the world at the Olympics.
Here we see Japan again and tropical storm #Nepartak which is on route towards the Olympics.

#Nepartak is a child of #INFA's gyre and you can see an atmospheric river coming from #INFA's outflows which leads directly to her.
This weekly thread is the sequel to the daily threads published April-July in solidarity with the efforts to complete the 2nd filling of the #GERD dam under difficult circumstances.

There hasn't been a clear view of the #GERD in the past week sadly, just a glimpse.
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Two typhoons getting closer and closer to each other. #INFA on the right is sucking the much smaller #Cempaka into its orbit. Sucking up all its outflow and chucking it out east.

The pair of typhoons current winds are fixed by JTWC at 70 and 65 knots at 06Z.
Here are the current warning graphics from the JTWC. ImageImage
#Cempaka is a midget Typhoon (1). Spinning like a top south west of Hong Kong.

Disregarding its size, #Cempaka is directing rain from Hanoi to Taiwan (2). The forecast (3 & previous tweet) shows Cempaka moving west in a loop, but this hasn't started yet. ImageImageImage
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Congratulations to Ethiopia and Ethiopians everywhere on today's completion of the 2nd filling of the #GERD. It has been a great honour to follow along during this moment.

Today's rainfall forecasts for #NorthAfrica, #HornOfAfrica and #MiddleEast follow.
In honour of the #GERD we will change up the order of today's bulletin and get right to the most important issue, rain over the #Abbay basin, which due to its great quantity and consistency made this possible over such a short time period.
But first a brief explanation, as when it comes to the GERD not all rainfall counts. The first image here shows the path of the #BlueNile / #Abbay from Lake Tana to Khartoum where it meets the White Nile and becomes "The Nile".
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