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Hmmmm, I am running too many threads already. But how about a "#FBPE-people attacking Tories"-thread? It's clearly a worthwhile endeavor. Feel free to pitch in.
Exhibit one is a complete Role Playing Game adventure. Man. did they have an anti-tory blast with that one:

Just copying in from old threads. Exhibit two #FBPE-person stomping a tory. Well-deserved I might add.

And turning tories into monoply money clearly entertained this #FBPE'er:

News satire about David Davies (a tory, u know) made this #FBPE'er crack up.

The argument is turning daft already. Do I need to go on? Do I really like really really need to go on? A waddadefuk. Here is a fine specimen of tory humiliation presented by - you guessed it - and #FBPE´er.

The JRM in this tweet is an acronym for a well-known, yes, tory. The attacker is - surprises never end - an #FBPE'er.

This is getting trite: each tweet makes the very same point. I could add examples in for forever and a day, and I'll probably throw in some more along the way, just for sports. But could we please please please get a new approach to this question?
But hey, even the truckload of evidence that makes up climate science has been able to make the denialists come around (ping @MA_Falconer), so I'll pile it up just because I can. Here an attack on Jeremy Hunt, a tory btw, by an #FBPE' er.

A collection like this should have @spaceangel1964 in it some more. She is #FBPE, and here she is, in her own word, "fuming" at her tory MP.

And in reply to this thread. Speaker: #FBPE-person. Object of attack: tories.

Same figuration, one more:

Here is an #FBPE'er using Momentum to criticize - a tory. Surprised much?

Would you guess it? I have found a #FBPE account that attacks a tory. Not taking the piss here. A tory! It's true.

Well, waddayaknow. Here's another one:

Can I possibly find one more?

*puts hand in right pocket. Pulls out anti-tory political cartoon enjoyed by #FBPE person.

Geeeez, I guess I could.

This is - aaah you just KNOW what this is, don't you.

And very eloquent too.

Wait look! Here is, I can hardly believe my own eyes, an #FBPE-person fragrantly reproducing a preposterously anti-tory banner.

Really funny thing to do for a supposed proto-tory, wouldn´t you say?

My old friend Obi just had to be in this collection. His #FBPE-induced pro tory bias is blatant, wouldn´t you say?

Oh, Lord I Want to Be in That Number

Another one.

Same anti-tory cartoon as before; different #FBPE'er. Btw, she is one of the top influencers in the, apparently not quite staunchly tory, #FBPE-community.

A #FBPE´er attacking tories. Now, where did I see that before?

In response to my thread, #FBPE Michael here does not seem very pro tory.

Neither does another #FBPE correspondent.

#FBPE Paddy here doesn't seem to be much of a toryphile.

Not very pro-tory either, this #FBPE´er.

One more with ample use of a well-known four letter word. Not exactly a #FBPE tory cheerleader here.

Michael here is not a great tory fan. He is #FBPE, though.

And I'll keep going. Beating on a dead horse by now, obviously, but dead horses are so terribly easy to beat. Here's another:

The patriachy is strong in me. I have under-represented women in the thread. Ok; game on! The next ones have to be FEMALE #FBPE' ers attacking tories. Here one of the very best, the bloke herself @nickynoo007.

Yep. Woman, #FBPE, attacking tories. Checks out.

All three. Once more with feeling: #FBPE is pro the EU, thus against Brexit and against politicians driving or enabling Brexit. Since many - though not all - tories do one or the other, including the government, there WILL be #FBPE attacks against them.

You can´t always tell the gender on twitter, but I believe this is - again - a woman, #FBPE, with an axe to grind against a tory. Preach sista!

Helga seems to think the tories don´t to a bang job of running the country. Oh, and she is #FBPE-tagged.

I am still a #genre fan, so when #FBPE Alexa here attacks tories (and a single U-KIPPER) in a reconfigured Simon and Garfunkel rhyme, I have to include it here.

I'll let a few men slip back in. This #FBPE person is definitely very cozy with the tories, wouldn't you say?

@Sillyshib has to be in the thread, obviously.

She is #FBPE, she attacks tories. Notice a pattern?

One more

Picked up from the replies to the thread. One more #FBPE-person exploding on the tories.

And one more #FBPE person in the replies to the thread. There is an edge against Corbyn here, as in the preceding tweet, to which Chris replied, but still no love lost on the tories.

The thread is self-sustaining, apparently. I don't even have to go looking any longer. #FBPE, anti-tory. Yep, checks out.

Self-sustaining, as stated.

This #FBPE-person is eloquently anti-tory.

I am losing track of who is in the thread and who is not. But I don´t think I've quote this #FBPE-gent for an anti-tory view yet. So here you go.

Not rich on words, but #FBPE and quite emphatically anti-tory.

No #FBPE cuddling of tories here either.

I can do this however long you please. #FBPE, anti-tory. Here you go.

Sarah Saboteur should be here as well.

And one of our poster boys (looking good @acgrayling!). Funny, he has an #FBPE tag and attacks tories. Is somebody beside @RebetikoWalrus beginning to see a pattern here?

And one more. Took the #FBPE tag right now to make sure the tory criticism was included in the thread. That's the kind of anti-tory dedication I'm talking about.

Can´t do a thread like this without the Chairman, so here she is. So very #FBPE and rather anti-tory, if I am not mistaken.

Aaaaah, #FBPE anti-tory hashtags as a way of outreach to Corbyn supporters. It's even getting systematic, and @ali__samson is always worth quoting. @Ferretgrove is lurking in the background here too, obviously. She would be.

I may keep going, but if you want to see what the point of the thread is, you'll have to go to another, less boring, thread. It is here:

This #FBPE'er is about to burn tories in hell. I admit, I have seen more blatant displays of support for The Conservatives from other quarters.

My bad, that was "rot" them in hell. Must be precise here. Still not very pro-tory, though.
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